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The Pluralism Project's introduction to Judaism through the lens of America. Read essays on Judaism in America, the Jewish Experience, and Issues for Jews in America. Explore our curated selection of news, publications, and links Project for judaism 1. JUDAISM <br />Alex Glowacky<br /> 2. Stories of Origin & Important People<br />The 10 commandments<br />Abraham seeing God as light<br />The prophet Moses<br />It is said that Abraham is <br />the father of the Jewish people.<br />One day, God appeared to him. <br />They made a promiseAbraham<br />would be the start of many nations<br />as long as he was loyal to God. The holy book of the Jewish religion is called the Tanakh. This book includes the Pentateuch, which is the Torah, the books of the Prophets, and the Writings. Another popular material item that is related to the Jewish religion is the Yamaka, which is the small hat that Jewish men will wear on their heads There is friendship. There are initiatives that are patiently, and at human scale, planting the seeds for new realities across generational time. As part of the Civil Conversations Project, a live conversation at the Union for Reform Judaism's General Assembly in Boston between Imam Abdullah Antepli and Rabbi Sarah Bassin The Plagues Project — JewishLIVE. Welcome to The Plagues Project. Below you will find more than 30 videos, each offering a unique perspective on Judaism and plagues. Plague is, certainly, a timely topic to all of us these days. Jews will also have plagues on the mind when the story of the Ten Biblical Plagues is read from the Book of Exodus.

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  1. What is Embodied Judaism? In the past few decades there has been a significant explosion of interest in embodied Jewish spiritual practice. As a result, Jewish leaders and educators have created powerful resources and practices that encompass the body and help cultivate a sense of the Divine in a real, sacred and tangible manner
  2. ish personal accountability. i think the human genome project has alot of advantages but alot of disadvantages. think about one of your family members having HIV and they know they are going to die but cannot do anything to stop it. they suffer through their everday knowing.
  3. The Lemba Jewish Project supports the reclaimation of African judaism in South Africa and Zimbabwe and builds alliances among diverse Jews
  4. The Akedah Project explores the story of the Binding of Isaac (akedah means binding in Hebrew), which is one of the most confounding narratives in the Bible.Scholars, rabbis, artists, teachers, poets, and readers have tried to make sense of this story for millennia, which has given us a range of lenses through which we can read it, even as we bring the new questions, ideas, and.

Of course I used other websites such as: Judaism 101, Jewish Dietary Law (Kashrut), and Chabad.org. Any question I had or any filler information I needed to complete my research project came from those websites. Other websites were used to find pictures and answer small questions I had that I incorporated into my project Israel: Jewish Nationhood. Israel has existed for Jews as a physical historical homeland and as a term that refers to the shared identity, history, and culture of the Jewish tribe, family, or people.. The Jewish nation, whether metaphorical or literal, has provided some modern Jews with the opportunity to define Judaism. World Religions Culminating Project. Essential Question: How do people choose their beliefs and how do those beliefs affect their actions? History Standards: 6.3 Describe the origins and significance of Judaism as the first monotheistic religion based on the concept of one God who sets down moral laws for humanity. Identify the sources of the. ABOUT US Our Vision is for Jewish youth and their families to engage in Jewish educational experiences that enable them to thrive as Jews and in the world.. Our Mission is to inspire and empower educators to create transformative Jewish experiences. Through leadership training, professional development, and other support and resources for Jewish educators, we empower them to help their.

Judaism. Judaism is the oldest of the world's four biggest monotheistic religions (religions with only one god). It's also the smallest, with only about 12 million followers around the world. Jewish history begins with the covenant established between God and Abraham around 1812 BC (over 3,800 years ago), during the Bronze Age, in the Middle East Andrew and Bo Judaism Project. 2. Stories of Origin Moses, a descendent of Abraham, brought the Ten Commandments down from Mt. Sinai which are the laws Jews must live by. Abraham, Father of all Jews, started the idea of monotheism. David, was a powerful Jewish king, made the capital of Israel, Jerusalem. King David defeats Goliath with a sling. I love Judaism, and I am in love with Judaism, because of the joy. And while I could fill pages about how that joy touches me each and every day, I'll temper my enthusiasm a bit, at least here at the beginning of this beautiful project, because, as the cliche goes, this isn't a sprint; it's a marathon The Jewish Film Project's Film Crew is a group connected by a passion for Jewish films, Jewish Arts and culture. Members of the Film Crew use their influence, connections, and desire to promote and widen the reach of The Jewish Film Project both for the Virtual Conversations program and other activities. Learn More

WP:JUDAISM. This WikiProject aims to standardize Wikipedia articles and improve other Wikimedia Foundation learning resources on Jews, Jewish culture, Judaism, Halakha (Jewish law and tradition), or any subject related to Jewish identity. Please add requests for comments to the talk page . WikiProjects related to Queens Jewish Project. 348 likes. Young adult Jewish life programs in Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, Woodside, Corona, and beyon 5. to. - <9%. ≥9%. View: States. Metro Areas. County Regions. Montgomery Phoenix Little Rock Sacramento Denver Hartford Dover Tallahassee Atlanta Savannah Springfield Indianapolis Des Moines Topeka Frankfort Baton Rouge Augusta Portland Annapolis Boston Lansing Jackson Jefferson City Helena Lincoln Trenton Camden Santa Fe Albany Raleigh.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2021. 8:00 AM 9:30 AM 08:00 09:30. Jewish Studio Project (map) Google Calendar ICS. 8:00- 9:30 am PT // 11:00 am - 12:30 pm ET. Start your morning with uplifting song, a discussion of the week's Torah portion and some creative writing to get your head, heart and imagination going before setting out on the rest of the day Jewish mourning project solidifies dialogue with the dead - opinion It cements your inheritance from that person, making it ethereal and eternal, not about money but memory, not about now but forever Jewish Studio Project. 2,731 likes · 57 talking about this. Activating creativity to make life more meaningful, Judaism more vibrant & the world more just The Jewish Meadville Project seeks to uncover the history of Jewish people and Jewish life in Meadville, Pennsylvania from their arrival in the mid-nineteenth century through the present day. This year, we will do this by conducting and recording oral history interviews with members of the Meadville Jewish Community


  1. Judaism.One of the world's oldest religions.Its ancient system of ritual law encompasses almost every facet of the lives of its followers.But what are the or..
  2. The New Jewish Exodus Project seeks to create a place for that second category of Jews. On January 3, 2021, American Thinker published The New Jewish Exodus, in which I wrote about the tragedy and.
  3. Jewish Community Legacy Project. July 27, 2021, 10:09 am. Its building's for sale, but Beth Israel Synagogue takes it 'Shabbos by Shabbos' We're 130 years old — 1891 we were founded, Posner said. For the first time we won't have Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur services. By David Rullo. Load More home.

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  1. Judaism. Judaism is around 3500 years old and is one of the oldest of the world's monotheistic religions—religions with only one god. It's also the smallest, with only about 12 million followers around the world. In ancient times Jewish people were called Hebrews or Israelite. Abraham is believed to be the father of the Jewish people
  2. ational commitments. This strain of internal Jewish pluralism has led to a.
  3. Women in Judaism, Beginner July 9, 2021 Edited by Elizabeth Fried In Hebrew, the word for man - ish - and the word for woman - isha - are each written with three letters
  4. The HUC-JIR Jewish Language Project addresses these problems by creating online content and by raising and distributing funds for research and cultural production. This initiative was launched in 2020, building on and encompassing several projects led by Professor Sarah Bunin Benor
  5. Judaism embraces all of life and accepts death as a part of life. At the same time, Jewish tradition understands that we are never prepared to lose someone we love. * The Jewish Bereavement Project has been designed to provide information to help you, or someone you care for, find a way through the journey of mourning
  6. 12. Genesis 22:18 Isaac's seed will bless all nations. In the previous verse (Genesis 22:17) we learn how Abraham's seed will be as numerous as the sand of the sea. This passage is obviously not referring to one individual but to a nation (see #5). 13. Genesis 26:2-5 The seed of Isaac promised as the redeemer
  7. Welcome to The Jewish Play Project Website. Our goal is to promote understanding of the role of Jewish designers, entrepreneurs and inventors in the past, present and future of the play industries

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  1. and current cultural shifts in Jewish community, go to Trans & Jewish Today To learn about what Nonbinary means, check out Nonbinary 101 To dive into examples of gender-expansiveness. in Jewish traditional texts, go to Jewish Traditional Precedent For explorations of expansive gender. in more languages such as Yiddish and Spanish. go to More.
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  3. Liana Wertman: Judaism Unbound Episode 267 - The Torah Studio. March 26, 2021 by Lex Rofes. Liana Wertman joins Dan and Lex to discuss her work as the founder of The Torah Studio, a new (and fully-digital) center for Torah study that encourages people to take ownership of traditional Jewish texts
  4. Jewish Community Legacy Project (JCLP) is a non-profit resource for small congregations located outside of metropolitan areas that have an aging population and dwindling leadership, but yet a desire to ensure their legacy. JCLP acts as a liaison between such congregations and a variety of national and local partners, like JCGC, facilitating.
  5. The Jewish Merchant Project is supported by the generosity of the Norman and Gerry Sue Arnold Foundation and the Stanley B. Farbstein Endowment at the Coastal Community Foundation. Longtime members of the JHSSC, Mr. Arnold obm, a merchant himself, and Mr. Farbstein obm were both children of South Carolina Jewish merchants

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An Example of Jewish Project Based Learning: Megillat Esther. NLE Resources invites rabbis and educators from around the world to contribute guest posts. Here's a new blog from Rabbi Yehuda Chanales, Director of Educational Technology and Rebbe at Torah Academy of Bergen County, New Jersey. Over the past two years, I have been doing a lot of. I wanted to get involved in this project because uncovering the history of Jewish people within Meadville is extremely important. I am looking forward to learning about the different aspects of Jewish life within Meadville. I am also interested in finding out the different communal areas that were available to Jewish community members Project Understanding was born from the combined experiences of the Atlanta Black/Jewish Coalition and the strong desire on the part of ACCESS, the young adult division of American Jewish Committee, to create an opportunity for young Black and/or Jewish adults to share experiences and develop meaningful relationships

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The latest addition to this website is a co-authored essay by David M. Freidenreich and Kristin Esdale '16, With a Little Help from My Friends: Jewish Mutual Assistance in Nineteenth-Century Maine, published in the pandemic-delayed bicentennial issue of Maine History The Avotaynu Foundation administers the the Avotaynu DNA Project, a collaboration of experienced Jewish DNA project administrators, historians and geneticists worldwide to develop an online knowledge base that will enable genealogists to discovery the history of their own families and at the same time allow historians and demographers to illuminate the history of the Jewish People A Living Library of Torah Sefaria is home to 3,000 years of Jewish texts. We are a non-profit organization offering free access to texts, translations, and commentaries so that everyone can participate in the ongoing process of studying, interpreting, and creating Torah Moderated by Ginger Gentile from the Jewish Film Project Live Event is Sunday May 30, 2021 at 3PM. The filmmay be about the financial crisis of 2008, but its images and themes couldn't feel more current.-Chloe Sarbib, Alma. In Conjunction with JxJ Washington Jewish Film Festival and the FJMC Jewish Film Affinity Group The Jewish Plays Project is a home for bold, progressive Jewish voices as well as an innovator in online play readings, digital art and the meeting of Jewish cultural audiences and Jewish artists. We are home to the Jewish Playwriting Contest, currently an online digital home for award-winning play

Moment 's 2020 Jewish Political Voices Project is taking a deep dive into the political views of the American Jewish community and bringing you along for the ride. Through the presidential election, we are exploring the political and cultural forces splitting apart both the nation and American Jews. The project offers an alternative to polls. The Jewish Music Heritage Project is the world's only organization dedicated to documenting and illustrating in sound the vast treasury of sacred Jewish music. In addition to its cantorial music, the JMHP All Volunteer Boys' and Men's Choir is now in training to perform and produce archival recordings of this glorious repertoire of choral. The Jewish Language Project is an initiative of the Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion . Founded in 1875, HUC-JIR educates leaders to serve North American and world Jewry as rabbis, cantors, educators, and nonprofit professionals, and offers graduate programs to scholars and clergy of all faiths The South African Jewish Museum's archives (SAJM) Jewish Digital Archive Project is the digital component of the SAJM archive. It aims to maintain a record of Southern Africa's social, economic and political history. JDAP comprises personal narratives and special collections linked to organizations, local communities, and cultural events

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  1. Participants in the Jewish E DNA Project indicating evident Jewish ancestry are automatically enrolled in our partner Avotaynu DNA Project, and automatically receive a FREE subscription to the Avotaynu Online Weekly Digest which includes articles on Jewish DNA studies as well as other subjects of interest to Jewish family historians and.
  2. Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn is the director of Converting to Judaism.com, an organization committed to assisting people who are distant from a Jewish community or from access to a rabbi who would work towards conversion. He has guided, taught, and converted people all around the world. (Photo: Cindy Brown/The Pluralism Project
  3. g of age in the aftermath of the Holocaust and the creation of the state of Israel, but also amid the revolutionary ferment of the 1960s Civil Rights campaigns, Black Power, and Women's and.
  4. Photo by Ksenia Prints. And so, after about five months of planning and three weeks of DOING, I can finally tell you: The Jewish Food Project is here. And its three-week launch was the most glorious, exhilarating, exciting experience - but it was also exhausting, and depressing, and frightening in a I-can't-believe-it-actually-happened sort of way
  5. Oklahoma Samovar. by Alice Eve Cohen. In 1887, two Latvian teenagers, Jake and Hattie, flee the Russian Army and become the only Jews in the Oklahoma Land Rush. 100 years later, their ninety-year-old daughter Sylvia reinvents their story of five generations in a Jewish pioneer family, traveling East to West and then West to East, staking their claims in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Coney Island.
  6. Jewish mourning project solidifies dialogue with the dead - opinion. It cements your inheritance from that person, making it ethereal and eternal, not about money but memory, not about now but forever. This Shabbat ends

In addition, JNF-USA is building a 20-acre World Zionist Village in Be'er Sheva, which in Robinson's words, is the biggest project ever in the Jewish world that will bring Zionists from. A project which paired Holocaust survivors with celebrities to educate about the genocide has won two prestigious awards. Jewish Newsalso produces special editions of the paper highlighting. The Jewish Education Project curated a diverse blend of resources for teaching the holiday of Shavuot. We've included lessons, games, discussion guides and more to engage your students with the themes of the holiday When the Trenton Jewish Project first started, I got a couple of phone calls (which I don't encourage--please e-mail me instead) and one of them was from a guy who said he grew up in Trenton, but didn't realize he was Catholic until he took his first Communion LUNAR: The Jewish Asian Film Project showcases and celebrates the stories of Asian American Jews, through our upcoming video series, interviews, community events, and more! We're funded by the.

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The goals of the Jewish Headstone Recovery Project are to: recover all Jewish headstones and fragments unearthed or otherwise discovered in Rohatyn, and return them to the old Jewish cemetery for conservation, study, and display. cooperate with the City of Rohatyn and its citizens in ongoing recovery work, when street repairs, utility trenching. Keywords: Tip: To look for an exact name - John Smith Publication Date: enter a full date (mm/dd/yyyy) or range of dates - ex. '01/01/1900-12/31/1910' Newspapers: Chronicle Criterion Outlook Y-JCC series: Search type Ms. Adler laid out three goals she has as leader of the Ethiopian National Project. One of my goals is to invite Israeli philanthropists to become involved, she said. I would love to match up one or two Israeli philanthropists with one or two American Jewish philanthropists.. Her prime goal is to continue to uplift as may. Assistant Project Manager - JFNA. Jewish Federations of North America Washington DC. Center on Aging and Trauma, a project of the Holocaust Survivor Initiative Department: Public Affairs - Washington, DC Office Reports to: Associate Director, Center on Aging and Trauma Organization Overview

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We're all in this together, on this Jewish journey through the ages. We were given the gift of the Torah, a vibrant Jewish Community and a connection to G-d. It's time to reach out and share it with our fellow Jews- because it belongs to us all. When we stop focusing on our differences, we realize just how much we have in common The National JOC Shabbaton is our central event, carving space for Jews of Color, our families, and our allies together for spiritual and communal growth. The 2021 National Shabbaton will take place virtually, on May 14-16, 2021. The National JOC Shabbaton program includes: Creative Art Shabbat Family Project with Ariela Ronay-Jinich

Results. Project Statistics. The founders of the Ashkenazi population 1,000 years ago appear to have been a diverse lot, displaying a half-dozen or so y chromosome haplogroups: J, E3b, R1a1, R1b, I, and G, among others. Since the founding, however, the Jewish populations within these groups appear to have been isolated from the non-Jewish. Seeded by a generous gift from The Marcus Foundation and powered by The Jewish Education Project, RootOne will provide major subsidies for trip participants (called RootOne Vouchers), invest in elevating trip curricula and experiences, and work with its partners to create deeper pre- and post-trip engagement opportunities to help strengthen participants' Jewish identities and connections to. What is the study of religion\s and how is the nature of the discipline communicated to the public? This article provides a content analysis of the self-presentation of the study of religion\s on the internet by providing a content analysis of a sample of 101 university webpages (departments and programs) from 70 universities from 15 countries The IAJGS International Jewish Cemetery Project mission is to catalogue every Jewish burial site throughout the world. Every Jewish cemetery or burial site we know of is listed here by town or city, country, and geographic region is based on current locality designation Printed from ChabadCentral.org. Ask the Rabbi. Subscrib

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The Jewish Renaissance Project (JRP) at Penn creates alternative choices for students who have not previously been involved in organized Jewish life on campus. JRP does not just run programs; JRP builds intensive relationships with students, while generating new communities throughout campus. JRP offers students opportunities to explore their. National Jewish Scholars Project. Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies. Baltimore, Maryland [ The following statement appeared as a full page advertisement in The New York Times, Sunday, September 10, 2000, page 23, New England edition. ] DABRU EMET. A Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianit

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The Brooklyn Jewish History Project . Collected by: Center for Brooklyn History at Brooklyn Public Library Archived since: Nov, 2020 Description: The Brooklyn Jewish History Project is a community scanning and oral history repository, to document the history, lives and experiences of Jewish people in Brooklyn 1861-1865. 1,200 Jews fought for the Confederacy and 6,000 for the Union, including nine generals and 21 colonels in the American Civil War. 1861-1936. Essayist and publicist who headed the Jewish and Zionist Organization during the 1930s, was editor of He-Tsefriah and published a history of Zionism, Nahum Sokolow

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Many historians are convinced that Ethiopian Jews are medieval converts from Christianity. But mounting genetic evidence, and new scholarly research, suggests the Jewish origins of the Beta Israel. A project to rework judaism. Suggestion. Close. Vote. Posted by 6 minutes ago. A project to rework judaism. Suggestion. Me and several other EU4 players have started a project to make recommendations on how to improve judaism. Seeing as its the last religion (except animism) without any mechanics or special features The Family Tree of the Jewish People (FTJP) Data on more than eight million people, from family trees submitted by 6,000 Jewish genealogists worldwide. The JewishGen Communities Database Historical names and jurisdictions, maps, JewishGen links and resources for more than 6,000 Jewish communities in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East The articles, reviews, lectures, and critical responses must be send to the project moderators in order to be posted on the webpage. This project seeks to provide a forum for electronically mediated scholarly discussion about Jewish mystical traditions in the eastern Christian texts

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Leora Tec honors the connection between survivors and those who personally knew them in The Neshoma Project: Conversations with Poles Rescuing Jewish Memory. Neshoma is the Yiddish word for soul, and for over a decade Tec has been connecting with Poles who are, in her words, rescuing Jewish memory.Yad Vashem: The World Holocaust Remembrance Center, reports that Poles are the largest. The Messianic Zionist Religion Whose Believers Worship Judaism (But Can't Practice It) The Noahide Project, which has Israeli governmental and rabbinical support, is trying to proselytize members of remote communities. Just as long as they don't call themselves Jews, right Please go to the JEWISH ROOTS PROJECT's Project page for Resources and add whatever informs us (& please remember that most of us are just beginning to research our family's Jewish roots). Then put a summary of the Yizkor Books' basic ideas and what people can gain from them into a G2G note for our project. I think Michael Maranda is going to. With the library shut down since 2016 for a campus redevelopment project and the books sitting in a warehouse, rumors had been circulating. Judaism's Conservative denomination, which counts the seminary as one of its essential institutions, was the largest Jewish denomination in the 1950s and '60s. It is no longer and is shrinking still Project Sarah (Stop Abusive Relationships At Home) is Jewish Family Service's domestic abuse prevention, education, and intervention program. It was created in March 1999 by a community task force consisting of rabbis, Jewish communal professionals, and interested volunteers

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Project R.I.D.E. Housed out of the Kehillah (Special Needs) Department at the Springfield JCC, Project R.I.D.E. (recreation, independence, development, and equipment) loans modified tricycles to children and young adults with special needs, in addition to providing information about adaptive sports programs in Western Massachusetts Rose Project and Jewish Federation Look Ahead. The Rose Project of Jewish Federation & Family Services, Orange County, will continue to make decisions regarding support of university student-related initiatives such as the Olive Tree Initiative as The Rose leadership council deems appropriate The Jewish Buffalo Archives Project (JBAP) is a collaborative initiative of the Bureau of Jewish Education of Greater Buffalo and the University Archives in the University Libraries of the University at Buffalo. The goal of the JBAP is to comprehensively document a mid-size American Jewish community in its near entirety, building a Jewish. The Jewish Education Project. Susan Holzman Wachsstock is the Chief Program Officer at The Jewish Education Project. Before joining The Jewish Education Project in 2014, Susan was the Executive Director of Jewish Student Connection and of Matan. She also previously worked for Hillel International and at UJA-Federation of New York A project supported by Be'chol Lashon, LUNAR aims to highlight the racial and cultural diversity of the Jewish community by celebrating and making visible the experiences of young adults (18-30) who exist at the intersection of Jewish and Asian American in a short-form video series. The LUNAR team will be producing eight videos: five 5-10. The project began with the idea of creating a video of the Ten Commandments of God in several languages spoken by members of the community. But the number of possible languages and participants began to snowball, so the project went beyond the community and the city, and grew to an international multilingual scale