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Save on No Sew Curtain Valance. Quick & Easy Returns In-Store. Orders $35+ Ship Free. Shop No Sew Curtain Valance at Target™ BrylaneHome Offers The Furnishings & Decor To Make Your House Feel Like A Home. Decorate Your Home with the Things You Love Most. Find Exclusive Treasures for Every Room *Hang cornice-style valance using a 2-1/2 wide pocket curtain rod, or for single-panel styles, use a standard curtain rod or wide pocket rod. *Rod, Fabric and edge trim sold separately. Additional fusible fabric backing (approx. 2.5 yards needed for standard window sizes) sold separately

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How to make a no sew window valance. 1. Begin by measuring your window and the size that you want your valance to be. Add 1 inch on each side to allow for the hem. Then cut off any excess you have on your fabric. 2. Lay your fabric out and iron it well. You don't want to have to take it back down to smooth it out later No Sew Drop Cloth Valance. 4. Easy DIY to Make No-Sew Valances. Try out these ethereal white no sew straight valances made effortlessly with thumb tacks that will go with all sorts of backgrounds. No Sew Valances. 5. Tutorial to Make A No-Sew Valance. Use a striped fabric of a neutral color for your no sew drapes Get the fabric & supplies you need at OnlineFabricStore: https://www.onlinefabricstore.com/Want more info on this project, including written instructions? Fi.. Jun 18, 2020 - Explore Nanci Clark's board No sew valance on Pinterest. See more ideas about window coverings, window treatments, diy window treatments

I just finished making the valance below and I used a technique method of sewing the rod pocket to the back. (The pocket is the stripped strip on the back of valance) It is shown as the striped fabric. I did it this way because I like the way using a fabric wrapped bord looks, but this way does not have the expense and the weight a board can. 10 minute DIY Window Valance {no sew} Today I am going to show you how to make a 10 minute DIY window valance from a table runner! This is a quick and easy way to dress up a window without even sewing. Our blue powder room makeover off of the kitchen in our old house needed a window treatment but it was a small window so I didn't want to.

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Jan 5, 2019 - Explore Terri's board No sew Valance, followed by 416 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about no sew valance, valance, diy window I found a pretty lace fabric for less than ten bucks a yard and got to work on my valance. Now, sew or no sew, this is an easy one. It's a simple rod pocket style with a trim. I stitched mine, but if you cannot use a machine, you can grab some fusible web tape and iron yourself a curtain made to order Let me show how to make an easy no-sew window treatment.Check out my Dabosslady's channel here; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNNbbqQlDb4ixSBxsCpuXXg-~-~~.. No-Sew Custom Valance Design Guide and No-Sew Custom Table Accent Design Guide; Three yards of Heat N Bond ultra hold fusible fabric backing; Tracing Pencil; Measuring Tape; Extra-Long Fabric Pins; Step-by-step instructions for creating artistic iron-on valance designs *Hang cornice-style valance using a 2-1/2 wide pocket curtain rod - Rod not. How to Make Rod Pocket Curtains: Measure your windows and cut your fabric according to their size. Don't forget to add 4 inches to the width and 12 inches to the height, to account for the hems and allowances. Prepare your fabric for sewing by folding the edge an inch and ironing it. Fold it again and iron it before you start sewing the hems

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Box pleat valances are usually mounted to a board, but you can make a box pleat valance on a rod, too and it's super easy. Follow my step by step tutorial with pictures. Whether you sew or you don't, you can get a custom look, it's really all about the ironing! Check it out The original center crease line is now the top of the rod pocket - the top of the valance. Edgestitch in place through all the layers (don't worry about the seam showing on the front, you are covering it with a ribbon). Turn over the valance to the right side and mark 3½ down from the top fold of the rod pocket Hidden Rod Pocket®. window valances. Their modern, sleek styling enables you to have the look of a board mounted valance without the difficulties associated with ordering, shipping and installing board mounted valances. These valances are custom designed and constructed by me in my workroom and can be sized to fit any window Rod pocket curtains are probably the easiest style of curtain to make. It's simply a panel of fabric with a tube at the top for the curtain rod to slide through. Learn how to make a no sew valance that has pleats at the corners and an accent band at the bottom. This simple design will go with many décor styles Sew about 0.25 inches (0.64 cm) from the bottom of the fold and sew all the way across the bottom of the fold so that the outer edges of the valance will be secured as well. Trim away any excess threads. To complete your valance, remove it from the sewing machine and trim away any excess threads. Hang the valance

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  2. Traceable Designer Cornice Valance Combo Kit includes scalloped, arched and straight no-sew styles with matching table accents. Make beautiful designer valances without sewing! Hang valance panels using a wide pocket rod, no wood, Styrofoam or any other base needed. Complete your DIY decor with matching table accents
  3. Step by step tutorial for making a no sew window valance using fabric, plywood, a dowel and staples. Absolutely no sewing required! No Sew Burlap Bunny Ear Silverware Pocket On Sutton have no casements at all!! and there s a big rod with vertical blinds over the sliding glass doors. i can picture a valance like yours would hide that rod.

5. Fusible webbing (for the no sew method) or cotton thread (for sewing). 6. A fine dowel rod. I used a piece of 2 meter (6.5 foot) long x 5mm diameter dowel. 7. Ribbon (or similar). I used around five meters (5.5 yards) of 16mm (5/8″) wide natural linen herringbone I found here on Etsy. 8. Buttons (or similar). I used rustic timber buttons. 1 these no sew drop cloth curtains. clip on dishtowels or pillow cases to a rod make a simple valance. use fabric glue to add pom poms to an existing curtain. use shower curtains or tablecloths and clip onto a rod. create a valance by draping a piece of material over the rod. stencil drop cloths to make curtains Scissors. Pencil. Straight-edge object (I used a box from another curtain rod) Pins. Iron. Heat 'n Bond hem tape (this is the no sew part of the project) Next, I started folding over and pinning the edges for the hems. Again, I wanted the sides and bottom to have 1-inch hems and the top to have a 3-inch hem/pocket

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Sew a straight line next to the pins. Remove pins. You now have a channel formed between this line of sewing and the bottom of the fold, this is your rod pocket! 9. Almost done now!! Measure & pin height of valance to planned dimensions. Hang valance BEFORE sewing and make sure you are happy with the finished height Commonly known as the M-shaped valance, this style is flat in the front. It also wraps around the side brackets on the curtain rod, creating that boxed, cornice-like look on the window. It's actually a rod pocket valance. Example #2: Carolina Valance Step 3. Draw the ends of the fabric through the loop you've created and pull tightly to create a knot. Step 4. Repeat with remaining fabric, creating the pattern you choose. Step 5. After knotting all fabric to the curtain rod and mounting the hardware to the window trim or window wall, hang the finished fabric valance and step back to enjoy.

It features my new innovative Hidden Rod Pocket styling which gives you the look of a board mounted valance with the ease of installation of a Continental rod. It is the first of the hidden rod pocket valances to become available with your choice of 28 or 34 long jabots! The red and white valance was made to go in a customer's home One innovative way to use no-sew curtains is as a room divider. This tutorial will work well if you have an awkward opening that you'd like blocked off, like the entrance to a laundry room. Gather a tension rod, clip rings and some fabric to get a head start on this project. 10 Minute No Sew DIY Curtain Tutorial from Unskinny Bopp

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  1. No Sew Valance / Cornice Window Treatment. Condition is New—never used. See pics for details. Comes with hardware but not directions. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. 40 long x 9 x 3.5— each. There are two. Can cut to size with serrated knife. See youtube videos on how to diy. Great, easy decorating project
  2. A simple frame and valance was also added on to finish off the look and keep out any light peeking through the top. Best part is I was able to keep the the original blackout shades - which are now nicely tucked away and concealed when not in use. Materials Needed: Fabric No Sew Fusible Bonding Web {or sewing machine if you prefer to sew
  3. Create a sweet, shabby chic look with this simple, No-Sew Handkerchief Valance in under an hour. The best part is that you get to mix and match all your favorite colors and shapes of hankies into one adorable valance. This valance is a perfect addition to any: Kitchen Guest Bedroom Guest Bath It only takes an [

Now, calculate your rod pocket allowance using the following equation: Rod Pocket = (3.14 x Curtain Rod Diameter) + 1″ Mine came out to be about 3″. Measure down from the top edge, and draw a line across the full width of your curtain at this point—this will be your guide for pinning and sewing your rod pocket The rod pocket for a curtain rod is generally 1 1/2 inches in width for either ready made or custom curtains, the first being single and the other double. There can also be a top ruffle added above the rod pocket which can be 1, 2 or even 3 inches in height The set includes one valance and two tiers made of machine washable, polyester fabric. Each piece has a 1-1/2-In rod pocket for easy installation on standard or decorative rods under one inch in diameter. Valance measures 58 inches by 14 inches and is also available for purchase as a single piece. View Mor To create the rod pocket, measure from the top of the valance down three inches and mark along the width of the valance with a fabric pencil. Pin the fabric pieces along the marked area to keep it from slipping. Sew all along the top marks to create the top ruffle, and then sew the bottom of the rod pocket in Sew a second line of stitching 2 inches below the first stitch line to create a rod pocket and hem. 4 Install a 1/2-inch-diameter curtain rod over the top of the window, attached to the wall

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  1. Rod pocket curtains are the easiest style of curtain to make. It's simply a panel of fabric with a tube at the top for the curtain rod. Article by Susan Lourens Tredoux. 36. Curtains And Draperies No Sew Curtains Rod Pocket Curtains Valances Techniques Couture Sewing Techniques Curtain Patterns Custom Drapes Sewing Stitches
  2. Hang valance panels using a wide pocket rod, no wood, Styrofoam or any other base needed. Just trace the no-sew valance Design Form, then cut out panels and hang! Traceable Designer. No-Sew Cornice Valance Kit, Scalloped, Arched & Straight Styles Included, Reusable for Unlimited DIY Home Decor. Sale price $46.99 Regular price $49.99 Sale
  3. Rod pocket valances are convenient and great for your budget, but there will be a thread running across the valance. This isn't usually a problem since a workroom should color-match the thread to the main color of the fabric, but there is a solution to this
  4. Step 3 - Sewi the Valance. Stitch the seam on both sides with your sewing machine. Remove the pins and seal their seams. Fold the fabric over so that the seams face down. Fold the bottom of the fabric up to the top of the fabric so that edges meet, uniform and even. Measure a 1-inch seam from the top and insert pins
  5. Pin the top turn-under(s) for the rod pocket (1.5 in for my valance). Press both and take out pins. Fold the bottom hem(s) up again (3/4 in for me) and pin. Fold the top again, this time the total inches for the rod pocket(s) and header(s) (for my valance 3 in) and pin. Press the hem and top. Sew the hem and top
  6. Valances. Choose board. Save. Saved from mfay.com. The Workroom Marketplace. The Workroom Marketplace is the new home of M'Fay Patterns. We have curated a collection of tools and supplies recommended by the industry's best workrooms. No Sew Curtains Rod Pocket Curtains Valance Curtains Drapery Window Valances Valance Patterns Sewing.
  7. Once your shade is up, add two more tension rods to the outside of the fabric like so. Fold over some of the fabric over the top tension rod . And then fold over the bottom part of the fabric over the bottom tension rod. And voila, just like magic, you have a new roman shade. Since I folded my fabric over the tension rod in the first step.

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  1. Sew down one side of the window valance to the first 1 1/2 inch mark using a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Skip the next 1 1/2 inches for your curtain rod and continue to sew the rest of the way to the bottom of the valance. Sew across the bottom and up the other side, stopping at the rod pocket. Skip 1 1/2 inches and continue to sew to the end
  2. Ships free orders over $39. Exclusively Ours. Sun Zero Bella Room Darkening Rod Pocket Window Curtain Valance. NON-MEMBER PRICE. $11.99. BEYOND+ MEMBER PRICE. $9.59. Ships free orders over $39. No.918® Mariela Floral Trim Semi-Sheer Rod Pocket kitchen Curtain Valance and Tier 3-Piece Set
  3. The Tie-Up Valance is lined with high count ivory broadcloth, and measures 52 wide by 30 deep. It has a 3 rod pocket, no header, and two pre-made strap ties sewn in for easy hanging. Photo illustrates Rosewood Tie Up Valance. Dimensions: 52W x 30L Made of 100% cotton Made in the USA by Ellis Curtains
  4. BURLAP WINDOW VALANCE: NO SEW - BUT LOTS OF PAINT!! Started out w/just a plain burlap window valance. After looking at it for awhile I decided it needed some pfhzazz! So, down it came and I taped off stripes and painted them a barn red. Then I decided it STILL needed something else.THAT'S IT - I'll add a black stripe on each side of the red stripe
  5. Aqua Buffalo Check Rod Sleeve Window Topper/Valance~ *Please Note: Sleeve Valances are 42 wide by 7.5 deep with a 3 Rod Pocket!* CheriesCurtainShoppe 5 out of 5 stars (1,472

Rod Pocket Felica 52''. by Rosecliff Heights. $18.99. 223. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. 223 total votes. Bring any small window to life with this window valance. Offering both style and function, this valance brings in beautiful filtered light, while still providing the privacy and window coverage you need. Perfect for the kitchen, breakfast room. pinterest-pin-it. 6. Pocketed Window Topper. This super easy window topper uses a wide continental curtain rod. Just make sure to make the rod pocket larger than the width of the rod. pinterest-pin-it. 7. Baby Nursery Curtains and Valance. Choose the colors for your baby's room and then sew these cute curtains to match SO, for this valance, you would need a piece of 45 wide fabric 2 1/12 yards long. Cut the fabric in half lengthwise and seam the two pieces together. This will give you a piece 22 1/2 by 4 1/6 yards. (The finished valance will be slightly shorter, but you use half as much fabric, ans save money.) To Sew Valance: It doesn't matter which you do.

Sew the two pieces right sides together, leaving a hole to turn the fabric, then clip into the corners of the scallops. Turn the valance right sides out and press, pressing the raw edges from the hole for turning to the inside. Fold the top over 2″ to the wrong side and stitch along the long side, leaving the short sides ope to insert the rod Mar 18, 2014 - It's not difficult to add swags and cascades to your home drapery projects. Here are some ideas for designing and making them Shop for rod pocket valances and other window treatments products at Martha Stewart. Browse our window treatments selections and save today 7. Featured. Was $46.49. Save $3.47 (7%) Sale $43.02. DriftAway Isa Flowers Leaves Botanical Classic Pattern Blackout Thermal Insulated Window Curtain Valance Rod Pocket - 52 x 18. Chevron Down. Details Feb 9, 2015 - The Swag and Tail Design and Pattern Book has 73 black and white design ideas for different combinations of swags and tails. Simply choose your favourite design and follow through the rest of the step-by-step instructions to make perfect swags and tails

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Custom Valance - Rod Pocket - Stationary Faux London Shade. $40.00. Custom Rod Pocket Chic Tie Up Valance - 48 Wide x 22 Long. $38.00. Custom Rod Pocket Chic Tie Up Valance - 48 Wide x 22 Long. $38.00. Farmhouse Rod Pocket Ticking Stripe Curtains or Valance - Made to Order. $28.00 Ellis Curtain Brissac Lined Scallop Valance. $19.88. sale. Color: 1 available. FREE Shipping 27. The sophisticated floral pattern and scalloped edge of this. Ellis Curtain Brissac Lined Scallop Valance. make it perfect for completing your window treatment. This valance comes in select color options and boasts a classic rod pocket construction Excluded from coupons. Ships free orders over $39. Heritage Lace® Windsor Rod Pocket Window Curtain Panel (Single) $69.99. Excluded from coupons. Ships free orders over $39. No.918® Joy Lace 15-Inch Rod Pocket Sheer Kitchen Curtain Valance. 3. 3 reviews

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Steps for Making a Valance: Cut the size you need from the curtain and the liner fabric. Sew with the fabric right sides together. Be sure to skip 3 inches at the top of each side for your rod pocket and about 5 inches on one side to turn. Turn right side out and iron seams. Sew around rod pocket holes. Sew a straight line 2 1/2 inches from the. 1. Draw a template half the size of the desired finished valance onto paper or poster board and cut it out. 2. Fuse interfacing to the silk fabric according to the manufacturer's instructions to give it some body. Lay the fabric face down and fold it in half with right sides together. Trace the template, lining it up to the folded edge and cut. It should look like a 4-inch long ribbon across the top of the curtain. Now draw a chalk line at 2 inches down across the fold. Sew across the chalk line at 2 inches down. Then sew the edge of the 4-inch fold to the curtain--this is already pinned. This creates a rod pocket and a 2-inch ruffle or poof above the rod Each package includes 2 pieces teal/gray geometric pattern kitchen valance, measuring W54 x L15 inches. 2Rod pocket (1.27 diameter) fits easily with standard curtain rods. Quality Fabric: Made of 100% polyester canvas, textured, teal/gray geometric pattern, no lined. Cute kitchen valance is sturdy but still touches soft

Get No Sew Curtain Valance today w/ Drive Up or Pick Up. Orders $35+ Ship Free. Get decor fast with Target Drive Up, Pick Up, or Same Day Delivery No sewing is required. Just paint the drop cloths using a stenciled design. These no-sew valances were made from burlap coffee bags. Use some iron-on heat-and-bond hem tape to form a pocket for a rod. Then find your favorite decorative curtain rod to hang them from. This is a unique valance that combines rustic barn wood with a muslin bed skirt Check out Karianne's full no-sew valance tutorial, including materials you'll need, here. If you want to create a similar look in your home, here are a few fabrics that may work well. Natural Irish Linen Fabric. Swavelle / Mill Creek Old Country Linen Rice Fabric Covington Jefferson Linen Ivory Fabri Easy No-Sew Window Valance. contributed by Susan at Entertain Exchange. Like most of you I am all about creating things that take very little time and look great. {Oh, and does not cost a lot} So, two years ago I was trying to decide how to decorate my sons very beige bedroom when I stumble upon a 75% sale at Pottery Barn. I bought them in.

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Pocket. 36K Shares. How To Re-Cover RV Window Valances (No Sewing!) July 28, 2018. RV Life with Kids, RV Organizing, So I have made regular curtains to go behind valances. Using a pring rod to hold them behind, but in between the valace. That way the spring rod is tight on the valance. Works great Apr 22, 2019 - Sewing curtains tips. See more ideas about curtains, no sew curtains, rod pocket curtains

The rod pocket for a curtain rod is generally 1 1/2 inches in width for either ready made or custom curtains, the first being single and the other double. There can also be a top ruffle added above the rod pocket which can be 1, 2 or even 3 inches in height Step 3. Fold 1/2 inch and fold again and sew. To make the side hem, measure ½-inch along the length of the fabric. Fold with wrong-sides facing each other and press with your iron. Fold this hem again and press with your iron. Sew the hem on your sewing machine. Do this on both ends of the fabric. You now have a neat side hem

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Now, you will need to create the pocket where you will insert your tension rod into. To make the top and bottom pockets, fold over and press the top and bottom of the fabric around 1-2 inches (depending on your rod's diameter, make the pockets large enough for the rod to go easily all the way through. The first valance styles that I designed successfully were the EMILEE, the PEYTON and the MAISON, but since then I have gone on to design more than 20 other Hidden Rod Pocket® Valance styles. Most can be seen here on my website, but there are also many that were custom designed to meet the needs of specific customers for their problem windows Press sleeve in half. Fold in half, bottom over top. T-pin and press. Lay sleeve open. If sewing a 5 ¼ pocket, lay ruler on sleeve with a 2 ½ mark on the crease. Mark fabric slightly above the 0 and slightly below the 5 markings (about 1/8). For a 3 ¼ pocket, lay ruler on sleeve with a 1½ mark on the crease

Now that you've found us, you're no longer limited to the pre-made valances that stores offer. We have close to 4000 fabrics to choose from (and oodles of decorative trims too!) so you can create your own unique look - and leave all the sewing to us! We offer EXTREMELY competitive prices for custom sewing along with easy ordering We have white blinds in there, so I though a small valance would do the trick. I measured 12″ from the original hem of the fabric scrap and folded it over. I pinned 2″ down the fold. This would create the pocket that the curtain rod would slip through. Once I was pretty sure that the pins were even, I ironed the fold to make sewing easier McCalls 7034 Home Dec In A Sec 2 Hour Window Treatment Valances Sewing Pattern. $3.99 + $3.49 shipping + $3.49 shipping + $3.49 shipping. Vtg McCall's Home Dec in-a-sec pattern 4621 Swags & Valances uncut Details about McCalls 7034 Home Dec In-A-Sec Rod Pocket Valances Easy 2 Hrs. Sz 28-80 New UC. 1 product rating. 5.0 average based on 1. Take the top of your valance (this is the only seam that isn't pressed twice and isn't sewn into place yet) and fold it over 3″. Pin in place, then sew a seam right along the bottom. Now mark 1 1/2″ above that seam on your fabric and sew another line you're creating a pocket for your curtain rod to slide through

If you can wield a glue gun or a stapler, you can create no-sew valances that are made with upcycled thrift-store finds. Use a gathered mini-skirt to make colorful kitchen curtains or collect vintage hankies to form a lacy and delicate valance. Use your sewing skills to repurpose a drop cloth into lovely natural-fiber curtains The rod pocket is ideal for a variety of finishes, including scalloped, tucked, and straight hemlines. Another popular rod pocket valance is the waterfall valance that elegantly overlaps on itself, creating an element of sophistication A rod pocket is simply a pocket formed by folding fabric onto itself and securing the bottom edge. This forms a casing into where you can slide a rod. At first, you may assume that learning how to sew a rod pocket is just for rod pocket curtains. But you can use this technique for lots of things. But before we get into these ideas, let me show. A rod pocket (also called a casing) is an easy window treatment, ideal for that beginner; a project for someone with a modest amount of sewing skills. Turning the top of the curtain fabric down twice and then stitching it along the bottom fold create it. The top hems are open at both ends so a curtain rod or pole can be inserted. This is the most common way to hang curtains, café curtains and.

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Glacier Solid Sheer Rod Pocket Curtain Panels (Set of 2) by Martha Stewart. $39.99 ($20.00 per item) 96. Rated 5 out of 5 stars. 96 total votes. Free Shipping. Available in three colorways (White, Blush, and Ivory), this set of highly covetable Sheer window panels is the stalwart style staples of the modern home Ribcord Rod Pocket Valance is rated 4.8 out of 5 by 4. Rated 5 out of 5 by Sheen from Quality I really like the material used to make this curtain. Date published: 2021-05-0

My photo above shows the tape already sewn onto ready-made rod-pocket curtains that I purchased. After cutting your tape to the necessary length, simply sew the tape across the top of your drapery panels, making sure to position the tape so the opening of the little pockets open downward. Then follow the directions below Tutorial for making a simple rod-pocket valance Fabric Shower Curtains Are The Most Elegant Of All Designer Shower Curtains Fabric shower curtains are the most stylish of all Designer bathe curtains If youre seeking out an easy way to feature a fresh new fashionable touch and attraction on your toilet then the cloth bathe curtain This custom window valance is a Black Belt Home Decor original that was designed and constructed by me. It features my new innovative Hidden Rod Pocket styling which gives you the look of a board mounted valance with the ease of installation of a Continental rod. It is the first of the hidden rod pocket valances to become available with your.

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Includes one scallop valance, lined. May be used alone or as a filler with the empress swag valance. Total Size is 52 wide x 17 long. Length is measured from the top of the rod pocket to the bottom edge. 3 rod pocket, 2 header, 3 hem. Valance is screen printed 100% cotton. The lining fabric is an ivory cotton/polyester blend Now fold the top down 4″ and pin in place. Sew down along the pressed edge, and then run another stitching line 2″ up from that, which is also 2″ down from the top. You have just created the rod pocket and top ruffle. Hem: To hem your shower valance, press up 1/2″ at the ironing board, then turn up 2″ and stitch into place No. 918 Jillian Curtain Valance in whisper brings sophisticated elegance to the top of your window with a delicately beaded scalloped design. Coordinate with the No. 918 Jillian Crushed Texture Sheer Voile Rod Pocket Curtain Panel for a complete look. Three pieces needed for the complete look as pictured. Sold as individual valances measuring 51 width by 24 length. Coordinating curtain. January 17, by Anne Weaver. Leave a Comment. Kim from Exquisitely Unremarkable shows how to make a box pleat window valance. She includes a rod pocket for mounting (instead of stapling it to a board) so it'll be easy to change out later should you decide to redecorate. Go to Excquisitely Unremarkable for the tutorial

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The cut ends are left that way. In other words, measure the length of the rod that you are going to use in inches and multiply it by 1 1/2 times. That amount divided by 12 will give you the amount of feet that you need. For example, if your rod is 40 inches long the formula would be 1 1/2 X 40 = 60. 60 divided by 12 = 5 Glasgow 62 in. W x 54 in. L Woven Rod Pocket Swags in Gold Leaf (2-Pack) This medium-weight, woven, solid-color rod-pocket This medium-weight, woven, solid-color rod-pocket window treatment feels like pin-point cotton and is sure to blend well with your existing decor. The Glasgow weave offers an unusual depth of color and interest to any decorating situation Amy from Peek A Boo Pattern Shop shows how to make an easy window valance. It adds a splash of color to the top of a window without taking too much fabric or too much time to make. A curtain rod threaded through a casing gathers up the valance and makes an easy installation. Get the tutorial at Peek A Boo Pattern Shop Simple rod pocket design allows for easy slide-through installation on curtain rods up to 1 ½ in diameter. Sold as individual valances measuring 50 width by 17 length in color ivory. Coordinating curtain panels are sold separately. Measure carefully before selecting your desired size and quantity. Rod not included. Machine wash cold on. No. 918 Alison Floral Lace Sheer Rod Pocket Valance Curtain Panel, White, 58 x 32 : Amazon.ca: Hom Widen window look by broadening rod placement. May 15, 2015 - Add box pleats and covered buttons to premade drapes. Widen window look by broadening rod placement. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures