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How to lock apps in background on the Redmi 9

To use App Lock on Redmi 9 Prime all you have to do is: Go to Security App -> App Lock -> Tap on the Apps you want to lock The system App Lock feature has been offered on MIUI 10, now the latest MIUI 11 takes this feature to the new level. Now, most of Xiaomi phones, such as Pocophone F1, Redmi Note 7, Redmi K20, Xiaomi Mi 9T, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, etc., have been able to be updated to the latest MIUI 11 operating system.If you want to know when your Xiaomi phones will receive the MIUI 11 global update, you can.

To lock apps in Recent, follow the below steps...Go to RecentTap and hold on the appTap on the lock iconThe app is now locked3. App Battery SaverWhen the battery saver is active you may not receive notifications from some apps. Because by default MIUI battery saver restricts those apps to run in the background How To Lock or Apps on Xiaomi Smartphones. In Redmi Note 9 Pro. you can lock your apps. Once the Lock option is enabled on your Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro smart.. Tap the lock icon to lock the app from being killed by task manager, any cleaner apps on the phone. After that you'll see a lock symbol displayed on the minimized app icon in task manager on Xiaomi or Redmi phone. Note that we are using a Xiaomi phone running on MIUI 8 in this demo

Learn more info about XIAOMI Mi 9 SE: If you are sharing your XIAOMI Mi 9 SE with others and you are worried that someone might gain access to your private messages or private content, you should block your applications. Follow our instructions and successfully set the app lock - secure access to the app Tap Settings, scroll down to the Device section at the bottom, you should then find the App lock entry. Tap on it, you'll see the unlock screen if you have turned on app lock before. Otherwise, you will see a list of all apps on the phone Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 holding any app on the recent apps opens the app info instead of making the 4 balls appear (to split/lock/floating window) Issue. Close. 9. Posted by 3 months ago To use App Lock on Redmi Note 9 Pro Max all you have to do is: Go to Security App -> App Lock -> Tap on the Apps you want to lock. 5) Make use of Dark Mode Dark Mode is the new trend and mostly.. All you have to do is enable other apps on which you want the WhatsApp quick reply feature. Apart from that, there is currently a bug on MIUI 11 which does not let you use Quick Replies on WhatsApp. To resolve this issue, go to Settings -> Apps -> App Lock. Here, disable the toggle for WhatsApp and Quick Reply will start working

Now, click on Remove Screen Lock. Once you click the option to remove the screen lock, you are then popped to another screen, which shows the required documentation on the process. Go along these lines and click on start to begin. Removing a screen lock with Tenorshare 4uKey will erase everything on your mi phone Xiaomi Redmi 9 Prime Unlock with Google Security Questions. These methods only work on some models. If you see google security questions on your locked screen, Use this method to unlock your Xiaomi Mobile. Follow Below steps. First, turn On your Mobile by holding the Power button

Redmi Note 9 Pro Unlock with Google Security Questions. These methods only work on some models. If you see google security questions on your locked screen, Use this method to unlock your Xiaomi Mobile. Follow Below steps. First, turn On your Mobile by holding the Power button How To Unlock/Reset Pattern Lock in any Xiaomi Phones: MI Password Remover ( Download Here!) Turn off your Xiaomi Mobile. Press Power Key and Volume + Key, all together. When your Mi smartphone starts that time release Power Key but keep pressing Volume Key. Now you can see a screen like this on your Xiaomi Phone

Answer: In MIUI, you can lock an app in the task manager and keep it running in the background. The locked app will show a small pad lock icon in the upper right corner. You can lock an app by swiping down on its icon, and then do the same gesture to unlock it. So for your case, simply swipe down on the Messaging app one more time to unlock the. Go to settings. Scroll down in APPS section and find App lock. Select it and then you will find list of apps you have in your mobile. And there is ON and OFF toggle right side of every app Open the recent apps. Tap on Split screen. Drag an app. Tap on the second app. Swipe the borders to resize. Back Continue . Not able to access Lock option at recent apps tray and Split Screen Option - Xiaomi Redmi 9. Hi There..Good Day... I have purchased a Redmi 9 (India) which is loaded with Miui 12 out of the Box And then you can proceed to lock apps with fingerprints on Redmi or Mi smartphones. Head to the Security app on the homescreen or Settings -> Security and choose App Lock. Select the apps you want.

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  1. In fact, with MIUI 9.5, the company has further improved this year by making it easier to use and adding more customisation options to it. So, if you recently got a Redmi Y2 and are looking to lock down installed apps on the handset using the fingerprint scanner, simply follow the steps below. Redmi Y2: Lock Apps using Fingerprint Scanne
  2. 4. App Lock. Redmi 6 and Redmi 6 Pro offer native implementation to unlock apps using the fingerprint scanner. To enable this, go to Settings -> Lock Screen and password -> Add fingerprint. Now Open Security App -> App Lock and select apps which you want to secure. Confirm and you will be prompted to turn on app lock for the fingerprint
  3. We can set up an app lock on the Xiaomi smartphone to protect sensitive apps with an additional password. In addition to the time of the lock, we can (de)activate other settings such as unlocking by fingerprint, hiding notification content, or unlocking all apps with a single password entry

How to Lock Apps in XIAOMI Mi 9 SE - Set Up Apps Lock. Learn more info about XIAOMI Mi 9 SE: If you are sharing your XIAOMI Mi 9 SE with others and you are worried that someone might gain access to your private messages or private content, you should block your applications How to lock app and let it run in background Question Hi, sorry if this is already answered, but before I could just hold on a app in the recents menu and lock it, but now it opens app info

Here is the step-by-step procedure that can help you hide apps on your Redmi mobile phones: Unlock your smartphone and open the device settings. Under the settings, find 'Apps' settings and open the option. In the 'App Settings', you will find an option titled 'App Lock'. Open the 'App Lock' settings and you will see a 'Hidden. 11. Access app info from receent apps You can quickly go to the App info screen of any recently-opened app in MIUI 9/10. To do so, tap the Recent apps key on your phone and hold the app whose App info you want to open. You'll be taken to the App info screen where you can find all the necessary details about the app How to Lock Apps with Fingerprint on XIAOMI Redmi K30 Pro - Lock Apps. Find out more about XIAOMI Redmi K30 Pro: If you share your XIAOMI Redmi K30 Pro with other people and you still need to log out of your favourite apps because you want to hide your private conversations, we have a solution for you With the arrival of new smartphones in the Xiaomi mid-range, such as the Redmi Note 9, Redmi Note 9S and Redmi Note 9 Pro we had the opportunity to meet a series of devices with much to offer and also much to polish. Previously we already managed to solve the first failures and problems of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 but the truth is that they have been repeated Go to Security App -> App Lock -> Tap on the Apps you want to lock. 5) One-Handed Mode Redmi Note 8 comes with a 6.3-inch Full HD+ Display and if that's too big for your hands the One-handed.

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Tap on recent apps button to see the list of minimized apps. Now click on the Lock button on the top-right of the app preview. Once you lock the app, it will keep running in the background and battery optimization setting will never change to default. Change 2: On a few OnePlus models, you need to make sure App Auto-Launch is enabled for your. Most of these MIUI tips are new, and many of Mi phone lovers don't know these tips. With these Simple Xiaomi Tips and tricks and you can do lots of tasks easily on your MIUI phone. These tips will work on any Xiaomi phone which is running on the MIUI; We tested these tips on Our Redmi Note 4 and Redmi Note 3 and all of them working fine There is a feature called 'Home Screen layout whose functionality is to manage the icons on the home screen. This option is available across all Android smartphones from Samsung, Redmi, Realme.

In the recent few years, Xiaomi has developed a lot of disinterest from users because of the ads that are displayed in the System UI of the software. Unfortunately, this was a quick trend to adopt for other budget smartphone manufacturers as well and we now see other brands such as Realme display ads in the System apps sometimes 3) Lock Apps With Fingerprints. Locking apps with a fingerprint scanner is sometimes handy if you want to lock the individual apps, the App Lock feature can lock the apps with your saved fingerprints To do so, simply tap on the recent apps key. You will find a 'Split Screen' mode written on the top right corner. just tap it to split the screen into two. You can now drag and open separate apps in both sections. 12. Erase Objects in Gallery. The Redmi Note 5 Pro has a very handy image editor

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24. App Lock. MIUI 10 on the Redmi Note 7 comes with a baked in option to lock and protect apps using the fingerprint scanner. Given the amount of private data that one keeps in their device, one would definitely like to keep a few apps protected from prying apps. You can find the App Lock feature in Redmi Note 7 under Settings -> App Lock. 25 Learn more info about XIAOMI Redmi Note 10 Pro: If you want to be up to date with all application updates on your XIAOMI Redmi Note 10 Pro, stay here with us and learn how to easily update all applications. Open the Google Play Store application, then go to the tab with apps and games For Other Android phones. 1. Click the Recent apps icon on your phone. 2. The most recently used app will appear on the phone. Find the TC Games App and click the lock icon found in the upper-right corner of the phone. Some phones need to slide the app window up, down, left, or right to lock and unlock. Click the Lock icon and make sure the. You can find the App lock feature under Settings -> App Lock. Lock Apps in Memory. The Redmi Note 5 comes with a minimum of 3GB RAM which is good enough for basic users. If you are a heavy user who plays games, you should ideally look into buying the 4GB RAM variant of the device Head over to Settings-> Lock screen & password and enable the Launch Camera toggle. You can now quickly launch the camera app on your Redmi K20 or Mi 9/T by simply pressing the Volume down button twice. The only catch with this shortcut is that it works from the lock screen or when your device is sleeping

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Also, swiping up will terminate the app while long-press/swiping down will lock it in memory. The new recent app viewing finally looks like the one on OnePlus, Samsung, Apple, and Google's Pixel. Here are the steps in detail. Step 1: Open the Notes app. Yes, the notes are hidden in the app. Step 2: On the app home screen, slowly swipe down from the search bar to the end of the screen (near. To use two Facebook or WhatsApp apps on the Redmi Note 9 Pro go to Settings > Apps > Dual Apps and click on the app in which you are interested in creating a dual app. Redmi Note 9 Pro: Miracas

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The Redmi Note 8 Pro has the option to blur recent apps. To do so, go to home screen settings by long-pressing anywhere on the home screen and then tapping on the settings option. Now select 'more' settings options and enable the Blur Preview option in the next menu. You can next select apps who's previews you wish to blur. 5. Quick. Set the default camera app, browser app, home app, music app, calendar app, SMS app, Assistant app, Caller ID & spam, etc. Download the third-party apps from the play store and set as default Android 11 apps. How to Change Default Apps in Android 11 Stock OS. To change open with default app, apply below-given step by step settings

How to Hide Notification Content Per App on Pixel 4a 5G (Stock Android 11) Step 1: Swipe up to access the app drawer and touch on the Settings app . Step 2: Click on Apps & notifications . Step 3: Click on See all apps . Step 4: Select the App (We choose WhatsApp) from the list. Step 5: Click on Notifications Then select the apps that you want to lock with a password by enabling the toggle next to them. That's it. Alternatively, you can turn on or off this feature from the quick settings panel. Bonus: There is another similar feature here related to app privacy and that is Hide Apps. This feature lets you hide the apps from the app drawer and you. To enable this go to Settings - Security - Screen pinning. Then go to the App you want to Pin and press the Multitask key. Then look at the most recent app and press the blue thumb tack icon in the bottom right corner. To un-pin an App just press the Multitask key and the back key together. << Previous Tip

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  1. 3. Stop targeted ads. This next step won't remove the Xiaomi ads, but at least the ads won't be based on your personal information. In order to remove ad personalization in MIUI -. Go to.
  2. This is a simple app to enable Lift To Wake for OnePlus 7 series. It is not the Lift To Ambient Display in the stock Settings App; it enables the true Lift To Lock Screen like other phones. Recent Comments. markpolo on [SOLVED] Redmi 9 (lancelot).
  3. In order to fulfill the basic functions of our service, the user hereby agrees to allow Xiaomi to collect, process and use personal information which shall include but not be limited to written threads, pictures, comments, replies in the Mi Community, and relevant data types listed in Xiaomi's Private Policy
  4. Now to unpin the app, do the swipe up and hold gesture again. If you're using three-button navigation, hold the Back and Recent buttons at the same time. The app will be unpinned. If you enabled the pattern lock option, you'll be brought to the lock screen. Unlock the device and the app won't be pinned anymore
  5. Se manualen för Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 4G helt gratis här nedan. Den här manualen tillhör kategorin och har betygsatts av 1 personer med ett genomsnitt på 7.5. Den här manualen är tillgänglig på följande språk: Engelsk. Behöver du hjälp eller har du en fråga om Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 4G? Ställ din fråga hä
  6. Hello I need to lock my app in the background there should be a lock but I don't have it the idk why can you help me please Xiomi Redmi Note 9T 5G. see full image. 9. 12 comments. share. save. hide. report. 9. Posted by 9 hours ago. MIUI 12.0.4 update for Redmi Note 9s Global. see full image. see full image. 1/2. 9

1. App store keywords matter for ASO. If your app is similar to Redmi 9 Theme, Xiaomi redmi 9 Launcher, when you optimize google play keyword ranking, pay attention to the metrics above. ASOTools will show you all of them for free. Obviously, Redmi 9 Theme, Xiaomi redmi 9 Launcher is ranking for launcher redmi 9, redmi 9 launcher 2020. Of course, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 is a fairly recent release which is why it obviously is eligible for MIUI 12.5. And now, its Chinese variant - the Redmi 10X 4G - has indeed bagged MIUI 12.5. The update brings along a slew of features that you can check from the changelog below, underneath which you will also find the download link To access the feature, open the Security app, scroll down and open App Lock. Once in App Lock tap on the settings icon at the top right hand corner. Scroll down the App Lock settings page to the bottom where you will see Hidden Apps. Toggle it on then click on Manage Hidden Apps to set up which apps you want to hide

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  1. gly does nothing. I can still swipe away locked apps. Searching for an answer brings up app pinning (aka kiosk mode - where a pin code is required) and the Good Lock app. Android 11. ASUS ROG Phone 5
  2. Select Continue . Select the yellow lock icon in the upper-right corner, then select the lock next to the apps you wish to passcode protect. Select the yellow lock whenever you want to enable or disable the app lock. Once apps are locked, only the passcode you created earlier will grant access
  3. This new feature is built into the 7.0 platform and is incredibly easy to use. Here's all you need to do. Tap the Overview button. Locate the app you want to lock. Tap the lock button in the upper.
  4. With the recent apps overview open, you can do three things: Swipe right or left to navigate through the open apps. Swipe up on the centered app to close it. Tap the centered app to open it. If.
  5. Here you have two ways to clear default app settings on Xiaomi Redmi phone. How to clear default apps on Xiaomi & Redmi phones? — Method 1. Under the All tab, you should find all installed apps on the mobile phone. You can avoid any default app settings here. For example, if you find PDF files on you phone are always opened by the Reader app
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Note: The steps here were written for MIUI V5, based on Android 4.2.2 on a Redmi (HM1W). If you're having a different model of Redmi or other version of MIUI/Android, there's a possibility that the steps and screenshots will be different. (Click here for more Xiaomi Redmi tutorials, tips and tricks. Click Lock screen & password in the Setting APP. Enter your old screen password, then tap Change screen lock. Choose either Pattern, PIN or Password to reset your screen lock. Q4. Apart from the screen lock, are there any other locks on Xiaomi phones? Yes. There are FRP lock, bootloader, SIM/carrier lock on Mi phones Redmi Watch review, one month later: Not very smart smartwatch Recent Apps and Games. 2. Google Play Store v15.9 may hint at in-app reviews [APK Teardown] 2019/07/26 10:17am PDT Jul 26. Go to Settings>>More Settings>> Recent apps to choose apps that you wish to be blurred in the recent apps pane. 8. Change Fonts. You can also change text fonts on Funtouch OS 4.0. To do so, go to Settings>> Display and Brightness. Here you will find the option to change font style and font size. By default, there are two font styles on the. If you forget your password you can use your Mi account to reset it. If you know the password and you just want to turn off the app lock then follow the steps.. 1. Open settings. 2. Click on apps Then click on app lock * Then provide password and.

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  1. Access App Info From Recent Apps You can quickly go to the App info screen of any recently-opened app in MIUI 9. To do so, tap the Recent apps key on your phone and hold the app whose App info you.
  2. Hello users, hope you are doing well. Today we talk about Xiaomi phone tracking process through online way.If you lost your phone and searching an online way to track your lost Xiaomi Redmi mobile then you are at right palace. Here we learn how to track lost Xiaomi Redmi mobile. As you know, Nowadays all things monitored online then how our android stay behind
  3. Therefore, MIUI 12 on Mi 10i brings App Lock that allows you to lock your Apps and only be accessed by a password or biometric authentication. To enable App Lock on Mi 10i you have to: Xiaomi raised Redmi Note 10 price in India and its not the first time! Recent Posts. Huawei HarmonyOS 2: Beta, Latest news, Eligible devices, Features.

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  1. For phones having Android other than the stock versions( Redmi, Honor, Oppo) you need to lock the app in memory such that the background service is not killed by android. Open the recent apps menu,swipe down the app and press the lock button. Features ★ It's free and has no ads. ★ Fingerprint authentication for supported devices has been added
  2. II/ Hide TheTruthSpy on Xiaomi Redmi Phones. On phones running MIUI (Xiaomi phones), open the Security app on your app and go to App Lock. Add the apps that you want to hide. Step 1: Open Security app -> App Lock. Step 1: Open Security app -> App Lock. Recent posts. 5 Ways to Hack Someone's Phone Pictures (100% FREE) 6 months ago
  3. IST: 01:48 pm: Xiaomi has recently postponed the MIUI 12 beta update for the Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 7 citing stability issues and users may need to wait a little longer for the update to arrive. Read the full coverage here.. IST: 01:55 pm: Some of the users have reported issues that recently emerged on the MIUI 12. A group of users reported that they are unable to find 'Sync' option.
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Method 1: Using the Phone App. Open the Phone app and tap the three-bar menu at the bottom-left corner. From the pop-up, choose Settings. You will be taken to the Call settings Phone models with BL lock For Android 6.0 and older, power off the phone, then press the power button + volume button to enter recovery mode and connect to MI Phone Assistant to flash ROM; If the phone has logged into your Xiaomi account, open the find phone function: enter the here , find the search device interface, then select erase phone The new Xiaomi Mi 9T, more widely known as the Redmi K20, is one of the best budget flagships in the market today and for a good reason. The said Android device packs top of the line hardware.

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A few simple steps is all it takes to go spam-free in MIUI 11. If you're having an issue with spammy notifications and ads in the stock apps, here are a few things you can do to fix it once and. This will remove pesky lock screen ads on your Redmi phone. Turn Off Spammy App Notifications. Following the steps above, you'll have a much cleaner and clutter-free experience on your Xiaomi Redmi phone. However, if you still see some apps sending spammy notifications, all you need to do is- long-press the notification and disable.

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Open Tools and More Apps folder > long-press on the name of the folder, in order to rename it. Redmi 8A Dual Starts Receiving MIUI 12 Update in India, Users Report. 9 Feb 2021 Redmi Note 8 Charging & Battery Drain Test. Go to settings select Lock Screen & Password then Screen Lock & fingerprint after that users need to put password /pin/pattern once this is done place finger on fingerprint scanner till fingerprint is added. After that lock the device and Unlock it using a fingerprint. Five fingerprints can be added MIUI 12 supports Xiaomi and Redmi mobile phones released in recent years, including nail house Xiaomi mobile phones 6. After updating Mi 6, I found that the more dazzling Super Wallpaper feature did not appear as scheduled after the Mi 10 update, and then found that the official out of power consumption, performance and other factors only. 5. On some Xiaomi devices, the Wallpapers app doesn't show the Open button, making it harder for users to access the Super Wallpapers.In that case, you will need to install Activity Launcher to trigger the Wallpapers app. 6. After the installation, open Activity Launcher and search for Wallpapers

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Xiaomi Redmi 9A FRP Bypass without SIM is the best method to unlock smartphone with the simple and easy to follow steps.As this guide is free easy to follow and apply on your phone. You don't need to use computer or laptop for this method 2. Lock Apps in Recent. Go to Recent. Tap and hold on the app. Tap on the lock icon. The app is now locked. 3. App Battery Saver. Go to Settings Found a camera shortcut on your Xiaomi and you want remove it .Your kids use photos all the time without your permission. Your coworkers or friends are taking pictures without you knowing it. To avoid this, you want remove access to the camera from your locked screen from your Android phone. However, you have no idea how to do it or you just can't


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OnePlus 9 Pro Redmi Note 10 Pro LG Wing Galaxy S21 Ultra Galaxy Z Fold2 Motorola Razr Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Legion Phone Duel 2 Redmi Note 8 Pro OnePlus 8T Topics Huawei Developers Android Auto Android Mods Android TV Apps & Games Smartwatches Themes Wear OS Windows 1 If you do not want to change the security settings on your Xiaomi or Redmi phone, you can also choose to temporarily grant the permission for current app installation from unknown sources. Tap on the APK file you want to install from the Explorer on Xiaomi or Redmi phone, you will see the warning message as below Redmi Note 4 Factory Reset . Reset Network Settings Redmi. This will reset all your network settings, including Wi-Fi settings, Mobile data settings, and Bluetooth settings. Switch On your Redmi mobile, by holding the power button. Now Tap the Setting's icon from your home screen. After that, find the Reset option

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A general restart to the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro after closing the apps running in the background can solve the problem. Try the same; There are lite-versions available for certain apps that are common. Prefer installing them for a few. Probably the performance will be boosted after this; Take the data backup and perform a hard reset The default setup is that the Recent app button is on the left, and the Back button is on the right. When i was trying to release the background memory by pressing the bottom left button in my redmi note4 but some app are still be there. I was found that at the top right corner of the these apps lock symbol appears.how to remove those apps.


The Redmi 9 has a square-shaped camera module on the back, which seems to be a recent trend that many Android OEMs are adopting. The textured back surface feels grippy and doesn't attract. To hide an app in Redmi Note 7 Pro, the first thing you have to do is to enable the App Lock feature. This is a must. Also, this will work only if you are using the Stock MIUI Launcher and not other launchers (don't worry, as this is the default M.. Lock apps with password. MIUI 12 also gives us the possibility to block access to applications through a personalized password or by using the fingerprint sensor. To do this, we will only have to go to the Applications section within the system settings. Once inside, we will click again on Applications and finally on Application Lock After 6 years of using the LG Nexus 5, today I bought the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro.Detailed comparison of features you can find in GSMArena: Nexus specs - Xiaomi specs. Nexus 5 was a flagship in its day. Redmi Note 9 Pro is a mid-range smartphone in 2020.Nevertheless, the comparison is dizzying