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  1. Background: The effects of publishing case reports on journal impact factor and their impact on future research in pediatric dentistry has not been clearly evaluated yet.Aim. To assess the relevance and role of case reports in pediatric dentistry. Methods: A systematic review (PROSPERO registration number: CRD42018108621) of all case reports published between 2011 and 2012 in the three major.
  2. Scleroderma and dentistry: Two case reports J Med Case Rep. 2016 Oct 24;10(1):297. doi: 10.1186/s13256-016-1086-1. Authors Shantanu Dixit 1 , Chaithra Kalkur 2 , Atul P Sattur 3 , Michael M Bornstein 4 , Fred Melton 5 Affiliations 1 Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology.
  3. Case 3: A 90-year-old man had burning sensation of the tongue for 1 year. MRI revealed a 12 × 12-mm mass on the mandible with bone absorption. Conclusion: This case series suggests that psychiatrists must always be careful in regarding BMS as somatic symptom disorder and be cautious of the possibility of OSCC, especially in elderly patients

Recently, guided endodontics has become an alternative solution for those cases. Although this technique has already been used clinically in managing anterior teeth, in this report, we describe 3 complex clinical scenarios of calcified root canals of 1 molar and 2 premolars using guided endodontics. The clinical cases reported here show that. 1. Rinsho Shika. 1985;(313):15-9. [Dental malpractice (3). Case reports]. [Article in Japanese] Okamoto K. PMID: 3865341 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE

Journal profile. Case Reports in Dentistry publishes case reports and case series in all areas of dentistry, including periodontal diseases, dental implants, oral pathology, as well as oral and maxillofacial surgery. About this journal Journal of Case Reports and Images in Dentistry. Journal of Case Reports and Images in Dentistry is an international, peer reviewed, open access journal publishing high-quality case reports in dentistry and related subspecialties.. The scope of the journal covers the specialty of dentistry including periodontics, pedodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics, endodontics, oral-maxillofacial. Case reports are a very frequent form of publication in the dental literature, presenting clinical observations collected by clinicians and clinical teams. They are helpful in identifying adverse. Case reports offer unique value to the body of medical knowledge by describing new diseases, disease mechanisms, therapeutic approaches, and adverse or beneficial effects of drugs. The act of recording, discussing with colleagues, and publishing clinical observations as case reports remains essential to the art of medicine and patient care [ 1 ]

Case Reports in Dental Science ( DOI prefix: 10.46619) is an official journal of TRIDHA Society of Dentistry & Dental Health [Society Page is Under Production], an open access & peer reviewed clinical journal that publishes the scientific dental articles that carry original awareness, unique observations, novel practices, original diagnosis and. 6. Case Report 1. A 43-year-old female patient complained of hypersensitivity inspite of using anti-hypersensitivity paste since 2 months and was also concerned about the esthetics. Patient had gingival recession on the maxillary left canine and first premolar at the first examination (Figure 1). The recession measured 2 mm on the canine and 3.

Out of 15 retracted articles from PubMed indexed Indian dental journals, case reports (7) form a major share followed by original articles(6) and review articles (2). Among the dental specialties of retracted articles, oral pathology and microbiology (5) constitute the major share followed by periodontics (4), pedodontics (4), oral medicine and. Traumatic dental injuries (TDIs) are very common in the world population, and international literature reports several studies which helped in the definition of international guidelines. The aim of this study is to present two clinical cases of TDI and to investigate epidemiological and etiological aspects of TDIs in patients treated in Modena.

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  1. Case Reports in Dentistry publishes case reports and case series in all areas of dentistry, including periodontal diseases, dental implants, oral pathology, as well as oral and maxillofacial surgery
  2. Medical and Dental Case Reports publishes Dental Case Reports and Reviews and innovative original research papers, review articles, case reports, rare and novel case reports, and clinical techniques related to dentistry. The scope of the journal broadly covers all the branches of Medicine, periodontics, pedodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics.
  3. Furthermore, fragment reattachment can be considered a fast and low-cost treatment solution, creating a positive emotional and psychological response in the patient. 3, 4, 9, 11, 16 - 19. This technique was first published in 1964, when Chosak and Eidelman described a case involving the reattachment of a natural tooth fragment
  4. Bilateral dentigerous cyst treated by marsupialization: A case report Villar Rodriguez Eunice 1, Quezada Rivera Daniel 2, Campos Ibarra Paola 3, Beltran Lara Emilio 4, Tenorio Rocha Fernando 5: 1 Student of Dentistry, Dentistry Program, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico 2 Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, Chief of Hitopathological Diagnostic, Dentistry Program.
  5. Clinical Case Reports is very fortunate to be supported by many other journals published by Wiley, including a number of society-owned journals. These journals participate in the Manuscript Transfer Program by referring case reports and offering authors the option to have their paper, with any peer review reports, automatically transferred to Clinical Case Reports

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  1. Rison RA. A guide to writing case reports for the Journal of Medical Case Reports and BioMed Central Research Notes. J Med Case Reports. 2013;7(1):1-9. Article Google Scholar 2. Albrecht J, Meves A, Bigby M. Case reports and case series from Lancet had significant impact on medical literature. J Clin Epidemiol. 2005;58(12):1227-32
  2. We report a case that illustrates how chronic migraine headaches and multiple dental pathologies caused severe and long-standing cranial pain that affected the quality of life of a man for more than 35 years. His case was investigated at several settings including the neurology outpatient clinic of the hospital without a definitive diagnosis or resolution
  3. The stability of dental enamel is directly dependent on pH and saliva composition: a decrease in the pH of saliva affects tissue integrity.16,19-21 Because the pH of gastric acid is much lower than 5.5 (critical value for the dissolution of dental enamel), the risk of dental erosion is four times greater in patients with weekly regurgitation and may be more than eight times greater in.
  4. The treatment plan for DF depends on the severity of disease. 4,7 In cases of severe DF, invasive approaches, such as resin composite restorations, ceramic veneers, or even crowns, are generally chosen. However, the loss of tooth structure weakens its mechanical properties. Thus, especially for young patients, invasive procedures accelerate the destruction of tooth at an early age

The rehabilitation of an unesthetic smile in the anterior maxilla is always a clinical challenge, especially when an improper shape and size, old restorations, and unesthetic shading are present. In addition, an irregular gingival zenith contour in the anterior maxilla can affect the smile's harmony. Thus, detailed treatment planning is needed. Publishing medical journal articles is easier when you know how the process is supposed to work. This video describes this process Background: The effects of publishing case reports on journal impact factor and their impact on future research in pediatric dentistry has not been clearly evaluated yet. Aim. To assess the relevance and role of case reports in pediatric dentistry. Methods: A systematic review (PROSPERO registration number: CRD42018108621) of all case reports published between 2011 and 2012 in the three major. Article PubMed Google Scholar Albright F, Butler AM, Bloomberg E. Rickets resistant to vitamin D therapy. Am J Dis Child 1937;54: 529-47. Google Scholar Breen GH. Prophylactic dental treatment for a patient with vitamin D-resistant rickets: report of case. J Dent Child 1986:53(1): 38-43

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Background Child abuse and neglect have strong negative effects on the well-being of children, not only during childhood but also later in life. Therefore, early recognition is important. Case presentation We describe a 4-year-old Caucasian boy who had severe dental caries. This was a result of insufficient dental care: he refused to brush his teeth and drank sweetened drinks. We considered. International Journal of Surgery Case Reports (IJSCR) is the companion journal to the highly-regarded International Journal of Surgery. International Journal of Surgery Case Reports is an open access, broad scope journal covering all surgical specialties. It is dedicated to publishing case reports and case series The canalis sinuosus is a neurovascular canal, a branch of nerve of infraorbital canal, through which the anterior superior alveolar nerve passes and then leans medially in course between the nasal cavity and the maxillary sinus, reaching the premaxilla in the canine and incisor region. The purpose of this article is to report a case with the presence of canalis sinuosus, in order to alert and. Journal of Clinical Case reports is using Tracking System for maintaining the quality in peer review process. Tracking is an online manuscript submission,review and tracking system. Review processing is performed by the editorial board members of Journal of Clinical Case Reports or by outside experts

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Root resorption is the loss of hard dental structures under the action of clastic cells, which can also be accompanied by bone tissue loss. Root resorption can be external or internal. In both situations, root resorption requires the presence of blood supply allowing migration of clastic cells. In internal root resorption, pulp vitality is required at least in the apical third of the root canal We describe a case of sarcoidosis in a dental surgeon with long exposure to inorganic dusts. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of this kind in the literature. At the beginning of 2000, a 52-year-old Caucasian man, who worked as a dental surgeon, presented with shortness of breath during exercise, cough and retrosternal pain International Journal of Case Reports and Images is an international, peer reviewed, open access journal publishing high-quality case reports in all specialties. The journal encourages publication of case reports describing unique, unusual and rare cases which enhance understanding of disease process, its diagnosis, management and clinico.

This is a case report of a patient who was diagnosed with HNC, where this dental pathway was not in place. The patient did not have a dental assessment pre-cancer therapy and presented several. Background: Air abrasion is a technique for removing dental caries and it has been reintroduced into the clinical setting as a result of improvements in equipment in association with both adhesive material development and minimally invasive restorative philosophy. Case report: A 6-year-old girl attended the Paediatric Dental Clinic of University of Rio de Janeiro, presenting with high caries. 22q11.2 deletion syndrome (22q11.2DS) is one of the most common microdeletion syndromes, with an incidence of approximately 1/2000-1/4000 live births; it is thought to be mainly attributable to a de novo deletion. The clinical phenotype of this syndrome is highly variable. Certain craniofacial and oral features are common to most patients with 22q11.2DS, including a high prevalence of dental.

The current report documents a case involving fasciculation or hemifacial spasm and eventual eyelid closure on the contralateral side following a routine IAN block. An exploration of the anatomy and physiology of the orbit and its surrounding soft tissues is provided, along with pathophysiological hypotheses of this unusual event. Case Descriptio Editor-In-Chief, Journal of Case Reports. Email: editor@casereports.in. ISSN No: 2231-6809. Indexed by: Index Copernicus, Indian Science Abstracts, Google Scholar, Ulrichsweb, Open J-Gate, Scientific Indexing Services (SIS), International Institute of Organized Research (I2OR), Cosmos Foundation. Online First. Current Issue

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This report is a presentation of a clinical case that follows a full digital workflow. A 47-year old man presented with pain in the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and whose aesthetic concern was having a chipped maxillary central incisor veneer. The concern was solved following a fully digital workflow: it was applied the digital smile design protocol, as well as CAD-CAM monolithic lithium. Vertebral osteomyelitis can be attributed to many factors including immunosuppression, diabetes, malignancy, collagen disease, periodontal disease, open fractures, and endoscopic procedures. Anaerobic bacteria, such as Veillonella species, are found in the oral cavity and are rarely implicated in the infection. This report describes vertebral osteomyelitis secondary to a dental abscess with. Haemophilia is a hereditary X-linked recessive disorder caused by a deficiency of either clotting factor VIII (haemophilia A) or IX (haemophilia B). Conventional treatment is currently based on the use of either plasma derived or recombinant coagulation factors. This paper reports on the case of a patient with severe haemophilia who presented with mesial decay and interproximal tartar build-up.

Anterior Crossbite Correction in Early Mixed Dentition Period Using Catlan's Appliance: A Case Report Prashanth Prakash 1 , * and B. H. Durgesh 2 1 Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Manubhai Patel Dental College and Charitable Hospital, Vishwajyoti Ashram, Munjmahuda, Vadodara - 390011, Gujarat, Indi The International Medical Case Reports Journal is indexed online:. Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), from 2016; PubMed and PubMed Central (Int Med Case Rep J); Embase, from 2010 (Correct as at December 8, 2016) Scopus, from 2010 (Correct as at December 8, 2016 The following case report illustrates the use of the Procera Maryland Bridge. case report. The patient was an 18-year-old female in excellent general health who presented with an undersized right lateral incisor and a congenitally missing left lateral incisor (Figures 1 and 2). She had been under orthodontic care for approximately 10 years and. Here we report a case of an HIV positive female patient with extensive dental caries resulting in complete edentulous jaws, associated with psychological stress and stigmatization. Case presentation A 52-year-old patient, HIV positive for fourteen (14) years and receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) for the last four years wanted to replace. Dental surgeons performing similar procedures should be aware of the possible complications that can arise from foreign debris invading the maxillary sinus. Moreover, in rare cases, the interest to publish a case report may lead to the discovery of some interesting findings in the patient that can improve the management of patient

This peer-reviewed journal features scientific articles, case reports and abstracts of current pediatric dental research. Instructions to Authors | Submit a Manuscript. Missing Issues If you are missing, any of the last three Issues to Pediatric Dentistry including the 2019-2020 Reference Manual please visit the AAPD Store here to file a claim Rao D, Hegde S. Spontaneous eruption of an occult incisor fragment from the lip after eight months: Report of a case. J Clin Pediatr Dent 2006;30:195-7. Article PubMed Google Scholar 15. Naudi AB, Fung DE. Tooth fragment reattachment after retrieval from the lower lip — a case report. Dent Traumatol 2007;23:177-80 Case Report; Published: 02 May 2009; Dental erosion and severe tooth decay related to soft drinks: a case report and literature review. Ran Cheng 1, Hui Yang 1, Mei-ying Shao 1, Tao Hu 1 & Xue-dong Zhou 1 Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE B volume 10, pages 395-399 (2009)Cite this articl The aim of this paper is to present the long-term follow-up of one paediatric zirconia crown on a deciduous molar. Preformed crowns are part of the armamentarium in paediatric dentistry. In recent years, aesthetic alternatives to preformed metal crowns have been developed, first preveneered crowns and then zirconia crowns. This paper describes the restoration of a primary molar with a zirconia.

Case Report. A 19-year-old male patient reported to the Department of Periodontology, Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Manipal, India. The patient complained of swelling of the upper and lower gums in the front tooth region. The patient had noticed the swelling 3 years prior and reported that it had not increased in size since then Accidental ingestion or inhalation of foreign bodies has been widely documented, including incidents which occur whilst undertaking dental treatment. Most ingested objects pass through the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) spontaneously, but approximately 10%-20% need to be removed endoscopically and 1% require surgery. This case reports a complication arising from the accidental loss of an. IARS Announces its Journal A&A Case Reports Is Now Indexed in MEDLINE/PubMed Journal Was Selected for Indexing in First Year of Publication 5-Nov-2014 9:45 AM EST , by International Anesthesia.

Dental Complications of Rickets in Early Childhood: Case Report on 2 Young Girls Tiphaine Davit-Béal , Julie Gabay , Pauline Antoniolli , Jeanne Masle-Farquhar , Maryse Wolikow Pediatrics Apr 2014, 133 (4) e1077-e1081; DOI: 10.1542/peds.2013-073 We report a case of a 66-year-old severely osteoporotic woman with bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (BRONJ) around her dental implants, who was treated successfully with teriparatide and sequestrectomy of the mandible. After 5 months of teriparatide therapy, the sequestrum separation had progressed and a sequestrectomy was performed under general anesthesia 10.18311/jade/2018/22995. Buy Reprints. PD

While dental pulp calcifications and root anomalies may be inconsequential incidental findings in dental radiographs, they can, especially in combination, represent a clue, hidden in plain sight, for the diagnosis of hyperphosphatemic familial tumoral calcinosis (HFTC). HFTC is an autosomal recessive disease of mineral metabolism characterized by sometimes massive, painful calcification around. Case Report The patient was a 62-year-old woman with medical history significant for hypothyroidism and anxiety disorder, both of which were well controlled with Zoloft and Synthroid. She was referred because of numbness of her left lip and chin after extraction of her mandibular left first molar with immediate socket preservation using.

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healthcare,medical,study,heart,medicine,medcalc,qtc,calculator,Insurance,Cord Blood ,mesothelioma,survival rates,structured settlement annuity companies,small business administration sba,Heart,Cardiology,Health,Fitness,Medical ,ikaria wariootia,iran aryaee tv,epidemiologist pronounce,how to pronounce epidemiologist,iran aryaee,acne treatment vlogs,what is bigeminy,chin ptosis,best dentist. This case report highlights the complex approach to managing a severely infraoccluded 85 in the mixed dentition of a 10-year-old female. PubMed PubMed Central Balkan Journal of Dental. Case Reports in Dentistry is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes case reports in all areas of dentistry. Case Reports in Dentistry currently has an acceptance rate of 25%. The average time between submission and final decision is 40 days and the average time between acceptance and final publication is 21 days. Visit Website This case report presents the clinical findings, diagnosis, medical and dental rehabilitation of a patient with GERD with severe tooth erosion. Case presentation A 54-year-old Turkish man came to our clinic Department of Prosthetic Dentistry, 19 Mayis University, Faculty of Dentistry with the lack of esthetics and function of his teeth

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PubMed Google Scholar 3. Willis, M., Harris, L. & Hergenrader, P. On traditional dental extraction: case reports from Dinka and Nuer en route to restoration. Br Dent J 204,. THE DENTAL ADVISOR Online, the place to go when you are searching for in-depth information regarding dental products, manufacturers, industry news and research. THE DENTAL ADVISOR Online delivers practical, reliable, unbiased information. Our concise, evidenced-based and clinically relevant information helps our readers select the best products and equipment for their practice, saving both. The present case report highlights a number of issues related to OI that are of relevance to a pediatric dentist. The patient's short stature compared with age, delayed walking at 2 years of age, her multiple fractures during infancy, and digital deformity in hands and feet are all consistent with the general features of patients with OI 4 In this report, we discuss the perioperative management of the patient by the administration of antiarrhythmic agents as a prophylactic therapy of tachyarrhythmia. There is no report regarding the dental care in patients with AFL. The present study patient represents a rare or unusual case of AFL incidence before the dental surgical procedure

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BMJ Case Reports Get published in the world's largest online repository of case reports FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT casereports.bmj.com *BMJ Case Reports has a unique subscription model where by authors and users become Fellows. INDEXED IN MEDLINE (PubMed) All faculty, sta and students at this institution can: • Submit unlimited. List of Updated Pubmed Indexed Journals - 2021. PubMed is a platform on which people can access medical journals. It's a search engine that helps find science journals on a database of NLM (National Library of Medicine), specifically biomedical and clinical journals. simple words, it's the google of medical journals To ensure your health and safety, the Dental Clinic is closely adhering to COVID-19 protocols. Patients will be seen on an appointment basis only, after completing the necessary pre-screening process. Visit this page regularly for more information, and call 216.368.3200 with questions

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Lesions of the oral cavity manifest in a multitude of ways. Deciphering the information we observe and rendering a diagnosis and proper treatment can often be difficult due to resemblance in color, shape/size, and presentation similarity. Here, Dr. Stacey Simmons goes through a case study of a 2-year-old male who was diagnosed with acute primary herpetic gingivostomatitis Management of a rare combination of dental trauma: A case report BS Suprabha 1, S Mogra 2 1 Dept. of Pedodontics, Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Mangalore, India 2 Department of Orthodontics, Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Mangalore, India. Correspondence Address: B S Suprabha Shreyas, 5th Cross Road, Shivabagh, Kadri, Mangalore - 575 002, Karnatak Clasp retainers made of metal alloys may be esthetically unappealing or cause allergic reactions. To investigate alternative materials, we used the nonfiller polyetheretherketone (PEEK) to fabricate the clasp retainer of a removable partial denture for the mandibular bilateral distal free-end abutment of an 84-year-old female. Two years later, few color and texture changes of PEEK were found. Strategies for Searching the Literature Using PubMed. This continuing education course is a follow up to the course, Evidence-Based Decision Making: Introduction and Formulating Good Clinical Questions. 1 The primary learning objectives for this course are to increase your skills in conducting an efficient computerized search using PubMed to.

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Jeshtadi A, Motrapu L, Abdul M, Siddiqui M (2014) Polycythemia Vera in a Young Adult: A Rare Case Report. J Med Case 2: 226-228. Ruparelia PB, Riparelia KPH, Shirolkar R, Tripathi A (2012) Chronic myeloproliferative disorders: A rarest case with Oral manifestations and Dental management. J Indian Oral Med Radiol 24(2): 155-157 Odontogenic keratocysts in Nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome: a case report Nooshin Mohtasham , 1 Somayyeh Nemati , 2 Shokoofeh Jamshidi , 3 Ataollah Habibi , 4 and Masume Johari 5 1 Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, Faculty of Dentistry and Dental Research Center, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Ira A lot of dentists and dental personnel are at high risk of contracting eye infections during operative procedures involving aerosols. As many may not be aware of it, they often ignore the precautions to be taken for prevention of such infections. This is one such case report of a dental intern where an eyelid infection arose shortly after she treated a patient with an infected tooth in an. Fracture of dental implants is a rare phenomenon with severe clinical results. In this article, the literature is reviewed and various causative factors that may lead to fracture are presented. Galvanic activity has not been mentioned before as a possible cause for implant fracture, yet, it can occur at the level of contact with the superstructure.This is illustrated by the case of a titanium. Most reports on oral bleeding associated with ITP describe preoperative management and management of spontaneous gingival oozing and bruising as oral symptoms of ITP [8, 10].Furthermore, only two reports have described bleeding after surgery or procedures in patients with ITP [1, 11] (Table 2), and these studies did not cover life-threatening massive bleeding after tooth extraction or dento.