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  1. The configuration file is executed as Python code at build time (using execfile (), and with the current directory set to its containing directory), and therefore can execute arbitrarily complex code. Sphinx then reads simple names from the file's namespace as its configuration
  2. For Sphinx (actually, the Python interpreter that executes Sphinx) to find your module, it must be importable. That means that the module or the package must be in one of the directories on sys.path - adapt your sys.path in the configuration file accordingly. Likewise, automethod will respect the current py:class
  3. Since Sphinx 1.5, the \X{a}{b} specifier is used (there is a backslash in the specifier letter). It is like p{width} with the width set to a fraction a/b of the current line width. You can use it in the tabularcolumns (it is not a problem if some LaTeX macro is also called \X.
  4. Sphinx autodoc functions within module. I am just getting started with sphinx and willing to learn. I would like to break up my various functions into different sections within my index.rst file. So each function has it's own header. So for example if I have a python file named test.py and within that file I have 2 functions: How could I within.
  5. For Sphinx (actually, the Python interpreter that executes Sphinx) to find your module, it must be importable. That means that the module or the package must be in one of the directories on sys.path - adapt your sys.path in the configuration file accordingly

For example, :py:meth:`.TarFile.close` references the tarfile.TarFile.close() function, even if the current module is not tarfile. Since this can get ambiguous, if there is more than one possible match, you will get a warning from Sphinx Would like to add import statments for class documentation where needed → Change in Sphinx rendering of current module: I purpose changing the Sphinx rendering of current modules I think this is helpful to show the full paths in the docs. Changed 11 years ago by stherrien.. The module must be importable by Sphinx when running. We'll cover how to do this in the Tasks below. You can read more about this in the Sphinx autodoc docs. We can also ignore the prefix, and Sphinx will fall back to intersphinx references if none exist in the current project::.

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Writing good documentation is hard. Tools can't solve this problem in themselves, but they can ease the pain. This post will show you how to use Sphinx to generate attractive, functional documentation for C++ libraries, supplied with information from Doxygen. We'll also integrate this process into a CMake build system so that we have a unified workflow Search Ultimate Documentation. Search Ultimate Documentation Here you will find everything you need to set up a better search experience. This guide is for Magento 2.4 only Sphinx Search Ultimate Guide for Magento 2.1-2.3 Elastic Search Ultimate Guide for Magento 2.1-2.3 The Search.. sphinx.ext.autodoc - Include documentation from docstrings. This extension can import the modules you are documenting, and pull in documentation from docstrings in a semi-automatic way. Note. For Sphinx (actually, the Python interpreter that executes Sphinx) to find your module, it must be importable. That means that the module or the package.

and let sphinx search for the class: if the name is prefixed with a dot, and no exact match is found, the target is taken as a suffix and all object names with that suffix are searched. For example, :py:meth:.TarFile.close references the tarfile.TarFile.close() function, even if the current module is not tarfile. Since this can get. Our Magento 2 Elasticsearch Extension or Sphinx Extension can combine all indexes, existing in your configuration, to boost search and give your customers the most relevant results. It brings them all to a single grid, located at System -> Search Management -> Search Indexes , from where you can configure them I'm using Sphinx successfully with Python 3.6, and autodoc_mock_imports = ['MySQLdb'] in my conf.py worked nicely for this specific dependency which was not available.. Your problem is likely due to a package which is not compatible with Python 3? If I understood @tk0miya correctly, the import warnings mean the Sphinx output will be broken, so there is no point suppressing this warning Sphinx Engine Installation If you would like to use our extension with Sphinx Engine, you need to install it first. Note Warning: The minimum allowed sphinx engine version is 2.2.+ Installation inclu The current standard tool for documenting Python software is Sphinx. This tool was created to support hand-written documentation files in the reStruc-turedText (reST) format, but Sphinx also supports automatic generation of module or package documentation based on parsing function headers and extracting doc strings

Sphinx Search Ultimate. Sphinx Search Ultimate, as it derives from its name, allows you to use Sphinx Engine on the dedicated server, or on the same server of your store.. Sphinx is an open source full text search server, which features high performance, relevance (aka search quality), and integration simplicity Sphinx reserves some document names for its own use; you should not try to create documents with these names - it will cause problems. The special document names (and pages generated for them) are: genindex, modindex, search. These are used for the general index, the Python module index, and the search page, respectively To import synonyms, perform the following steps: Place your custom YAML file to [magento_root]/ folder.; Go to System -> Search Management -> Manage Synonyms and press Import Synonyms button.; Dictionary field defines locale (language), to which synonyms are imported. All dictionaries should exist, and have at least one record, since imported data are appended to existing Populating our documentation ¶. Populating our documentation. Now that we have setup everything, it is time we started populating our documentation. First of all, lets have a look at the index.rst file that was auto-generated during the Sphinx Quickstart step:. simpleble documentation master file, created by sphinx-quickstart on Sat Mar 10.

Sphinx works with either major versions of Python active today, Python 2 and Python 3. Python 3 is the current and recommended version, and Python 2 is an unsupported Python version. Sphinx is a documentation tool that creates HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files from ReStructured text files In order to see the effort for a possible fix, can some of the authors describe the differences between the sphinx.ext.DocTestBuilder against the standard doctest module? [edit: repying to myself]Doctest & pytest scan & run examples directly from the modules where they are defined # Sphinx-Gallery documentation build configuration file, created by # sphinx-quickstart on Mon Nov 17 16:01:26 2014. # This file is execfile()d with the current directory set to it Sphinx awesome theme / Module documentation Module documentation. On this page, you'll see an example how automatically generated module documentation looks like in Sphinx. However, if the node removed or replaced occurs after the current node, the old node will still be traversed, and any new nodes will not. Within visit methods (and. JSDoc 3.6.3 and TypeDoc 0.15.0 are known to work. Install sphinx-js, which will pull in Sphinx itself as a dependency: Make a documentation folder in your project by running sphinx-quickstart and answering its questions: In the generated Sphinx conf.py file, turn on sphinx_js by adding it to extensions

This is the most time consuming part, but you should be commenting and documenting your code anyway! As an example, you might have a module with docstrings that look like this, and after completing this process it will automatically turn into Python documentation that looks like this. Sphinx Autodoc. First, install the Sphinx package: pip. #!/usr/bin/env python3 # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-# # 'Sphinx format for Latex and HTML' documentation build configuration file, created by # sphinx-quickstart on Thu Oct 5 21:04:22 2017. # # This file is execfile()d with the current directory set to its # containing dir. # # Note that not all possible configuration values are present in this # autogenerated file pip install sphinx-tabs. To enable the extension in Sphinx, add the following to your conf.py: extensions = ['sphinx_tabs.tabs'] If needed, there is a configuration option to allow additional builders to be considered compatible. For example, to add the linkcheck builder, add the following to your conf.py Add support for Sphinx 2.0 on Python 3. Avoid unicode errors when the program command or output produced non-ASCII output and the configured prompt was a byte string. This was most likely under Python 2, where the default configured prompt is a byte string Normalization for iteration: 7 Current Overall Likelihood Per Frame =-134. 904841036678 Training for 8 Gaussian (s) completed after 7 iterations MODULE: 60 Lattice Generation Skipped: $ ST:: CFG_MMIE set to 'no' in sphinx_train. cfg MODULE: 61 Lattice Pruning Skipped: $ ST:: CFG_MMIE set to 'no' in sphinx_train. cfg MODULE: 62 Lattice Format.

Generating a docx document. It is assumed that a sphinx project already is in place. At least one change must be done to conf.py in-order to be able to generate a docx file.. The following line must be added to conf.py: ` extensions = ['docxsphinx'] Thanks, I found the problem. It is caused by rst2pdf package. In rst2pdf.pdfbuilder:setup(), it calls mathbase.setup() internally to install dummy math module. It causes conflicts and raise errors. I don't know why rst2pdf does such works. But, as a result, rst2pdf breaks math rendering in HTML. In Sphinx-1.3.6 and following configuration, mathjax does not work; equations are rendered as plain. The maxdepth argument tells Sphinx to include 2 levels of headers in it's output. It will output the 2 top-level headers of the pages listed. This also tells Sphinx that the other pages are sub-pages of the current page, creating a tree structure of the pages: index ├── install ├── suppor Welcome to my Sphinx tutorial, which is now in its fourth year at PyCon. Sphinx has come a long way since this tutorial was first offered back on a cold February day in 2010, when the most recent version available was 0.6.4. Sphinx has now reached 1.1.3, and I have worked to keep this tutorial up to date with all of the most recent features in. check_module [source] Check if self.object is really defined in the module given by self.modname. document_members (all_members = False) [source] Generate reST for member documentation. If all_members is True, do all members, else those given by self.options.members. format_args [source] Format the argument signature of self.object

add_module (name, module) [source] ¶ Adds a child module to the current module. The module can be accessed as an attribute using the given name. Parameters. name (string) - name of the child module. The child module can be accessed from this module using the given name. module - child module to be added to the module. apply (fn) [source] sphinx-all - Man Page. Sphinx documentation generator system manual. Using Sphinx. This guide serves to demonstrate how one can get started with Sphinx and covers everything from installing Sphinx and configuring your first Sphinx project to using some of the advanced features Sphinx provides out-of-the-box Module and its containers for neural networks¶ class oneflow.nn. Module ¶ add_module (name: str, module: Optional [oneflow.nn.module.Module]) → None ¶. Adds a child module to the current module. The module can be accessed as an attribute using the given name Sphinx documentation plugin used to document tasks. Introduction ===== Usage-----The Celery extension for Sphinx requires Sphinx 2.0 or later. Add the extension to your :file:`docs/conf.py` configuration module:.. code-block:: python extensions = (..., 'celery.contrib.sphinx') If you'd like to change the prefix for tasks in reference documentation then you can change the ``celery_task.

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The module is not plug and play. It integrates Sphinx and Drupal, but you need to know how to setup indexes with fields and attributes in order to use the module successfully. This module is maintained by Nestor Nestor (english blog) Nestor (blog en español) And sponsored by: The first versions of this module were created by johsw The module.rst template will be used when rendering modules if the -s/--separate option is given, or if the <module_path> only contains modules. Note that if <module_path> contains a package and the -s/--separate is not given, the module.rst template will not be used. The addition of templates to apidoc addresses Sphinx issue #3545. That is, it. 6.1.3. Compiled Python files¶. To speed up loading modules, Python caches the compiled version of each module in the __pycache__ directory under the name module. version.pyc, where the version encodes the format of the compiled file; it generally contains the Python version number.For example, in CPython release 3.3 the compiled version of spam.py would be cached as __pycache__/spam. 7. Documenting Python¶. The Python language has a substantial body of documentation, much of it contributed by various authors. The markup used for the Python documentation is reStructuredText, developed by the docutils project, amended by custom directives and using a toolset named Sphinx to post-process the HTML output. This document describes the style guide for our documentation as well.

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Sphinx is commercial malware sold to anyone willing to pay for it, which means its targets can vary. The most current identified configuration is targeting several major U.K. banks and one Polish. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. ×. Module Install Instructions. To install Sphinx::Config, copy and paste the appropriate command in to your terminal. cpanm. cpanm Sphinx::Config. CPAN shell. perl -MCPAN -e shell install Sphinx::Config

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  1. With the first method, the link appears as rst_tutorial, whereas the second method use the first title's name found after the link.Here, the second method would appear as Restructured Text (reST) and Sphinx CheatSheet.. Note that the second method is compulsary if the link is to be found in an external RST file
  2. file_io module¶ Operations over files, introspection and more. class pupyl.duplex.file_io. FileIO ¶ Operations over files. Handling operations like temporary directories and files, retrieval of remote or local files, progress bars, file metadata, among others. static _get_local (path) ¶ Loads a local file returning its bytes. Parameter
  3. Step 6.2 - Extension Installation - PHP Module (optional) There is also a sphinx extension that can be used instead of the sphinx library described in the previous step. One way to install that is: pecl install sphinx After the module is compiled, add it to your php configuration along other extensions, and restart your web server
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The first module provides the sphinx.s3gaucnt.S3GauCntFile class and some helper functions which we will use to process observation count files, while the second one provides the sphinx.s3gau.S3GauFile class which we will use to write out the re-estimated parameter files facets module ← indexer modules check_unique (bool) - Defines if the append method should verify the existence of a really similar tensor on the current index. In other words, it checks for the unicity of the value. Warning. Be advised that the unicity check Created using Sphinx 4.1.1 with Press Theme 0.7.3.. Module Objects¶ PyTypeObject PyModule_Type¶. This instance of PyTypeObject represents the Python module type. This is exposed to Python programs as types.ModuleType.. int PyModule_Check (PyObject *p) ¶. Return true if p is a module object, or a subtype of a module object. This function always succeeds. int PyModule_CheckExact (PyObject *p) ¶. Return true if p is a module object, but not a.

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  1. Finally, tell Sphinx where the theme is by asking the imported module: html_theme_path = [ sphinx_rtd_theme . get_html_theme_path ( ) ] Building the docs with make html should now produce some.
  2. At the time of writing the current version of sphinx is 3.0.2. pip install sphinx. where your module is the name that you would provide python to import your module or script. Leave a blank.
  3. Sphinx definition is - a winged female monster in Greek mythology having a woman's head and a lion's body and noted for killing anyone unable to answer its riddle. How to use sphinx in a sentence
  4. The purpose of the current document is to provide an overview of what each module does. In some cases greater detail may be provided in technical articles produced by the Carnegie Mellon Communicator group, as cited below. and it will send the final decoding to the Phoenix parser module. Sphinx needs to be configured with a domain.
  5. --- /dev/null Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000 +++ b/doc/source/conf.py Tue Mar 12 12:03:42 2013 +0900 @@ -0,0 +1,242 @@ +# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-+# +# DCE submodule documentation build configuration file, created by +# sphinx-quickstart on Tue Mar 12 11:59:39 2013. +# +# This file is execfile()d with the current directory set to its containing dir. +# +# Note that not all possible configuration.
  6. Modules¶. The nnabla.core.module.Module class represents a construction block of neural network.. Module¶ class nnabla.core.module. Module [ソース] ¶. Module is a construction block of a computation model. Modules normally are constructed by lower level operators or other Modules, thus, nesting them in a tree-like structure may construct a more complex computation model
  7. Python documentation string or commonly known as docstring, is a string literal, and it is used in the class, module, function, or method definition. Docstrings are accessible from the doc attribute (__doc__) for any of the Python objects and also with the built-in help () function. An object's docstring is defined by including a string.

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  1. Importing Modules¶ PyObject* PyImport_ImportModule(const char *name)¶ Return value: New reference. This is a simplified interface to PyImport_ImportModuleEx() below, leaving the globals and locals arguments set to NULL and level set to 0. When the name argument contains a dot (when it specifies a submodule of a package), the fromlist argument is set to the list ['*'] so that the return value.
  2. The tty module defines functions for putting the tty into cbreak and raw modes.. Because it requires the termios module, it will work only on Unix.. The tty module defines the following functions:. tty.setraw (fd, when=termios.TCSAFLUSH) ¶ Change the mode of the file descriptor fd to raw. If when is omitted, it defaults to termios.TCSAFLUSH, and is passed to termios.tcsetattr()
  3. Re: [PATCH v6 0/9] Use Doxygen and sphinx for html documentation Luca Fancellu Mon, 07 Jun 2021 09:25:38 -0700 Hello Xen community, Can someone have a look on these patches
  4. g languages and tools. It was originally created in 2008 to document the Python language itself.. Over the past eight years, it has turned into a robust and mature solution for software documentation. It includes a number of features that writers.

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Sphinx¶ The theme places the global TOC, local TOC, navigation (prev, next) and source links all in the top Bootstrap navigation bar, along with the Sphinx search bar on the left side. The global (site-wide) table of contents is the Site navigation dropdown, which is a configurable level rendering of the toctree for the entire site The TftpContexts Module¶ This module implements all contexts for state handling during uploads and downloads, the main interface to which being the TftpContext base class. The concept is simple. Each context object represents a single upload or download, and the state object in the context object represents the current state of that transfer build_sphinx¶ The build_sphinx section is a version of the build_sphinx setuptools plugin provided with Sphinx. This plugin extends the original plugin to add the following: Automatic generation of module documentation using the apidoc__ tool. Automatic configuration of the project, version and release settings using information from pbr itsel Just FYI: that was silly of me. Turn out it was because the file ID and the trasncript were orginally generated in windows, so i have to remove /r carriage using perl.

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pyautogui.keynames module; Module contents; Al Sweigart Revision ae441d85. Built with Sphinx using a theme provided by Read the Docs. Read the Docs v: latest Versions latest Downloads pdf html epub On Read the Docs Project Home Builds Free document hosting provided by Read the Docs.. class sphinx.builders.html.SerializingHTMLBuilder. This builder uses a module that implements the Python serialization API (pickle, simplejson, phpserialize, and others) to dump the generated HTML documentation. The pickle builder is a subclass of it Symbolator is a command line tool. You pass it one or more source files and it will generate symbols in any of the supported output formats. You can supply the input with the -i option in one of three forms. When you pass a directory, all source files will be recursively searched for VHDL and Verilog source files DESCRIPTION¶. modulefiles are written in the Tool Command Language, Tcl(n) and are interpreted by the modulecmd.tcl program via the module user interface. modulefiles can be loaded, unloaded, or switched on-the-fly while the user is working; and can be used to implement site policies regarding the access and use of applications.. A modulefile begins with the magic cookie, #%Module Run Install-Module-Name Rubrik to download the module from the PowerShell Gallery. Note that the first time you install from the remote repository it may ask you to first trust the repository. Once installation is complete, you can validate that the module exists by running Get-Module-ListAvailable Rubrik

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  1. The LAPB module will be a separately compiled module for use by any parts of the Linux operating system that require a LAPB service. This document defines the interfaces to, and the services provided by this module. The term module in this context does not imply that the LAPB module is a separately loadable module, although it may be
  2. Copy it to the current directory. If you want to create your own version of it: it needs to be a single-channel (monaural), little-endian, unheadered 16-bit signed PCM audio file sampled at 16000 Hz. The main pocketsphinx use case is to read audio data in blocks of memory from a source and feed it to the decoder
  3. Exhale Deploy Module By the time this method is executed, it is assumed that Doxygen is intended to be run in the current working directory. Search for returnPath in the implementation of apply_sphinx_configurations() for handling of this aspect

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__init__ (import_images, data_dir = None, ** kwargs) ¶. Image storage and operations. Parameters. import_images (bool) - If images must be imported (copied) to the internal database or not.. data_dir (str) - Location to save the image storage files and assets.If a value is ommited for this parameter, will be created a new temporary folder in the underlying (operating system) default. Base class for Sphinx errors that are shown to the user in a nicer: Functions¶ chdir (path) Change the current working directory to the specified path. cleanup_tempdir (app, exc) get_tooltip (self, node) getcwd (() -> path) Return a string representing the current working directory file_types module¶ Operations of file and mime type discovery, based on file content. class pupyl.duplex.file_types. FileHeaderHex (value) ¶ Describes header hexadecimals for every supported file types. The current ones supported are: JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, GZP, BZ2, ZIP, LXZ. class pupyl.duplex.file_types. FileMimeTypes (value) How to hard code a path into the PYTHONPATH on a Mac to solve a problem with Spyder and the python-control module Module responsible for site-specific configuration. smtpd: A SMTP server implementation in Python. smtplib: SMTP protocol client (requires sockets). sndhdr: Determine type of a sound file. socket: Low-level networking interface. socketserver: A framework for network servers. sphinx sphinx.application: Application class and extensibility.

pwd. — The password database. ¶. This module provides access to the Unix user account and password database. It is available on all Unix versions. Password database entries are reported as a tuple-like object, whose attributes correspond to the members of the passwd structure (Attribute field below, see <pwd.h> ): The uid and gid items are. brainpy.inputs.period_input¶. brainpy.inputs.period_input() is an updated function of previous brainpy.inputs.constant_input() (see below). Sometimes, we need input currents with different values in different periods. For example, if you want to get an input in which 0-100 ms is zero, 100-400 ms is value 1., and 400-500 ms is zero, then, you can define

Method 1: Installing via pip¶. To enable Python to find Stata's installation path and the pystata package, we provide the Python module stata_setup.The config() function defined in the stata_setup module is used to locate the pystata package within this module. This function has two arguments: the first one is Stata's installation path and the second one is the edition to use $ pex sphinx sphinx_rtd_theme -c sphinx -o sphinx.pex Instead of executing the environment, it is saved to disk: $ ls -l sphinx.pex -rwxr-xr-x 1 wickman wheel 4988494 Mar 11 17:48 sphinx.pe Updates the target_network params using an exponential moving average update rule weighted by tau. BYOL claims this keeps the online_network from collapsing Sphinx is used to build the documentation based on rST files and comments in the code. First, install dependencies (feel free to reuse the virtual environment from above): python3 -m venv .env source .env/bin/activate pip install Sphinx sphinx-rtd-theme Adafruit-PlatformDetec python-module-readthedocs-sphinx-ext - This holds code specific for Read the Docs and Sphinx ALT repositories Last updated at Fri, 24 Jul 2020 16:39:53 +0000 | SRPMs: 1916

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ESP8266 Wifi Module¶. This module implements the Zerynth driver for the Espressif ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip (Resources and Documentation) I've already posted this but I'm opening a new post to better illustrate the problem that has not been solved, hoping that somebody from official plesk support can help...: I'm trying to install sphinx module for php 5.5 (alternate php-cgi version) on a centos 6.6 plesk 12 server. The problem is.. Connection module ¶. Connection module. ¶. process_or_string ( psutil.Process or string) - psutil.Process object or lockfile string. Return League Client API current connection password. Initialize the connection. It's called by the connector when it finds a connection. Return the League Client API current connection port class cheroot.wsgi. Gateway (req) ¶. Bases: cheroot.server.Gateway A base class to interface HTTPServer with WSGI. static _encode_status (status) ¶. Cast status to bytes representation of current Python version. According to PEP 3333, when using Python 3, the response status and headers must be bytes masquerading as Unicode; that is, they must be of type str but are restricted to code.

Manipulating sys.path in a Helper Module in the Current Directory§. Instead of manipulating the path in each notebook (like shown in this notebook), we can create a helper module in the current directory which does the path manipulations.For the current notebook, there is a helper module in the same directory: mymodule.py.This helper module does some obscure manipulations that make it look. I was trying to add sphinx module to php 5.5 as fastcgi using the multiple version feature of plesk 12 on a centos 6.6 server but wasn't able to do it.. CMU Sphinx CMU Sphinx is a set of speech recognition development libraries and tools that can be linked in to speech-enable applications. The libraries and sample code can be used for both research and commercial purposes; for instance, Sphinx2 can be used as a telephone-based recognizer, which can be used in a dialog system pathlib. — Object-oriented filesystem paths. ¶. New in version 3.4. Source code: Lib/pathlib.py. This module offers classes representing filesystem paths with semantics appropriate for different operating systems. Path classes are divided between pure paths, which provide purely computational operations without I/O, and concrete paths, which. Python docstrings. As mentioned above, Python docstrings are strings used right after the definition of a function, method, class, or module (like in Example 1 ). They are used to document our code. We can access these docstrings using the __doc__ attribute

A hook can tell about additional source files or data files to import, or files not to import. A hook file is a Python script, and can use all Python features. It can also import helper methods from PyInstaller.utils.hooks and useful variables from PyInstaller.compat . These helpers are documented below vispy.util.gallery_scraper module. ¶. Scraper for sphinx-gallery. This is used to collect screenshots from the examples when executed via sphinx-gallery. This can be included in any project wanting to take advantage of this by adding the following to your sphinx conf.py: The scraper is provided to sphinx-gallery via the vispy._get_sg_image. plugins.plugin module¶ class Plugin (name = 'Plugin') [source] base_post_process [source]. This method is called immediately after post_process(). base_pre_process [source]. This method is called after the plugin has been created by the pipeline framework as a pre-processing step

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Without CMAKE_CURRENT_FUNCTION_LIST_DIR, the code to do that would typically use the following pattern: Using CMAKE_CURRENT_FUNCTION_LIST_DIR inside the function instead eliminates the need for the extra variable which would otherwise be visible outside the function's scope. The above example can be written in the more concise and more robust form Importing Local Python Modules from Jupyter Notebooks§. If you re-use local modules a lot, you should consider turning them into proper Python packages which can be installed with Python's package manager pip.. The following sections are created from Jupyter notebooks which show multiple ways to import local Python modules, even if they are located in sub-directories The first is to use the localize () method provided by the pytz library. This is used to localize a naive datetime (datetime with no timezone information): >>> loc_dt = eastern.localize(datetime(2002, 10, 27, 6, 0, 0)) >>> print(loc_dt.strftime(fmt)) 2002-10-27 06:00:00 EST-0500. The second way of building a localized time is by converting an. You can also move this to a helper module, see this notebook. previous Use a Symbolic Link next Manipulating sys.path in a Helper Module in the Current Director pymssql 2.0.0 ¶. This is a new major version of pymssql. It is totally rewritten from scratch in Cython. Our goals for this version were to: Provide support for Python 3.0 and newer, Implement support for stored procedures, Rewrite DB-API compilant pymssql module in C (actually in Cython) for increased performance

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32400 = startTime(9:00) 1=Enabled 3=FanSpeed.Strong 0=SweepType.Sweep [1,2,3,4,5]=Monday-Friday 0=WaterLevel [12,10]=List of rooms null: ?Might be related to Customize igibson.reward_functions.potential_reward module¶ class igibson.reward_functions.potential_reward.PotentialReward (config) ¶. Bases: igibson.reward_functions.reward_function_base.BaseRewardFunction Potential reward Assume task has get_potential implemented; Low potential is preferred (e.g. a common potential for goal-directed task is the distance to goal Current static global singleton interactive environment holds references to a set of pipeline instances defined by the user in the watched scope. Interactive Beam features could use the references to determine if a given pipeline is defined by user or implicitly created by Beam SDK or runners, then handle them differently API References¶. the mscg package provides a toolkit of data structures and API functions, which can be used to build up a customized or extended workflow of multi-scale coarse-graining modeling in Python