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4th Gen F-Body. 1997 production numbers. Question . Jump i'm at a lost...i'm trying to find out the production numbers on my camaro. i have called slp and they tell me my car is 695 out of 1850 made. i'm looking for something that is going to tell me how many 1997 ss m6 sebring silver camaro's were made? i have all the slp options. does. This new model based on the F-body platform became an immediate hit, and its production numbers reflected the buyers' interest. Its styling featured a balance of smooth curves and elegant angles, as well as now-iconic features such as the optional hidden headlamps. The first generation of the Camaro was available in two-door Sport Coupe and. PERFORMANCE. SUSPENSION. BRAKES. DRIVETRAIN. WHEELS. Home Sitemap Andy's Parts Smarts Vehicle Specs F-BODY VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (VIN) DECODING. Your Andy's account is now active and you're logged in. All available coupons will be applied automatically in your shopping cart

The F platform, or F-body, was General Motors' rear-wheel drive pony car automobile platform from 1967 until 2002. It was based partially on the GM X platform, which was used for compact applications instead of the sporting intent of the F-Body.The only two vehicles to have been built using the F-Body platform are the Chevrolet Camaro and the Pontiac Firebird For 1980 - 1981, the LeBaron coupe used the 2.76 meter wheelbase version of the F body Volare/Aspen coupe, rather the 2.86 meter wheelbase used for all other M bodies, including the 1977 - 1979 coupes. Model year production of all 1980 - 1981 M bodies is estimated from monthly totals, changeover dates, and U.S. model year sales by body styles The very first serial number was 6400001 and upon Japanese publications the last serial number was 7451052 (Peter Braczko, Nikon Pocket Book, July 1994, page 4-7: «The last serial numbers of the Nikon F production are 7451048 in chrome and 7451052 in black finish.»). Higher serial numbers up to 7464xxx are found on spare part top covers The fourth-generation F-body evolved a bit over its production cycle, with the now legendary LS1 arriving for the 1998 model year. Depending on the flavor of F-body ordered, output ranged from 305 to 325 horsepower-again, strong numbers for the day-and the LS1 could be paired with the excellent T56 six-speed manual Trans Am World - 4th Gen Firebird Breakdown. July 10, 2021. PONTIAC POWER RULES ! ! ! 4th Gen Firebird Breakdown Numbers. [HOME] Many Thanks to John Bobilya, AKA: JohnnyBs98WS6Rag on LS1Tech.com & LS1.com. for providing this data which is derived from www.compnine.com's website. 1993 Firebird Numbers Breakdown. 1994 Firebird Numbers Breakdown

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firebird production numbers for 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 including special editions: GM formula, trans am, ram air WS6, CE, NHRA. 1967-1971 Camaro VIN Decoder. First Digit Series Origin: 1=General Motors Second Digit Series Model: 2=Camaro Third Digit Engine: 3=6 Cyl., 4=8 Cyl. Fourth & Fifth Digits Body Style: For 1967-69 models, 37=Coupe and 67=Convertible; for 1970-71 models, 87=Coupe Sixth Digi

4th Gen Numbers Break Down NEW Firebird VIN Decoding 1970-74 Firebird Trim Decoding 1969 Body Tag Form 1969 Body Tags 67-69 Firebird Stats Early 2nd Gen Features 1980-81 Turbo Trans Am Registry! 80-81 Turbo TA Search 2002 TA Production Numbers 2002 Firebird Specifications 1967-1981 Firebird Production Numbers Reader's Rides Favorite Books Of. Wearing Regular Production Order or RPO Z4C, the '02 35th Anniversary Camaro would mark the last special-edition, Bow Tie F-body pony car. Available only on (WU8) Super Sport (SS) models, the limited number built would represent the best of the last 2002 Camaro numbers posted 07-22-2002 11:13 AM in the SLP Camaro SS forum As provided by Scott Settlemire again, these numbers are UNOFFICIAL, so dont run out and get any car show signs made. A total of 41,777 Camaros were built for worldwide distribution.. 8,083 were convertibles 11,191 were SSs. 13,614 were Z28 or B4C Special Servic From there, they went to GM's plant in Van Nuys, CA to be installed into GTAs on the F-Body assembly line. The cars were then shipped back to PAS for final assembly, testing, and quality control. Incidentally, the GTA chassis were selected at random, thus there is no correlation between VIN number and production sequence number PRODUCTION Pontiac produced 48,739 Firebirds in 1970 and 3,196 were Trans Am models. Of them, 3,108 were built with the Ram Air III engine and 88 with the Ram Air IV. PERFORMANCE* 0-60 MPH: 6.5 seconds (est.) 1/4-mile ET: 14.5 seconds at 99 MPH (est.) *Source: Motor Trend, February 1970. Continue Reading

The F-Body has not had a direct replacement since production ceased in 2002; the closest would be the modern Pontiac GTO, though it is a larger and heavier car. GM has announced that the Camaro will return in 2009 as a 2010 model, most likely utilizing the Zeta chassis. There are no plans to revive the Firebird nameplate, to the dismay of its fans The fourth-generation Chevrolet Camaro is a pony car that was produced by American automobile manufacturer General Motors for the 1993 through 2002 model years. It was introduced on an updated F-body platform, but retained the same characteristic since the first-generation's introduction back in 1967; 2-doors, 2+2 seating, coupé (with optional T-top roof) or convertible bodystyles, rear-wheel. 1970 396/454 Engine Production. The '396' L34 & L78 engines were actually 402 cubic inches in 1970. The L34/L78 & L89 aluminum head option on the L78 figures are for Chevelle (A body), Camaro (F body), and Nova (X body) platforms and are broken down as such. The LS3 is a 402 cid Mark IV engine listed as a Turbo-Jet 400 and was available. C-13386 was the casting number on the 26-spline output shaft tailhousing that was used in the F-Body overdrive transmissions. These used the 307 bearing. Casting number C-95919 was used in 1964 and 1965. It uses the trunnion-style driveshaft

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Production Numbers: & Base Price. 2 door hardtop - 7,183 ($ 3973) 1976 (The F-Body Road Runner) Class. Low Priced Muscle Car Platform. F-Body; Engines Transmissions Length, width, height, wheelbase Production Numbers: & Base Price 1977 (The F-Body Road Runner) (The F-Body Road Runner) Class. Low Priced Muscle Car Platform. F-Body; Engines. Production of the F-Body platform was stopped due to slow sales, a deteriorated sports coupe market, and plant overcapacity. Fifth generation Based on the 2006 Camaro Concept and 2007 Camaro Convertible Concept, production of the fifth-generation Camaro was approved on 5 August 2006

Same thing you`d do for an old G-body or F-body Also google around as I feel there used to be a thread with production numbers that might have the Intl. series numbers. Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. ManicMechanic 1,847 Posted December 28, 2015. ManicMechanic 1993-2002 all F-body rubber bumper, rear, interior compartment close out panel: 16662198 : AC-Delco p/n: Usage: GM p/n: former p/n: PT113: fuel injector: 12085491 : 1993-2002 all F-body sealing strip - inside bottom of door: 10247013 : PT120 1994-1995 A4 VSS: 12085498 : PT121 oil pressure switch: 12085499 : 1993-2002 all F-body outer window. Post. by Dave Hamburger » Wed Mar 04, 2009 12:36 am. The actual records show 1505 cars produced. Take away the Bob McQuiston car and one other built at Troy and the actual number produced in Canada is 1503. Each model year is listed in the history section at www.slp-firehawk.com

Prior to August 2001, the Firehawk option price is listed at $3,995, as the new induction system will be installed on models built after that date (F-body production for 2002 begins early, which. Powertrains and options remained unchanged for the last year of 3rd Gen F-body production. 1992 saw the end of production of the 3rdGen cars, and the next year would see the start of production of the fourth generation of the GM F-body. It was the end of a glorious, if somewhat strange and sometimes dark era in American automobile performance

Total Camaro production jumped back up to 100,838 for 1991. Even with loud whispers of a new generation F-body in the works, and a window sticker that seemed to rise with every glance, the fresh-faced 3 RD-Gen Camaro still provided some of the best handlin NO, that casting number does NOT necessarily indicate that you have a 302. It is one of the most common casting numbers for small block Chevy V8 engines from 1969 well into the 70's. It is the same block used for the ultra common 350 V8. In researching the casting number book I wrote years ago, I learned a lot about Chevrolet casting numbers

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  1. Production numbers. 7,842-7,717 (383) 125 (426 Hemi) (33 4 speed) 1969. In 1969 a two-door hardtop became available as well as the Code N96 Ramcharger. The 440 Six Pack Engine was also added as an option through the A12 package. This package also included a matte-black lift-off fiberglass hood. Production numbers. 27,800-25,727 (383) 1,907.
  2. PRODUCTION NUMBERS. ALL Z/28s VINs are in sequence. 2014 CTF cars 1-69, Production 1-440. 2015 CTF cars 1-4, Production 1-1288. Total produced 1801. What information does a VIN hold? We cannot tell the story of the reborn Track focused Z/28 without knowing what the cryptic sequence of numbers and letters holds
  3. 2002 Firehawk production numbers!!!!! Post by XtinctHawk02 » Mon Jun 28, 2004 3:13 am I was searching around google and came across this website that has some production numbers. I'm not sure if they are true or not. there is a link to where the website F-body hideout, claims to have been given these numbers from GM
  4. at production time. I know I don't have them all, but I have always seemed to decipher all my codes with what I do have. The codes listed below are good for 1969-1983 also 1962-1968.They are listed in sections. Have your build sheet or A43 F body kit car pkg. A86 F body custom exterior pkg
  5. F - Body style (Fastback) 2 - Exterior color 123456 - Consecutive Ford production (each model year, each assembly plant begins production with the number 100001 and continues for each unit built. Shelby bound Mustangs were built in large groups with consecutive numbers but the groups were interspersed with standard Mustangs, Falcons, Comets.
  6. Color Black White Red Green Blue Yellow Magenta Cyan Transparency Transparent Semi-Transparent Opaque. Font Size. 50% 75% 100% 125% 150% 175% 200% 300% 400%. Text Edge Style. None Raised Depressed Uniform Dropshadow. Font Family. Proportional Sans-Serif Monospace Sans-Serif Proportional Serif Monospace Serif Casual Script Small Caps

I have a 1979 Chevrolet parts catalog and it list the production broadcast codes. Look for a 2 letter code on the trans, can be in one of three spots. 1. ID plate on side of case 2. Stamping on govenor cover 3. Ink stamped on Bell Housing From these codes I should be able to ID the car model. Typical F-body codes are SR (M20) UH (M21)-----Mik The Muncie four-speed transmission was heralded by many as an indestructible four speed used by General Motors, and found its way into many different car models, behind various engine combinations between 1963 and 1974. If you are not sure how to distinguish between an M20, M21, or M22 Muncie, knowing what to look for can be tricky Since rolling off the production line in 2002, this Pontiac Firebird Formula Firehawk has only traveled 16,553 miles. The listing also mentions that the LS1 V8 engine and the T56 manual transmission in this Firehawk are numbers matching and that this car is only one out of 17 Formula Firehawks equipped with a manual transmission and painted in red Available now and located in their Tampa showroom is an incredible example of Pontiacs legendary moniker with a low VIN production number. This 1967 Pontiac Firebird, painted a bold Garnet Red with just the right amount of contrasting chrome, features a black convertible top that looks almost as good up as it does down, showing off a sharp full. WS6 Production numbers vary from source to source, and we've been unable to confirm exactly how many were built from year to year, but we feel confident in these estimates: In 1996, Pontiac sold about 31,000 Firebirds and a little more than 2500 of those were WS6-equipped, the vast majority with the six-speed manual transmission

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  1. 00339 - consecutive production number; begins with 001 and ends with 03225. Note that the consecutive Shelby production numbers began with 0001 and ended with 03225. If there is a missing digit, it could still be the correct VIN for the car. Also, cars produced by Shelby were not produced in sequential numeric order
  2. There was also a Spirit of 76 Duster that featured (drum roll ) a Spirit of 76 sticker on the rear quarter panels. This would be the last year of the A-body Dusters. The Duster name would continue on, but they would be on the F-body platform and resemble Volares. Production: Engines: 225 I6 145 bhp. 318 V8 230 bhp
  3. The Camaro's normal production year was shortened, so the assembly plant could begin preparation and work on the 35th anniversary cars in 2002. This shortened production year would account for the lowest production numbers of the Camaro with only 29,009 units made
  4. Corvette Forum member crunches production numbers and shares new 2021 C8 colors in an informative thread. There have been a lot of questions swirling around concerning both the 2020 and 2021 model year C8 Corvette, and for good reason
  5. 1971 402/454 Engine Production The L34 engine was dropped from the Chevrolet lineup of engines and in its place, the LS3 was used for all non-454 Mark IV engine sales. Figures are for Chevelle (A body), Full Size Passenger (B body) Camaro (F body), Nova (X body), and Monte Carlo (G body) platforms and are broken down as such
  6. A: It is a lot easier to type LS1 instead of 1998-2002 Fourthgen Camaro/Firebird. In 1998 GM introduced the LS1 engine into the F-bodies, that same year they also put bigger brakes and a few other goodies. I am just using LS1 as an easy way to identify the 12-inch, dual piston caliper brake setup on these cars

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gm f-body camaro firebird 1982 -1992 door / hatch lock set oem nos . original production lockset for f-body car . four piece set includes: 2 door locks; 1 storage compartment door lock; 1 rear hatch lock; all matching with key; all come with cams; new original old stock from f-body production lin The GM F-Body Community + ADD YOUR SITE (11 members) A community dedicated to bcommunitying together all quality GM F-Body websites regardless of make, model, or year. Hitman's Trans Am Page Dedicated to the 1978 Pontiac Trans Am with links, VIN Number information, Cowl Data information, Restoration tips and photos. Bear Mountain Performance This web site contains specs on my 2002 Firebird. L69 production is stopped, leaving the LG4 as the only remaining carbureted V8 used in the F-body. Trans Am GTA (Gran Turismo Americano) was introduced, available with the LB9 305 TPI engine (which was returned to 215 hp) or the L98 350 TPI. Gold 16-inch, flat-mesh, diamond-spoke wheels were standard on GTA, with 16-inch, 20-slot wheels. After GM forced Pontiac to drop DeLorean's Banshee concept car, Pontiac introduced the Firebird February 23, 1967, to compete with the Chevrolet Camaro (introduced September 29, 1966) and the Ford Mustang (introduced April 1964).. The Firebird was designed from the Camaro's F-Body design and the GTO's A-Body drivetrain with a different rear end, sub-frame, split-grill front end, six.

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Chevrolet Camaro. The first-generation Chevrolet Camaro appeared in Chevrolet dealerships in September 1966, for the 1967 model year on a brand-new rear-wheel drive GM F-body platform and would be available as a 2-door, 2+2 seat, hardtop (no B or center pillar) or convertible with a choice of six-cylinder and V8 powerplants Due to a strike the Firebird and the F-body Camaro were almost dropped from production. In 1971 only 2,116 Trans Ams were sold in 1971, so there weren't a lot of changes for 1972 models. Honeycomb wheels were introduced, but engine outputs dropped From MY1981 all Porsches got the VIN numbers instead of chassis numbers. USA made the 17-digit Vehicle Identification Numbers mandatory for all manufacturers who wanted to sell their cars in USA. VIN was a great initiative - every VIN is unique in the world and carries the information of the manufacturer, the model, model year and production plant Thirdgen VIN Decoder. Any numbers in the VIN remain the same (not replaced) and thus you have a 17 digit number. Then you must multiply each of the 17 digits by a set weight (multiplier). The weight applied to each digit is as follows: After multiplying each VIN digit by the associated weight - add up the results of all 17 products Designed to replace aging T-56 transmissions in LS1-powered fourth-generation GM F-bodies. The Magnum-F is the latest addition to TREMEC's hard-hitting Magnum 6-speed series. Based on the TR-6060 used in numerous late-model factory performance machines, it combines brute strength with modern OEM refinement for the ultimate gear-rowing experience

1968-1972 Chevrolet A-Body Production Totals - Author's Notes. A few years after becoming the owner of a pair of SS El Caminos and a GMC Sprint, I became interested in the production totals for these cars. I soon discovered that Chevrolet did not compile complete production records The base hardtop models started at $2,666, and production for the year was 67,032. Convertible. The convertible Firebird was available with the same options as its hardtop counterpart, and had a base price of $2,903. Total production for the convertible was 15,528. Pony Car Competition. 1967 was the year the pony car wars really came into full. Posted May 11, 2020. Are any of you LS-swap guys using Dirty Dingo Double D mounts with the f-body oil pan? Dirty Dingo says they don't work out (hits inner tie rod) and to use the Holley 302-2 pan, but I already have the f-body pan (which was hundreds cheaper, too).... And several random google results on forums seem to show the f-body pan.

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of a 1969 Chevelle is located toward the front of the dash and is easily viewable through the windshield. The VIN has 13 characters, with the last six characters designating the sequential production number of the individual car. Decode the first, second and third characters Joined Aug 8, 2012. ·. 9,683 Posts. #39 · 2 mo ago. colewhateva said: It would be interesting to know the production numbers at this point, but I would hazard a guess that the ST is just part of the Focus numbers. My 2016 is 1/600000 or something like that lol 8th to 13th digits - Sequential production number Pontiac Firebird 1981 - 1983 These use 17 digit VINs. See the main VIN info page for the standards. 3rd digit - Make. (2) Pontiac. 4th digit - Car Line. (F) F-Body. 5th digit - Series. (S) Base Model, (T) Esprit, (U) Formula, (V or W) Trans Am, (X) Special Edition. 6th and 7th digits - Body Type

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1972 Spotters Guide and New Features Put 1972 in a trash can and bury it. Chevy continued to refine the Camaro but due to a 174 day strike beginning on April 7, no cars left Norwood Ohio, which was the only plant producing the F-body VIN numbers are found three places on these cars, outer left corner of dash, G for GM 1 for Chevrolet . Position #4 Car line F for F-body . Position #5 Series E for 1LS man (1EE37) A for 1LS auto F for 1LT man (1EF37) B for 1LT auto Position 12 is 1 for current production camaros. Related.

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1970-1981 FIREBIRD CAMARO ROCKER PANEL MOLDING LEFT $119.99. Add To Cart. Add to Compare. Add to Wishlist. 1970-1981 CAMARO FIREBIRD ROCKER PANEL MOLDING TRIM SET $85.00. Add To Cart. Add to Compare. Add to Wishlist. 1977 - 1981 TRANS AM SNOWFLAKE WHEEL CENTER CAP SET WS6 RED $75.00 Beginning in 1956, Fisher Body introduced a number of safety-related industry firsts, including the first panoramic windshield and safety interlocking mechanism designed to keep doors closed even under severe impact. Fisher Body designed GM's first air bag system, producing them for high-end 1974-76 GM cars Locating & Verifying all 10 E-Body VIN Numbers: This is a step-by-step guide for locating the 10 VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers) on a Cuda or Challenger, known as an E-Body. As with most collector muscle cars, the question about whether the Numbers Match is important. Being able to determine if the VIN numbers match on an E-Body can add tremendous value to the vehicle. It can.. Paceman: R61. If you're not sure about which car you drive or would like to more specific information, search below. And if you're still unsure on what parts fit your MINI give our expert specialists a call at 1-800-946-2642 or send us an email HERE and be sure to include the last 7 digits of your VIN Number

1992 Yellow Formula Production Numbers - Third Generation4th Gen Camaro For Sale - Shelly BlundellCamaro Iroc-GT Concept(Long) - Third Generation F-Body1985 Firebird D84 Paint Scheme - Third Generation F-BodyRarity of Verts with 5 Speed - Third Generation F-Body1992 "Dark Red" Camaro RS: rare color? - Third Generation

This naked Nikon F body is the basic body which can be 'dressed' with various viewfinders, backs, motor drives, finder screens, etc. For collectors some points are of special interest. 1. Serial number. Numbering started at #64xxxx1 (7 digits). Very early models are very much wanted Tag Numbers NWC V8 034, 065 3.8 V6 220, 236 V8 260lb/ft 126, 165, 169, 141 V8 300lb/ft 199, 204, 208, 246, 218, 219 Z-spec 335 249, 251 SVO 200, 202 Cobra 239, 242, 253 GM F-BODY GM used the T-5 in F-body cars behind all engines. In general, the I4/V6 got the following ratios General Nikon F Body Typology. Nikon F Serial Numbers and Production Dates. Nikon F2 Serial Numbers and Production Dates. Body Casting Numbers (Internal Numbers) Chrome and Black Finish. Mirror Pre-Release Modifications. Rewind Knobs with Special Engravings. Serial Number Markings First-generation Camaros had two doors with 2+2 style seating (though a 5th set of belts was included in 68 & 69) and came in two basic models, coupe and convertible. They were built from the 1967 model year to the 1969 model year. Annual production ranged from about 220,000 to 240,000 cars G54 F-Body LH Outside Race Mirror. G55 - G56 - G57 - G58 - G59 - G60 - G61 - G62 - G63 - G64 - G65 - G66 - G67 - G68 - G69 - G70 - G71 - G72 Dual Electric Mirrors G73 Dual Manual Mirrors G74 - G75 - G76 F-Body Dual Remote Mirrors G77 End Mirror