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BodPave 85 Porous is a modular permeable gravel grid solution for ground reinforcement where in a gravel surface is needed. It features a permeable paving grid that is manufactured from recycled HDPE. The gravel grids interlock along with each other to provide ground stabilization with the gravel fill contained as a substitute to concrete and. Ground reinforcement grids help to protect high traffic areas, keep gravel in place and can provide you with a suitable foundation for things like garden sheds. They are an ideal solution for footpaths, temporary car parks, driveways and more, reducing ground damage and providing a strong flooring solution TRUEGRID PRO LITE is a grass reinforcement grid that is made from 100% recycled plastic. It's incredibly durable and will stand up to low levels of traffic for a very long time with almost no maintenance required. It also doesn't require any stakes or clips to keep it secured to the ground, as this is achieved via an X-anchor system built. Geocells and Groundgrids hold material in place and strengthen the ground and help prevent lateral erosion. Geogrids act like rebars and are used to reinforce the ground. Our products are designed to reinforce the ground for roads, trails, carparks, driveways and anywhere that ground reinforcement is needed. View as Grid List CellPave™ 50 paving grids are designed to be installed onto a well prepared, free-draining and relatively even surface using either a 'Reduced-Dig System' or by employing a full sub-base construction incorporating a geogrid reinforcement layer. HANDLING You can cut CellPave™ 50 grids easily with a common angle grinder or jigsaw

I secured mine in the ground using 10 yard staples with weed barrier underneath. Happy DIY'ing!! 22 in. x 22 in. x 1.5 in. Premium Grid Plastic (12 Pavers/40.50 sq. ft.) - page DuPont GroundGrid ground stabilization system is a geotextile grid used for ground stabilization in landscape and construction projects. Simply expand the three-dimensional honeycomb structure, place it on your project surface and fill with gravel, soil, sand or other mineral infill to create a strong and stable surface..

Unlike other plastic grass grids, CORE Grass™ Reinforcement is environmentally friendly and has the strength to withstand high levels of traffic. This system provides Load Bearing of up to 350 tons per square metre (dependent on grid size), making it suitable for pedestrians, cars, 4x4s and even heavy commercial or emergency vehicles Leading Supplier of Ground Protection Systems & Reinforcement Grid. Gridforce is the ultimate ground protection and reinforcement system, using 100% recylced plastic grid to provide tough and sturdy surfaces for car parks, driveways, pathways, access roads, events, construction sites, golf, sporting venues, lawn/bank reinforcement, holiday parks and much more Happybuy Geo Grid Ground Grid 9x17 ft, Geo Cell Grid 2 Inch Thick, Gravel Grid HDPE Material, Ground Stabilization Grid 1885 LBS Per Sq, Tensile Strength Gravel Ground Grid for Slope Driveways, Garden. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 10 Our ground reinforcement grids are aimed at preventing the ground they are laid on from getting churned up. Once grass is knitted round the grids, the ground becomes tough and stays greener for longer

Superior Turf Protection and Ground Reinforcement. Eco GreenGrid is a tough, durable, interlocking grid system designed to provide turf protection, ground reinforcement and erosion control. Eco GreenGrid is great for horses and livestock! Eco GreenGrid works well in equestrian and farm mud control and ground reinforcement Ground Reinforcement Grids are extremely hard wearing yet lightweight and easy to install. They can be filled with gravel or earth which can be seeded for a lawned finish. Suitable for domestic and contract purposes, ground reinforcement grids make an excellent reinforced surface for car parks, lay-bys and access roads and will support most. Anchored Ground Reinforcement Grid. CellPave AP from Groundtrax is a 'no-dig' anchored ground reinforcement paving tile. READ MORE. OUR COMPLETE TRACKWAY RANGE - ISOTRACK. Panel Dimensions: 2410 x 1200 x 12mm. (Usable area: 2.89m²) Panel Dimensions: 3000 x 2500 x 40mm. (Usable area: 7.5m² Ground Reinforcement Grids - Reinforce and Strengthen the Ground Surface Our ground reinforcement grids are made from 100% recycled plastic and this, coupled with their cellular design, enables them to withstand compression of up to 420 tonnes per square metre. Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications, our X-Grid range is used for everything from domestic driveways and pathways.

Bodpave™ 85 grass reinforcement paving grids are a modular cellular porous grass paver manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE plastic. Bodpave™85 porous grass pavers / paving grids are a strong interlocking grid system for grass reinforcement, soil stabilization or gravel retention for regularly trafficked areas (pedestrian and vehicles) including overflow grass parking lots and fire lanes Flexible. Average Aperture Size (hole size): 0.75. Tensile Strength: 1200lbs/ft. Helps Control Erosion. Effective in Landscape Repairs. Great for retaining walls less than 6 ft. Made from high strength polyester yarns coated with a PVC material. Geogrid is typically used for soil reinforcement applications such as retaining walls, steepened. A wide variety of ground reinforcement grids options are available to you, such as graphic design, total solution for projects and others.You can also choose from modern, industrial and contemporary ground reinforcement grids,As well as from outdoor, office building, and hotel. And whether ground reinforcement grids is online technical support.

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  1. Looking for Hoof Grid | ground reinforcement grids | gravel grids horse flooring | soil stabilization grid | free mud plastic flooring | muddy paddock solutions | stabiligrid | horse arena footing Application Area The ground surface is elastic, sturdy and strong, non-slip
  2. paving grid system for grass and ground reinforcement applications where there is regular pedestrian or vehicle use. BODPAVE 40 permeable paving grids allow full rainwater penetration and are manufactured from UV stabilised 100% recycled HDPE, in black or green. BODPAVE 40 pavers are strong, chemically inert &
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  4. tonchean Geo Grid, 9.8x16.4 ft Ground Grid, 2 Inch Thick Geo Cell Grid, 1800 LBS Per Sq Strength Gravel Ground Grid for Slope Driveways, Garden $145.99 $ 145 . 99 Join Prime to save $14.60 on this ite
  5. Grass Reinforcement Product Selector Chart 3 BODPAVE®85 Paving Grids 4-7 GRASSPROTECTA™ Grass Reinforcement Mesh 8-9 TURFPROTECTA™ Grass Reinforcement Mesh 10-11 TYPAR® GEOCELLS GS™ 12-13 BODMAT™ Flexible Surface Reinforcement 14 PATHMAT™ Beach Access Mat 15 TYPAR® BIOBARRIER Root Control System 16-1
  6. The Elite Grass Grid is available in three grades for varied ground reinforcement and stabilisation: Type 1: 160 tonnes m 2 is suitable for light duty purposes. Type 2: 240 tonnes m 2 is suitable for medium duty purposes. Type 3: 500 tonnes m 2 is suitable for heavy duty purposes. The above uses are given as a guide only

475mm x 475mm x 40mm - Ground reinforcement grids are designed to be installed to permanently reinforce soft ground and for stabilising earth banks. It is specially designed to support moving & parked vehicles, whilst allowing for dispersion and drainage. Each grid covers approximately 0.22m 2, so you need around 4 grids per 1m 2 of ground. The original X-Grid is one of the most cost-effective ground reinforcement grid available. With over 1 million units sold worldwide, this is our most popular grid. Shop. Out of stock due to Covid-19 X-GRID GREEN

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Alibaba.com offers 1,591 ground reinforcement grid products. A wide variety of ground reinforcement grid options are available to you, such as material Ground Reinforcement Grids. Showing all 2 results. PV-Lock Safety Grid Tile Black £ 3.25 + VAT Add to cart; Ground Reinforcement Grid £ 16.00 + VAT Add to cart; Follow Us. Ground Reinforcement and Surfaces Footpath planks Piles Decking Paddock slabs Mud control grids Hanpave Heavy duty ground grid Eco slabs Cable duct covers Weed covers Mobile all-terrain slabs Furniture and Outdoor Spaces Kids Furniture and Playgrounds Implementing Projects Trade Shows Videos Download

Buy Ground Reinforcement Grids at Best Prices. Wide Range of Gravel Reinforcement Grids in Stock. Free Delivery On All Orders Over €75. Top Selle Geo-grid ground reinforcement works by allowing soil strike-through that causes the ground to press against the ribs of the grid, which in turn press against the joints or nodes that connect the ribs to each other. This creates a composite effect as the materials interlock with each other grass parking grids for churn-free ground reinforcement! Reinforce your grass parking area for all weather use, with the industry leading IBRAGRASS. Each grid is designed to hold up to 500 tonnes per square metre, making them the strongest grass parking grids ever made

This allows ground reinforcement without the expense of a full installation especially where tree root protection is a primary concern. Click on the installation guide below for full details. Our guide will assist you in installing our grid systems for the perfect ground reinforcement Heavy duty, UK made gravel grids for industrial and domestic driveways, car parks and ground reinforcement. IBRAN are a UK manufacturer of 100% recycled plastic gravel retention grids, guaranteed for 25 years Surface Reinforcement Grid. Rite Pave is an exceptionally durable permeable paving grid, perfect for protecting driveways and grass areas. Rite-Pave reinforcement systems are designed for long term use, providing a porous substrate support system which holds earth, grass or gravel. The permeable coarse will significantly reduce heat reflection and help the Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems. Ground Protection Grids - Ecogrid and Geogrid Systems. This system of grass pavers / paving grids are a strong interlocking 100% recycled cellular porous plastic paving grid system for grass reinforcement, ground stabilisation & gravel retention for regular trafficked surfaces (pedestrian and vehicles). Landtech Soils utilise Terram Bodpave. Grass & Ground Reinforcement. Our range of grass & ground reinforcement solutions include porous ground reinforcement paving grids, grass reinforcement mesh, temporary grass protection solutions, slope stabilization geocell and tree root protection systems. Applications include overflow grass car parking lots, access routes, fire truck lanes.

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The reinforcement pavers allow rainwater or surface water to penetrate the grid structure at source, allowing this water to immediately infiltrate the ground, helping to eliminate future flood risks whilst providing a firm reinforced grass or gravel paving TechPave is ground reinforcement blocks that you can fill with sand, soil, grass seed, pea shingle or gravel. TechPave is an ideal alternative to tarmac and paving and has been used in residential, public and commercial areas across the UK. It provides excellent strength and protection for the ground whilst allowing the free-flow of water. X-Grid® Ground Reinforcement grid is the new recycled plastic sustainable drainage system (SUDS) compliant solution. X-Grid® Ground Reinforcement grids are a high performance, durable and virtually maintenance free solution for use with grass or gravel. Ground Reinforcement Grids . X-Grid® is manufactured from 100% recycled Plastic an Recycled Drainage and Ground Reinforcement Grids - designed for permeable hard standing for parking and temporary access roads. A square metre comprises 9 grids. Can support 16 tonnes axle weight or 240 tonnes per square metre. Manufactured from British recycled plastic waste. No runoff - can be installed without planning permission

Ecogrid ground reinforcement grids are made from recycled and recyclable LDPE (low density polyethylene). It is a highly durable material, resistant to all extremes in temperature and the chemicals around today. The grids expand and contract comfortably within those temperature variations, flexibly bending where necessary The Hebden range of recycled plastic grids provide ground stabilisation and an alternative to tarmac that allows the rainwater to return directly to the wate..

Lite Grid Ground Reinforcement Black. £ 2.40 Per Item (£ 2.88 Inc. VAT) Out of stock. Lite Grid is tough, flexible and easy to install Ground Reinforcement Grid Cell System, making it the ideal choice for green areas, embankments, golf courses or anywhere else that needs stabilisation to make sturdy. Lite Grid also serves as a method of. Durapath Ground Reinforcement is good news for the owners of properties that badly need a car park or driveway makeover. Each set of 4 Durapath tiles makes up one square meter, and you can position them using a range of different markers to personalise your space. That means if you're laying a new office car park, you can easily identify. X-Grids - Ground Reinforcement Grids. £13.20 inc. VAT. ( £11.00 Exc. VAT) Made from 100% British recycled plastic. Suitable for a for a variety of ground reinforcement applications. Quantity Kedel's DGR grids are designed to improve water drainage and stop or prevent ground erosion, whether from walking, cycling, vehicles, animals or land migration. The tough, durable interlocking grid system is designed to provide ground reinforcement, turf protection and erosion control

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22 in. x 22 in. x 1.5 in. Premium Grid Plastic (12 Pavers ..

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  2. Mud control grids. Ideal for muddy paddocks, riding arenas, parking lots and pathways. The solution to prevent ground erosion. Excellent water drainage through the surface. And even in dry periods they keep the surface moist for longer. Up to 6.3 fl oz per 1 ft² (2 l per 1 m²). The interlocking design creates a stable, self-supporting structure
  3. A lightweight and strong ground reinforcement system, made from polyethylene. Suitable for grass or gravel stabilisation and ground reinforcement for applications such as domestic drives, paths, stables and caravan parks. Helps to reduce the chances of potholes, rutting or grass damage from water as its 90% porous nature reduces the rate of.
  4. The right product for every project. For more than 20 years, we have continually adapted our ECORASTER products to fit the requirements of our customers. We have the right ground reinforcement system to meet your needs. We would be happy to advise you during a personal consultation
  5. Ground Reinforcement Grids from British Recycled Plastic work as permeable paving allowing water to seep away instead of pooling. Based in the Calder Valley, scene of devastating flooding in 2012 and, more recently, on Boxing Day 2015, we have long championed the idea that it's best for rainwater to return to the water table rather than through our often antiquated drainage network, much of.
  6. MiraCell ® is a ground reinforcement solution. The cell structure is a strong and flexible, three dimensional, honeycomb grid, providing soil stabilisation. It restricts down slope migration in slope applications, provides an even distribution of weight when applied under paved and unpaved areas and provides stability when used on top of soft sub grades

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  1. Types of Ground Reinforcement Geo-Grids. Geo-grids are used for foundation soil, roadways bases, steep slopes, and more. And their main purpose is to provide ample reinforcement and stability for pavement and construction projects. There are numerous types ground reinforcement grids on the market today, ranging in everything from size to material
  2. GeoGrid ground reinforcement and stabilization grids can equal or better the axle or point load performance of other currently available 1.6 or 2 inch cellular geopavers. GeoGrid Standard can withstand loads up to 350 tons per square meter. Maintenance. Clean using a pressure washer or garden hose and non-metal scrub brush
  3. Best Quality and Free Maintenance Plastic Ground Reinforcement Grid. Leiyuan is offering plastic ground reinforcement grid system for customers from all over the world. We produce quality gravel and grass grids, they are suitable for driveways, paddock etc. Mor
  4. GeoGrid TM weighs just 4.5kg per square meter and is half the thickness of a typical concrete driveway, just 50mm. Benefits of GeoGrid. A soil stabilization ground reinforcement eco-grid system. Visually unobtrusive: 95% of surface area available for infill. Do-it-yourself installation in many applications. Can be saw cut
  5. Instead, ground reinforcement is one way to build up the surface without regularly adding more soil, gravel or an impervious material such as asphalt. This reinforcement consists of permeable pavement surfaces such as recycled plastic grids and pavers used to control water runoff and soil erosion. Plastic grids are placed into the ground
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Ground Reinforcement Grid. KC/Grid is a versatile, SUDS compliant permeable ground reinforcement system that is ideal for either gravel or grass retention. Manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled plastic it offers a highly permeable and cost effective alternative to tarmac or concrete surfaces. KC/Grid has been tested by specialists at Lloyds. The cellular design of the grids allows the dispersion of excess rain or flood water which makes it ideal for integration with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) and in areas prone to flooding or with water dispersion problems. Geogrid Pavers can be in-filled with either aggregate and decorative stones to provide robust ground reinforcement 2-Inch Geo Ground Grid: can hold only pedestrian traffic and can be used up to 10-15% in slope. 4-Inch Geo Ground Grid: can hold vehicle loads (with gravel only) and can be used up to 45% slope. 8-Inch Geo Ground Grid: can be used for any vehicle traffic and all slope percentages.Primary application of this grid is for retaining walls Garden Ground Reinforcement & Grids > Garden Ground Reinforcement & Grids > 4 x GRASS GRID Paver Base Greenhouse Deck Path Turf Lawn Gravel Driveway Trendy.

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The Eco GreenGrid is a tough, durable, interlocking grid system designed to provide turf protection, ground reinforcement and erosion control. It comes pre-assembled in lightweight 14.31ft 2 (1.33m 2) pieces for easy handling and installation. Manufactured from 100% recycled plastics and providing superior water drainage, this revolutionary. Full range of EcoGrid ground reinforcement grids - all made from 100% recycled plastic - the ultimate sustainable solution! Find the right product here At Technix Rubber we specialise in ground reinforcement grids, our range of ground protection grid solutions include PaveLok and TechPave.. Our grass protection grids are an ideal alternative to tarmac and paving and have been used in commercial, residential and public areas all across the UK perfo terra-grid grass and ground reinforcement system for muddy and soft ground. PERFO - S2T Grass Reinforcement PERFO-SD, PERFO-EQ, PERFO-AK and PERFO-AK+ recycled plastic tiles The easily installed green solution for ground & grass reinforcement. For parking, tracks, verges, footpaths, airfields, helipads, farms, equine,.

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The ground reinforcement mesh has a slip resistance surface which has been tested to BS7976-2 standards. When the ground reinforcement mesh was tested alongside other mesh products this ground reinforcement mesh was 33% better than its competitors. The ground reinforcement mesh, a better ground reinforcement product for a better project Strong, quick and easy ground reinforcement grid for driveways and garden buildings. Quick and easy to install our permeable paving can be laid at approximately 100 m² per hour when delivered in 1m² sections on a pallet of 50m². Also available is a retail pack sold in a 2m² that will require simple 'locking' into place

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Paving Grid. Gardoo paving grid is a eco friendly permeable solution to surfacing around your garden and home. Manufactured from 100% recycled materials it is designed to work with soil, grass and decorative gravel. Extremely versatile, it is lightweight, easy to use and has outstanding strength to withstand the most challenging uses Ground Reinforcement Grids A robust and versatile ground reinforcement system for car parks, driveways, overspill parking, pathways, equestrian yards, gateways and more. Made from 100% recycled... Read more. Login to Buy. Register for Trade Account. Related products Often required with Ground Reinforcement Grids AB Reinforcement Grid is a high strength polyester mesh geogrid that is coated with a black protective film. It is used to give added strength to the retaining wall by reinforcing the soil behind it. This light duty grid is manufactured by a world leader in geosynthetics, Strata Systems, and is distributed exclusively through the Allan Block.

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Provides ground stability, reinforcement, protection and strength right out of the box. Grid sections alone provide automatic ground reinforcement. Lightweight at just 2.43 lbs., each grid section is durable enough to withstand harsh environments, heavy weight and high traffic. Prevents surface deformation even at high temperatures Boddingtons online is your trusted source for landscaping, grass and ground reinforcement, geocells and geotextiles. Leading manufacturers of landscaping solutions. Shop Now. Weed-control fabric proven for suppressing weeds in landscaping and garden applications without the need for chemicals. Landscape Fabrics

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Tough Grid Ground Reinforcement Grid. Our tough grid ground reinforcement grid is a highly versatile product, ideal for a range of outdoor applications. Each grid is 500mm x 500mm, which makes it easy to cover large areas and also complex shapes Ground Reinforcement. Where you need to protect the ground we have a number of ground reinforcement products. These include pavers that can be installed with either a grass or gravel filled surface, pavers that are suitable for lorry, coach and car parks and a variety of mesh products for ground reinforcement and protection. Erosion Control Ground Reinforcement Grids Heavy Duty For Grass Protection If you have muddy areas and ground churning issues, use our ground reinforcement grids to stabilise the ground! Sized at 50 x 50 x 4CM and designed with brilliant flexibility, ground reinforcement grids are tough in build and able to take on the trampling and bounding wheels of golf. Say goodbye to water build-up on your driveway this winter! Our fully permeable paving grids provide a stable ground reinforcement solution with either grass or gravel finish - ideal for car parking, driveways and access routes

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tensile strength: 140KN/m. 50m/Roll Geogrid Soil Stabilization Ground Grid Engineering Construction. length: 50m/roll. width: 5m. scalation rate: less than 3.5%. temperature resistance: from -105℃ to 278 ℃. 1m Width Anti Static PET Fiberglass Geogrid For Enhancing Driveway. material: fiberglass. length: 50m/roll Ground reinforcement grids, also known as grass protection grids, are a highly flexible and cost-effective solution for strengthening outdoor surfaces for a variety of purposes. For car parks, driveways, access roads and pathways, plastic grids provide a simple base for permanent and semi-permanent structures Each grid is 495mm x 495mm with a 40mm depth and therefore 4 grid tiles cover 1m2. From just £15.50 + VAT per square metre, these ground reinforcement grids are a cost effective way of stabilising a surface. Each grid locks to its neighbours, giving a solid, level surface for vehicles and pedestrians when used as paving grids Simply lay the CORE Grass Reinforcement grids, fill 80% of the depth of the cells with a loose soil mix then lay the turf over the grids. Pass over the surface with a vibrating roller so that the turf sheers into the grids, providing an instantly usable surface EcoGrid ® Premium quality surfacing solutions, in fact The World's No. 1 Permeable Paving. See our full range We all recognise brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Barbour, Rolex and Montblanc synonymous with quality, longevity, aesthetic style and ability to perform under even the toughest of conditions. Our produc