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It was the beginning of one of the worst periods to be alive, if not the worst year, study author Michael McCormick, a medieval historian at Harvard, told Science Magazine.. This era was grim. Every year during World War II could arguably be one of the worst years in history, but let's talk about 1943. There were a few things going on here. Concentration camps were no longer just holding centers but, instead, became the sites for mass killings, says the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum When it comes to scientists, though, they don't bother with guesses or estimates, and have calculated the exact year it was the worst time to be alive in history; the year 536. Apart from the falling empires the world over and general political chaos, the year 536 also marked one of the worst global famines in human history The rise of Hitler in 1933 is often claimed to be the turning point in modern history. However, historians are unanimous in their choice. The title of the worst year in history is easily held by.. Personally, I think the worst era in design is the retro-modern stuff some of the Big 3 gave us in the early '00s. Things like the Chrysler PT Cruiser, the fifth-generation Ford Mustang (which.

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2018 has been a rough year for many. But we can be grateful for at least one thing this Thanksgiving: It's been worse. That's what a team of scientists and historians determined after looking back.. As it turned out, the worst counterfeiter in history was also the most elusive. And it would take a fire (and a crew of 12-year-old kids) to smoke him out. The tip . On a chilly afternoon in January of 1948, 7 schoolboys were rustling around in a vacant lot in the Upper West Side and uncovered something strange In 20 games and 14 starts from 2007-08, Van Benschoten went 1-10 with a 10.27 ERA, walking more batters than he struck out. His career 9.20 ERA over 90 innings still stands as the worst for pitchers with at least 75 innings of work, making him quite possibly the worst pitcher of all time

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Humans are very creative, especially when it comes to destroying each other. Throughout history people have had a morbid fascination with torture. A punishment in ancient times served the dual purpose of keeping the masses in line while entertaining them. Torture evolved side by side with civilization perfecting the art of pain. 1. Keelhaulin Here are 20 of the worst epidemics and pandemics, dating from prehistoric to modern times. Related: Spanish flu: The deadliest pandemic in history. 1. Prehistoric epidemic: Circa 3000 B.C. The.

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Crash's upset of the far superior Brokeback Mountain is enough to warrant the era's inclusion for consideration as the worst in film history. Strengthen that case by investigating the worst of. Speaking of Stone Cold, 1998 is the year fans most associate with the Era, as so many iconic moments of the Austin/Vince McMahon feud happened on Raw in this span, including the hospital attack and the Zamboni attack. 7 Worst: 2003 The Raw/SmackDown brand split happened in 2002, with SmackDown hitting a creative peak in 2002 and 2003

20 of the worst epidemics and pandemics in history For the vast majority of people, COVID-19 is the first and only pandemic of our lifetimes—but for the human race, it's not the first or the. To begin with, I think that any discussion today claiming that the current status of the nation is the worst in the nation's history while at the same at time the nation is commemorating the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 and the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War to be, on the face of it, a risible argument and one that need not be rehashed here I would say this era comes and goes. Some coaches allowed it (Phil Jackson) whereas others (Popovich, Kerr, etc.) try to prevent it. It seems to me that some level of hero ball is still alive in Oklahoma and Houston - Russell Westbrook and James H.. The worst year for fashion in modern history was 1981. This is where some of the worst excesses of the 70s lingered even as the ugly 80s were gearing up. Women imitated the newly minted Princess Diana who wore puffy sleeves and padded shoulders and Peter Pan collars and high necked blouses with ruffles and frills that made her look like a lamb.

5 of the worst years in British history Try 3 issues of BBC History Magazine or BBC History Revealed for only £5! Uncertainty about coronavirus and Brexit may dominate the news in 2020, but Britain has survived difficult times before, as this 2008 article from Derek Wilson shows 9 of the worst monarchs in history. From 'Bad King John' and the debauched Gaius Caligula to the useless Mary, Queen of Scots, historian Sean Lang rounds up nine of the worst kings and queens in history. History has no shortage of disastrous rulers; this list could easily have been filled with the Roman emperors alone

On Wednesday, August 12, 2020, I tweeted that the Phillies bullpen had the worst ERA, at 10.19, in the history of the statistic of earned runs, with a minimum of 35 innings pitched. Since that time, they have improved that mark to 9.12 in a total of 48 innings. But it's still the worst bullpen ERA in the history of bullpen ERAs The Great Depression was the worst economic downturn in the history of the industrialized world, lasting from 1929 to 1939. It began after the stock market crash of October 1929, which sent Wall. Tony Robinson reveals the grim occupations in Victorian Britain and explains that the workhouse was possibly the most infamous place of employment in the 19t..

A devastating volcanic eruption in A.D. 535 leads to the emergence of new nations and religions.Written records from China, Italy, Palestine and many other c.. As far as winning percentage is concerned, 32 of the 35 worst seasons in MLB history happened before 1900, and 23 of those teams played 65 or fewer games The 1899 Cleveland Spiders own the worst single-season record of all time (minimum 120 games) and for all eras, finishing at 20-134 (.130 percentage) in the final year of the National League's 12-team era in the 1890s; for comparison, this projects to 21-141 under the current 162-game schedule, and Pythagorean expectation based on the Spiders' results and the current 162-game schedule predicts a record of 24-138 The lowest single-season ERA in league history was posted by Tim Keefe, whose 0.86 ERA in 105 innings pitched for the National League's Troy Trojans in 1880 led his closest competitor by .52 runs. In the American League, Dutch Leonard's 0.96 ERA is a single-season record Opponent 9th Inning Runs per Game. Opponent Extra Inning Runs per Game. First 4 Innings Runs per Game. First 5 Innings Runs per Game. First 6 Innings Runs per Game. Last 2 Innings Runs per Game (8th to 9th) Last 3 Innings Runs per Game (7th to 9th) Last 4 Innings Runs per Game (6th to 9th) 1st Inning Scored Percentage

For batting rate stats, generally a minimum of 3.1 Plate Appearances/G, 1.0 IP/G, 0.67 Gm and Chances/Team Game (fielding), 0.2 SB att/Team Game (catchers), and 0.1 SB att/Team Game (baserunners only since 1951), and 0.1 decision/G for single-season leaderboards generally needed for rate statistics. For pitcher fielding the minimums are reduced. Here are the five worst MLB teams of the modern era (1900 to present), when seasons began topping 150 games. 5. 1919 Philadelphia Athletics. A view of the 1931 World Series between the Philadelphia Athletics and St. Louis Cardinals. Between 1915 and 1921, the A's were historically bad.| Hulton Archive/Getty Images Larkin holds the distinction of having the worst ERA in Major League history for any pitcher with at least 100 innings pitched. He did that mostly with the Marlins, but he was as hittable in his..

A man by the name of Brian Matusz held the worst qualifying ERA in a season. It was 10.69. I am still looking for the worst qualifying career ERA It has been painful watching the top 25 heavyweights dance their way into history's worst era in boxing Look at the sad state of today's heavyweight division. Vitali Klitschko appears to be the best of a talentless crop of heavyweights. this toilet bowl of an era 1950s: Rock and roll, classic pop, R&B, country, blues. 1. Popular Artists: Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Ray Charles, Bill Haley, The Everly Brothers. I live in the worst era in history I am among the dirtiest humans that have ever existed. Close. Vote. Posted by 5 minutes ago. I live in the worst era in history I am among the dirtiest humans that have ever existed. 3 comments. share. save. hide. report. 33% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. level 1.

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Worst Era In Disney History? 2017-2020 will be remembered as the worst era for Disney Animated movies since the mid 1980s >Cars 3 >Incredibles 2 >Ralph Breaks The Internet >Toy Story 4 >The Lion King >Frozen 2 When it comes to the title of the worst president, historians agree James Buchanan was the worst. Some presidents are associated, directly or indirectly, with major Supreme Court rulings of their tenure. When we think of Miranda v. Arizona (1966), we might lump it together with Johnson's Great Society reforms. When we think of Korematsu v Week 17, 2000 season: @Raiders 9-52 Week 12, 2002 season: vs Falcons 0-41 Week 8, 2019 season: @49ers 13-51 Teams that get blown out this badly almost never make the playoffs. It exposes deep. History. 10 of the Worst Jobs in the Victorian Era. BY Claire Cock-Starkey. August 17, 2017 (Updated: January 15, 2021) In the Victorian era,. Under what has been the worst era in the show's history, which decision is worse? Worst decision under the Oates/Sen era so far 42 votes. Killing off Mel Hunter. 0%. Turning the Gray/Chantelle domestic abuse SL into a serial killer SL. 45%. 19 votes. Ruining the Ruby/Stacey friendships. 2%

If I was making a list of worst pitchers in MLB history,' he would certainly be a contender. #4 John Coleman, 1883 Philadelphia Quakers 12-48, 4.87 ERA, 63 ERA+, 1.523 WHIP, 538.1 innings pitche In fact, when using ERA as the primary statistic, Philadelphia owns just one of five staffs in the 2020 Major Leagues that rank among the worst 40 in MLB history (post-1900). That's out of 2,580 eligible teams, the best of which was the 1907 Chicago Cubs World Series team whose pitchers recorded a dazzling 1.73 ERA

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George H.W. Bush, arguably, could only have been elected under the circumstances that prevailed in 1988, as an extension of Reagan, albeit older and gentler, he says Re: What's The Worst Team ERA For A Season Ever? Off the top of my head, the 1930 Philadelphia Phillies had an ERA of 6.71, and the 1936 St. Louis Browns logged in at 6.24. I think one of the Detroit teams from the late 1990s may have been over 6 as well Bombers Nearing Worst Era For Any Team In CFL History. October 30, 2015. By John Hodge. The incompetence of the Winnipeg Football Club has taken on many faces over the past seven seasons. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are a bad football team. This is a well-documented phenomenon that shouldn't be surprising news to anyone who's followed the. When looking at the entirety of baseball history, there are just two teams whose bullpen recorded a worse ERA. The 1930 Phillies (8.01 ERA), and the 2020 Cincinnati Reds currently (7.77 ERA) At the end of the season, the Avs had a minus-112 goal differential, a new cap-era low 22 wins and a humbling points percentage of .293, the ninth lowest in NHL history for an 82-game season. The.

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  1. Armed with a bucket, a shovel, and a candle, 16th-century gong farmers would brave the sewer systems and scoop the backlogged waste for a decent paycheck back on the surface, according to British television show The Worst Jobs in History. Nightmen could make money on both ends by selling their night soil to farmers
  2. The Worst. 5. RHP George Goetz, Baltimore Orioles—June 17, 1889. 9 IP, 12 H, 4 ER, 2 K; 0-4, 4 K. While George Goetz's pitching line was just good enough to earn him a victory in his only game.
  3. The Nine Worst 20 Win Season in MLB History. By Neil Weinberg on July 6, 2013. To regular readers it will come as no surprise that I'm part of the movement to remove the pitcher won/loss record from our baseball evaluations. I've written on the subject quite a bit, both with respect to individual seasons and entire careers, and this piece.

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The Worst Time for Christian Persecution in Human History. According to a new report from Aid to the Church in Need, a Catholic charity, persecution against Christians is the worst it's ever been in human history. As groups such as Boko Haram and ISIS reached a peak between 2015 to 2017, genocide and persecution among Christians specifically. Era (History of Pandemics and Epidemics) David Anversa 4.0 out of 5 stars (34) Kindle Edition . $3.99 . The 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic: A comprehensive study of the deadliest and most devastating pandemic in Human History. A story that teaches us a lot. As arguably the most important comic book character of all time, Superman has experienced a lot in his 80+ years as a character. During this time, Clark Kent has faced a countless number of foes, been part of many teams, and been challenged well beyond the pages of comic books. RELATED: DC Comics: 10 Worst Superman Storylines Of All Time Over the years, several key events have come to define. Mike Evans models the worst jerseys in Buccaneers history. During what we'll call the J.P. Losman era, the Bills wore by far the worst uniforms in the NFL, something they thankfully rectified in 2011. Julius Jones models the Seahawks' lime green alternates in 2009. 1. Seattle Seahawks' Neon Green Alternate: 200 The era in WWE history that stands out to me as better than 90's Attitude was the early 00's Ruthless Aggression. Still more adult than modern WWE but with less juvenile humor, this era had superior wrestling and the ratings to back it up. During this period, a lot of technical wrestling was being showcased

This Is the Worst Voter Suppression We've Seen in the Modern Era. Large-scale voter purges from Florida to Maine. Ultra-strict registration rules keeping voters off the rolls in Georgia and other states. Cuts to early voting sites in North Carolina. A North Dakota voter ID law that could keep Native Americans from the polls People voting Trump just don't know history. It will always be either Andrew Johnson or James Buchanan as the very worst Presidents, Buchanan for allowing the Civil War to eventually boil out into full blown war. Johnson for ending Reconstruction and damning black people in the South for generations This was a team that probably should have won 65-70 games, and instead finished with the third-worst record of the expansion era. Quite possibly, this was the worst performance by a team that.

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The Phillies have the worst bullpen in baseball. It's historically bad, actually. After coughing up a 6-3 lead in the seventh inning Thursday night and losing, 10-6, to the New York Mets, they had used 28 relievers this season who combined for a 7.17 ERA. Since 1901, only the 1930 Phillies had a worse bullpen ERA (8.01) over a full season There are plenty of bad years in the history of the universe, but the worst year in human history would probably be the year humans came closest to extinction (thus far) The team BA is .233. That is the 8th lowest team BA in the history of the franchise going back to 1884. The SLG % of .397 does not compare well to last year's .483, the best in franchise history. The OPS of .737 is tied with the 1962 team 's achieved during the era of the pitcher. The R/G of 4.71 is the worst in the last 5 years

Contents. People use the phrase Middle Ages to describe Europe between the fall of Rome in 476 CE and the beginning of the Renaissance in the 14th century. Many scholars call the era the. Trump is not the worst. Maybe the least competent, but not the worst. Quick Jump Jackson reads a lot like the Trump of his era, but actually followed through with his blatant bigotry and racism by encouraging slavery/slave-trade operations and was responsible for the Trail of Tears. I'm real curious how history will paint Trump.

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The Worst Outbreaks in U.S. History. The CDC believes that for the first time in modern history, the world has the tools to control the HIV epidemic without a vaccine or cure, while laying the. Worst Loss: 8-2 vs. Manchester United (Aug. 28, 2011). For Arsenal supporters this was one of the lowest moments in club history. The goals flowed nearly as fast as the tears. Aston Vill With that 74 wRC+, the Rockies have put themselves very close to being in very bad company of the worst offenses in baseball history. 1. 1920 A's: 67 2. 1963 Mets: 6 Here are the 17 worst free agent signings in the Belichick era. 17. Joseph Addai, RB — This relationship ended very quickly. After signing a one-year deal with New England, Addai quit before training camp and retired from the league. 16

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In the two thousand years since Christ walked the earth and founded one of the most influential religions in the world, church history has been documented by an incredibly diverse collection of stories that speak to mankind of blessings, curses, and everything in between. Millions have found hope because of Christianity - but millions have also been slaughtered in the name of God. Starting. Heat and humidity make 'Tokyo Summer the worst in the history of Olympics'. Before the pandemic, heat stroke was the biggest risk to athletes for the Tokyo Olympics, but during the first week of the Games the heat has been compounded by humidity values ranging from 66 to 84%, making it feel much hotter, and limiting the body's ability to.

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  1. Most people have their favorite eras of history, be it the Renaissance, or the '90s in Seattle, but rarely do we get to choose which time period (s) we would deposit ourselves into forever if we could. Imagine that you have a time machine and could choose which historical era you want to live in. Different people will debate and disagree on.
  2. As it turns out, the suckiest of all was a year most people have probably never even thought about: 536 CE. It was the beginning of one of the worst periods to be alive, if not the worst year, Harvard University archaeologist and medieval historian Michael McCormick told Science Magazine.His team's new paper doesn't see signs of economic recovery until 640 CE
  3. Is this the worst era in boxing history? 05-23-2020, 02:12 PM The most glamorous division, heavyweight, is so bad that a guy was able to come back from being a 400-something pound drunk/coke head.
  4. The most traumatic year in modern American history was 1968. But what is now the second-most traumatic year, 2020, still has seven months to run. The comparison provides little comfort, and.
  5. World War II, the Hungarian pengo turned into the worst case of hyperinflation in modern history. The pengo was The 3 Most Important Economic Indicators In Trading - Forex Source - [] examples of this was Germany (1920's), Zimbabwe (2000's) and more recently Venezuela

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  1. The worst Hard Time covers the era and includes lots of anecdotal contributions as well as what Franklin D Roosevelt was doing to help the problem. It gives details of why the problem arose in the first place and the history of the great planes them selves
  2. Some of the worst of these can be found below. Epidemics With the Highest Number of Deaths Plague of Justinian (Byzantine Empire, 541 - 750) The Plague of Justinian hit humanity between 541 and 542 AD. It was responsible for the highest number of lives lost in an epidemic in history
  3. A lot of people objected and asked for a list with '10 worst moments' in American history. So here it is, just to present both sides of American history, good & bad. It is in chronological order and if you have any suggestions to make, feel free to do so & constructive criticism is appreciated while argument for the sake of arguing will not.
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  1. Armchair historians often generalize that during the American Civil War, while the Union held a clear advantage in material, the Confederacy could field superior commanders. That may have been true in the east (the worst of the Union generals in that theater rates his own entry on this list), but in the west it was a much different affair
  2. 10 Worst Popes of all time. Posted on January 9, 2009 August 16, 2017 by Staff. and his surname (Italianized as Borgia) became a byword for the debased standards of the papacy of that era.Originally Cardinal Borgia from Spain, Pope Alexander's claims to fame were taking over much of Italy by force with the help of his son Cesare (yes, his.
  3. Why 536 was 'the worst year to be alive' By Ann Gibbons Nov. 15, 2018 , 2:00 PM. Ask medieval historian Michael McCormick what year was the worst to be alive, and he's got an answer: 536
  4. Ranking the best and worst years in music history. Arguing about the best music eras is an age-old American tradition. Generation Xers—generally considered those born after the 1946-1964 baby boomers—are likely to wax poetic about Seattle grunge or even New Jack Swing, while the Greatest Generation—with members born from 1901-1927.
  5. KING OF THE RING 2002 (June 23, 2002 - Columbus, OH) WHY IT SUCKED: The final incarnation of King of the Ring as a standalone PPV went out with a whimper. The Undertaker/Triple H main event for the Undisputed Title ranks among the worst title bouts of the modern era, thanks to both men working through serious injuries
  6. Top 10 Worst Dictators in History. Article by surbhi jalan, January 28, 2014. Top 10 Worst Dictators in History. If we look at the history there are so many people who had hunger to rule. A ruler is the one who looks after the welfare his citizen and works for the betterment of the place where he rules
  7. Updated June 20, 2017. The Black Death was an epidemic which spread across almost all of Europe in the years 1346-53. The plague killed over a third of the entire population. It has been described as the worst natural disaster in European history and is responsible for changing the course of that history to a great degree

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  1. Eight of the worst popes in church history. By Drew Kann, CNN. Updated 11:47 AM ET, Sun April 15, 2018. (CNN) Billed as a reformer and outsider, Pope Francis was elected five years ago. He took.
  2. Robert Fulford: Today is the worst era for slavery in history . Slaves in general generate about U.S.$4,000 per year for their exploiters. But a sex trafficked slave can be worth $36,000
  3. 1: Babe Bids Beantown Ado. The worst trade in baseball history probably occurred on Jan. 5, 1920 when Red Sox owner Harry Frazee announced that he had sold Babe Ruth for cash to the New York Yankees. Mark Rucker/Transcendental Graphics/ Getty Images. Jan. 5, 1920
  4. The 10 Worst Mental Health Treatments in History. Learning about mental health treatments we now know don't work provides an important frame of reference for modern methods. By World War 1 era
  5. 10 Best and Worst Diesel Engines in History. Ah the elusive diesel engine: power, strength and the raw horsepower to get the things done. You can't go wrong with diesel and in this author's humble opinion you're already way ahead of the curve if you go diesel vs a puny gas engine
  6. 999. Flint Rhem. 4.20 (4.199) 1000. Name. ERA (Raw ERA) Rank. Current Through 2021 Season. A TRULY unique item of interest is on this list of the top 1,000 best earned run averages in baseball history; Babe Ruth, a 500 Home Runs Club member, is in the top twenty
  7. Despite being a dreadful automobile, quite possibly the worst ever produced on a mass scale, the Trabant holds an important place in history. It is the car that gave Communism a bad name, a vehicle so inferior to automobiles produced in Europe and America that few could deny the system's failings. It became, in short, a joke
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Fennelly: This could be the worst era in Bucs history . By Martin Fennelly Tampa Bay Times Monday Dec 10, 2018 at 6:05 PM Dec 10, 2018 at 6:05 PM Here are the 15 worst moves in Bomber history. * * * * * #15 | Randy Johnson | 1/3/2005. Johnson came to New York from Arizona for Javier Vazquez, prospects, and cash. At first glance the Big Unit's 2 seasons in New York hardly look like a bust: 34-19/4.37 ERA/383 strikeouts Chasing History: The Worst Bullpen Ever. Cornelius McGillicuddy parlayed a ten-year career as a back-up catcher into a managerial gig with an expansion ball club in Philadelphia. Over the next 50 years, McGillicuddy, better known as Connie Mack, rocked a suit and tie everyday and led the Aâ€â¢s to 3,582 wins and five World Series. No. 3: Anthony DeAngelo. Entering the 2014 draft, the Lightning knew that they had two first-round picks in both 2014 and 2015 due to a successful mid-season trade with the New York Rangers. Here are ten of the worst jobs to ever have existed in the Victorian era: 1. Leech Collectors. Leeches were once a highly useful commodity, and were used by medical professionals to treat all kinds of ailments, such as headaches and hysteria. However, gathering leeches was no easy task