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Lawyers and litigants file over 800,000 cases annually in Kentucky courts. For example, In the 2011 fiscal year, a total of 936,115 cases were filed at Kentucky trial courts while in the 2015 fiscal year a total of 812,141 cases were filed. In the fiscal year of 2018, the Kentucky trial courts handled over 890,000 cases Case number format is YYYY-NNNNN. You may enter a portion of the year and a portion of the case number. For instance 6-427 will be interpreted as 2006-00427. Add Utility Names as needed. The drop-down list of Utility Names includes only those on current open Cases. Use the Plus icon to add a utility name to search for one not listed Enjoy free instant access to KY records from various courts around the state. Conducting a Kentucky state records search by name is the best way to lookup cases online from Kentucky district, circuit, and family courts from all 60 judicial districts in the state

Kentucky Court Records Search. The courts documents maintained by the Kentucky state courts are referred to as Kentucky Court Records. To request for and obtain the records maintained by Kentucky state courts, you need to contact the Kentucky Court of Justice.Not so long ago, all court records were kept at the office of the clerk of the court where the case was heard This responsibility resides solely with the Kentucky Court of Justice. Information received from the this site is subject to change, reprogramming, modifications of format and availability at the direction of the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), and may not at any particular moment reflect the true status of court cases due to. Circuit Court is the court of general jurisdiction that hears civil matters involving more than $5,000, capital offenses and felonies, land dispute title cases and contested probate cases. Circuit Court has the power to issue injunctions, writs of prohibition and writs of mandamus and to hear appeals from District Court and administrative agencies District Court is the court of limited jurisdiction and handles juvenile matters, city and county ordinances, misdemeanors, violations, traffic offenses, probate of wills, arraignments, felony probable cause hearings, small claims involving $2,500 or less, civil cases involving $5,000 or less, voluntary and involuntary mental commitments and cases relating to domestic violence and abuse

The case and locator numbers must be provided as these records cannot be searched by only name and/or SS#. You can request the case and locator numbers from the Office of Circuit Court Clerk in the county where the case was handled. The Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives stores court records 36+ years old. To request court records. Electronic Case Files Federal case files are maintained electronically and are available through the internet-based Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) service. PACER allows anyone with an account to search and locate appellate, district, and bankruptcy court case and docket information. Register for a PACER account The Court of Appeals is exactly what its title implies. Nearly all cases come to it on appeal from a lower court. If a case is tried in District or Circuit court, and the losing parties involved are not satisfied with the outcome, they may ask for a higher court to review the correctness of the trial court's decision Perform a free Kentucky public court records search, including court dockets, files, transcripts, and case lookups & searches. The Kentucky Court Records Search links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to KY public records. Editors frequently monitor and verify these resources on a routine basis

Small claims courts have a case filing fee of between $30 and $100, after which each part is given 30-70 days to complete their respective case. On the other hand, civil courts have claim filing fees of between $180 and $320, with the parties being given up to 120 days to complete their cases. Only the defendant may appeal a small claims court. The charitable arm of the Kentucky Association of Circuit Court Clerks is called Trust For Life. This nonprofit organization educates Kentuckians about the lifesaving mission of organ donation. You can give hope to children & adults waiting for a transplant today. When you renew your license, say YES and join Kentucky's Organ Donor. Perform a free Kenton County, KY public court records search, including court dockets, files, transcripts, and case lookups & searches. The Kenton County Court Records Search (Kentucky) links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to Kenton County public records Grant County Court Cases Find your court case information using free lookup and search tools provided by the county.About the County: Grant County, Kentucky was established. Directions. Kentucky. 960 views The Administrative Offices of the Courts (AOC) provides a link to court dockets: Click here for Court Dockets. * Please note: The Kenton Circuit Clerk and the AOC disclaim any warranties as to the validity of the information obtained from this site. The recipient is solely responsible for verifying information received from this site through the cross-referencing of the official court record

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Perform a free Whitley County, KY public court records search, including court dockets, files, transcripts, and case lookups & searches. The Whitley County Court Records Search (Kentucky) links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to Whitley County public records Circuit Courts have general jurisdiction over all types of cases and District Courts have limited jurisdiction over certain types of cases. Circuit Courts generally only hear cases that are beyond the jurisdiction of District Courts. If you prefer, you can start your search by going to Kentucky Courts by County Administrative Office of the Courts. CourtConnect Website. Search by person name, business name or case type. Search for judgments against a person or business. Display case information and activities. Cases filed by date search. Docket filings by date search. Case information is currently available from the following courts Whitley County, KY County Court and Jailhouse information. Brian Lawson - Jailer. Todd Shellet - Sheriff. Whitley Court Docket Search. Whitley Detention Center. Whitley County Detention Center Address. 1439 KY-92. Williamsburg, KY 40769. Phone: 606-549-6013

Kentucky - Statewide Court Dockets Calendars. Kentucky Court Dockets. Search Circuit Court and District Court daily dockets by county, court division, date, courtroom, and subdivision. Search results include case number, case title, hearing type, courtroom, and time. Kentucky Court Case Information Kentucky Court Records - https://kentuckypublicrecords.com/court-records/The Kentucky court system preserves records of all of its procedures. Everyone assoc.. Case Search. Search for non-confidential cases in Indiana courts that use the Odyssey case management system. This site replaces the original version previously available at mycase.in.gov. Tell us what you think of the new site. Enter a case number, or a citation number, or a cross reference number

JEFFERSON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT. (502) 595-3060. Hall of Justice, 1st Floor. Hours: 365 days per year; 24 hours per day Hardin County, KY County Court and Jailhouse information. Josh Lindblom - Jailer. John Ward - Sheriff. Hardin Court Docket Search. Hardin Detention Center. Hardin County Detention Center Address. 100 Lawson Blvd. Elizabethtown, KY 42701. Phone: 270-765-4159

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Henderson County, KY County Court and Jailhouse information. Amy Brady - Jailer. Ed Brady - Sheriff. Henderson Court Docket Search. Henderson Detention Center. Henderson County Detention Center Address. 380 Borax Dr. Henderson, KY 42420. Phone: 270-827-5560 Trial Court Cases. The Alaska Trial Courts include the superior and district courts. Additional information about these courts is available on the Alaska Trial Courts page. Search for cases, tickets/citations, and pay online Court records. The Kentucky Court of Justice maintains an online database of court records known as CourtNet 2.0. This database allows members of the public to search for court records from all the counties in the state, including Daviess County. As such, it contains court cases from Daviess County Circuit Court and Daviess County District Court Court Locations and Contact Information. Court's Name. Eastern District of Kentucky. Court's Address. 101 Barr Street, Lexington KY 40507. Court's Phone Number. 859-233-2503. Court's Email Address. The Court's e-mail address

Kentucky Appellate / Appeals Court. In case either party in a civil case, or perhaps the individual of a criminal court case, fails to agree with the verdict drawn by the trial court, they can inquire about an appeal. An appeal translates that there is a application for the court case to get observed by a different court Perform a free Kenton County, KY public court records search, including court dockets, files, transcripts, and case lookups & searches. The Kenton County Court Records Search (Kentucky) links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to Kenton County public records

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  1. istrative Office of the Courts (AOC). It is the mission of the AOC to provide the Commonwealth with fair and equitable access to the court system. The purpose of this application is to allow easy and expeditious access to appellate cases filed with the Kentucky Court System
  2. al Common Pleas court case information. magisterial district court case information including: civil cases. cri
  3. Search Court Records by Name. Obtain Court Records In-Person. Due to the ease of ordering court records online, the federal court system has halted in-person requests. However, most public libraries offer free internet services, and in many cases, the library staff can help you make an online request through the PACER system

Perform a free Carroll County, KY public court records search, including court dockets, files, transcripts, and case lookups & searches. The Carroll County Court Records Search (Kentucky) links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to Carroll County public records Pikeville, KY 41502. Pike county civil court case records may also be accessed online through the Kentucky Court of Justice's Courtnet 2.0 portal. Users may search for cases by specifying the party category or the case category. The full name or business name of the parties, birth date, and driver's license number may also be used to find. Find a Case. The Supreme Court of Nevada provides an electronic record of all cases filed in the court searchable by party name and case docket. Case Search: Enter the five digit case number into the search box and select search. In addition, you may search by Caption and enter the appellant or respondents Last Name or Company/Organization Name Where to Find Kentucky Civil Court Records. Every civil case handled by the Kentucky Civil Courts has a record. These records are referred to as civil court records and are documents that contain the pleadings, dockets, motions, complaints, final judgments, and other related information of the civil cases

Search upcoming Circuit and District Court case information by name, case number, or citation information. Kentucky Court Dockets Search Circuit Court and District Court daily dockets by county, court division, date, courtroom, and subdivision Circuit Court Clerk. Physical Address. 230 Madison Avenue. 3rd Floor. Covington, KY 41011. 230 Madison Avenue 3rd Floor Covington KY 41011. Directions. Phone: 859-292-6523. Fax: 859-292-6611 Welcome to FindLaw's searchable database of Supreme Court of Kentucky decisions since January 1997. FindLaw offers a free RSS feed for this court. We also maintain an archive of Opinion Summaries from September 2000 to the Present. Cases are browsable by date and searchable by docket number, case title, and full text. Party Name Search

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  1. Name Search. Use this search to find people. If you enter a person's name, the search tool searches across court levels and returns a list of people that match the name you typed. You can then search cases which involve that person. Licensed Health Facility Search Use this search to find people with active Vulnerable Adult Protection orders
  2. Details of inmate arrest, booking, primary charges, bail and bond conditions, and pending court dates can be obtained on the Roster. Detainees can be searched by first or last name, date of birth or arrest/booking date. All other inmate-related queries may be made to the jail management at (270) 843-4606
  3. Warren County Kentucky Court Directory. The Kentucky trial court system consists of Circuit Courts and District Courts.For more information on which types of cases each court oversees, compare Kentucky courts. Below is a directory of court locations in Warren County
  4. al: District Court Traffic and Cri
  5. 303 Court Street, Room 102. Covington, KY 41011. (859) 392-1652. Kenton County birth and death records are also provided by the Office of Vital Statistics. The Office has records of births and deaths from 1911 to the present. Follow the process described above for divorce records when requesting these vital records
  6. Perform a free Ohio County, KY public court records search, including court dockets, files, transcripts, and case lookups & searches. The Ohio County Court Records Search (Kentucky) links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to Ohio County public records

VINE is the nation's leading victim notification system, empowering survivors of crime with the updated custody status and criminal case information they need to remain safe and maintain peace of mind A court record search reveals information about legal proceedings and case files preserved by the courts (bankruptcy, criminal or civil). By typing someone's name or case number in the search box, anyone can discover numerous types of court records, including criminal records, bankruptcy filings, legal judgments, liens, or driving violations

The United States Court System is divided into federal and state courts, then further divided into different courts to either spread out court workload or handle specialized cases. In most cases, however, states will at minimum have a Supreme Court, a Court of Appeals, and lower courts usually called District or County Courts The website includes briefs submitted to the Kentucky Supreme Court in cases decided since January 1999 and Kentucky Court of Appeals in cases decided since October 2005. You can search by case name and by docket number. Lexis and Westlaw offer selected briefs from 2004 to present. The briefs databases can be searched by terms and connectors

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If your sentence is less than 20 years, then you appeal to the Court of Appeals. If your sentence is over 20 years, then your case is appealed directly to the Kentucky Supreme Court. You only have a certain amount of time to file the necessary paperwork if you want to appeal your conviction When the decedent's estate is valued at less than $15,000.00, a surviving spouse, surviving children, and/or preferred creditor may ask the court to direct the transfer of estate assets without the need for further court proceedings. KRS 395.450. These cases generally do not require a court date

Home > Search Results. v. Petition for a writ of certiorari filed. (Response due January 27, 2020) Motion to extend the time to file a response from January 27, 2020 to February 26, 2020, submitted to The Clerk. Motion to extend the time to file a response is granted and the time is extended to and including February 26, 2020 Notice Records (Land records, deeds, etc.) MdLandRec.net provides online access to Maryland land record documents. This service is provided by the Judiciary and the Maryland State Archives. Plats.net is a digital image reference system for Land Survey, Subdivision, and Condominium Plats. It preserves and makes accessible all plats filed with. Clerks at the municipal, district, superior, and appellate courts across the state enter information on the cases filed in their courts. The search engine will update approximately twenty-four hours from the time the clerks enter the information. This website is maintained by the Administrative Office of the Court for the State of Washington

PROBATE DIVISION - Case Search. Montgomery County Probate Court Online Record Search. To begin your search, make a selection from the Case Search Menu. Images of court filings can only be viewed while the case is opened. Once the case is closed, images can be viewed for ten years Search Results. For an exact match, put quotation marks ( ) around your search word or words. Searching for a case number - try putting it in quotations (15-1155

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Circuit Courts have general jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases, with the exception of cases heard exclusively by the Court of Claims or the Illinois Supreme Court. Circuit Courts may be organized into divisions or departments based on case type, such as civil, criminal, probate, traffic, domestic relations, and juvenile Search for Kentucky public court records and online court cases with just typing a name. Get instant public access to Kentucky Federal and Civil court records online at CourtCase.org However, the following search strategies can aso be used. Replace the county name to search for other locations. Author Search. Kentucky. Circuit Court (Madison County) Boyd County (Ky.) Circuit Court. Subject Search. Court Records--Kentucky--Casey County. Civil Law--Kentucky--Gallatin County in cases where the bride or groom was under the. Simply click Sign in as a Guest (in the box to the left) to begin your search. When researching an individual to ensure that you receive ALL results when searching, you will need to fill in both the Firm/Last Name field and the First Name Field. For example, if searching for Mary VanMeter. In the Last Name field enter: VanMeter (or Van Meter

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Users can search for the docket in a particular case by using a Supreme Court docket number, a case name, or other words or numbers included on a docket report. The format for Supreme Court docket numbers is Term year-number (e.g., 06-123; 07-12; 06-5001). Questions Presented. The Questions Presented in a granted or noted case can be obtained. Cases and Codes. FindLaw's Cases and Codes section contains resources and links for both state and federal laws. This includes resources pertaining to constitutions, statutes, cases and more. Run a search for case summaries or select a jurisdiction to browse applicable laws. For additional primary sources and articles on legal practice visit. Search online court records for free in Kentucky Western District Court by case number, case name, party, attorney, judge, docket entry, and more. Filter cases further by date of filing, case type, party type, party representation, and more. With UniCourt, you can access cases online in Kentucky Western District, view case summary, check case.

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Kenton Circuit Civil/Criminal Court 230 Madison Avenue, 3 rd Floor Covington, Kentucky 41011 PHONE: (859) 292-6523 FAX: (859) 292-6611. Welcome to Kenton Circuit Court. Circuit civil includes cases involving more than $5,000.00, land dispute title cases and contested probate cases. Circuit criminal includes capital offenses and felonies Pursuant to direction from the Common Pleas Court general Division, Civil Stalking Protection Order cases are also not available on the internet. Case information may be obtained in person at the Clerk of Courts' offices or by contacting the Clerk's docket information line at 216-443-7950 Welcome to the Lee County Court Records Search website. This website offers public viewing of certain court records, pursuant to Supreme Court Administrative Order AOSC 18-16. The Access Security Matrix referenced in AOSC 18-16, which dictates access to court cases and documents, may be viewed here.; Through the court case search feature, users have the ability to pay for certain.

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  1. List Of All Courts With Online Access To Court Records. Below are all courts that allow you to search records online for free. Obtain appellate case information by case number, trial court number, name of party, appellate case list. Search Alaska trial court cases by name, ticket or case number
  2. al cases can only be searched by docket number. If you're searching by docket number, make sure you enter the number exactly how it appears
  3. The Arizona Judicial Branch is pleased to offer Public Access to Court Case Information, a valuable online service providing a resource for information about court cases from 153 out of 180 courts in Arizona
  4. Not all court records maintained by the Lee County Clerk of Court are available through this online viewing system. Many cases opened prior to 2004 may only be available through our Records Request System service. Court Records Search. Search Public Records, Account Creation Tutorial, and request Certified Copies of Court Pleading

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  1. Commonwealth of Kentucky, Office of the Governor 700 Capitol Avenue, Room 101 Frankfort, KY 40601 chad.meredith@ky.gov: 502-564-2611: Party name: ADAM MEIER: Other: Beatrice Jessie Hill Counsel of Record: Case Western Reserve University School of Law 11075 East Blvd. Cleveland, OH 44106 bjh11@case.edu: 216368055
  2. East Pasco Records Retention Facility. 38319 McDonald Street. Dade City, FL 33525. Phone: (352) 521-4489
  3. al where you can search that court's records for free, typically by typing in the name of a party or the case number. Otherwise, visit the court clerk's office and ask about the procedure for accessing case files. Be aware that you cannot inspect case records anonymously
  4. Kentucky Family Court Division (Jefferson County) The County Attorney's Office has been a partner in Jefferson County Family Court since it began as a pilot program in 1991. In November 2002, Kentucky voters made it a permanent court. It was the first of its type in Kentucky to focus solely on the needs of families and children
  5. utes of being input or scanned into the court record. For a list of cases currently included in eAccess, click Search Now to be directed to the eAccess.
  6. al, Traffic and County Ordinance Case Search. This fully searchable database contains the daily dockets for each of the Courts which hear Cri
  7. This department also handles estate cases, guardianship for individuals under age 17, trusts, curatorships, infant settlements under $10,000, and name changes for adults and children. In addition, this division processes corrections to death certificates. Birth certificate corrections should be filed in Circuit Court — (502) 595-3007

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Both County Court District Court. Division. Date Range. 6 Months 3 Months 1 Month 1 Week Today Specific Date. Date. Case Number. C CR CV CW DR JD JV M PR R S T. 4-digit year Case class Case sequence. Party Last Name or Company Name 10:00 AM. Teleconference. Case Name: Heston v. Warren County, Kentucky et al. Case Number: 1:20-cv-00048-GNS-HBB. Plaintiff: Timothy Heston. Defendants: Other Unknown Employees of the Kentucky State Police and Warren County Regional Jail, Warren County, Kentucky, Aaron Tucker, Andrew Cooper, Melissa Causey. Type of Proceeding: Status Conference

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Family Court Judicial Center, 1st floor, Room 105 Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (502) 595-3025 One Family, One Judge, One Court Family Court is comprised of 10 divisions and 10 judges. It is involved in the most intimate and complex aspects of human nature and social relations. For that reason, Family Court uses a case management proces The courtroom entrance is on the east corner of the building in a foyer opposite the Court of Criminal Appeals. Their office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except on holidays. For inquiries, you can also mail them at P.O. Box 12248 Austin, Texas 78711. You can contact them by phone at (512) 463-1312 or by fax at. Disclaimer: These case search options are provided to you free of charge, as is. The Clay County Clerk of the Circuit Court uses its best efforts to maintain the case search function but makes no guarantees concerning the information contained in the case search, including the accuracy, currency, or content of such information and is not. Jefferson Combined Court. Court. Both County Court District Court. Division. Date Range. 6 Months 3 Months 1 Month 1 Week Today Specific Date. Date. Case Number. C CR CV CW DR JD JV M PR R S T


Maryland Judiciary Case Search. Records of Maryland cases went online. It is understood to locals and attorneys throughout Maryland as simply, Case Browse. Case Browse types the foundation of Injury Attorney Database. New cases are included and cases that have actually concluded are upgraded. Case Browse has a load of beneficial information Search Form x Close. Search Search. Court documents filed late last week merely show that the three companies intend to file cases in the Kentucky Court of Appeals: The appeals court case.