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  1. SSB Screening test procedure with example. As discussed in the first part of 'Back to Basic' series, SSB interview is divided into 2 stages, the first stage of which is the screening test. After screening, the candidates who succeed are retained for the further interview process and the rest are asked to leave the same day
  2. Roughly 60% of the candidates get screened out after Stage 1 in the SSB Interview. Why does it happen and how can you make sure that you clear the screening.
  3. PPDT Challenge | SSB Interview | Screening Test | Stage 1 SSB | Sharad Mudgal | GradeupCDS, AFCAT, SSB, Other Graduate Entries-https://bit.ly/2RLwUpu F..
  4. PPDT Challenge | SSB Interview | Screening Test | Stage 1 SSB | Sharad Mudgal | GradeupStory Writing is very important for SSB Interview. In this session, Sh..

The following tips will help you to project better social graces and appropriate mannerism at each stage of your SSB. Screening Test (Stage-1): Maintain a friendly disposition and make a deliberate effort to interact with candidates, especially, eight to ten Chest No's on either side of your own Chest No (they will be a part of your sub group. tips for performing well in pp&dt of ssb. i) focus on developing and working on enhancing and acquiring social ability /leadership ability/ communication skills. ii) to be mentally prepared and alert to respond quickly to any given situation. iii) imbibe the following right habits in routine to instill the changes in your personality: 1

Screening Test comprises of two tests, these tests are named as Officer Intelligence rating Test and Picture Perception and Discussion Test.. Important - On the first day you will find a lot of NETA type candidates, they will be having all knowledge about SSB Interview. This kind of candidates tends to influence you and bring your moral down, especially in case of Freshers, so you must avoid. SSB Interview Procedure. The SSB Interview Procedure comprises of two stage selection process: Stage I & Stage II. Candidates, those qualify the Stage I, only they are permitted to appear for Stage II. The complete procedure is given below: Stage 1: This stage consists of Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) tests and Picture Perception. Check 5-day SSB Interview procedure here.This article will provide you with complete details of all the tests in the SSB Interview. This information is useful for all the candidates who appear in SSB interview for CDS, NDA, TES, TGC, UES, TA, INET, AFCAT etc. A major hurdle in the way of defence aspirants after clearing the written exam such as CDS & NDA, AFCAT is the SSB Interview which is.

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  1. ary stage for filtering out the potential candidates from all the candidates who have applied for the SSB. Although many experts say that no preparation is required for this stage, we don't believe in such things
  2. 5 Days Procedure In SSB Interview 2020. Candidates who are preparing for the SSB interview 2020 can find the detailed SSB interview 5 days process and detailed information about Psychological tests, Personal interview and GTO tasks here. Many candidates are freshers, they are not aware of SSB interview procedure, this leads to problems during.
  3. ation commission conducted the SSB Interview at the various SSB Centres in the country. NDA 1 2021 Army SSB Interview Centre. SSB.
  4. Screening Test in SSB interview comprises of three major activities, namely, OIR(Officers' Intelligence Rating) Test, Listen to the briefing given by psychologist before the beginning of PP&DT test carefully. Stage 1 SSB - SSB Oir ebook.
  5. Stage 2 includes Interview, Group Testing Officer Tasks, Psychology Tests, and the Conference. These all procedures will be done 4 or 5 days and it will carry 900 marks. SSB Interview Procedure. There are the Stage 1 and Stage 2 process and those applicants will be qualified in the stage, only they will go for stage 2 and there is the.
  6. Day 1 - SSB interview . The stage-I has been divided into two different parts, including. Intelligence Test: It is a simple test which is designed to judge logic or analytical aptitude of candidates. Based on their knowledge, intelligence rating ranging from I to V is awarded to candidates

Candidates will be put through two stage selection procedure- Stage 1 and Stage 2. Those who clear Stage 1 will go to Stage 2. Those who fail in stage 1 will be returned on the same day. Duration of SSB interview is five days and details of the same are available on official website of Directorate General of Recruiting i.e www.joinindianarmy. These SSB interview books and ebooks would help you to clear the SSB Interview. There are many candidates using our SSB preparation material to crack the SSB and AFSB interview. Download now. SSB interview is conducted by Services Selection Board for the recruitment of officers. SSB interview is a five days process with include two stage of. SSB OIR : Complete Guide to Stage 1 SSB interview. SSB OIR is a complete guide to stage 1 SSB. It contains all kinds of verbal and non verbal topics asked in SSB. These topics have easy explanations to introduce you with the variations. Further, the book has ample amount of practice sets with detailed explanation

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How to Clear Day 1 Screening Test in SSB Interview But the P.P.D.T: is the most important part of the Phase-I Testing because candidates selection for Phase-II Testing is full depended on it only. Your performance in this test decide that you will stay for another 4 days or not Stage 1 In Stage 1 GTO explains only once various features of the model laying on the ground, he will tell you about the marks, direction, scale and other features of the model like roads (Metallic or nonmetallic road), dams, nalas, river, railway lines, police posts, jungle or any other features, doubts if any are to be cleared at the end of. If you are late , please call us for admission - 9696330033 or Visit our Website - www.majorkalshiclasses.com and take online admission. The SSB Interview class terms starts at 9:00 am to 5 pm. On every 12 days & Sunday special 10:00 to 4:00 pm. DAY. DETAILS. DAY- 1 5 Days NDA SSB Interview Selection Procedure Day 1. The stage-I has been divided into two different parts, including . Intelligence Test: It is a simple test which is designed to judge logic or analytical aptitude of candidates.Based on their knowledge, intelligence rating ranging from I to V is awarded to candidates

In 1 minute you have to write down the details like gender of the characters you have seen, their age, mood and circle the character you have seen first. All these details have to be marked inside the box printed on the sheet provided by SSB. Write M/F/P for male/female/person (if the gender is not clear) Psychology Test. Candidates who clear Stage 1 are then made to appear for Stage II test. The first day of Stage II starts with Psychology Test. The Psychological tests at SSB are Projective Tests designed to let a person respond to the stimulus given to candidates in a form of picture, word or a situation SSB OIR & PPDT : Complete Guide To Stage 1. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings (2 customer reviews) Ssb oir. Plzz restock this book I really need it. July 3, 2021. Vivek roy. Sale! SSB Interview Bundle (Pack Of 10+ eBooks) Rated 5.00 out of

Strategy for Combined Defense Service (written stage), already given in a separate article click me. This current article deals with the interview stage (written by a guest author Mr.Ketankumar Patil.) Information Letter Date of reporting + Absentee Batch Travelling Allowance @the SSB centre Day#1: Two Tests #1: Officer Intelligence rating Test (OIR) #2: Picture perception and Discussion Test. SSB Interview takes place in two Stages i.e Stage-1, screening test and Stage-2 in which various test like psychological test, SSB Interview and Ground Tasks are conducted. SSB Interview in very important and candidates should not take this as a normal interview. Interviewing Officer in trained to assess your personality from the answers you. Amazon.in - Buy SSB OIR & PPDT : Complete Guide To Stage 1 SSB Interview (English) book online at best prices in India on Amazon.in. Read SSB OIR & PPDT : Complete Guide To Stage 1 SSB Interview (English) book reviews & author details and more at Amazon.in. Free delivery on qualified orders SSB ENTIRE PROCEDURE DAY-1 TO DAY-5 Reporting Day :- All aspirants are called one day prior to the screening in test. (a) Form Filling (b) Chest Number Allotted Stage-1 Day-1 :- Screening Test (a) OIR (Officer Intelligence Rating Test) (i) Verbal OIR : 40 Questions in 22 Minutes (ii) Non-Verbal OIR : 40 Questions in 17 Minutes Note: Syllabus already uploaded on my YouTube channel: SSB PRACTICE. SSB 2020 Preparation Material . The SSB Interview 2020 for entries like: NDA, AFCAT, TES and others are going to be conducted very soon. Candidates who are going to attend the SSB interview for Army, Airforce and Navy requires a strong foundation and preparation material for the final execution of SSB 2020

Ssb interview lasts for 5 days and are divided into 2stages. On 1st stage:DAY 1 SCREEING TEST- you have to wear formals. Light colour shirt with dark colour trousers. Leather shoes and belt.prefer shoes with lace and in colour black. Tie is option.. SSB Day Zero. Candidates are received from the train station on the day of reporting and taken to the SSB center. On the reporting day, formalities like verification of documents are done. Candidates are given chest numbers. Then a GTO officer gives a briefing about instructions to be followed. SSB Day 1 (screening test) - Stage The exams are conducted twice annually, and the dates for 2021 have already been announced. If you are selected for appearing in the interview, learning how to prepare and crack the NDA SSB interview is a crucial step.. It should be noted that the interview is conducted by the SSB (Service Selection Board) of the Indian Army, and the SSB interview process goes on for five long days SSB OIR Test Syllabus. 30-September 2020 2.00. 5 days SSB Interview is headed by various test and levels. Initially it gets started with Stage 1 Testing- OIR and PPDT, which gives clearance from the Day 1 Screening phase. In this article know how to prepare for OIR test in SSB and what changing strategy and method required for OIR test in SSB

SSB Interview February 14, 2017 GTO 2 Comments 11,512 Views L ecturette is one of the nine tasks of the GTO series and the task is important because here you got an opportunity to score well as here each candidate has to individually perform and no one can disturb or interrupt you Yes, they do keep a reord. If you fail in screening test at any board the the next time you go for ssb whichever board it is, you will be considered as repeater in the stage 1 and after that in the stage 2 you will be considered as a fresher. Pls share this site to your friends and let us know any shortcomings of the site, so that we can. CDS SSB PERSONAL INTERVIEW ROUND. The interview round duration is 30 to 60 minutes. In this round, a candidate is required to carry all certificates related to academics and extra-curricular activities. CDS SSB 2020 Interview Process . CDS SSB DAY 5 - Final Day. Final Day of CDS SSB is also called as Conference Day

1) SSB Interview -The Complete Guide: This book is written by Commander (Dr) NK Natarajan, who has an experience of over 25 years in the Indian Navy, and a three year experience as a Group Task Officer at the SSB Board, Bhopal.. This book will give you a deeper insight on the various stages of 5 days SSB tests This book covered everything we need for SSB stage-1 testing, the best part is the original questions that we face in SSB including 30+ chapters. 40+ PPDT stories that too similar to what I have faced in SSB interview. A wonderful book, covers almost every chapter needed for OIR Test Phase 1 is called the Preliminary Selection Board Exam (PBS) which is similar to the SSB screening stage. Phase 2, the Final Selection Board, includes psychological tests, group tasks, a personal interview, and an assessor's conference. shortlisted candidates proceed to later test Screening happens in stage-1 testing of SSB interview, screening consist of intelligence test and PPDT. Intelligence test consist of verbal and non-verbal tests on the other hand, PPDT know as picture perception and discussion test which includes story writing and group discussion

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OIR Test & PPDT - SSB Interview Screening Test 2021 - Stage 1 Testing - [Paperback] eBook Downloads: 795. 490 ₹ 399 ₹ DAY 1. On the day candidate has to report, he has to follow the instructions as mentioned in the SSB call letter. Generally, the candidate has to report at the railway station in the morning between 7 Am - 8 Am, and from there candidates are escorted to the board by one of the SSB official Be it a girl or a boy, any candidate who stays at the SSB centre witnesses a completely new world and really enjoys his/her stay. And for a recommended candidate it is a real jackpot! A candidate who has ever been to a SSB can surely co-relate an.. PPDT also known as Picture Perception and Discussion Test is one of the two tests conducted in stage one testing of SSB interview, another one is the officer intelligence rating test. Officer intelligence test consists of written test in verbal and non-verbal questions which is very easy and do not count much for screening, but PPDT plays an.

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Indian Army has opened the NCC 50 SSB interview date selection link for men and women. Candidates can check their profile and select their NCC 50 SSB dates in time, some candidates who are seeing batch full message after date selection are suggested to keep checking and select once new dates are open SSB consist of 2 stages, first stage is called as screening test and second stage consist of 3 important test knows as Psychology test, Group Testing Officers (GTO) Test and personal interview.This post is regarding screening, yes screening seems very difficult for those who got screened out many times.Screening test is indeed a difficult test because of the competition level, screening test. UPSC CDS-1 2020 SSB Interview Dates for IMA, AFA, INA and OTA. CDS Selection Process comprises of two stages- Written test and SSB Interview. In the first stage (written exam), candidates have to attempt three papers for IMA, INA and AFA, whereas for OTA they have to attempt for only 2 papers

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The stage-II tests comprise of three different techniques, namely the psychological tests, group tasks and personal interview. This shall be elaborated separately. However, it is emphasised that in all the three techniques the assessment is of your personality which is based on specified 15 OLQs (Officer Like Qualities) Official Update on 13th Oct 2020: SSB CENTRE FOR TGC-132 COURSE HAS BEEN ALLOTTED.CANDIDATES ARE ADVISED TO CHECK SSB DETAILS IN FEEDBACK/QUERY SECTION OF THEIR PROFILE. As the Indian Army has published the TGC 132 cut off marks, shortlisted candidates are being sent the SSB interview date and venue information via email and SMS.The SSB interview for TGC 132 will be starting from Nov 2020 and. Read Latest Reviews of Oir Test Ppdt Ssb Interview Screening Stage 1 Testing on Flipkart.com. Find genuine customer reviews and ratings. Buy Oir Test Ppdt Ssb Interview Screening Stage 1 Testing at best prices on Flipkart.com Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for SSB OIR & PPDT : Complete Guide To Stage 1 SSB Interview (English) at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users Rules are the most important part of the GTO series. You must follow them accordingly. Task 1 - 2 Group Discussions. The Group Discussions will be conducted as a part of the Group Testing on the Day-3 of the SSB Interview process. As part of the Group Discussion, the candidates are given two topics to discuss one after another

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CDS SSB Interview process is divided into two categories - Stage 1 and; Stage 2. Stage-I of SSB:-This Stage Involves Officer Intelligence Rating and Picture Perception & Description Test. Stage-2 of SSB:-Stage-II includes Interview, Group Testing Officer Task, Psychology Test and Conference as well. In addition to this, Stage 2 of this. SSB PPDT Picture Perception and Description Test. Picture Perception and Description Test or PPDT is the second test of SSB Stage-1 screening. In PPDT, a picture is shown to you for 30 seconds and time is given to you to write a story on it The Complete Functioning Of SSB Interview 2021. In order to ensure maximum efficiency and profit, it is important to ensure that the right people are assigned the right role in an organization. The criteria and method for selection have changed over the years, from brisk and arbitrary to elaborate and intricate

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  1. SSB Interview February 11, 2017 Screening 17 Comments 104,013 Views O fficer Intelligence Rating or OIR is a test of intelligence of a candidate. This test comprises of two test booklets, each booklet has around 40 (sometimes 50) questions for which you will be given 17 Minutes time (will increase for 50 questions)
  2. SSB INTERVIEW SCHEDULE (THE DAY HAS ARRIVED) There are three Selection Centres located across the country. These are at Allahabad, Bhopal and Bangalore. Each selection centre consists of four to five Service Selection Boards( SSBs). Your SSB interview will happen at one of these centres. RECEPTION. On the day of arrival you have to report to.
  3. AFSB interview is conducted by Indian Air Force for the selection of candidates through NDA, CDSE and AFCAT entry. Below, we have mentioned the complete Air Force interview and selection procedure. Though there is not much difference in AFSB and SSB interview, but candidates can go through this post to know more about AFSB Interview process and schedule

I would like to share my screening experience i had my very first SSB experience in 14 SSB allahabad, on 27 march 2019, through the 10+2 TES scheme. mine was the 41st course. basically like any other aspirant, i had purchased the SSB book by Dr. C.. NDA SSB Interview 2021 Selection Process Details: On 30th June 2021, UPSC has declared the result of the National Defence Academy (NDA) and Naval Academy Examination (NA) (1) 2021 held on 18th April 2021.Shortlisted candidates have been qualified for Interview by the Services Selection Board (SSB) of the Ministry of Defence for Admission to Army, Navy and Air Force Wings of the National.

SSB Interview Process- Schedule of Each 5 Days Activities Unlike other organization, the selection process in the armed forces is very elaborate and is done over five years. Three different assessors namely the interviewing officer, group testing officer and the psychologist test the same candidate on 3 different perspective and arrive at their. SSB OIR Test Sample Questions, On day 1 of SSB interview candidates have to face the screening test, two rounds are conducted under this - first OIR test and second is PPDT (picture perception and description test). Merit is created on the basis of candidate's performance in both the tests SSB Syllabus 2021: Before preparing for the SSB Constable Exam 2021, candidates must check the SSB Syllabus 2021.Sashastra Seema Bal will release the recruitment notice for various posts such as Constable Tradesman, Constable GD, Head Constable, Sub Inspector (SI GD/ LDCE) and various other posts soon on its official website

Importance of Command Task in SSB interview The Command Task This is the last and the final task in the GTO tasks. This is the confirmatory task. Contrary to what we have analyzed all this while, this activity concentrates on the behavior of the individual instead of dealing with the entire group. Let us [ SSB Interview of CDS follows a two-stage selection process. All the candidates will be first put to the first stage one test on the first day of reporting at selection centres. Only those candidates who qualify stage one will be called for stage two. Candidates need to submit a photocopy of Class 10 certificate or equivalent in support of date.

SSB Interview Tips Indian defence updates Indian Army Updates Indian Army Updates. Get latest Indian Army updates here. Recent developments in Army are provided for SSB aspirants to give the cutting edge to the aspirants. What's new and popular under the category - Indian Army Update After getting screened out in 1 st Attempt (TES Entry-SSB Allahabad) I felt little low & started to overthink about my OLQ's. After that, I cracked NDA written examination & got my dates for SSB. One of my relatives informed me about the renowned institute indefence sector known as Major Kalshi Classes How to solve cubes questions in SSB Interview. June 4, 2017 Screening 3. On the day 1 of the SSB Interview, you will be facing OIR test i.e. Officer Intelligence Rating Test in which two sets of booklets will be given to you and these booklets contain question-related to verbal and non-verbal intelligence. One such type of questions is of those.

Case Study #1: Avoid ruminating by continuing to look for other jobs. Per Ohstrom says that he usually feels a little bit nervous after that final round of interviews, but that he does his. Crack SSB interview with best tips. Check out best SSB coaching, books and tips to crack. FInd AFCAT, NDA NA, CDSE, TGC, TES, UES, SSC notifications, how to fill and apply online, SSB dates and merit lists. Learn how to join Indian Army, Air Force and Navy. Read about WAT, TAT, PPDT, SRT, GTO tests to crack SSB You don't need any books for the preparation of SSB. SSB is a test of your personality and how you react to different situations. By understanding your responses the assessors are able to gauge your personality and how you'd react when put in toug.. Blue Origin's first passenger spaceflight on Tuesday was a success, with the company's rocket carrying founder Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark Bezos, aerospace pioneer Wally Funk, and Dutch teenager. SSB Intelligence Test Preparation and practice Mock Test. SSB intelligence test is the first and foremost test conducted at the SSB interview selection centre. Here we have brought verbal reasoning practice set of SSB intelligence test. Aspirants who want to crack SSB interview must score more than 90% in the OIR (Officers Intelligence Rank) test

In the course of designing a research project, researchers may find it useful to include a debriefing of the study for participants at the close of the project. The debriefing process is a requirement for studies that employ deception (#1 below), however it could also be used as an educational tool (#2 below). What follows are: a) guidelines for preparing a Kuali Protoco SSB Interview Procedure 2019. SSB interview procedure is a mandatory process to become a Service Selection Board officer in any of Indian defence force irrespective of the age group and kind of entry it is. There just can't be any Indian defence officer who had not experienced this five days Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview process The Minerva Academy has achieved an enviable and unbeatable record of success for imparting coaching for SSB Interviews. The Minerva Academy is the Premier, the Oldest and the Best Academy for Services Selection Board (SSB) Interviews for officer level entry into the Armed Forces of India (Army, Navy, and Air Force)

Candidates will be put through two stage selection procedure. Those who clear Stage-1 will go to Stage-2. Those who fail in Stage-1 will be returned on the same day. Duration of SSB interviews is five days, and details of the same are available at official website of Directorate General of Recruiting ie. www.joinindianarmy.nic.in Amazon.in - Buy Breaking The Code of SSB Psychological Tests - SSB Interview (TAT/WAT/SRT/SD) book online at best prices in India on Amazon.in. Read Breaking The Code of SSB Psychological Tests - SSB Interview (TAT/WAT/SRT/SD) book reviews & author details and more at Amazon.in. Free delivery on qualified orders The Interview Consists both Intelligence & Personality Test. Intelligence and Personality Test: The SSB procedure consists of two stage Selection process-stage I and stage II. Only those candidates who clear the stage I are permitted to appear for stage II. The details are : a. Stage I comprises of Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) tests are.

SSB Interview: After clearing the written test, candidates have to go through the SSB Interview. The interview process will have a total of 900 marks. Language: The question paper of Mathematics and PART B of the General Ability test will be available in both English and Hindi languages. The written examination of NDA 2021 is structured as follows Read Online Ssb Interview By Nk Natarajan Ssb Interview By Nk Natarajan As recognized, adventure as without difficulty as experience not quite lesson, amusement, as well as union can be gotten by just checking out a books ssb interview by nk natarajan as a consequence it is not directly done, you could put up with even more around this life, roughly the world SAPATH BUILDING 105/244, Tagore Town, Prayagraj- 211002 Mob No. +91-9696220022,+91-9696330033, WhatsApp No. 9696230033 [email protected INET, AFCAT, NDA, CDS, SSB Coaching in Delhi - Georgians Academy (Call: 7065502763) is India's Top 10 SSB Coaching in Delhi & INET Coaching in Delhi. We are known as India's No.1 Defense Force Career Training Academy, which provide the Best SSB Coaching Classes in Delhi. We are Best NDA Coaching in Delhi, CDS Coaching in Delhi and AFCAT Coaching in Delhi for Written Exam & Interview

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OIR Test Part 1 eBook created by SSBCrack covers the solved questions which candidates will face in officer intelligence rating test at SSB day 1. This eBook contains 75 solved original and sample questions like Cube, Dice, Aptitude and mental ability. Category: OIR Test Tags: Aptitude Test, Officer Intelligence Rating Test, OIR Test, Screening. TITLE: PILOT IN THE CANADIAN FORCES JANJUA: In adrenaline-pumping aerial combat at Mach 1.5 BALDASARO: Delivering troops and supplies to Afghanistan and the High Arctic CURTIS: Or 40 feet above the North Atlantic in gale force winds in search of a hostile submarine or a stranded merchant vessel JANJUA: We are the wings of Canada Indian Army SSC Tech 2021 57th Men and 28th Women - Indian Army has released cut-off percentage of 57th Short Service Commission (Tech) Men (2021) and 28th Short Service Commission (Tech) Women (2021). The application process was started on May 25, 2021 and ends on June 23, 2021. To get selected, candidates have to first get shortlisted on the basis of their application form, then go through.

A briefing exercise; An interview. All of the exercises have been created with the Detective Constable role in mind. Both the in-tray and the briefing will place you in the role of a qualified detective constable. Following the completion of each exercise, you will be required to fill in a 'self-reflection' form. Stage 1: Application Form Stage 1: Resolution. If a complaint is relatively straightforward, and the customer has reasonable expectations about what the provider could do to resolve it, ICE will liase between the parties. Download Officers Intelligence Rating Test (OIR Test) Practice Sets for SSB Interview eBook 2019 - 2020 for OIR Test for men and women candidates. OIR Test ebook consists of 20 sets 1000+ questions for OIR solved papers OIR Test & PPDT - SSB Interview Screening Test - Stage 1 Testing. by SSBCrack. 4.3 out of 5 stars 409. Paperback ₹390 ₹ 390 ₹490 ₹490 Save ₹100 (20%) Get it by Thursday, July 15. FREE Delivery over ₹499. Fulfilled by Amazon. Breaking The Code of SSB Psychological Tests - SSB Interview (TAT/WAT/SRT/SD) by SSBCrack I have done my graduation from vbu Hazaribagh with physics Hons in 2016. Write now I am working in TCS as a process associate and have experience 1.7 years. In my family, there are five members including me my parents, and my elder sister. My strength is I'm a fast learner and Talking about my weaknesses. I'm a perfectionist and I'm a workaholic

SSB Panel (MANSA, VACHA, KARMANA) for NDA SSB Interview We, at Centurion Defence Academy, make you well prepared and organized for each and every stage that is there in the SSB selection process. Profound SSB trainers and all are ex-board members having rich experience in assessing candidate's psychology, GTO and interview skills the appropriate Stage of Change Section and continue with the script. Sample Script for Initial Alcohol Counseling (continued) Sample Script for Brief Alcohol Counseling Ver3.0 - July 2013 Page 3 For Precontemplators (Readiness Ruler Score 1-3): From what you are saying, it sounds like you feel comfortable with your current level of. SSB Interview screens the candidates for the Army, Navy and Air Force. It will be five days long procedure which includes two stages of testing as stage I & stage II. On the basis of UPSC NDA result 2021 (written test), qualified candidates will be called for Interview round by the Services Selection Board Indian Army SSC Tech 57 Merit List - Indian Army has released cut off percentage for Join Indian Army SSC Tech 57 th Men 28th Women Oct 2021 batch intake. Indian Army SSC Tech 57 Merit List 2021 releases at the official website. Those whose names are on the merit list will get joining letters for pre-commissioning training at OTA, Chennai County Letter (June 1, 2020) Revision Of Bringing Families Home (BFH) Program Monthly Data Report BFH 17 (10/19) County Letter (May 28, 2020) CalFresh Extension Of Waivers To Support Timely Processing Of Applications In Response To Coronavirus: Interview And Telephonic Signature. County Letter (May 21, 2020) CalFresh Emergency Allotments For.