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The Chocolate Ragdoll is a lighter brown in color than the Ragdoll sealpoint. Chocolate is the color of the cat's points - but their patterns can vary just like other colors in the Ragdoll cat breed. Rags' father, Ragnaroks' Thor, was chocolate Minks are from the ragamuffin lines which was in the 1960s from the ragdolls lines. Today they are a separate line that is being brought back into the ragdoll breed for its colors, minks come in all shades, even lilac and chocolate and even flames and tortie

The Best chocolate bicolor ragdoll Ever! Chocolate Bicolor Ragdoll - Yogi Bear - Lions Royale. This very handsome CHOCOLATE BICOLOR RAGDOLL was born March 16, 2012. His mother is Lionsroyale Sheena (Chocolate Lynx Point mitted) and his father is Raggaroyale Sir Georgio (Blue Bicolor). The Chocolate Ragdoll Cat - Mitted, Colorpoint, Bicolor & Lynx

Gary Strobel on Rare Blue Bicolor Mink Male Ragdoll!!! (Sold) Maureen Blessing on Seal Bicolor Male Ragdoll (SOLD) Gary Strobel on Rare Blue Bicolor Mink Male Ragdoll!!! (Sold) kathy on Rare Blue Bicolor Mink Male Ragdoll!!! (Sold) Gary Strobel on Blue Bicolor Lynx Male Ragdoll (SOLD Chocolate Pointed Ragdolls coats are ivory with a possible shading of the chocolate coloring as they get older. The point color will be a warm light chocolate color with a pink tone. Lilac Pointed Ragdoll coats are a beautiful white with a possible shading of the lilac color as they get older. The point color will be a lilac pinkish grey Chocolate Bicolor Mink Male. Search engine keywords; Ragdoll kittens for sale in Alabama, Ragdoll kittens for sale in AL, Ragdoll kittens for sale in Alaska, Ragdoll kittens for sale in AK, Ragdoll kittens for sale in Arizona, Ragdoll kittens for sale in AZ, Ragdoll kittens for sale in Arkansas, Ragdoll kittens for sale in AR, Ragdoll. This is a Chocolate point Ragdoll. (Chocolate point Bicolor). Chocolate is the second rarest color, second only to the Lilac point. Chocolate Point has another name to it too, and that is just saying Chocolate, I (of course) prefer Chocolate point. Chocolate point is beautiful and incredibly rare and very elagent. Chocolate point is the dilute.

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  1. Ragdoll Bicolor The bicolor (the term is Italian) is the first variety to be recognized by the feline associations, thanks to its uniqueness in view of the races. Bicolor varieties include 4 different genetic types: the true bicolor, the High Mitted, the Mid High White and High White also called Van
  2. The chocolate point Ragdoll has a pale ivory fur across most of their bodies, which fades toward their chests and stomachs. Their points are warm milk chocolate in color, and their nose and pads are warm pinks with tones of brown. 3
  3. There are numerous colors that the bicolor ragdoll can come in: seal, flame, blue, and tortie. They can come in the lynx or non lynx pattern. The seal bicolor has colors that range from dark beige to chocolate brown. The points are the darkest part with the color getting gradually darker as it goes to the points
  4. The points should be a warm milk chocolate color. Paw pads to be a salmon pink color, nose leather a burnt rose. [ Up ] [ Ragdoll Kittens in All Pointed Colors ] [ Seal Point ] [ Red Point ] [ Colorpoint ] [ Mitted ] [ Lynx Point ] [ Blue Point ] [ Lilac Point ] [ Tortie Point ] [ Cream Point ] [ Chocolate Point ] [ Bicolor
  5. Julia- Chocolate lynx sepia bicolor Ragdoll: Scarlett- Seal tortie sepia bicolor Ragdoll: Solid Ragdolls . Honey Bear- Chocolate solid Ragdoll: Sugar Bear- Lilac solid Ragdoll: Traditional pointed ragdolls for sale, Mink Ragdolls, White Ragdolls, Sepia Ragdolls for sale : Back to To
  6. Mink Ragdolls come in all the traditional colors of seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, flame, cream, tortie, and blue/cream. They are also available in the traditional patterns of a Ragdoll, such as: colorpoint (having no white), mitted (white mitts on front paws and boots on back legs with white chin and bib), and bicolor (an inverted V on its.
  7. Ragdolls are a pointed breed (meaning they have a relatively pale body with darker markings on the face, ears, tail or legs). Colours include seal, chocolate, blue and lilac, with three pattern variations. Life span: Full maturity isn't reached until four years of age and life expectancy is usually up to 15 years

Ragdoll - colors COLORS (all patterns): the six point colors are seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red and cream. Point colors may be solid, lynx (including tortie-lynx); and parti-colored (or tortie). All Ragdolls are pointed, but points are partially overlaid with white in the Mitted and Bicolor Ragdolls come in a variety of colors and patterns, including overlays. Common colors include seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac. The three patterns are colorpoint, mitted, and bicolor. The three overlays are lynx, tortie, and torbie Aug 14, 2014 - A pretty and ultra rare Chocolate Point Bicolor Ragdoll cat. Aug 14, 2014 - A pretty and ultra rare Chocolate Point Bicolor Ragdoll cat. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Chocolate Mink Bicolor Girl ~ $2800 ~ Sold to C. Ryann Pebbles is a chocolate mink bicolor ragdoll with a really fluffy coat! She has big white paws and an adorable purr that she uses all the time to grab our attention Chocolate Bicolor Female. Reserved For Mary Near Corpus Christi Texas USA Ragdolls Dream Doll Seal Tortie Point Female - Available Breeder Quality Ragdooll Glorious Fluffy and bunny silly hair. She has the deepest blue eyes in ANY ragdoll Available. She certainly is a Dream to Produce

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Chocolate Bicolor Female Ragdoll (SOLD) Gone to a new home! ShareTweet. Rare and unusual Chocolate Bicolored Ragdoll Male with a Teardrop Smudge! (SOLD) Posted by Gary Strobel on Sep 27, 2012 in Blog, Kittens | Comments Off on Rare and unusual Chocolate Bicolored Ragdoll Male with a Teardrop Smudge! (SOLD Ragdoll Patterns: Pointed - Dark feet and dark center of the face. Mitted - White mittens on the front feet, white boots on back legs, white chin, and dark center of face. Bicolor - White inverted V on face with pink nose and white underbelly. Lynx - overlay pattern of tabby striping

CHIEF - Chocolate Ragdoll. Ragdoll Colors & Patterns. LILAC TORBIE RAGDOLL - Bella Danabie. Blue Lynx Bicolor Ragdoll - Bubba Losier. Chocolate Bicolor Ragdoll. Seal Lynx & Mitted Ragdolls - Lily and Leo. Ragdoll Cat Breed Info. Ragdoll Breed Standard. Ragdoll Cat Care & Feeding Churro is a handsome Chocolate Bicolor Solid Male Rughugger Munchkin kitten that was born on 3/27/2021. His mother is Flora and his father is Joshua Chocolate Bicolor Sepia Kitten & Adult Bicolor = White on all paws, the face, and across the back Sometimes people confuse mitteds with bicolors because the mitted has a blaze. The biggest thing is whether the white stops on the legs or not. If the white stop = mitted. If the white goes all the way up to the face = bicolor One of our lovely Ragdoll kittens. LuLu is 8 months old. Beautiful baby girl.www.lionsroyale.co

Reese - Seal Bicolor Sepia Male Ragdoll Kitten. $155.56. On Sale. Chester - Seal Mitted Male Rughugger Munchkin Kitten. Chester - Seal Mitted Male Rughugger Munchkin Kitten. $194.45. On Sale. Caleb - Silver Golden Bicolor Tabby Male Rughugger Munchkin Kitten. Caleb - Silver Golden Bicolor Tabby Male Rughugger Munchkin Kitten Chocolate - Chocolate Ragdoll coats range from a light brown to dark, chocolate brown. This is often complemented by Lilac or Cream in bicolour Ragdolls. Blue - Blue is a medium to light gray. This could also be described as a blue-grey. It is delicate and gorgeous. They have a gentle wash of their point colour over their back The ragdoll kitten on the left phenotypically is a solid cinnamon mitted and genetically is b'b'. The kitten on the right is a solid chocolate bicolor and this particular cat is bb but would look the same if he were bb'

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Isabelle - Chocolate Bicolor Mink Female Ragdoll Kitten is available from www.RagKittens.us or by calling (877) 720-4053. Ragdoll Kittens has the most outstanding and loving Ragdoll Kittens, Ragamuffin Kittens, and Munchkin Kittens Chocolate Color Point. Chocolate Mitted . Chocolate Bi-Color. Lilac. The body color of the Lilac Ragdoll should be an even milk white The points should be a lilac gray or pinkish tone. Lilac Color Point. Lilac Mitted. Lilac Bi-Color. Red. The body color of the Red Ragdoll should be clear white and the points can be anything from bright apricot. Kittens for Sale - IzzAdorable Ragdolls - We have Cats and Kittens! -Supreme Grand Champion IzzAdorableRags Cadbury is TICA 's BEST Chocolate Lynx Point Bicolor Ragdoll. He is also our first Ragdoll to be shown in CFA and is the BEST Ragdoll in the Region. -RW Supreme Grand Champion IzzAdorableRags Cookies and Cream is a TICA Regional Winner Chocolate Bicolor. Credits to KastleDolls Ragdoll cat cattery. The Chocolate Color Description: Chocolate, my second favorite color after Seal. Chocolate Ragdolls are very rare, and tend to be higher priced than the more popular colors like Seal, Blue, Cream, and Flame (or Red in TICA)

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  1. AngelGirls Tatiana's Be Whimsy is a rare Chocolate Mitted with a Blaze ragdoll girl born on on January 17th, 2018. Click on Mommies picture above to see her FlickR picture page. Rachel. AngelGirls Rachel McAdams is a rare chocolate MINK bicolor ragdoll. girl born on March 25, 2018. Dad: Angelgirls Brad Pitt
  2. The Bicolor Ragdoll Cat. The cats and kittens pictured on these pages are for display purposes only, and are not for sale. Please visit the Breeders Directory to find a Ragdoll breeder near you.. Blue Tortie Point Bicolor Ragdoll Ca
  3. Queen :: Seal Torbie Point Mitted. Sire: Whiterockrags Coco Puff (Chocolate ColorPoint) Dam: Whiterockrags I Love Lucy (Red Lynx Point Bicolor) Stella is available for adoption. Her breeding career has ended and she is in search of a forever family that will shower her with love and attention!! Stella will place in her new home for the price of.
  4. The seal point pattern for ragdoll cats. I have two cats. They are both of the seal point ragdoll variety. In fact, I guess you could argue that they are a mix of seal mitted and seal point, but they are missing some key elements to be seal mitted ragdolls.This article has been updated in 2021 to give you all of the latest information

Ragdoll kittens for sale. Traditional blue, seal, lilac, and mink ragdoll kittens for sale. Bicolor ragdoll kittens for sale. Ragdoll breeder in Virginia, Ragdoll kittens for sale near North Carolina, Ragdoll kittens for sale near Tennessee, Ragdoll kittens for sale near West Virginia, Ragdoll kittens for sale near South Carolina, Ragdoll kittens for sale near Georgia Solid Ragdolls come in black, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream, cinnamon, fawn, blue/cream and calico/tortie. Solid Ragdolls also have the same three patterns as the traditional Ragdoll (pointed, mitted or bicolor, however the point color is not visible). Any of these patterns and colors (depending on the mating) can also be marked with lynx. BiColor Ragdoll cat. In the BiColor Ragdoll felines, the points are present on the ears, tail, cover, and saddle region. In the chocolate lynx point Ragdoll cats, the point color is usually that of milk chocolates with stripes of pale chocolate color. The overall body is ivory, with brown stripes flowing all over the body Chocolate and Lilacs in Australia. Producing kittens, not only, of True Ragdoll type and temperament. but to produce. CHOCOLATE and LILAC RAGDOLL KITTENS. from. 100% TRADITIONAL RAGDOLL LINES. Top Winning Lilac Ragdoll in the World!!

Chocolate - Chocolate Ragdoll coats range from a light brown to dark, chocolate brown. This is often complemented by Lilac or Cream in bicolour Ragdolls. Blue - Blue is a medium to light gray. This could also be described as a blue-grey. It is delicate and gorgeous. They have a gentle wash of their point colour over their back Chocolate mitted with a blaze. Gorgeous little girl! Baby Doll and Topaz girl. So very sweet! Babies coming soon with Espresso our new Seal Sepia boy from Texasragdolls! RagdollBlues Diamond of Ragdollblues Pic coming Ragdollblues Tulip of Ragdollblues. Seal Mink Bicolor. Tulip is such a fabulous mommie! She keeps her babies fat and squeaky clean Ragdoll vs Bicolor. Comparison between Ragdoll Cat and Bicolor Cat. compare height, weight, life span, litter size and more. MyCatBreeds. chocolate point, seal point, and others. The ears are medium-sized and, the legs long and strong and the oval-shaped eyes are blue. The cat is known as a pointed breed, which means that the body is.

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Ragdoll cats come in 3 main patterns: these are colourpoint, bicolor and mitted. Pointed - A point has no white markings on the body. The pointed body parts - tail, face, ears, nose and feet - all have the same colour and the body is a lighter shade than the point colour. Often is the nose colour the same as the point colour but darker Mink and Sepia. She is a Sepia Seal Ragdoll. Eclipse has beautiful aqua blue eyes. It is truly a joy to watch the Mama's raise their babies. She is a Traditional Lilac Lynx, Cashmere has the most affectionate ragdoll kittens. Cashmere's kittens top row two Mink Lilac Mitted, middle row left Mink Chocolate Bicolor, middle right Mink Chocolate. Special Price Offer.... please read ad - LATTE FEMALE Chocolate Bicolor Lynx Traditional Ragdoll Kitten, TICA register - $1,300. Introducing..... LATTE. LATTE is a FEMALE Chocolate lynx bicolor ragdoll kitten. She is a very sweet little girl with a big purrr... member: purryacres. Snuggler the chocolate Lynx torbie bicolor Ragdoll cat . Blue eyes can range from a light cotton blue to a deep sapphire blue. Lynx bicolor ragdoll cat. In fact, i guess you could argue that they are a mix of seal mitted and seal point, but they are missing some key elements to be seal mitted ragdolls. Because the gene responsible for red is.

Chocolate bicolor. Beverly showed him in Washington and he won 2 ribbons before flying here to join Ragdollblues Cattery. Thank you for such an amazing Sweet boy! Ragdollblues Aspen Cream Bicolor Darlin Lil Dolls Topaz. Seal Point carrying blue. Look at those dark blue eyes. He is so beautiful and friendly! Just hangin out! Aww cute baby boy Vanillabelle Ragdoll Cats is a Central New York breeder of TICA & CFA quality, beautiful Ragdoll kittens. Kittens are available now for sale at our NY cattery. Colorpoints, mitteds, lynx, and bicolor ragoll kittens near Syracuse and Utica, New York

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  1. Chocolate Mitted Ragdoll (Retired)   Our chocolate mitt ed girl Maya was very sweet and loving. Her specialty was loud purring and kneading. Maya was very social, she was an excellent mother, her kittens had wonderful sweet laid back personalities. Her son Lars was our great King.  Elyah Pure White Ragdoll
  2. From left to right, a chocolate point Birman, a seal point Birman and a seal bicolor Ragdoll from @ladylolathecat. Size. The Ragdoll is a large and slow to mature cat. An adult male can weigh 6 to 9 kg (12 to 20 pounds) and the females can weigh around 4 to 6kg (8 to 15 pounds)
  3. The breed comes in the four traditional pointed colors: seal, chocolate, blue and lilac; and three divisions: solid or colorpoint, particolor mitted, and particolor bicolor. A mitted Ragdoll has white-gloved paws, while a bicolor Ragdoll has its face covered by a white mask in the shape of an inverted V
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Ragdoll Kittens has outstanding Ragdoll Cats and Ragdoll Kittens for sale. Our Ragdoll Cat Breeders give top care and love to every Ragdoll Kitten. We often have retired Ragdoll Breeder Cats and discounted Ragdoll Kittens and Proven Adult Breeder Cats for Sale. Also Munchkin Kittens for sale! (877) 720-405 Needs lots of room to run and play - she fetches! She is a Chocolate BiColor with unique markings on her back - one of a kind look! Soft, beautiful blue eyes and luxurious silky fur! She has not been altered. Because of her age she is being offered at a reduced price. Mother is a Blue Mitted, father is a seal BiColor Jack Male Seal Chocolate Point Bicolor Genuine Ragdoll kittens are all born a white/cream color. Colors and patterns develop as time goes by. You basically know what pattern you have at two-four weeks old but color develops for about two years

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  1. ds me of a kind of saddle. The markings are much the same shape as a.
  2. Ragdoll kittens: chocolate solid, lilac solid, color point, tortoiseshell - $800 7 Ragdoll kittens available, born June 24th and 2id: 1 male; Tortoiseshell: 2 females; Colorpoint: 2 females. No papers, $800. $100 to reserve, balance due at pickup
  3. Nice Little Blessings - ragdoll chocolate lynx bicolor is ready to go to the new home. She is a very active contact kitten, she likes to play, she can occur in 4 places at the same time, she loves cuddling her belly and very often and loudly loud. Is available. 28/06/2020

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ADULT AVAILABLE: Huey is a seven year old Solid Brown/Black Tabby Bicolor Male Ragdoll. He is an absolute sweetheart and a true lap cat that loves to bury his head against you to be pet. He will shower you with kisses and cuddle all day long. I would prefer. that he goes to a loving home that can give him lots of undivided attention Sometimes a mitted Ragdoll will also have a white blaze on the nose, which is usually accepted in shows. Bicolor: The lower part of the body is white, while the upper part maintains the color point pattern. A large inverted V white /contrast color pattern is on the cat's face Seal Color Point Ragdoll. A colorpoint has classic markings like the Siamese cat, with no white anywhere on the body. A Seal Color Point's extremities; the paws, tail, ears, nose and face, are a deep and dark chocolate brown. The nose leather and paw pads will also present as a rich brown. The body color will be an even pale fawn to cream.

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Flame point bicolor (lynx) Seal bicolor flame ragdoll (torbie) A Flame mitted ragdoll (lynx) Flame colorpoint ragdoll (lynx) Flame point ragdoll. This is the standard flame ragdoll that gave birth to the other types. It has a cream-white body with a dark orange face known as a mask. The tail has a dark orange hue as well. Flame point bicolor. 2018 16th Best Long Hair Cat. 2018 Best Seal Lynx Point Mitted Ragdoll. 2018 TICA IW Second Best Seal Lynx Point Mitted Ragdoll. DNA Genetic Markers Complete. Titanium. TICA Champion. 2016 Third BEST Chocolate Bicolor Ragdoll. DNA Genetic Markers Complete. ElviasRDBabz Fairyqueene Tatiana

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My third litter was very interesting because I bred Max with a lilac lynx point female. There were three kittens in the litter, two chocolate mitted classic tabby females, and a chocolate lynx bicolor male with excellent eye color. All kittens carry the cinnamon, chocolate and color point genes Colorings Let us Indicate the intersections of some of the main ragdoll colors. We remind that there are others, but our cattery decided to focus only on those reported below. Seal Blue Chocolate Lilac Seal 56,25% Seal 18,75% blue 18,75% chocolate* 6,25% lilac* 37,5% seal 37,5% blue 12,5% chocolate* 12,5% lilac* 37,5% seal 12,5% blue 37,5% chocolate* 12,5% lilac* 25% seal 25% blue 25%. ABOUT BROADWAY RAGS - Featured on Animal Planet's TOO CUTE! Broadway Rags is a TICA registered and New York State licensed family owned and operated cattery dedicated to nurturing the finest in elite style Ragdoll cats and Ragdoll kittens specializing in Flame, Cream, Red Mink, Lilac, Chocolate, and Lynx patterns as well as offering traditional style Blue and Seal Zeus is a future king. he is a six month old Russian. We are unsure of his color yet although he is recorded as blue bicolor. He may be lilac or chocolate- testing pending. - HCM negative. He is the most friendly loving inquisitive cat we have ever had and truly dog like. He never leaves your side Stella is a delightful addition to our home! We love having a Chocolate Mitted Sepia, a true beauty to behold! A purring sweetheart ready to sit by our side and cuddle. Our kids love to have her sleep in their room at night as she is a very gentle girl. A true friendly floppy Ragdoll Cat

Thank you! * To be on our wait list or to reserve a cat/ kitten requires a $200 deposit which goes towards the price of the kitten/cat. Without a deposit the kitten or cat will not be held. ( Deposits are non refundable) If a unforeseen circumstance arises, you will be given first pick of the next litter. We reserve the right to have first pick. Ragdoll hat einen cremefarbenen Körper, mit dunkler gefärbten Extremitäten (Maske, Ohren, Beine und Schwanz). Die Brust ist in der Regel heller schattiert, als der übrige Körper. Die Körperfarbe ist bei seal-point dunkler, als bei chocolate-point und bei blue-point dunkler als bei lilac-point

We raise seal, blue, chocolate, red (flame), tortie, and lynx point, in color pointed, mitted and bi-color patterns. We even have F-4 flame/tortie and lynx point Ragdolls. Possibly one of the most playful and outgoing of the long haired breeds contact us about what makes owning a Ragdoll so special Bicolor Ragdoll cats have an inverted V-shaped marking between the eyes which expands over the muzzle. The cat is also dark at the points with a saddle-like strip on the back and white fur on the rest of the body. The paw pads and nose leather are usually pink. Chocolate Point Mink. We have two new litters of Ragdoll kittens! AmorPurrfect Ragdolls welcomed 8 beautiful, adorable, and healthy Mink, and Traditional kittens! We now offer Mink, Lilac, Flame, Tortie and Sepia chocolate kittens!! All the kittens are healthy and very fun!! You can click the parents' names to view past pictures of the parents and their kittens.

Ragdoll Cats and Kittnes - cat breeder - Wisconsin - all colors and patterns availabl Non-Traditional are available in all of the Traditional Colors such as seal (black), blue, chocolate, lilac, white (BEW), cinnamon and fawn that make up the Ragdoll breed. They also come in all patterns, Point, Bicolor, Mitted and Lynx Ragdoll cats come in a variety of colors and patterns that make them stand out. There are cream, lilac, red, seal, blue, and chocolate-colored cats. It should be noted that when Ragdoll cats are born, they are white. Therefore, we cannot determine what type of Ragdoll it is at the moment. We can begin to notice it about a week later or more

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SBT Ragdoll: Chocolate Smoke Tortie female carries cinnamon. Chocolattadolls White Chocolate x Chocolottadolls Moody Mufasa HCM N/N PKD1 N/N. River (Tigger) SBT Ragdoll: Seal Lynxpoint female carries dilute & cinnamon. Rain x Moose. HCM N/N PKD1 N/ Please let me introduce my Beautiful Queens of New York Ragdolls. Serenity of New York Ragdolls. SBT TICA Registered Seal Mink BiColor Ragdoll. Carrying Chocolate and Dilute. UcDavis Tested. HCM -/-, MPS VI -/-. Sapphron of New York Ragdolls. SBT TICA Registered. Chocolate Mitted Traditional Ragdoll with Hourglass Blaze Mink Ragdolls come in all the traditional colors of seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, flame, cream, tortie and blue/cream. Eye color, however, between the traditional pointed variety, the Mink Ragdoll and the Solid Ragdoll are a distinguishing feature. In the traditional Ragdoll kitten, the eye color is always blue