Nutrition and Education – Three Secrets for a Lifetime of Success!

Let me begin by telling you something very inspiring and interesting about my children. One is twenty and the other is twenty-one. They’d both give the same answers if asked now about their favorite foods. Can you guess? They would tell you that salads are their favorite foods! You find that quite impressive. They are so unique and fascinating that you wouldn’t get the same answer from most of their friends. They love fresh, local and organic vegetables. They are attracted to eggs from a local farmer. They have a healthy diet that includes fresh eggs from local farms. You might think it is more expensive to eat this manner, or that only the wealthy can afford such a way of eating in times like recession. We’ll get to those, and you might be surprised at how different your perception of these things will change after you hear some amazing facts.

For many years, our kids were home-schooled because we believed children want to move, learn, and have fun every day. This was more normal for them than having to sit still, stop shaking, pay attention with the mind only and learn academics in one way: at a desk, in an unclean classroom that had no fresh air and for hours upon hours every day. There is no judgement, just observation and opinions. They decided to enroll in public schools and stayed there until they graduated high school. They noticed a change in their study habits as well as mid-afternoon energy levels and their love of learning.

Nobody is better than our children to understand the connection between nutrition, education, and health. Listen and learn. It is easy and simple to let your kids guide you in these crucial areas. This article is for parents who are over the age of their children. They can make changes if they feel sluggish, unable to function at their best, have a low energy level, or are not alert and calm. It will just be a little more complicated and you’ll need to be patient while your body adjusts to healthier choices. For the mind to accept a better approach, it is necessary to have a consistent way of perceiving medicine as food and food as medicine.

All the data and evidence on healthy eating and the connection between good nutrition, focus, and healthy thinking is available to you. You’ve seen articles, books, and magazines about how schools are giving your children nutritionally poor foods full of hidden sugars, hidden oils, and chemicals. You realize that their children may be overweight or more sedentary because they are spending so much time indoors than outdoors. Let’s now get to the good stuff! They all have one common trait: they appeal primarily to the senses. That makes it easy to eat right most of the time.

Secret Number 1 – Only store healthy food in your fridge and cupboards!

The fridge should be stocked with colorful fruits and vegetables so everyone can enjoy the sight of the colors when they open the doors. An attractive bowl of apples is one that contains oranges, lemons, berries and is full of color. A small bowl with water that you have filled and have cut up carrots or celery sticks is ready for an instant hunger strike. It’s easy to unwrap, a nutritious snack of protein and a fun way to get your kids hungry quickly. You can also make chicken fingers from lean protein. A simple recipe that uses lean chicken breasts cut into stirps and dipped in egg wash with whole wheat flour/parmesean and panko breadcrumb mix and lightly fried in olive oil makes a quick and healthy gift for your family. My website will soon have many more recipes that can be used to make quick, healthy meals that you can easily prepare every week.

A platter that is divided into different areas or compartments can be filled with nuts and dried fruits. This will allow you to quickly grab a healthy snack and keep your loved ones happy.

For drinks, given the fact that the majority the world is experiencing water crises, it’s so wonderful and fortunate to be in a position to turn on our faucets and have pure water. Pure water is the best liquid to quench your thirst and is also the most preferred choice for our family. One quarter of a grapefruit, orange, pommegranete, or other dark fruit juice mixed with three quarters water makes a little juice. You can either have it with a salad or just on its own. A cool and eco-friendly little re-usable water bottle is a great choice for your family. Each member will love it and it will be fun to fill it up with water. I am planning on writing an article about water’s amazing benefits. It is the best option for kids to wash their trillions of cells and keep them hydrated.