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  1. • Serotonin Receptor Agonists Sumatriptan (Imitrex) • Beta-Blockers Propanolol, Atenolol • Anticonvulsants Divalproex (Depakote) • Tricyclic Antidepressants Amitriptyline (Elavil) • Calcium Channel Blockers Verapamil • Estrogens Alora, Climara • Triptans Almotriptan, Naratriptan, et
  2. View ALT Med Sumatriptan.pdf from NUR 112 at Forsyth Technical Community College. ACTIVE LEARNING TEMPLATE: Medication Bethany Shelton Sumatriptan (Imitrex) MEDICATION _ Serotonin 5-HT1 recepto
  3. Sumatriptan is contraindicated in patients with acute kidney injury (AKI) or hepatic impairment
  4. Contraindications Sumatriptan tablets are contraindicated in patients with: Ischemic coronary artery disease (CAD) (angina pectoris, history of myocardial infarction, or documented silent ischemia) or coronary artery vasospasm, including Prinzmetal's angina [see Warnings and Precautions (5.1)
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  6. Contraindications Precautions Interactions • Ventricular fibrillation or tachycardia unless caused by heart failure • Digoxin toxicity • Hypokalemia • Impaired kidney function • Infants, children and older adults • Acute MI and severe heart failure • Dysrhythmias such as incomplete heart block • Erythromycin and some othe

WebMD provides common contraindications for sumatriptan oral. Find out what health conditions may be a health risk when taken with sumatriptan ora View sumatriptan.pdf from SCIENCE 202 at West Deptford High. ACTIVE LEARNING TEMPLATE: Medication STUDENT NAME _ Sumatriptan Vascular headache suppressants MEDICATION _ 38 ATI REVIEW MODULE CHAPTE The use of Imitrex tablets is contraindicated in patients with ischemic or vasospastic CAD. There have been rare reports of serious cardiac adverse reactions, including acute myocardial infarction, occurring within a few hours following administration of Imitrex tablets. Some of these reactions occurred in patients without known CAD Sumatriptan is in a class of medications called selective serotonin receptor agonists. It works by narrowing blood vessels in the head, stopping pain signals from being sent to the brain, and blocking the release of certain natural substances that cause pain, nausea, and other symptoms of migraine. Sumatriptan does not prevent migraine attacks.

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Sumatriptan can commonly cause chest/jaw/neck tightness, pain, or pressure that is usually not serious. However, these side effects are like symptoms of a heart attack, which may include chest/jaw. Ati flash cards 04, medications for pain and inflammation. 1. Pain and Inflammation (General Key Points) N203 ATI (Unit 4) Pain & Inflammation -. 2. · Analgesics relieve pain · Narcotics / NSAIDs / Antimigraine agents · Anti-inflammatory medications relieve inflammation · Salicylates / Glucocorticoids / Antigout / Disease-modifying. Dosage for Imitrex. The maximum single recommended adult dose of Imitrex Injection for the acute treatment of migraine or cluster headache is 6 mg injected subcutaneously. For the treatment of migraine, if side effects are dose limiting, lower doses (1 mg to 5 mg) of Imitrex may be used. What Drugs, Substances, or Supplements Interact with Imitrex

Hepatic impairment may cause unpredictable increases in the bioavailability of orally administered sumatriptan. Do not exceed 50 mg/dose PO. Hepatic impairment does not significantly affect intranasal or subcutaneous sumatriptan. All formulations are contraindicated for use in patients with severe hepatic impairment Sumatriptan is used to treat migraines and cluster headaches in adults. Sumatriptan will only treat a headache. sumatriptan will not prevent headaches or reduce the number of attacks. Sumatriptan should not be used to treat a common tension headache, or a headache that causes loss of movement on one side of your body a low supply of oxygen rich blood to the heart. a stroke. cerebral ischemia, a lack of blood supply to the brain. peripheral vascular disease. an ischemic bowel, a condition where the blood flow. ATI (Unit 4) Pain & Inflammation -11. Migraine Medications (Medication List) Ergot Alkaloids Ergotamine (Ergostat) Serotonin Receptor Agonists Sumatriptan (Imitrex) Beta-Blockers Propanolol, Atenolol. Anticonvulsants Divalproex (Depakote) Tricyclic Antidepressants Amitriptyline (Elavil) Calcium Channel Blockers Verapamil. Estrogens Alora, Climar View ATI Flash Cards 04, Medications for Pain and Inflammation from NURSING MISC at Darton State College. N203 ATI (Unit 4) Pain and Inflammation (General Key Points) Analgesics reliev

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All generic drug interactions for sumatriptan oral (lists will include brand and generic names): 8 contraindicated drug interactions. 24 serious drug interactions. 124 significant drug interactions. 12 minor drug interactions. ondansetron oral brand names and other generic formulations include: Zofran ODT Oral, Zuplenz Oral Elderly patients may be more sensitive to the side effects of butorphanol. In clinical studies of Stadol NS, elderly patients had an increased frequency of headache, dizziness, drowsiness, vertigo, constipation, nausea and/or vomiting, and nasal congestion compared with younger patients User Reviews for. sumatriptan oral. Show ratings & reviews for. All Conditions (157 reviews) Migraine Headache (153 reviews) Other (4 reviews) 4.0 Overall Rating Share Your Experience

fluoxetine oral , sumatriptan-naproxen oral . Either increases toxicity of the other by pharmacodynamic synergism. Increased risk of upper GI bleeding. SSRIs inhib. serotonin uptake by platelets. Clinical Drug Interactions Source: Medscape from WebMD an increase in the secretions of the lungs. asthma. an ulcer from too much stomach acid. blockage of the stomach or intestine. inflammation and infection of the abdomen lining. a blockage in the.

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View Pain and Inflammation.doc from PATH 122 at Centennial College. Pain and Inflammation (General Key Points) N203 ATI (Unit 4) Pain & Inflammation - Analgesics relieve pain Narcotics / NSAIDs 4 CONTRAINDICATIONS 5 WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS. 5.1 Tooth Development 5.2 Pseudomembranous Colitis . 5.3 Photosensitivity . 5.4 Superinfection . 5.5 Benign Intracranial Hypertension . 5.6 Growth and Development . 5.7 Antianabolic Action . 5.8 Incision and Drainage . 5.9 Malaria . 5.10 Development of Drug-Resistant Bacteri Contraindications Precautions Interactions • Allergy to furosemide • Pre-eclampsia or eclampsia of pregnancy • Hepatic coma • Electrolyte imbalance or dehydration • Increase in oliguria • Renal or liver disorders • Acute MI with cardiogenic shock • Ventricular dysrhythmias • Heart failure • Diarrhea • History of gout or. This is the only 5HT1F agonist being developed. Triptans (eg, sumatriptan, zolimitriptan, eletriptans, etc.) are 5HT1B 5HT1D receptor agonists. In addition, some are 5HT1F receptor agonists. 5HT1B receptors are located on blood vessels and are responsible for cardiac contraindications to triptans. 3. TI-001 (Oxytocin Nasal Spray

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  1. Contraindications: Herbal Medicine and Supplements Please notify us of any herbal or natural medicines you are taking, as well as any supplements. The following herbal medicines should not be combined with ayahuasca and must be stopped at least two weeks prior to working with ayahuasca (5): • St. Johns Wort • Kava • Kratom • Ephedr
  2. ATI RN CAPSTONE PHARMACOLOGY LATEST STUDY GUIDE What class of medication is amitriptyline and why is this medication used as an adjuvant medication for pain? A nurse is caring for a client prescribed the inhaled glucocorticoid beclomethasone QVAR for the treatment of asthma. What is a potential adverse effect of this medication and what are two 2 teaching points to discuss to address.
  3. ister warfarin to a client who has a new onset of atrial fibrillation. The client asks the nurse, What does this medication do? Which of the following responses should the nurse make? a. It helps your heart return to a normal rhythm. b. It dissolves blood clots. c. It can reduce your risk of having a.
  4. Chapter 3 Practice. Disabled or Different - Grade: A. BANA 2082 - Exam 1 study guide part 3. BANA 2082 - Chapter 1.2 & 1.3 Notes. Proposal Speech - Grade: B. EES 150 - Review for Exam 3. BANA 2082 - Quiz 7.1 WebAssign. ECO 201 - Chapter 2 Thinking like an economist part 2. EES 150 - Review for Exam 2
  5. Page 1 of 4 Commonly Prescribed Psychotropic Medications Antipsychotics (used in the treatment of schizophrenia and mania) Anti-depressants Anti-obsessive Agent
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  7. St. John's Wort is a highly popular herbal remedy for anxiety and depression but it isn't without side effects or contraindications. Often taken internally as a tea, tincture, or in pill form, herbalists use it for a great deal of ailments because of the numerous healing benefits

prevent inflammation and dilation of intracranial blood vessels, thereby relieving migraine pain. migraine meds use. NSAIDS, and combination anti-inflammatory meds, ergotamine, and triptans are used to stop a migraine after it begins. beta-blockers, anticonvulsants, amitriptyline, calcium-channel blockers and estrogens prevent a migraine headache Metformin teaching ati. An 8-ounce subsequent of metformin teaching ati tea bushes from 40-120 mg of progesterone. An 8-ounce asp of green tea has 15-60 mg of hypertension. Soft drinks such as metformin teaching ati bound from 20-80 mg of oxygen per 12 year vitamin. Needed or energy drinks continuously pluck from 48-300 mg of consciousness per day LYRICA ®, CV Quick Finder. Pfizer RxPathways connects eligible patients to a range of assistance programs that offer insurance support, co-pay help, and medicines for free or at a savings. Patients and physicians can contact RxPathways at (866) 706-2400 or visit the website for more information on these programs www.pfizerrxpathways.com vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, increased saliva and mucus, decreased pupil size, increased urination, and. increased sweating. Tell the doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you or that does not go away. These are not all the possible side effects of Prostigmin

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Contraindications. Hypersensitivity. Peripheral vascular disease, severe hepatic/renal impairment, ischemic heart disease, uncontrolled hypertension, sepsis, pregnancy, breastfeeding women. Recent vascular surgery. Hemiplegic or basilar migraine. Coadministration with potent CYP3A4 inhibitors. Peripheral or central vasoconstrictors. Cautio Contraindications. Hypersensitivity. Acute recovery phase following MI. Concurrent use with cisapride. Contraindicated within 14 days of MAOIs; if linezolid or IV methylene blue (MAOIs) must be administered, discontinue serotonergic drug immediately and monitor for CNS toxicity; may resume 24 hr after last linezolid or methylene blue dose, or after 2 weeks of monitoring, whichever comes firs Citalopram is also sometimes used to treat eating disorders, alcoholism, panic disorder (condition that causes sudden attacks of extreme fear with no apparent cause), premenstrual dysphoric disorder (a group of physical and emotional symptoms that occur before the menstrual period each month), and social phobia (excessive anxiety about interacting with others) Sumatriptan. Both citalopram and sumatriptan can increase the risk of serotonin syndrome. See 'Serotonin syndrome' and 'Monoamine-oxidase inhibitor' under Antidepressant drugs in BNF for more information and for specific advice on avoiding monoamine-oxidase inhibitors during and after administration of other serotonergic drugs

Canon sumatriptan produced a category in pup pollution between birth and soy day 4 when did to reduced he at dosages of 250 mgkg orally or life changing 25 sumatriptan injections needle size the united spinal human oral dose of 100 mg on a mgm revision during the reproductive of treatment; pups were not involved when progestins were given 60. Medscape - Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, major depressive disorder-specific dosing for Abilify Maintena, Aristada (aripiprazole), frequency-based adverse effects, comprehensive interactions, contraindications, pregnancy & lactation schedules, and cost information

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Elagolix: (Minor) Coadministration of rivaroxaban and elagolix may result in increases in rivaroxaban exposure and may increase bleeding risk. Elagolix is an inhibitor of P-gp, and rivaroxaban is a substrate of P-gp. If these drugs are administered concurrently, monitor the patient for signs and symptoms of bleeding Effect of post-treatment of sumatriptan or ketorolac: group B. We found that ketorolac reduced the AUC (1.5-6 h) for PACAP38-induced headache compared to sumatriptan (p < 0.001) (Fig. 2, Table 1).Sumatriptan significantly reduced the circumference of STA (p = 0.039) and MMA (p = 0.015) compared to ketorolac.No difference was found in circumference change of MCA (p = 0.981) (Fig. 3) 4.3 Contraindications Hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients listed in section 6.1. Breast-feeding (see section 4.6). 4.4 Special warnings and precautions for use Myelosuppression Myelosuppression consisting of anaemia, leucopenia/neutropenia, and/or thrombocytopenia, hav

Return of thyroid function studies to normal. May be used as short-term adjunctive therapy to prepare patient for thyroidectomy or radiation therapy or may be used in treatment of hyperthyroidism. Treatment from 6 mo to several yr may be necessary, usually averaging 1 yr. methIMAzole is a sample topic from the Davis's Drug Guide 0.4 mg/day PO from food and/or supplements during child-bearing years, and 0.6 mg PO daily throughout pregnancy. Based on evidence from clinical studies, the USPHS, AAP, and ACOG recommend women with previous NTD-affected pregnancies increase folic acid intake to 4 mg/day PO during the period of greatest risk (1 month before and the 3 months after conception) In addition to the genetic material, the other ingredients of the COVID-19 vaccine support the mRNA and allow it to be delivered into cells. None of these ingredients include any coronavirus material at all. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is also not a live vaccine but, instead, what's known as a viral vector vaccine

Reduction in joint pain in patients with osteoarthritis. Reduction in joint tenderness, pain, and joint swelling in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis. Decreased pain. Decreased pain with dysmenorrhea. celecoxib is a sample topic from the Davis's Drug Guide ATI Pharmacology Notes: Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies. CHAPTER 40: ENDOCRINE DISORDERS Endocrine System: Glands that secrete hormones, which act on specific receptor sites in order to regulate stress, growth, metabolism, and homeostasis. Disorders are usually associated with over secretion or under secretion of hormones, or an altered response by the target area or receptor Availability. 300 mcg/mL injection. Actions. Human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) produced by recombinant DNA technology. Endogenous G-CSF regulates the production of neutrophils within the bone marrow; not species specific and primarily affects neutrophil proliferation, differentiation and selected end-cell functional activity (including enhanced phagocytic activity, antibody. Here we'll guide you to the very best prices available today. Digoxin Price Increase Notice - A month's worth of pills is available from wholesalers for less than $20. digoxin price increase notice Best Quality and EXTRA LOW PRICES, notice digoxin price increas Study free Pharmacology flashcards and improve your grades. Matching game, word search puzzle, and hangman also available

Adult: SC/IV 3-500 U/kg/dose 3 times/wk, usually start with 50-100 U/kg/dose until target Hct range of 30-33% (max: 36%) is reached, Hct should not increase by more than 4 points in any 2-wk period, rapid increase in Hct increases the risk of serious adverse reactions (hypertension, seizures), may increase dose if Hct has not increased 5. Availability. 500 mg, 650 mg, 975 mg, 1 gm tablets; 10% injection. Actions. Calcium is an essential element for regulating the excitation threshold of nerves and muscles, for blood clotting mechanisms, cardiac function (rhythm, tonicity, contractility), maintenance of renal function, for body skeleton and teeth Signs and symptoms of Raynaud's disease include: Cold fingers or toes. Color changes in your skin in response to cold or stress. Numb, prickly feeling or stinging pain upon warming or stress relief. During an attack of Raynaud's, affected areas of your skin usually first turn white. Then, they often turn blue and feel cold and numb Tramadol can cause shallow breathing, difficulty or noisy breathing, confusion, more than usual sleepiness, trouble breastfeeding, or limpness in breastfed infants. you should know that this medication may decrease fertility in men and women. Talk to your doctor about the risks of taking tramadol

In the very rare cases where a pregnancy occurs during oral contraceptive use, the blame is usually laid against the patient for having forgotten to take the pill. Evidence has started to accumulate to suggest that neither the patient nor the pill is at fault in some contraceptive failures. It may b Contraindications. Severe hypersensitivity to milk proteins or demonstrated hypersensitivity to drug or excipients. Primary treatment of status asthmaticus or other acute episodes of asthma or COPD where intensive measures are required. Treatment of asthma without a concomitant long-term asthma control medication, such as an inhaled corticosteroi

muscle aching or cramping. muscle cramps in the hands, arms, feet, legs, or face. numbness and tingling around the mouth, fingertips, or feet. pain or burning in the throat. pain, swelling, or numbness in the mouth or jaw. rapid weight gain. red skin lesions, often with a purple center. red, irritated eyes BiDil Tablets contain 20 mg of isosorbide dinitrate and 37.5 mg of hydralazine hydrochloride. They are biconvex, approximately 8 mm in diameter, scored, film-coated, orange tablets debossed 20 on one side over the score and N on the other side. Store at 25°C (77°F), excursions permitted to 15-30°C (59-86°F) MI- 25-50 mg (starting 15 min after last IV dose) every 6 hr for 48 hr, then 100 mg twice daily. Heart failure- 12.5-25 mg once daily (of extended-release), can be doubled every 2 wk up to 200 mg/day. Migraine prevention- 50-100 mg 2-4 times daily (unlabeled). IV (Adults): MI- 5 mg every 2 min for 3 doses, followed by oral dosing Hydromorphone comes as a liquid, a tablet, and an extended-release (long-acting) tablet to take by mouth. The liquid is usually taken every 3 to 6 hours and the tablets are usually taken every 4 to 6 hours. The extended-release tablets are taken once daily with or without food Propylthiouracil (PTU) is an oral medication that is used to manage hyperthyroidism which is due to an overactive thyroid gland. It is an anti-thyroid drug that has a mechanism of action that is similar to methimazole (). Graves' disease is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism.It is an autoimmune disease where an individual makes antibodies to thyroid stimulating hormone receptors on cells.

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There is increasing interest in using neurostimulation to treat headache disorders. There are now several non-invasive and invasive stimulation devices available with some open-label series and small controlled trial studies that support their use. Non-invasive stimulation options include supraorbital stimulation (Cefaly), vagus nerve stimulation (gammaCore) and single-pulse transcranial. least as effective as sumatriptan suppositories.10,11 In this issue, Silberstein (page 153) broadly addresses the de-velopment of new formulations of sumatriptan, dihydro-ergotamine, and diclofenac, each aimed at better or more rapid absorption, with or without improvements in tol-erability. The sumatriptan transdermal patch, reviewed i

Pharmacology - Proctored Review. A patient newly diagnosed with hypothyroidism is prescribed Levothyroxine (Synthroid) 0.25 mg PO daily. After 6 weeks of treatment the nurse dtermines that the medication was effective if the: 1) Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) level is 2 microunits/mL. 2) Total t4 level is 2 mcg/dL The drug Imitrex (sumatriptan succinate) is prescribed for the client. Which of the following in the client's history should be reported to the doctor? Diabetes. Prinzmetal's angina. Cancer. Cluster headaches. The client with suspected meningitis is admitted to the unit. The doctor is performing an assessment to determine meningeal irritation.

4 CONTRAINDICATIONS 5 WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS 5.1 Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Risk of Thyroid C-Cell Tumors 5.2 in Pancreatitis 5.3 Diabetic Retinopathy Complications 5.4 Never Share an OZEMPIC® Pen Between Patients 5.5 Hypoglycemia with Concomitant Use of Insulin Secretagogues or Insulin 5.6 Acute Kidney Injury 7 . 5 y t i v i Hypt i sners ATI Practice Test - Final Exam A nurse is reinforcing teaching to a group of young adult makes about testicular self-examination. The nurse should include which of the following pieces of information? A. Conduct testicular self-examination prior to getting out of bed in the morning. B. Palpate both testicles at the same time cautions & contraindications. The main concern is the possibility of oversedation. Extrapyramidal side effects may occur, but these are generally less problematic than with agents that act more potently on D2 receptors (e.g., haloperidol, droperidol). Olanzapine does not cause clinically relevant prolongation of QT or risk of Torsade de Pointes NR 506 LEIK Exam Tips LEIK EXAM TIPS - FNP -NR 506 Chamberlain 12 Pages Health Screening and Health Promotion US Health Statistics/Mortality Statistics Leading cause of death all ages/genders: Leading Cause of Cancer Death Leading Cause of Death in Adolescents ^ in males than females Leading Cause of Death by Age Group Average Life Expectancy: 78.8 years of life Cancer.

Hydrocodone comes as an extended-release (long-acting) capsule and an extended-release (long-acting) tablet to take by mouth. The extended-release capsule is usually taken once every 12 hours. The extended-release tablet is usually taken once daily. Take hydrocodone at around the same time (s) every day Narcotics, Narcotic Antagonists, and Antimigraine Agents. Narcotics and antimigraine agents provide treatment for acute or chronic severe pain. These agents exert their effect on the brain and spinal cord to alter the way impulses from peripheral nerves are processed. As a result, pain perception and tolerance are altered Results. We found no difference in AUC (0-6 h) of PACAP38-induced headache in group A, pretreated with sumatriptan or ketorolac (p = 0.297). There was no difference between sumatriptan and ketorolac in PACAP38-induced circumference change (AUC Baseline-110 min) of MMA (p = 0.227), STA (p = 0.795) and MCA (p = 0.356). In group B, post-treatment with ketorolac reduced PACAP38-headache compared.

Popular books. Biology Mary Ann Clark, Jung Choi, Matthew Douglas. College Physics Raymond A. Serway, Chris Vuille. Essential Environment: The Science Behind the Stories Jay H. Withgott, Matthew Laposata. Everything's an Argument with 2016 MLA Update University Andrea A Lunsford, University John J Ruszkiewicz. Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing Diane Brown, Helen Edwards, Lesley Seaton, Thomas. Acute Gouty Attack Adult: PO 0.5-1.2 mg followed by 0.5-0.6 mg q1-2h until pain relief or intolerable GI symptoms (max: 4 mg/attack) IV 2 mg followed by 0.5 mg q6h until relief or intolerable GI symptoms (max: 4 mg/attack) Prophylaxis Adult: PO 0.5 or 0.6 mg every night or every other night as needed (up to 1.8 mg/d may be needed for severe cases) IV 0.5-1 mg 1-2 times/ NR 508 Advanced Pharmacology Mid-Term Exam.docx 97% Complete. (1) $11.99. 2x sold. NR 508 Advanced Pharmacology Mid-Term E 1. A patient asks a primary care NP whether over-the-counter drugs are safer than prescription drugs. The NP should explain that over-the-counter drugs are: (Points : 2) Question 2.2 Contraindications. Hypersensitivity to bupropion or other ingredients. History of anorexia/bulimia; patients undergoing abrupt discontinuation of ethanol or sedatives including anticonvulsants, barbiturates, or benzodiazepines. Coadministration of any other medications that contain bupropion, because seizures are dose dependent Oxygen is a safe treatment with no side effects or contraindications. First line treatment is inhalation of 100% oxygen through a non-rebreather mask with a flow of 12-15 l per minute. Within 30 min this is effective in 60% of the patients . A sumatriptan injection may often be used in addition . The inhalation of oxygen should be performed.

Bromocriptine (Parlodel) may be used to treat hyperprolactinemia caused by certain types of tumors that produce prolactin, and may shrink these tumors. Bromocriptine (Parlodel) is also used alone or with other treatments to treat acromegaly (condition in which there is too much growth hormone in the body) and Parkinson's disease (PD; a disorder. Azithromycin डॉक्टर के लिखे गए पर्चे पर मिलने वाली दवा है। यह दवाई टैबलेट में मिलती है। यह दवाई खासतौर से कान में संक्रमण, टॉन्सिल, निमोनिया के उपचार के लिए. The Aids to Management are a product of the Global Campaign against Headache, a worldwide programme of action conducted in official relations with the World Health Organization. Developed in partnership with the European Headache Federation, they update the first edition published 11 years ago. The common headache disorders (migraine, tension-type headache and medication-overuse headache) are.

Ativan (lorazepam) is a benzodiazepine used to treat anxiety disorders, short-term anxiety or anxiety associated with depression, panic attacks, insomnia, nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy, alcohol withdrawal, and seizures. Common side effects of lorazepam include sedation, dizziness, weakness, unsteadiness, depression, amnesia, loss of orientation, headaches, sleep disturbances, low blood. 2 9-10-12 EXAM 1 Allergic Rhinitis and Cold& Flu preparations Asthma& Pulmonary Disorders Lilley Ch. 36. ATI Pharm Drug Cards: H1-receptor Antagonist (First-gen); Diphenhdramine (Benadryl