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Seroma is the most common complication following a tummy tuck, but most doctors do not consider it a serious condition. Seromas can also occur following hernia repair, a procedure that is often performed during diastasis recti surgery A seroma after tummy tuck is not an infection or an error committed during the surgery. Sometimes, the fluid just accumulates and the body cannot drain it by itself. A seroma after tummy tuck is not an abscess too, however if left untreated, it could turn into one. Seromas are not also hematomas or pooling of blood I'm 3 1/2 years post-op of a tummy tuck and I've had to have drains put in within the past 3 months, 3 times. I probably had the seroma a long time ago, but just thought it was excess weight until I noticed the squishy feeling and thought I should get it checked out Had a Tummy Tuck 3 years ago and 3 months ago lipo across the abs and a back lift. My PS discovered a HUGE seroma that covered my stomach, abs and 12 in. on either sides of my hips. He removed the seroma on the sides and put in drains

Seromas may develop after a surgical procedure, most often at the site of the surgical incision or where tissue was removed. The fluid, called serum, doesn't always build up right away. The.. Q:Blogger sadie meek said I had a tummy tuck in sept. 2 days later taken back to theatre for haematoma then week later I got a seroma this was drained for 3 day taken 150 ml fluid.. Then the consulton fixed a drain and bag I had this on for 5 weeks collecting fluid.. It Continue reading Heamatoma and Seroma after Tummy Tuck ↠Seroma after Tummy Tuck A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a procedure wherein the structure of the abdomen is altered to make it firmer. It can be done together with a liposuction to remove excess fats then to have a firmer stomach. Skin will also be removed and the belly button may have to reconstructed in the process 3) A chronic seroma is a very rare late tummy tuck complication that appears months to years later as a firm abdominal bulge that must be treated by open excision I had a tummy tuck in Dec 07 and for three and a half months, I had a drain. I was told I was doing something wrong. Then when the drain came out, I found I had a seroma in the upper abdomen thus I had three aspirations amounting to 400 cc of serous fluid. Then, I got bloody fluid; was sent to have a CT scan and a radiology assisted drain placed

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New to keto (video series): http://bit.ly/3aANanBHow to Start keto Beginners Guide (Video):https://youtu.be/i-DQ7l6hRdE FREE Blueprint step by step guide to. A seroma is a pocket of fluid (like the pus of a blister) that forms in the body after tummy tuck surgery. During the surgery small blood vessels are ruptured causing seepage and pooling of blood plasma. They are common after surgery Complication #2: Fluid Accumulation After Tummy Tuck What is it: Accumulation of fluid in the space between the abdominal skin and the muscle that underlies it. Fluid accumulation can be a seroma (collection of wound fluid) or hematoma (collection of blood ) Date: 01/18/2011 Submitted by: JackieTummy Tuck Seroma Developed After 3 Weeks. My tummy tuck was 11/30, and seemed to go well. 3 weeks in I was afraid I had developed a seroma, and sure enough, I had. First aspiration was 250cc, second aspiration 4 days later was 150 cc, third aspiration a week later was 125 cc

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If you are undergoing the tummy tuck, a hematoma may occur in your abdomen. There are certain factors that increase the risk of hematomas. The first among these is the use of blood thinning medications. For example, if you are taking aspirin or certain anti-inflammatory drugs, you will be more at risk of developing hematoma after plastic surgery Noting a bulge or bulging in various areas even the first day after surgery points more to how the abdominal wall was tightened and perhaps how the tummy tuck was performed since a pseudo buss would not occur the day after a tummy tuck. A seroma in those areas could be seen day 1 of your recovery and that can turn into a pseudo bursa but a. Hey y'all!I had to edit the video because it was flagged although its a informative educational video. But what's more concerning is that I see thousands of.

normal skin > normal swelling > seroma. Fluid accumulation after a Tummy tuck. Fluid accumulation can happen early on in the postoperative period. When the body is in the acute healing phase it produces a lot of fluid. Today is 3 months since my tummy tuck and my abdomen is still very swollen, it looks lik i am pregnant, I wore the. Swelling can last for up to 3 months after a tummy tuck. Swelling is very different than a seroma, which can feel like a fluid wave or a waterbed. Swelling feels more like firm edema and is often worse as the day progresses During a tummy tuck, the skin and fat is lifted (detached) from the underlying abdominal wall (fascia and muscle). This creates a space that was not there before. The body reacts to spaces by filling them with fluid. Surgeons may use tension sutur.. Aspirate: Most plastic surgeons will aspirate fluid accumulation after tummy tuck surgery. Seromas may require several episodes of drainage / aspiration. The concern is that we do not want to allow the collection to become chronic ( or develop a bursa); if this occurs surgical excision/drainage may become necessary Post Op Tummy Tuck seroma Swelling 16 months after tummy tuck Tummy Tuck are my drain holes infected? Upper Abdominal Swelling 3 years after full tummy tuck Bloating and abdominal distention a year and a half after tummy tuck thigh swelling after tummy tuck abdominal bloating 9 months after tummy tuck pregnancy after tummy tuck

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Hi Doctor, I had my tummy tuck 3 months ago and was very happy with the results UNTIL this fluid build up! My drains were in for 3 weeks post op and still I have fluid retention. At this point I am going back to my dr. every week to have it evacuated with a needle i am one year and two months out from my extended tummy tuck. as early as two weeks after the surgery i experienced horrible dibilitating pain in entire abdominal area even on sides and back. dry heaves, weak. went to er and cat scan showed mesenteric edema. ofcourse the er docs says it was due to recent plastic surgery. well every 5 to 6 months i experience the same attack and i always seem. If the tummy tuck involves tightening the abdominal muscles, full healing can take several months. On the Day of Your Surgery. When you have a tummy tuck, you'll receive a general anesthetic. When you wake up after the surgery, you'll feel groggy and maybe a bit confused because of the anesthetic. You'll also feel sore in the tummy area

  1. oplasty) procedure may present with multiple complications, one of which is a seroma. Seroma is a complication that may occur in up to 1 to 2 percent of abdo
  2. Date: 02/17/2012 Submitted by: KimInfections & Seromas After My Tummy Tuck Surgery. I had a tummy tuck on the 7th November last and since then I have had several infections! At the beginning of January this year my tummy became extremely swollen I looked 8 months pregnant, I also had a fever, I was taken back into hospital where they found I.
  3. Patients that undergo tummy tuck in combination with another treatment, such as liposuction, butt lift, breast augmentation, arm lift, or thigh lift, may need an extra few days to recover. Off Limits: A number of activities remain off limits the second week after tummy tuck surgery. These include: exercise, smoking, and drinking alcohol
  4. oplasty post op patients who have undergone surgery in our Baltimore surgery center. We hope you find it helpful as you contemplate whether a Tummy tuck might be right for you. Tummy tuck recovery: week 1 (first 5 days) The first few days after surgery should be quiet time. Your body needs to rest and recover

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After surgery, perhaps not immediately, but in the weeks thereafter, it's possible to develop what feels like a hard lump beneath your rehabilitating incision scar. When tissue is excised at the site of incision, a postsurgical seroma can emerge. Here we'll get into the particularities and traits of these lumps—wh I had a tummy tuck two months ago. I just had my drain placed again. I have had my seroma drained three times. It is persistent, any suggestions? A US doctor answered Learn more. May need a procedure: A seroma (fluid collection) after tummy tuck is not unusual. Typically it occurs within the first few weeks and is handled with periodic. I am almost 6weeks after a tummy tuck. I get swollen by late afternoon. By 7 or 8 pm my skin feels like its going to explode it begins to feel like under my skin it's burning. My skin is hot to the touch. I call them episodes. The last 3-4 hours. In the morning I am fine. Is this nerve..

Tummy Tuck Pictures. So its only been a month, but here are my before and after tummy tuck pictures: Starting weight 122 pounds pre-surgery, 28 inches; Current weight 120 pounds, 28 inches; I know it seems like my waist should have gotten smaller. Swelling made it bigger (got up to 33 inches) and it's just now back to where it was A Tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure where excess skin and fat is removed from the stomach area, which can have a smoothing and tightening effect on your mid-section.If you are considering tummy tuck surgery, you may also consider tummy tuck recovery to better plan for your procedure. Preparing for Tummy Tuck Surgery. You can prepare for a tummy tuck by Tummy tuck recovery time is about 2 months but can vary from patient to patient and depends on the type of the surgery: full, extensive, or mini tummy tuck. Today we've prepared for you a comprehensive guide through the process of recovery after tummy tuck surgery exploring it week by week. CALL NOW 678-304-0628 How to prevent seroma after a tummy tuck? A Seroma or fluid build can occur a few weeks after abdominoplasty. To prevent fluid buildup, your surgeon may place a drain that remains in place for a week or longer. The recovery period can take 1 to 3 months. Longer Term Results of a Tummy Tuck Can you get pregnant after a tummy tuck? Yes, the. Yes, after a tummy tuck, you might enjoy an improved posture due to the tightened muscles. Yes, they generally subside within three to six months of the extended tummy tuck surgery. Does the fat come back after an extended tummy tuck? How to prevent seroma after an extended tummy tuck? Your surgeon will use drainage tubes. It is done to.

Hey y'all! In this video i'm going pretty deep into the emotional side of plastic surgery. I do feel like i may have left out info on the physical aspect a b.. The patient should refrain from sit-ups or abdominal exercises for 6 months. As part of the tummy tuck, the weakness of the abdominal muscles has been corrected with sutures. It takes approximately six months for the repair to be strong enough to allow abdominal exercises. The patient returns for their 3 month follow-up

Answer: Sleeping position after tummy tuck Each plastic surgeon can have different surgical and post -surgical protocol. I ask my patients to sleep in a recliner or on the back in a lawn chair position for the first 7-10 days.At 3 weeks post -op, you should be able to sleep on your side Stomach Looks Larger After Tummy Tuck Procedure. I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair almost 4 months ago. My stomach was generally flat before the surgery; I only had massive stretch marks and loose skin from 4 children. There was no liposuction needed. Right after surgery my stomach was nice and flat, but about 6 weeks after (once I. i'm 5'5 & 113lbs. my abdominal diastasis is still 2 1/2 finger breaths 18 months after my 2nd baby. will it go away or is a tummy tuck the only way? Dr. Peter Ihle answered 54 years experience Orthopedic Surger What is seroma after tummy tuck surgery? A seroma is a cyst-like lump or bump that can develop after surgery. This can form after procedures in which a significant amount of tissue has been removed or disrupted, although some seromas develop after minor surgeries as well

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Full face lift - a little over $10,000. Bottom eye with body contouring (removal of fat around waist with some skin removal for after a major weight loss) - not a full tummy tuck with muscle movement - about $11,000. These are all inclusive fees that include surgical center, anesth. surgeon, etc. R The post-operative swelling is a normal and temporary side effect. Keep in mind that any procedure that involves incisions will leave behind swelling, and the hourglass tummy tuck is not an exception. Swelling after the hourglass tummy tuck will happen right after the surgery and will remain with you for many weeks and even months The occurrence of seroma and hematoma can delay the recovery process. This is the reason why most plastic surgeons will use drains for the tummy tuck. Many patients ask during the consultation if they will need drains as they are worried the drains will be difficult to deal with. There is no reason to worry about the drain tubes Since tummy tuck was carried out without the use of drains, there can be several possibilities, looking at your post-op picture ( 8th day ). It can be a hematoma, seroma, seroma and hematoma or excessive post-operative swelling, if you are not using any post-op compression like abdominal belt. However, the last possibility is least likely. A seroma is a cyst-like lump or bump that can develop after surgery. it is absolutely normal, i had a tummy tuck 3 weeks ago and couldnt stand straight for 14 days terrible lower back pain, around my pubic area very swollen and hard but its going away know and dosent hardly hurt, everything your going thru is normal, give urself a good month.

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What to expect 4 weeks after liposuction? Liposuction results week by week 1 to 2 Weeks after Liposuction. At this early stage of the recovery timeline, the results of your liposuction will not be a true indication of what the procedure has helped you to achieve. You will most likely feel pain and sore right after the effects of anesthesia has worn off Heamatoma and Seroma after Tummy Tuck. Q:Blogger sadie meek said I had a tummy tuck in sept. 2 days later taken back to theatre for haematoma then week later I got a seroma this was drained for 3 day taken 150 ml fluid.. Then the consulton fixed a drain and bag I had this on for 5 weeks collecting fluid.. It What is a seroma after tummy tuck? A seroma is a collection of fluid that may develop after a surgical procedure in which a lot of tissue was disrupted. This generally presents in the form of a lump or bump near the incision site After a tummy tuck, your abdominal incision and bellybutton will likely be covered with surgical dressing. Small tubes might be placed along the incision site to drain any excess blood or fluid. Members of your health care team will help you walk as early as the first day after a tummy tuck to help prevent the formation of blood clots Possible trapped fluid pocket called a Seroma Harding of the liposuction area called (Fibrosis)can occur and need to be treated immediately with Fibrosis Treatment to soften the hard areas Depression after Surgery is Common and can last up to 3 months ( Similar to the Stages of Grief

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  1. al wall muscles (rectus abdo
  2. A seroma is a relatively common reaction after tummy tuck surgery and other procedures in which a substantial volume of tissue was removed/disrupted. Seromas refer to a collection of fluid (serum) underneath the skin, typically taking the form of a lump or bump
  3. The swelling will continue to improve for up to 12 months, with the area directly above the incision line remaining slightly swollen. Swelling following tummy tuck is due to many factors. When a tummy tuck is performed the skin of the abdomen is lifted, then pulled down, and the excess skin is removed. This disrupts some of the lymphatic.
  4. A seroma is a pocket of clear serous fluid that sometimes develops in the body after surgery. This fluid is composed of blood plasma that has seeped out of ruptured small blood vessels and the inflammatory fluid produced by injured and dying cells. Some people experience numbness or a pulling sensation for weeks or months after a tummy tuck.
  5. oplasty, removes excess skin and fat from the abdo
  6. oplasty in many countries is going through the roof, more patients are looking elsewhere for this procedure. In this situation, a country like Iran takes the lead, showing up as a cheaper alternative. An average tummy tuck surgery costs between $2,500 and $4,500, depending on the experience of the surgeon, hospital, etc

I HAVE A SEROMA AFTER MY TUMMY TUCK. GIGI2GIIULY. I HAD A TUMMY TUCK ON OCT 27. MY DARINS CAME OUT BEFORE THE TWO WEEKS. BEFORE THEY CAME OUT I STARTED DEVELOPING A SEROMA ON MY STOMACH. IT'S NOW BEEN ABOUT 10 DAYS THAT I FEEL THE PRESSURE ON MY STOMACH. I AM VERY SCARED BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE A 4 MONTH PREGNANCY Seroma after mastectomy is a common condition. Abdominal Surgery. Many people suffer from Seroma after tummy tuck operation or any other major surgery in the abdomen. This arises if the operated area is not properly treated with antiseptics and sutures. If experienced hands are not involved in performing operation for tummy tuck Seroma may occur After tummy tuck surgery Leading Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon place drain tubes and a baggie to drain the fluid from inside of the abdomen after the surgery. After about two weeks of having the drain it is removed and the site is expected to heal, but in a tiny percentage of patients fluid is still building with no where to drain. This fluid is called a seroma, a seroma is build up of yellow. Including a tummy tuck in a customized procedure like a mommy makeover can offer even more dramatic results with a similar recovery timeline. Tummy Tuck Results after 3 Months. Around 3 months after your tummy tuck, you should start to see a noticeable improvement in swelling, which means that your final results are beginning to take shape Although it is possible to have sex after the tummy tuck surgery, a patient should wait for about 3-4 weeks before doing it. Most surgeons will tell their patients to wait for an average of 4 to 8 weeks before engaging in sexual intercourse. This is to ensure that the body properly heals first before going through vigorous activities such as.

Seroma formation may be associated with an increased risk of infection and breakdown of the surgical site. Surgical drain tubes with bulb suction devices are used after some surgeries to help reduce the risk of seroma formation. These allow for monitoring the volume of fluid leakage, and once drainage becomes minimal, the drains are removed If you're planning an elective surgery, such as a tummy tuck, discuss the risk of a seroma with your doctor and how the complication might affect your exercise regimen. A seroma may take as little as a month or up to a year to reabsorb into your body. If a seroma causes you pain or appears infected, contact your doctor Tummy Tuck Swelling: Phase 1 Swelling is inevitable after a tummy tuck surgery but the worst of it will diminish after 2 months. A tummy tuck surgeon such as Dr. Justin Perron will be able to help you track your recovery and healing during your follow-up appointments, ensuring that you're always on track with regards to swelling reduction Hello, I'm 3.5 weeks post op after tummy tuck. The very center of my incision is open and was leaking. My surgeon cleaned the area and it's opened a bit more now. It's about 3 inches in length and 1/4th of an inch wide. I put Neosporin in it and dress with gauze and surgical pad in the morning After the tummy tuck A tummy tuck is an elective plastic surgery procedure that removes excess fat and skin following drastic weight loss. It also tightens and strengthen weakened abdominal muscles to deliver a tighter, flatter abdomen, a tinier waist and a shapelier, well proportioned and appealing silhouette

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→ 6 months after abdominoplasty. In about 6 months, most tummy tuck patients are enjoying the outcome of their procedure. The swelling has completely stopped at this time, and there's no pain or discomfort whatsoever. Although scarring may have faded significantly, it will still be there Hematoma (risk is 3-4%) Infection (risk is less than 1%) Keloid (heavy scar) Puckered skin Reactions to medications Seroma Skin irregularities Skin necrosis or skin death (more likely with smokers) Slow healing Suture Rupture Swelling Visible scar Serious complications after abdominoplasty surgey are uncommon

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  1. Tummy tuck swelling: Swelling after a tummy tuck may persist for 9 months or more. However, other treatable causes of fluid collection include the possibility of a seroma. Discuss this with your surgeon. 6k views Reviewed >2 years ago. Thank. Dr. Barry Rosen and 3 doctors agree 4 doctors agree
  2. al binder for about six weeks. This helps to avoid fluid buildup and helps to support your abdomen. While the recovery period is usually shorter for a
  3. Tummy Tuck combined with Liposuction. Results at 10 months after surgery. Patient also underwent repair of diastasis recti repair, as well as mons pubis reduction and plication. Low scar, waist definition, and an aesthetically pleasing umbilicus are key features in achieving the best results after Tummy Tuck surgery
  4. A tummy tuck is a common plastic surgery procedure that has remained popular for years. In fact, the most recent statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that this was one of the top five cosmetic procedures performed for men and women last year.. Despite the popularity of this surgery, many people often don't know what to expect during their recovery


  1. or procedures, when a large amount of tissue is removed or disrupted
  2. imum of six weeks. How to drain a seroma after a tummy tuck
  3. The following steps can significantly reduce tummy tuck pain, bruising and swelling. Steps that can reduce the swelling and accelerate the healing process after a tummy tuck surgery: Soothe Your Pain with an Anti-Inflammatory Medication. One of the quickest ways to reduce swelling after a tummy tuck is to take an anti-inflammatory medication
  4. oplasty or a 'tummy tuck' is cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. It is used to tighten muscles that have become loose or split following pregnancy, or to remove fat and extra loose skin from the abdomen after massive weight loss. In most cases, abdo
  5. oplasty)Before and After Photos. Tummy Tuck (Abdo

After a tummy tuck, an individual may need help caring for young children for several weeks to months. They should also avoid exercise for the first several weeks until a doctor gives them the all. Before and 5 months after tummy-tuck. Before and 3 months after tummy-tuck The majority of swelling will resolve in 4-6 weeks but it will take up to 3 months to return to normal. bleeding, infection, delayed wound healing, fluid collection under the skin (seroma). Each of these risks may extra visits to outpatients or even revision. Tummy Tuck Post/Op Instructions 1. You will leave the OR with surgical drains in place. These drains are necessary to evacuate the fluid that is expected to form beneath the skin after this type of surgery. These drains will stay in place until they are putting out less than 20cc in a 24 hour period. Until then you will need to care for the drain A tummy tuck may be associated with abdominal issues after surgery. Stomach cramps are the most common side effect after the tummy tuck procedure. Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen or tummy. Below are the common abdominal issues that may occur due to a tummy tuck

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  1. Like every surgery, there are risks and potential complications of tummy tuck. Common risks involved in tummy tuckinclude, anesthesia risks, bleeding, hematoma, a chance of infection, less sensation, scarring, seroma and persistent pain. However, if performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon the complications are avoidable
  2. A tummy tuck will flatter your form after childbearing or dramatic drops in belly fat. It is an excisional procedure in which extra fat and skin are removed to produce the desired aesthetic effect. Dr. Ahmed frequently performs a little liposuction along with the tummy tuck to ensure your perfect post-op silhouette
  3. Ask-An-Expert. Tummy Tuck swelling 5 months after a tummy tuck. I had a tt 5 mnths ago. I had developed an abcess on the right side location where the train tube was at. After replacing my drain tube 3 times they finally had to go back and reopen my incision line and do a cleaning where the abcess was at. Now, 5 months later i have continous.

One of the more common complications that can develop after a tummy tuck is called a seroma. A seroma is a pocket of fluid that can become trapped under the skin following tummy tuck surgery. While we take every precaution to avoid any setbacks in the healing process, some non-threatening complications can arise and we work quickly to. A seroma is a pocket of clear serous fluid that sometimes develops in the body after surgery.This fluid is composed of blood plasma that has seeped out of ruptured small blood vessels and the inflammatory fluid produced by injured and dying cells.. Seromas are different from hematomas, which contain red blood cells, and abscesses, which contain pus and result from an infection

Exparel ® is one of the great advancements for tummy tuck recovery, and it has replaced the pain pump. Exparel ® is a slow release local anesthetic that will be injected under your fascia, or the connective tissue around your abdominal muscles, at the time of your muscle repair. One single injection provides pain reduction for up to 5 days. For many patients, the first 3 days after a tummy. Tummy Tuck & No Drain Tummy Tuck. Procedure: 2 - 3 Hours. Recovery: 2 - 3 Weeks. Request A Consultation View Our Patient Gallery. An abdominoplasty is a very popular procedure at the Straith Clinic . Also known as a tummy tuck, this procedure is performed to remove excess abdominal skin and to tighten the muscles A tummy tuck is generally well tolerated. However, it is a surgical procedure, and there are some risks and side effects—including pain. In general, pain is mild to moderate after a tummy tuck. Rarely, pain or sensory abnormalities can persist for months or even years after the procedure

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Drains, usually a necessity after tummy tuck surgery, syphon off the fluid that would accumulate under the skin. Make sure they are working properly. Strip them every hour, empty every 8 hours and record the drainage in cc's. Clean off around the drain entrance sites on your skin with alcohol at least twice a day. Drains are a mixed blessing The tummy tuck before and after results are exceptional thanks to Vaser. 4D VASER assisted tummy tuck. Waste not, want not. This method is just like the Vaser-assisted tummy tuck method, except that the fat that is removed is used to enhance other body parts such as the breasts or buttocks for women who desire more fullness in these areas A standard tummy tuck takes about 2-3 hours depending on how much tissue needs to be removed, and whether or not your abdominal muscles need to be repaired. It could take longer if you have had any other abdominal procedures in the past like C-sections, hernia repairs, gallbladder surgery, etc After 8 Weeks After Tummy Tuck Surgery. Prolonged swelling around the waist and above the scar can occur if a patient begins core work too soon following tummy tuck surgery. Be patient to work your abdominal muscles as your body heals. Waiting a week or two until after the third month to strengthen the core may alter your tummy tuck final results One of the more significant risks associated with tummy tuck surgery is seroma, or accumulation of fluid at the surgical site. We typically prevent this complication by placing surgical drains in the area for up to a week after surgery. Does a tummy tuck help remove some stretch marks? Usually, some stretch marks are removed during a tummy tuck

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After traditional tummy tuck Atlanta surgery, it is common for fluid to develop under the skin as part of the healing process. If excess fluid is not removed, it can form a seroma—or fluid-filled portion of skin tissue. Traditionally, doctors like board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. DiFrancesco have used medically administered drains to. Tummy Tuck Risks. Risks associated with your tummy tuck procedure may include but are not limited to temporary soreness, swelling, changes in skin sensation, hematoma, infection, and seroma. These risks are best discussed in person with Dr. Straka. Each person's risks vary depending on their natural anatomy and medical history If the abdominal muscles are sewn, patients should avoid heavy lifting or intensive activities for 2 to 3 months. If the muscles are not sewn, patients can resume most of the activities after 3 weeks. The sutures of tummy tuck surgery in Iran incision are absorbable only the knots on both sides will be removed after 10 to 14 day Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to make the abdomen thinner and more firm. The surgery involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen in order to tighten the muscle and fascia of the abdominal wall. This type of surgery is usually sought by patients with loose or sagging tissues after pregnancy or major weight loss