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Download our very own awesome list of virtually all popular uk spiritual blogs for publishing your guest post. Create an up-to-date list of all popular uk spiritual blogs for guest posting with assistance from Yoggys Money Vault mega powerful search engine scraper and extractor! Create safe, authority and relevant backlinks for your blog or ecommerce store and turbo charge your search engine. Welcome to Realiser! Blogs from a spiritual and realised state of mind. Spiritual Life, Places, People, Health, Environment, Plant Medicines, Meditation, Inner Peace. Meet Millie Magic. Apr 15, 2021 | Blog. If you follow me on Social Media you probably know I have a new furry best friend called Millie. Millie is 10 weeks and is a gorgeous Maltipoo. I wanted to share how magically she came into my life. Most of my life I have shared it with a dog and our last family..

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  1. UK. A spiritual blog on life About - Offering practical spirituality for soul and personal growth through teaching, channelling and writing, in person, by phone or through the internet. The Angel Mystic About - Spiritual Life Coach to the Stars and people with big dreams. Helping others connect with Angels, find inner peace and happiness
  2. For over 100 years Wesley has stood at the centre of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, and has played a vital role in the spiritual and community life of the area. Frequency 2 posts / month Since Dec 2015 Also in Methodist Blogs wesleymethodist.org.uk/blog Facebook fans 192 ⋅ Twitter followers 172 ⋅ Domain Authority 21 ⋅ View Latest Posts ⋅ Get.
  3. Words of upliftment and truth. The God Light is a spiritual group that seeks to find the truth. Please click for more details..
  4. UK Hole In The Soul.co.uk is aimed at being a helpful resource for anybody experiencing an emptiness within themselves commonly termed a 'hole in the soul. This spiritual void causes a deep dissatisfaction with oneself and life and leads to depression and despair if untreated. On this website you can find helpful articles about the symptoms of a spiritual void, as well as proven practices to.
  5. dfulness, meditation and yoga blogs I've considered are truly excellent
  6. ElderSpirit is a new (and ancient) space cultivating connection and conversation focusing on spiritual eldering and conscious ageing. We are Brighton based, providing resources, support, information and events that serve the evolution of re-membering the potential of our conscious eldership

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  1. dfulness, transcendental meditation, movement based, mantra based etc. Maybe try writing about a specific area of meditation to prevent your blog being too broad. This will give you a share of the traffic.
  2. BLOG. Your Spiritual Self. Our Blog is designed to bring freedom, joy and light through our weekly posts. How it works: Each month we choose an area to focus on. Every week we inquire into one facet of that area and offer a reflective question and a Little Weekly Practice. In the last week of each month, there is an opportunity to reflect on.
  3. Spiritual Parent. The Faithful Help Meet. The Moving Mama. Christian Sex Blogs. Hot, Holy & Humorous. Fully Well. OysterBed7. Christian Blogs for Singles. Glenda Gordon. Precious Jewel. Yvonne Chase. Christian Blogs for Women. 215 Ministry. Adorned in Armor. April Melvin. Beauty of Selah. Being Woman. Biblical Woman. Boldly Rise. Busy Blessed.
  4. Spiritual Blogging as a Way of Being of Service. The very process of going from experiencing something, learning more about it, and then putting it into writing offers an incredible opportunity for integration. In addition, as I've written about in my article on the Stages of Ascension . Stepping into being of service is an essential step.
  5. Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of Spiritual Wisdom. Please sign up if you would like to receive her blogs and spiritual updates on a regular basis, by e-mail. Read more
  6. gham, England, UK A blog by Andy Byng, a Spiritual Medium based in Bir
  7. Here's our list of the top 25 spiritual wellness bloggers, in no particular order, to inspire and encourage you in your spiritual path. 1. Louise Hay. Louise Hay is an internationally-lauded author and speaker who focuses on how positive philosophies and affirmations can help people to heal their lives

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Our Spiritual Blog pin points how to connect with nature, be mindful, manifest and many other spiritual and health & well-being topics Elder: Tree of Transformation by Jo Dunbar. At this time of the year, the hedgerows are dripping with spider webs and elderberries. The elder tree is beloved of gypsies, witches and country folk. She is known as Helder Moer in Danish (also spelled Hyldemoer), the elder mother, and is associated with the wisdom of the cunning woman.. 11. Ariel Yasmine. Ariel is a college student, blogger, and future doctor who is helping students find their purpose, craft an abundance mindset, and motivate them to live purposefully. Her content is perfect for those who are young, high achievers, who want to find their path and purpose

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7 Ways To Be Spiritual Without Being Religious. 1. Make a conscious effort to love the people around you, or at least tolerate them more. Sometimes we forget to love the people around us such as family and friends. We can get so caught up in our own thing that we have not given time to someone else. When we spend less time inside our own heads. Your destination for horoscopes by Russell Grant, angels, crystals, tarot, psychic advice and much, much more. Brought to you by Soul & Spirit magazine https://christinasunhae.home.blog/ A blog run by Christina Sunhae offering self-improvement tips and life advice through a Christian context. She started while still in college, so she provides tips for young adults navigating the world Varanasi, India. The spiritual capital of India and the oldest living city in the world, dating back to 2,000 BCE. This city situated in the Ganges valley is considered by Hindus to be the holiest of the seven sacred cities. Make sure to check out the Vishwanath temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Mt Batur, Bali Spiritual Soul - Jasmine . Aug 25, 2019; 4 min; Am I the only person that does this? Blog post coming soon about how i started my website. 4 views 0 comments. 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1.

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Why Niching Helps You Attract Soul Clients And Live More Of Your Life And Purpose. Why niching helps you save time, energy, and money in your marketing and business. You know niching is one of those things that many lightworkers can struggle with for a variety of reasons. One big reason is that many of [ Spiritual but Not Religious #2: Those who self-identify as spiritual but do not claim any faith (atheist, agnostic or unaffiliated). About Barna Barna research is a private, non-partisan, for-profit organization under the umbrella of the Issachar Companies Spirituality and Aliveness. Spiritual Practices by Rabbi Rami Shapiro. You don't have to reach Buddhahood to embrace Aliveness. I don't believe every life is a happening of a nondual Aliveness, I know every life is a happening of a nondual Aliveness.

In-depth blog articles written by the leadership of Be in Health and the Be in Health Team to help you in your overcoming journey. Topics include Spiritual Roots of Disease, exhortations for your life and walk with God, Biblical Insights, and testimonies. Sign up for our email list to receive the newest weekly entry in your inbox Craig Hamilton-Parker has been hailed by the mainstream press as 'The New Nostradamus'. In this post, he gives his predictions for 2021 and beyond. He was the first psychic to foresee the coming of the pandemic. He is also recognized in India as a rishi seer and has gained access to the hidden secrets of Indian prophecy Sixty and Me blog was founded to help women over 60 to live happy, healthy, and financially stress-free lives. Sixty and Me blog has been featured by Facebook as a case study in small business community management success (read the case study here).Also, the blog has been featured in major publications and networks including Good Housekeeping, CNN International, Vogue Spain, Huffington Post. For practitioners and spiritual badasses, Beltane is an opportunity to reflect on the intersection between our spiritual and sexual lives otherwise known as sacred sexuality. Sacred sexuality encompasses a wide variety of orientations and modalities and has two key themes: a deep emphasis on consent between adults and the recognition of the.

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Live spiritual radio stations online from United Kingdom. Listen to your favorite spiritual music for free at OnlineRadioBox.com or on your smartphone It has always been a radical act to share stories during dark times. They are regenerative spaces of creation and renewal. As we experience a loss of sacred connection to the earth, we share stories that explore the timeless connections between ecology, culture, and spirituality Rooted: Life at the Crossroads of Science, Nature, and Spirit. Spiritual Practices. by Kate Madden Yee. Lyanda Lynn Haupt explores where science, poetry, mysticism, and the traditions of earth-based cultures intersect in her book Rooted: Life at the Crossroads of Science, Nature, and Spirit. Swedenborg's Theology. During the twenty years Swedenborg spent exploring the spiritual world, he took copious, detailed notes about every interaction he had with heavenly angels, evil spirits, and people who had just crossed over into the afterlife—and he transformed the insights he learned from them into life-guiding spiritual principles.

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But many now call themselves spiritual but not religious. About a fifth of people in the UK fit into this category, according to Prof Michael King from University College London Chakras are spheres of different coloured spiritual energy within the human body that vibrate according to our belief system and our connection to Universal energy. The 'chakra system' is comprised of seven major energy centres in the human body and are located in various places along the spinal column from the base of our spine all the way up to the top of our head Karma comes from the Sanskrit word, karam, or action. The Law of Karma talks about the consequences of our actions. In other words, cause and effect. You may or may not call it karma, but most of us have one of the following ideas already implanted: You reap what you sow; What goes around comes around; You get what you give

Blog; Contact; My Spiritual Healing. There's more than one way to wellness and/or quality of life. David Cook Sunday, 27 September 2020 11:22 Spiritual Healing 0 comments My Spiritual Healing. A Hindu proverb says, There are dozens of paths up the mountain leading to the same place, so it doesn't matter which path you take. The only person. Pray on the Armor of God Prayer is work—and it requires all-out battle. It is not an idle pastime or an optional exercise reserved for more spiritual believers. Prayer is the hard-work business of the church of Jesus Christ. The kind of prayer that changes hearts and transforms neighborhoods and rebuilds communities and revives nations is intense, fervent, and all business In this interview author, Isabel Clarke talks about spirituality and psychosis, the Spiritual Crisis Network and her books. Isabel created a technique Comprehend, Cope and Connect to offer a different approach to the mental crisis. Find her on www.isabelclarke.org , www.spiritualcrisisnetwork.uk In Islam, spiritual healing can be done only with the help of Quranic verses and the prayers mentioned in the ahadith. The techniques may differ from each other but all of them have to be based entirely on the Quranic verses or the ahadith. For example: A man consults a Muslim spiritual healer to cure some ailment

The Center for Action and Contemplation invites you to join us on a journey of transformation as we do the challenging work of reclaiming our founder's vision for action and contemplation in a time of global change and contemplative renewal. READ More. There is a deep relationship between the inner revolution of prayer and the. Spiritual healing is the channeling of restorative and soothing energy from God/All-that-is/Source. It is administered by a person acting as an energy conduit to another living being. Spiritual healing is delivered in many different ways. Even if there is no discernible transfer of energy, often the simple, but strong and focused, connection. Spiritual Gifts Enable Us to Grow in the Knowledge of Christ. Some people get sidetracked with spiritual gifts and become more obsessed with the gifts than with Jesus. Believers begin to follow signs and wonders, instead of signs and wonders following believers. This is a sign of spiritual immaturity

EPICC Gold Standard Matrix for Spiritual Care Education. The EPICC Gold Standard Matrix for Spiritual Care Education is a diagram that represents the cultural, social and political environment in which spiritual care competency develops. The Matrix should be read in conjunction with the accompanying EPICC Gold Standard Matrix Narrative The spiritual aspect then is the context of the abuse, which is all about coercion and control. It is a form of emotional and psychological abuse, as Lisa Oakley and Justin Humphreys (whose work has been very influential on the Church of England's approach to this) define it in their new book Escaping the Maze of Spiritual Abuse

The shorthand for spiritual bypass is grasping rather than gratitude, arriving rather than being, avoiding rather than accepting. It is spiritual practice in the service of repression, usually. The Spiritual niche is a big one made up of several smaller sub-niches. There's the law of attraction, mind power, meditation and healing, affirmations, and motivation. If you're interested in this niche, then I suggest you focus on a specific sub-niche, like meditation or motivation for the youth. You can expand to the other sub-niches later on Blog. Read our blogs on a variety of topics including self-care, love, anxiety and confidence

If spiritual life coaching is a new term for you, you may have a few questions. The following are some of the most common questions that we hear at Brave Thinking Institute. Is a spiritual coach like a self-help book? No Don't Fall for Spiritual Bypassing - Meet Yourself Where You Are. Here is a question which sits heavily for some who love the beauty of A Course in Miracles, but, fearing loss and sacrifice, they resist embodying its unequivocal teaching: I listened to yours (Nouk) and Coreen's commentary on ACIM Lesson 106, Let me be still and. The spiritual startup name should be unique and original in order to create a real identity among competitors. If you keep a similar business name or keep the name that's too close to your competitor's name, it will create confusion in the market. And, You'll find the difficulty in generating leads in the future. 2 Soul Plan Reading. Your Soul Plan is the roadmap you planned at soul level prior to this incarnation, though it may be hard to believe that such a thing could be possible. Regardless, belief is optional, and soul plan readings resonate deeply with clients - take a look at what clients say about their reading

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Fasting isn't merely an act of self-deprivation, but a spiritual discipline for seeking more of God's fullness. Which means we should have a plan for what positive pursuit to undertake in the time it normally takes to eat. We spend a good portion of our day with food in front of us. One significant part of fasting is the time it creates for. May 27, 2021 - Explore In All You Do & Thrifty Homesc's board Spiritual Growth & Devos, followed by 18709 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about spiritual growth, bible study, christian blogs November 2020 numerology forecast. Our November 2020 numerology forecast shows that November is a number 6 universal month (Nov 2020 = 11+2020 = 2031 = 2+0+3+1 = 6; 6//6) Read More ». November 2, 2020 Cultivating a wonderful life takes effort, but first we need to heal. Learn how to live in the vibrant energy of the universe, to bring you a sense of belonging, love, peace and spiritual connection. I share my story, in this blog, my how and my why! My intention is by sharing, it brings you healing and self help

July 3, 2021. by Brendan Mooney. The Vast beating Heart of Divine Love, pulsating, cascading, infusing, generating, illuminating, energizing, beautifying and encompassing everything, but beyond everything, is more than our tiny imagination and intellect can conceptualize. The Vast Heart is within you. The only truth A blog about paganism, witchcraft and the day-to-day experiences of a witch living in London, UK Spiritual mothers do the same. The mothers in your congregation are likely to be constantly inviting people along with them when they go on outreach, make the coffee or lead a Bible study. They are the ones who are saying to you 'I got X to lead the study this week; he/she did really well', or 'I think Y would be great on such and such a. WWW.SPIRITUALLONDON.CO.UK It's festival time. Here is a list of most important conscious-vibe festivals happening this summer - we don't want to miss out! May Small World Festival 27th-30th of May, Kent. Small World Festival is just round the corner. Famous for their solar powered stage that makes its rounds through main green/conscious festival over summer


Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Leslie J. Linder, author of the new Spinstress Craft. My new book revamps and reclaims the terrible old stereotype of a spinster (an independent female earning her own coin). The spinstress uses magick, mystique, and her own inner glow to create exactly the life she wants Spiritual Thoughts Thoughts during the work week to keep our minds on a positive train of thought, spiritually speaking, and thinking of God more than of ourselves. Wednesday, July 28, 202 Blog / Spiritual Practice. 12 months ago 0 10 Unbelievable Ways To Instantly Raise Your Vibration and Feel Good . Raise your vibration and feel good every day with these ten unbelievable ways to instantly shift your energy for the better. I am at peace in the present moment.. Author: Lois. I was a member of the United Pentecostal Church for just under 13 years and was a licensed minister during a short part of that time. I am the owner of the SpiritualAbuse.org website, which was started four years after leaving. I am originally from southern New Jersey. View all posts by Lois

Get all the latest spiritual news, spiritual blogs from experts, spiritual videos, healing news and more on Speaking Tre A blog by Author and Speaker Leeza Donatella about The State of Being Love, spiritual growth, vibration and consciousness to help people move forward. Skip to main content Written by author and inspirational speaker LeeZa Donatella, this site includes articles about raising awareness through smudging, releasing fear and spiritual growth Find out more about coping with bereavement, or if you want to talk to someone, you can call the Marie Curie Support Line on 0800 090 2309*. It's open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 11am to 5pm Saturday. *Calls are free from landlines and mobile phones. Your call may be recorded for quality and training purposes Marc Haufe, The Netherlands: Five spiritual strengths your patients might be pursuing. Barry R Ashpole, Canada: Abstract Watch: Palliative and end-of-life care in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Heather Richardson and Shaun O'Leary, UK: Remembering Mary, pioneer of hospice care (a tribute to Dr Mary Baines OBE)

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  1. Alchemist Cube of Healing, Creation, and Protection. $ 29.00. This Alchemist Cube of Healing, Creation, and Protection is a little powerhouse tool for your practice. It was custom-made for Sage Goddess in India, carved from black tourmaline that contains numerous inclusions for extra alchemy magic
  2. 1. The Network exists to promote evidence-based spiritual care education and practice across Europe and beyond. 2. The Network will bring together experts in the field and those who are new. 3. The EPICC Network is for those interested in nursing/midwifery spiritual care education and practice. Reference
  3. Beyond Reacting Today's Inspiration. We have all had the experience of reacting in a way that was less than ideal upon hearing bad news, or being unfairly criticized, or being told something we did not want to hear
  4. Living on the 'Roseline' and other spiritual fantasies April 29, 2013 Elinor Prędota. Patheos Explore the world's faith through different perspectives on religion and spirituality! Patheos.
  5. Matt Warne ~ Devolution ~ Founder of Spiritual Forums. December 11, 1980 ~ November 6, 2009. Matt (devolution) created this forum in February 2006. His dream was to create a large online spiritual community, a place where people could meet and discuss all things spiritual, a sanctuary for people of similar interests to learn and grow together.

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NAMASTÉ. Namasté is a Sanskrit word that acknowledges the inestimable value of each individual. It is often used to greet others. I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light, and of peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one There is a time to be silent (Ecclesiastes 3:7). We talk a lot about speaking right words here at Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Speaking words of faith is empowering. But silence, too—when not fear-based—comes from a place of spiritual strength. It is all the fruit of the spirit in action, and it can be the differenc Huge online botanica with magickal, religious, spiritual, and occult supplies. Candles, incense, magical oils, baths, herbs, and more

In our latest blog Martin Hill, Spiritual Care Lead for Havens Hospices, considers the question accompanying Dying Matter's Week (10th-17th May) Find out more. Dying Matters - A blog by Lucy Watts MBE. Fair Havens helped me to make precious memories and do things I enjoy that are impossible at home at the moment and allowed me to be myself A 6-Week Online Self-Study Journey to Awaken Your Warrior Soul. With Iyanla Vanzant. Online Self Paced Program. Apply Now. Having the courage, clarity, and focus to achieve anything you desire. Walking into any situation fully confident knowing you have everything you need to succeed. Embracing challenges and overcoming obstacles with grace and. The blog is part of BustedHalo.com which is formed by spiritual seekers. LOL Saints: This blog was created to take a humorous stance on religion and politics. Minnesota Mom: Margaret shares the joys of Catholic homeschooling with us. She has links to fellow mothers who homeschool, organized topics such as family fun, motherhood, and religious. Energy vortexes are believed to have powerful spiritual properties or be highly conducive to spiritual activities like prayer, meditation, and healing. Many vortexes are reported to bring feelings of peace, harmony, balance, and tranquility, while others are believed to promote personal reflection, deep insight, and a clear mind

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Working and practicing with the Aerial Swing is a spiritually uplifting practice. It increases your creativity, which leads to a development of one's own artistic skills. The experience can provide more joy and optimism. Regular yoga practitioners have experienced the Aerial swing's transformative power as consistent practice helps remove the obstacles that obscure who people really are. Spirituality A Powerful Meditation to Banish Your Fear of Death & Endings Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. This shift toward seeing yourself as an infinite spiritual being having a human experience, rather than the reverse — that is, a human being having an occasional spiritual experience — is loaded with fear for most people A Spiritual Ritual for Self-Honouring. To be self-honoring is an essential aspect of your emotional and spiritual well-being. It opens you up to being more peaceful and balanced in your responses to life. Honouring yourself allows you to expand and deepen your connection to others by causing you to be more accepting of how they love, live, and. Spiritual direction is help given by one Christian to another which enables that person to pay attention to God's personal communication to him or her, to respond to this personally communicating God, to grow in intimacy with this God, and to live out the consequences of the relationship. (William A. Barry and William J. Connolly, The Practice of Spiritual Direction Being a Christian Nurse. Donna White shares her thoughts on the importance of Christian nurses being actively involved in a supportive community, modeling spiritual care, and mentoring. This is adapted from Donna's guest editorial in Journal of Christian Nursing. Nursing is an ideal profession to incorporate and demonstrate God's love to those.

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Assesses spiritual needs and resources using appropriate formal or informal approaches, and plans spiritual care, maintaining confidentiality and obtaining informed consent. - Understands the concept of spiritual care. - Is aware of different approaches to spiritual assessment. - Understands other professionals' roles in providing spiritual care Here is a list of spiritual activities for self-care that everyone can begin today: 1. Contemplation. Public Domain from pixabay. Contemplation involves thinking continuously about something, studying and musing over it, usually something worthwhile and important, pertaining to life and meaning. When this kind of reflective activity goes. 26 Books Every 'Spiritual But Not Religious' Seeker Should Read. If you're on a spiritual quest, these books will open you up to wonder. There are things you can't reach. But. you can reach out to them, and all day long. The wind, the bird flying away. The idea of God. And it can keep you as busy as anything else, and happier. Spiritual wellbeing means the ability to experience and integrate meaning and purpose in life through a person's connectedness with self, others art, music, literature, nature, or a power greater than oneself. Spiritual wellbeing is about our inner life and its relationship with the wider world Oliver August 15th, 2017 at 7:48 AM . Spiritual abuse can be devastating. It can rob someone of a childhood, of self esteem, and the ability to sustain friendships and relationships

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A Spiritual Business is an individual or group that provide goods or services for spiritual growth and/or holistic solutions. Another way to look at a Spiritual Business is any company or entrepreneur who is heart-centered in their approach. The Spirit of the person is taking into account more than the body and mind Spiritual care in a hospice setting, in a secularised country. Earlier this year, we launched a series on Spirituality and Palliative Care that looked at how people deal with crisis and suffering when confronted with life-threatening disease. Following much interest in the subject, we're delighted to publish more posts Find the latest selection of Spiritual Gangster in-store or online at Nordstrom. Shipping is always free and returns are accepted at any location. In-store pickup and alterations services available. 28A 28B 28C 28D 28E US, 28DD US & UK 30A, XX-Small 30B, XX-Small 30C, X-Small 30D,. A spiritual life coach is a coach that helps you change your life by changing the way you operate on a deeper level. Rather than just examining your behaviors, habits, and goals, they delve into your deep rooted beliefs, your connection to the divine, and find yourself again. They show you how to work with the laws of the universe to get what. McVey is the author of seventeen books, including the best-selling, Grace Walk. His writing is filled with spiritual truth, practical application, humor and affirmation that will encourage you and strengthen you in your own journey toward spiritual development and personal enrichment. Steve and Melanie live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida