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Today, 84 national and international human rights organizations have launched a call on states at the UN Human Rights Council to renew and strengthen the important mandate of the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Venezuela during the upcoming Council session in September. States should ensure that the Fact-Finding Mission has sufficient funding and is empowered to collect. May 4, 2020 • Press Release Massacre at Guanare Detention Center in Venezuela Must Not Go Unpunished. In response to reports that at least 46 prisoners were killed and more than 70 injured in a violent incident inside the Los Llanos Penitentiary Centre (CEPELLA) in Guanare, Portuguesa state, yesterday, Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas director at Amnesty International, said

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18 August 2020, 09:48 UTC to Amnesty International's knowledge, Venezuela is the only country in the region that has arrested health workers and brought them before military and civil tribunals. To date, Amnesty International had received information of at least 12 health workers who have been detained during the pandemic, including many. Amnesty International called on the international community to recognize that Venezuela is facing a situation of massive human rights violations and that Venezuelans seeking international protection require an immediate response under a framework of respect for human rights, with strict adherence to the principle of non-refoulement Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas director at Amnesty International. Among those who will benefit from this measure are the prisoner of conscience and union leader Rubén González, 61, detained since November 2019 in the La Pica prison in the state of Monagas, and the parliamentarians Gilber Caro and Renzo Prieto, arbitrarily detained in the headquarters of the Special Actions Force (FAES) of the. Amnesty International. VENEZUELA 2020. The continuing human rights crisis in Venezuela saw further reports of extrajudicial executions, excessive use of force and unlawful killings by the security forces during the year. People expressing criticism of government policies - including political activists, journalists and health workers - were.

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Amnesty International Report 2020/21 ix PREFACE In 2020, a mere cluster of molecules shook the whole world. Smaller than can be seen by the naked eye, a very local virus unleashed with marked rapidity a global pandemic. Whatever will be proven to be its precise genesis, the coronavirus (COVID-19) and its mass casualties flourishe AI - Amnesty International. Human Rights in the Americas. Review of 2019 - Venezuela [AMR 01/1353/2020] Venezuela continued to experience an unprecedented human rights crisis. Extrajudicial executions, arbitrary detentions, excessive use of force and unlawful killings by the security forces continued as part of a policy of repression to. Amnesty International Report 2020/21; The State of the World's Human Rights; Venezuela 2020. The continuing human rights crisis in Venezuela saw further reports of extrajudicial executions, excessive use of force and unlawful killings by the security forces during the year. People expressing criticism of government policies - including. in Venezuela, the ability of Rubén's family to visit him has been severely limited. On 12 June 2020, the United Nation's working group on arbitrary detention released an opinion on Rubén's case (United Nations document A/HRC/WGAD/2020/18), declaring his detention arbitrary and a continuation of a pattern of targeting labour activists 5 September - Amnesty International condemns the June 2019 torture and killing of Navy Captain Rafael Acosta Arévalo. 6 September - The NGO Programa Venezolano de Educación-Acción (Venezuelan Program for Education-Action, Provea) reports 1,500 extrajudicial killings by pro-Madero forces in 2020

First UA: 1/20 Index: AMR 53/1639/2020 Venezuela Date: 8 January 2020 URGENT ACTION OPPOSITION MEMBERS AT HIGH RISK OF ATTACK Renewed attacks on representatives and staff linked to opposition parties in Venezuela's National Assembly began on 20 December 2019 Amnesty International recorded that 1,477 death sentences were imposed in 54 countries, down 36% from at least 2,307 in 2019. At the end of 2020, at least 28,567 people were known to be under sentence of death. The following methods of execution were used across the world in 2020: beheading, electrocution, hanging, lethal injection and shooting

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  1. Amnesty International reported Monday that authorities in Venezuela, El Salvador and Paraguay have held tens of thousands of people in inadequate state-run quarantine centers. The report deemed the facilities to be a form of repression. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in March, detention centers in Venezuela, El Salvador and Paraguay have held thousands of people in quarantine
  2. Amnesty International interviewed experts in health care, policing, trade, and business and human rights to understand the many ways tear gas is misused around the world. Taken together, these interviews show the gulf between portrayals of tear gas as a simple less lethal weapon used for crowd dispersal, and the harm its misuse can cause in.
  3. ated by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-EP.
  4. Peru is betraying its tradition of solidarity with Venezuelans seeking protection and is now deliberately rejecting people at the border, Amnesty International revealed today in a new report, In search of safety: Peru turns its back on people fleeing Venezuela. Venezuelan asylum-seekers trying to enter via Peru's border with Ecuador are being turned away, despite appearing to fulfil all the.
  5. On the eve of the tenth anniversary on 1 October 2020 of the publication of the Report of the Mapping Exercise documenting the most serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law committed within the territory of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) between 1993 and 2003, no action has been taken
  6. Amnesty International (also referred to as Amnesty or AI) is an international non-governmental organization with its headquarters in the United Kingdom focused on human rights.The organization says it has more than seven million members and supporters around the world. The stated mission of the organization is to campaign for a world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights.

Transparency International ranked as Canada the least corrupt country in the Americas (11 th worldwide) in its 2020 Corruption Perceptions Index, followed by Uruguay (21 st) the United States and Chile (joint 25 th). Venezuela (176 th) was ranked the most corrupt in the region, followed by Haiti (170 th) Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 8 million people in more than 150 countries and territories, working to end human rights abuses. November 30, 2020. According to information from the NGO Cubalex, Caracas 1050 - Venezuela. Sept. 15, 2020 Amnesty International USA Recommends All Senators Support Immediate Passage of the Venezuela TPS Act of 2019 (H.R. 549/S. 636) through Unanimous Consent Venezuela is undergoing a massive humanitarian and human rights crisis, one which has forced nearly five million Venezuelans to flee the country Bernardo Caal Xol, a Q'eqchi' Maya Indigenous leader and Guatemalan human rights defender, is a prisoner of conscience who has been wrongfully imprisoned for more than two years, Amnesty International said today.. Since 2015, Bernardo Caal has defended the rights of the communities of Santa María Cahabón, who have been affected by the construction of the OXEC hydroelectric plant on the Oxec.

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  1. The index, which ranks 180 countries and territories by their perceived levels of public sector corruption according to experts and businesspeople, uses a scale of zero to 100, where zero is highly corrupt and 100 is very clean. Like previous years, more than two-thirds of countries score below 50 on this year's CPI, with an average score of.
  2. Amnesty International, USA, January 27, 2020. Since his arbitrary arrest on 29 November 2018, Venezuelan labor rights activist Rubén González, 60, has suffered a series of health crises, but has never received adequate care
  3. alization of irregular entry into Trinidad and Tobago, made them fearful to report the perpetrators, creating a culture of.
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  6. 2020 — Amnesty Country Reports. Venezuela; Read more. Lees meer. Trampling humanity: Mass arrests, disappearances and torture since Iran's November 2019 protests. 2020. Amnesty International. Sorry. De versie van de browser die je gebruikt is verouderd en wordt niet ondersteund
  7. Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro holds a copy of the constitution during his annual address to the nation before lawmakers at the National Assembly in Caracas, Venezuela, Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021.

Amnesty; Posted 7 Aug 2020 Originally published 6 Aug 2020. Venezuela. UNICEF Venezuela Situation Report: 1-31 March 2021 Format Situation Report Source. UNICEF; Posted 6 May 2021 Originally. The UN report, which catalogues evidence of unlawful executions, enforced disappearances, arbitrary detentions and torture in Venezuela since 2014, expands on the findings made by other human rights organizations, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, over recent years The campaign manager of Amnesty International UK, — kristyan benedict (@KreaseChan) August 5, 2020. -change cadre has also viciously attacked critics of Washington's hostile policy towards other sovereign nations like Venezuela, Nicaragua, Russia, and China Amnesty International's research shows that 16 November was the bloodiest known day of the protests, with at least 100 unarmed protesters and bystanders, including children, killed. Under international human rights law, security forces may only resort to the use of lethal force when strictly unavoidable to protect against imminent threat of.

29 May 2020, 12:19pm. These charges are a politically motivated attempt to silence his reporting on the Covid-19 pandemic in Venezuela. 29 May 2020, 12:19pm. Share. Tags. COVID-19. Venezuela. View all tags. Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust. A company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (03139939) and a. Global executions fall to 10-year low. The number of executions carried out globally fell by 5% last year to the lowest figure in a decade, Amnesty's annual death penalty survey reveals. At least 657 people were executed in 2019 compared to at least 690 In 2018, the fourth consecutive year the total has decreased Venezuela's government is responsible for the worst human rights crisis in its history, Amnesty International has said in a new report.. The organisation claimed several human rights abuses had. View the Issue. © 2021 Amnesty International US Amnesty International estimated that there were more than 8,200 extrajudicial killings in Venezuela from 2015 to 2017. [179] A report produced by Foro Penal and Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights documents that 200 cases of forced disappearances in 2018 increased to 524 in 2019, attributed to increased protests

Alerta Venezuela Alianza de Familiares de Víctimas del 2017 (ALFAVIC2017) Amnesty International Asociación Civil Fuerza, Unión, Justicia, Solidaridad y Paz (FUNPAZ) Asociación Civil Mujeres en. US human rights 'deteriorated' in 2020: Amnesty International Al Jazeera English 4/6/2021. Engine No. 1 wins at least 2 Exxon board seats as activist pushes for climate strategy change Caracas, July 6 (special for OrinocoTribune.com)—This past Friday, July 2, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, received a delegation of representatives from the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) at the Miraflores palace in Caracas, where they held a cordial meeting in which political and geopolitical issues were discussed along with history The Academy is an online platform which offers with human rights courses ranging from basic introductory human rights courses, bite-sized courses and advanced ones. The Academy is training a new generation of human rights defenders - strengthening the human rights movement through action-oriented education. The courses will equip you with knowledge about human rights and to take action on. According to figures compiled by the United Nations, more than 5 million Venezuelans have left the country since the crisis started to bite in 2014. The 'brutal' migrant route made tougher by.

India: Amnesty International Forced to Halt Work. (New York) - Amnesty International India announced that it is halting its work in the country after the Indian government froze its bank. Amnesty International will soon challenge in a Jerusalem court a travel ban that the Israeli government imposed on its 2020 12:00AM EDT Venezuela, the International Criminal Court, and. Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust. A company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (03139939) and a charity registered in England and Wales (1051681) and Scotland (SC039534). Amnesty International United Kingdom Section. A company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (01735872) The Amnesty International movement is independent of any ideology, government, creed or religion, said Bob Goodfellow, the Interim Executive Director of Amnesty International USA Amnesty International criticized the decree as unlawful and effectively amounts to forced labor. Trying to tackle Venezuela's severe food shortages by forcing people to work the fields is like.

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  2. Amnesty depends on donors like you to fuel our work fighting threats to freedom, truth and dignity. Amnesty accepts NO funding from governments or corporations for our research and campaigns. At every step of the way, our wins are made possible because of people like you. Make your annual membership contribution now! Donations processed securely
  3. The return of at least 16 children and an estimated 12 adults to Trinidad following their deportation to Venezuela on 22 November gives the authorities of Trinidad and Tobago a second chance to uphold their domestic and international obligations to provide protection for people seeking safety from danger, said the Caribbean Centre for Human Rights, Amnesty International, Refugees International.
  4. After China, four Middle Eastern countries - Iran, Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia - accounted for 88 percent of all known executions in 2020, said the report. Iran came in as the second-highest.
  5. Amnesty International Nigeria. April 29 at 6:36 AM ·. A glimpse of hope in humanity. A strong message of dignity by @amnesty Ambassador of Conscience @angeliquekidjo ft @yemialade. We celebrate Angelique's inspiring art and her passion for justice. 1111
  6. 39 Amnesty International - The Netherlands, Use of Force (previously cited), section 8.4, p. 170. 40 Amnesty International and Omega Research Foundation, The Human Rights Impact of Less-lethal Weapons and other Law Enforcement Equipmen

Executive Director of Amnesty International Ghana, Frank Doyi, speaking at the event.Human rights protection organization, Amnesty International Ghana, has stated clearly that it does not promote. Venezuela 2020. Die Menschenrechtskrise in Venezuela dauerte 2020 an. In Berichten war weiterhin von außergerichtlichen Hinrichtungen, exzessiver Gewaltanwendung und rechtswidrigen Tötungen durch die Sicherheitskräfte die Rede. Amnesty International Deutschland e. V. Zinnowitzer Straße 8, 10115 Berlin. Telefon: +49 (0)30 / 420248-0 Fax.

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THE CAVALRY AREN'T COMING. Venezuela's collapse threatens the stability of the wider region. Neighboring Colombia is the country most exposed, but the failure of the Venezuelan state reverberates across the hemisphere, from Brazil, whose northernmost state is straining under the weight of hungry and sick Venezuelan refugees, to Trinidad and Tobago, where flotillas of Venezuelans arrive to. In 2020 Shell will face unprecedented legal scrutiny over decades of human rights abuses in Nigeria, Amnesty International said on Monday, as the oil giant braces itself for conclusions in a. Information war. Over 3000 healthcare workers across 79 countries have lost their lives so far to covid-19, according to Amnesty International. Venezuela accounts for over 200 of those—among them doctors, nurses, immunologists, surgeons, and gynaecologists, according to Medicos Unidos The AN adopts amnesty law consistent with Venezuela's international obligations, covering politically motivated crimes since 1999 except for crimes against humanity. Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, and Peru withdraw support for the International Criminal Court referral

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Parliamentary elections were held in Venezuela on 6 December 2020. Aside from the 167 deputies of the National Assembly who are eligible to be re-elected, the new National Electoral Council president announced that the assembly would increase by 110 seats, for a total of 277 deputies to be elected.. The opposition parties that make up the Democratic Unity Roundtable coalition agreed. Library of Congress: Country Profile: March 2005 (PDF) Central Intelligence Agency - The World Factbook - Venezuela. Non-Government Organization Reports. Amnesty International (PDF) Institute on Religion and Public Policy (PDF) Freedom House (PDF) Human Rights Watch (PDF) Media Estimates from Amnesty International and the non-governmental organization Médicos Unidos de Venezuela indicate that medical professionals represent nearly 30% of the nation's Covid-19 deaths To live normal lives, build careers, raise families. Instead, they've been barely holding on without hope for seven long years. There are options. Amnesty International has worked to get people to Switzerland and Canada. New Zealand has offered to take 150 refugees a year for the past five years - an offer that our government has rejected THE ISSUE. Seeking asylum is a human right. But in recent years, people in search of safety at the Mexico/U.S. border, including families and children, have been punished for seeking protection.These include people fleeing levels of violence comparable to war zones in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala and widespread political repression in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba - as well as a.

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Renewed attacks on representatives and staff linked to opposition parties in Venezuela's National Assembly began on 20 December 2019. Following events on 5 January 2020, there are serious concerns about the risk of arbitrary detention and other grave human rights violations for all other representatives News Amnesty International: TT violating V'zuelans' human rights Grevic Alvarado Thursday 6 August 2020 In this October 23, 2019 file photos police guard Venezuelans caught entering Trinidad illegally at Chaguaramas. National Security Minister Stuart Young said Trinidadians face charges for human trafficking Latin America gov'ts using repression in COVID-19 fight: Amnesty. Amnesty International says governments are using arbitrary, punitive, repressive tactics to enforce quarantine orders

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  1. Amnesty International was forced to stop all work and let all staff go. The rapporteurs note that no formal charges were received from government authorities by October 2020 (when their letter was.
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  3. International. Apr 21, 2021. Amnesty International Global Report: Executions Worldwide Fewest in a Decade, Death Sentences Fall More Than One Third in 2020. Fewer exe­cu­tions were car­ried out across the world in 2020 than at any time in a decade and new death sen­tences fell by more than a third, accord­ing to a new report by Amnesty.
  4. This month, we update you on developments in Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela,and Chile. Amnesty International reviews the victims of excessive use of force by Colombia's security services during the National Strike and analyses the killing of 199 Human Rights Defenders in 2020, a new record
  5. The evidence of pushbacks and violence at the Greek-Turkish border is growing. Amnesty International is the latest humanitarian organization to release a report, on June 23, about what it says is new evidence of torture, ill-treatment and illegal pushbacks of refugees and migrants to Turkey.. Amnesty International has joined organizations like Human Rights Watch (HRW) to call on both Greek.
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Mérida state: Woman teacher arrested in October 2020 and accused of assisting a 13-year old girl in the interruption of her pregnancy resulting from rape AI - Amnesty International: Detained for defending women and girls' rights [AMR 53/4454/2021], Document #2055981 - ecoi.ne Amnesty International: Major human rights events in the Americas 2019. Friday, February 28th 2020 - 07:45 UTC. Full article. Chile ended 2019 with the worst human rights crisis since the regime of. Europe's refugee crisis is getting worse, and if you listen to government ministers and many other political commentators, constitutes a dire threat. In reality, the countries most affected by this increase in refugees are thousands of miles away; and the impact on Europe constitutes only a fraction of a refugee crisis arising from conflicts that have grown and spread across the Near and. Amnesty put Mr Trump in the same group as the leaders of Egypt, Russia, China, the Philippines, and Venezuela. The organisation was launching its annual report, staging the event in Washington for.

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Nigeria #ENDSars protests over police brutality leave 10 people dead, Amnesty International says By Orji Sunday and Stephanie Busari, CNN 10/14/2020 Walmart drops masks for vaccinated shoppers and. Amnesty International Calls for End To 'Open Carry' After Kenosha Shooting Daniel Villarreal 8/27/2020. Use-of-force cases prompt state debates over officer records International Documentary Premiere Saturday May 15th 5pm Pacific / 6pm Nicaragua / 8pm Eastern View trailer Nicaragua Against Empire highlights resistance by the people and revolutionary government of Nicaragua against Western imperialism, including sanctions and regime change efforts. It is dedicated to uplifting the voices of Nicaraguan people rarely heard in mainstream media, including. Amnesty documented Andrea's case among 125 examples of human rights abuses by U.S. law enforcement officials at Black Lives Matter protests, in our recent report The World is Watching. Amid this surge in violent tactics, we've got to speak up for the right to protest — as well as the right to press freedom. Andrea's trial is scheduled for.

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VENEZUELA 2 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2019 United States Department of State • Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor metro system; and protecting diplomatic missions. The PNB maintained a minimal presence in seven of the country's 23 states Amnesty International visited Venezuela's National Assembly on Monday to discuss political prisoners and the country's human rights record An employee of Amnesty International has been denounced for getting a Gaza peace activist arrested by Hamas authorities for holding a virtual meeting with Israeli counterparts. Journalist Rami Aman of the Gaza Youth Committee held the conference with the Israelis via the Zoom app, which has become popular as a means of maintaining social ties. Amnesty International is calling on the Sri Lankan government to stop using the ICCPR Act to harass, threaten, and prosecute writers and activists for peacefully expressing their opinions. Take action online now and sign this petition immediately. You can also write and send a physical letter using the information below: Ambassador Rodney Perera

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The Federal Court of Canada has found, for a second time, that the Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement is unconstitutional. It violates section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which protects the right to life, liberty and security of the person. Under the STCA, refugee claimants must claim protection in the first country in. Amnesty International publie 30 règles contre l'abus des substances chimiques irritantes Dans le monde entier , des rues de Thaïlande à Philadelphie (États-Unis), de la Grèce au Chili , la police continue d' utiliser des gaz lacrymogènes et du gaz poivre de manière illégale et inutile , entraînant des blessures graves , voire la mort

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