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  1. I am considering to buy the Honda Accord 2017. It's either going to be the base LX model with the 17 inch wheels or the Sport model with the 19 inch wheels. My heart is telling me to go for the sport model with the 19 inch wheels because it looks way better. However, I don't want to sacrifice a lot of ride quality by going with the 19 inch wheels
  2. Michelin Premier's are a prime example of cost difference; in 225/65R17 they're ~$160 vs 225/55R19 they're ~$230. They're are a really great all around tire and way cheaper for 17's. 19 tires give you better turn in road grip (but we're talking about a CX-5, you're not exactly hauling through twisties), slightly better braking (like 5-10 ft tops)
  3. 19 inch wheels with bad roads? I'm debating on whether or not to get 19 inch wheels. I have a 2013 mustang and stock wheels are 17s. 18s I don't think I will like so I want to get 19s but the roads here a garbage. Big potholes have been fixed up but there's probably gonna be more. Should I just stick with getting 19s
  4. 18 inch rims vs 19 inch rims? I was looking at a 10th gen Civic SI coupe I really like the look of the 19 HFP rims. After some googling, it seems that bigger rims leads to a rougher ride and more expensive tires
  5. Good to hear. Leaning towards 17. Cheaper and safer. If it was between 17s and 18s I would go with 17s because you will have the biggest selection of tire sizes for both fitment and performance uses. the difference between an 18 inch wheel and a 17 inch wheel with the same tires are not going to be that noticeable
  6. The laptime data was slightly more revealing, but not always in the way expected. During dry handling, the tyres got progressively faster, with the 17 tyre the slowest, the 18 tyre just over a second faster, and the 19 tyre another 2/10ths on top of the 18. In the wet this trend was reversed, with the 19 tyre the slowest by 1/2 second.
  7. I googled around and found some riders were fitting the Shinko 120/90-17 front tire to get almost the same rolling diameter as the 19 inch front wheel that came out on later models. I figured this might be a good idea for other bikes with 17 inch front wheels like the Kawasaki Versys, or even for road bikes that a lot of guys seem to be turning.

No advantage at all. In fact, there might be some disadvantages. The only advantage I can think of is appearance - if it looks better to you well then there you go. There are several disadvantages you might hear about; one of the most common I'm.. I found the 19 inch rims on my 2013 CX5 GT to be hard riding and ridiculously fast wearing. A loan CX5 Maxx from Mazda during a service was a revelation when it comes to ride comfort, due entirely to the 17 inch wheels. Subsequently bought a set of 17 inch wheels and near new tires from Gumtree for a bargain $400 The wheels I have only came in 19/20. 19s look awesome on the car. You just have to pay attention to the road. There is a huge difference in the way the car handles on 19s vs the 17s I use in winter. But that could also be due to the softer compound used in the winters. 17 vs 19

hi all! Im a new owner of 2018 honda civic hatchback sport. From where i live there is a lot of pothole and im afraid my 18 stock rim will get damage someday. Before that happens im playing the idea of downgrading to 17 with 235 45 r17 tires for more meat on my wheels. To be honest im after a.. Re: Performance Results: 17\ vs. 18\ vs. 19\ vs. 20\ Wheels Smaller wheels in the rear are better for drag racing because you want the sidewall flex (wrinkle) for traction on the launch. For road racing, theoretically you would want a bigger wheel/smaller sidewall which means a stiffer tire giving you better control and feedback from the road But replacing a standard 17-inch alloy wheel with an 18- or 19-inch alloy rim will add weight — unless it's an expensive, lightweight type. Bigger wheels cost more money. The bigger you go. Mazda CX-5 GT 17 vs 19 Wheels. A friend of mine just purchased a 2015 Mazda CX-5 GT with 19 wheels. She is thinking about downgrading wheels to 17 with all weather tires to use year round. Other than the engine, are there any other major changes with the GS model vs GT model I haven't driven a 17'' HL but my ride is pretty smooth. It def doesn't feel like a truck. I think after driving a HL it is normal for a RAV4 to feel like a truck. I don't think it is directly related to the wheels. To me 19'' wheels make a lot of difference how the car looks. One of the reasons I got a limited

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  1. Just made this choice myself (P6GR ten spokes). Ended up landing on 20 due to the lack of tire options for 19. Specifically, I wanted Michelin PS4S tires with a 35 sidewall. Only options for 19s were 295/35/19 (too skinny on the 11 wheel IMO), and 305/30/19 (305 would have been fine, but again, wanted the taller sidewall)
  2. The V Stroms and the GS Adventures maintain the 19 inch front while most if not all the other bikes in this class have gone with the 17 inch front wheel. Why is the 19 inch front wheel always said to be more off road or dirt/gravel friendly than the 17 inch wheels? Thanks for any help ful explanation on tire/wheel size differences. Da
  3. In dry conditions, Tyre Review's tester preferred the sharper feel of the 19-inch wheels, but in the wet, he found the 17-inch wheels offered easier, more predictable handling. The smallest wheels.
  4. Popping a bead or damaging side wall and seen some say they so it all the time.. from my experience with off roading the side wall on the 20s suck. My 08 hemi I had before this one. I swapped the 20s for 17s and was a good switch. And yes the 17 inch tires are WAY cheaper. I know alot of jeeps and even the ram rebel have the 18in wheels
  5. The 19-inch package came with the widest tires (235/35R-19) mounted to the widest wheels (8.5 inches), but this setup had less grip around the skidpad than the narrower 225/40R-18s on 8.0-inch.

The base wheels were 16 and the upgraded sport wheels were 17. Then the S4 came out in 2004 on the same body and the wheels were 18. It wasn't so far back that I thought 20 wheels were reserved for trucks and my dad's Model S has 21 wheels which seemingly do not look out of place at all Nov 13, 2020. #19. As mentioned. It's the tires that make all the difference more than the wheel size. At least from 18 vs 19. When you get 20 it will be firmer. But you're also forced into a narrower range of performance tires. There are some great efficient and quiet tires in 19, even better selection than 18

Finding the difference between 17-, 18- and 19-inch tires Jeff Glucker June 21, 2017 Comment Now! There's a balance to be found when you're on the hunt for a set of wheels and tires for your vehicle For these people, a 19 tire has a much better selection available for modern day Mustangs. 275/35-19, 285/35-19, and 305/30-19 have essentially every major tire you could ask for. The go-to wheel size in this scenario would be 19×10 ET40 square or 19×11 ET52 square Hello all, I'm about to pull the trigger on wheels and tires for my '18 JLUR. My last decision is between 17 & 18 wheels. I'm getting BFG KO2's 35x12.5 with Fuel Vapor wheels. I like the look of a bigger wheel, but they're more expensive. Both wheel and tires come in both sizes. Will a 17.. 2014 Mazda CX-5: Seventeens Are Enough. June 21, 2013. The 19-inch wheels on our long-term 2014 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring sure are pretty, but for me, the sacrifice in ride quality just isn't worth it Hi folks. I have a M3 2021 LR with the 18 Aeros on order which will probably get delivered in the next 2-3 weeks (bay area) and debating to switch to the 19 sport wheels. I normally would've ordered the 19 ones but the new design just seems kinda ugly, so I went with the 18. I previously..

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You won't see a noticeable difference in ride quality just due to the wheels. The thing is with 19inch wheels you will most likely need lower profile tires then with 18's. Lower profile tires will make the ride worse, but not by much. Id recommend 18 inch wheels for weight savings, cost, and more tire options The tires for 18 in rims are also cheaper. R888r tires are 100 dollars cheaper for a 305 18 inch vs 19 inch for instance. My biggest delima has been tires. There aren't many 305 width tires in 18 inch, plenty of 295 though. Lots of 305 options with 19 Inch rims

Good lord, not much accurate car info here. The rolling circumference of a 15 inch tire/wheel combo and a 17 inch combo will be the same. The 17 inch wheels have a lower profile tire (i.e. the height of the rubber part) thus the wheel takes up more distance and the rubber less compared to the 15 inch where the rubber part is taller and the alloy wheel part less I just put 16 inch sparco wheels and michelin X Ice3 tires on my gti and I love it. The GTI feels faster, gets MUCH better gas mileage (Went from low 30s to upper 30s on the highway), and has a more comfortable ride. If the GTI didnt look so great with 19 inch wheels, and so pedestrian with 16 inch wheels, I might keep it like this forever For these people, a 19 tire has a much better selection available for modern day Mustangs. 275/35-19, 285/35-19, and 305/30-19 have essentially every major tire you could ask for. The go-to wheel size in this scenario would be 19x10 ET40 square or 19x11 ET52 square Q&A: 17, 18 or 19 inch wheels? In terms of driving, I do 50/50 metro versus country and plan to do some four-wheel-driving. Any tips on which to go with? Mathew The 17 inch wheels I don't know how much it weighs, but has to be 2 or more lbs. heavier, and the tire + at least 1-2lbs. At that, you've already added a minimum of 3-4lbs to the unsprung weight at each corner of your car. I've tried it both ways. 15 stock wheels with upgraded tire, I took a 2-3 mpg hit maybe close to 4

450 pickup wheels vary with those model ranges and the 19.5 inch wheels are not option for anything but models that would have the 19.5 10 bolt steel wheels as standard. Just to make sure the whole craziness of this is clear: 99-04 19.5 wheels are the 200mm 8 lug bolt circle that the 2005 and later 17 inch DRW wheels use Location: DFW. Posts: 376. True, but 20's with a lower profile tire will give you a rougher ride. The bigger sidewall on the 17's also helps absorb the bumps and pot holes. So you have 2 choices. A smoother ride with worse handling (17 rims) or a rougher rider with better handling (20 rims) Reply With Quote Dirt bikes have large front wheels because it allows you to roll over the terrain easier. The rear tires are small so you can accelerate quicker. If you're trying to choose between 18-inch and 19-inch wheels, know that 18-inch wheels provide more control, whereas 19-inch wheels have more comfort VMR Wheels V801 (frozen bronze) 19x8.5 +35 front, 19x9.5 +35 rear http://vmrwheels.com/Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 235/35/19 front, 265/30/19 rear http.. Midland, TX. There is no reason to replace your 20s with 17s to tow. You can get load range E tires for your 20s if you want. 275/65R20 Wrangler AT/S (factory tires on F250/350s with 20s) They are a great truck tire, not great for off roading etc, but for hauling they work well

A few thoughts: we went from the stock 18 wheels with the crappy factory Dunlops, down to 17 Rock Warriors with 285/70/17 BFG KO2s. The BFGs are E-rated so they're a bit stiffer and transmit a bit more thunk into the cabin than the Dunlops did in spite of having a taller sidewall; the Rock Warriors are considerably lighter than the 18s that came off, so my guess is that even with the heavier. At 18 you're up to 56.55 inches. That's almost 6% more with only one revolution. Here's what you do so that changing the wheel size won't affect the speedometer. You're going to change the standing height of the tire. In other words, since you added an inch to the wheel, you can subtract an inch from the standing height of the tire You can go with a tall 17 inch dual sport front tire.I'll ass-u-me you have a 120/60 or 120/70 front tire like my CB500X.I am planning a 130/80 or 130/90 front tire for my bike.It's about the same overall diameter as a 19 inch tire in the same line up.Airing down has some advantages in deep gravel/sand, and when the road has sharp stones. 21 inch vs 19 inch front wheel X. Welcome to Netrider! If 17 is the opposite then 19 is the compromise. Reply & Quote. Reactions: TwoWheelsOnly. katoom58. Member. Mar 5, 2017 2,408 apart from kids bikes have 21 inch front wheels, enduro, MX they all have a 21 on the front. Now people will tell you a 21 front handles woeful on the road. However, if you go too crazy and change your wheel size too much, it can cause some problems. When changing the car's original wheels and tires, the general rule of thumb is that you can go up or down by one inch. For example, if your car is currently riding on 17-in wheels, you can reduce the size to 16 inches

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The dealer can sell you any 20 LR4 wheel you like, but that will be expensive. Keep an eye on ebay for used 20 wheels, but be sure they are OEM Land Rover wheels. RR Sport 20 wheels may fit, but the offset is different than the LR4. Also beware of remanufactured wheels that were straightened, welded, painted, etc. 19 wheels may be hard to. 2,656 Posts. #8 · Jul 25, 2014. In general the 17 inch wheels will give you a smoother ride than the 18 inch wheels because the sidewall will be fatter. Also, the stock 18 inch Pirelli tires are not that great in terms of traction

Relevance Price: Low to High Price: High to Low. Genuine Toyota 4Runner TRD PRO Matte Black Wheels PTR20-35110-BK (Fits: 4Runner - Tacoma - FJ Cruiser) (4) $940.00. Gorilla Automotive 21134ETBC Black 12mm x 1.50 Thread Size Chrome Finish Small Diameter 6-Lug Kit, (Pack of 24) $47.59 21 inch wheels tend to ride or roll over holes or obstacles, whereas 19 inch wheels will tend to drop into or crash into holes or obstacles, simply due to the smaller diameter. For rough surfaces, 21 inch is better. 21 inch gives you a huge range of dirt tyres to choose from, reasonably priced. 19 inch wheels give you a huge range of road. Looking at getting a 17 Canyon I found a set of 20inch wheels I like, they do not make them smaller, I called a guy at Laura GMC and he said I would not notice a difference in ride with just a leveling kit. He said it might ride like my 11 Canyon with 2 inch suspension and 1 inch body lift. If you want to go fast keep your stock wheels around....but im willing to bet that a 18 isnt going to hurt you that much more than a 17 would. If you can handle the cost of tires, get the 18's. You will still have your stock wheels for the track if need be. IMHO, 18's are just right for sn-95's....and 19-20's are a MUST have for the new 05

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The current Model 3 (long range, single motor) comes standard with 18-inch Aero wheels. The only other option is to spend $1,500 to upgrade to 19-inch Sport wheels (although, as another option. A quick perusal of TireRack proves a $30-$60 savings per tire when opting for the 17's over the 20's for same tire. Since my mileage is around 52,000/year that means a new set pretty much ever year, equating to a difference of $120-240 each time. I intend to keep this truck for 6-7 years

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Factory HSV front wheels are 20x8 36 offset. Rears are 20x9 57 offset. I installed 245/35 R on the front and 295/35 ZR on the rear While the fronts are unchanged in effective rolling diameter (0.1% different), the rears are going to make your actual speed 5.5% faster than shown on your speedo Yeah, the bikes with 21 inch front wheels look way cooler. I'll give you that. But when that 21 inch wheel is the cause of a white knuckled slip and slide where you're simply trying to go straight, you wonder about the usefulness of it. If anyone has experience on these surfaces with both 19 and 21 inch front wheels, I'd love to hear.

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Starting at the Grand Touring trim level, the 2020 Mazda CX-5 receives an upgraded set of 19-inch dark silver finish all-wheel tires. With a fresh shine and a more imposing look, you may be tempted to reach for the larger wheels. However, there are technical benefits to both the 19-inch and standard 17-inch tire 17.5 & 19.5: Steer : drive, trailer : View details. M154 Urban . The M154 is a deep all-position tire designed for regional to urban service in the highest-scrub environments, in which tread wear is the primary reason for tire removal. APPLICATION. I just purchased a 2017 Renegade Sport 4x4 with the 16 in. wheels entry level no frills. The dealer has a set of Jeep 18 in. wheels with fancier rims (originally not on a Renegade) that I would like to purchase but we have not confirmed with the technician whether these wheels will effect the performance Joined Jun 13, 2010. ·. 81 Posts. #18 · Jul 8, 2010. Milan said: You can tastefully roll on 20's, it's been done to good effect but if done incorrectly, the results can be disastrous. My first set of aftermarket wheels was a set of 18 Enkeis. This year I got a great deal on a set of 19 Acura RDX accessory wheels

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At Get Your Wheels, we're passionate about providing quality wheel and tire products at competitive prices. You'll discover the options you need from our comprehensive selection of aftermarket wheels and tires from reputable brands including Vossen Wheels, TSW Alloy Wheels, Enkei, and Avant Garde Find Wheels for Your Vehicle at Tire Rack. We Make It Easy! Make a Statement with New Wheels. It Will Be the First Thing They Notice

I test drove a q4 with 18 inch tires but ended up with the 19 inch run flats. The 18s were definitely a softer ride. But in the end I love the sports seats and the ride on the 19 inch tires. I also really love the look and easy cleaning of the 5 hole rims. Having the car for over a year and nearly 20k miles I wouldn't have it any other way I have a 2016 Golf R that unfortunately came with the 19-inch package. Because I live in NJ, which has terrible roads and potholes, I'm downsizing to 17-inch wheels for comfort and to avoid worrying as much about blowing out a tire/rim. I'm looking at any number of wheels from TireRack that are 17x8 with a 45 offset So I went ahead and did the swap--put on 17 inch wheels and tires from a new EX on my 2020 Touring (dealer take-offs bought on ebay) , and sold the 19 inch wheels on Craigslist for a small profit. I waited a few days to make sure I was happy with the change before I sold them

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Joined Nov 21, 2012. ·. 5,775 Posts. #2 · Feb 26, 2013. With the Accord's body style and size, 18 wheels should be the minimum. 19 wheels fit this body size the best. It is a good compromise between looks and ride quality. (I am 26. May definition of ride quality may be different then yours) Collected 29/04/17- New Q5 S line S Tronic TDI Quattro in Daytona with Pan roof, B&O, Reverse Camera, 20 inch Alloys, Tech Pack, Virtual cockpit and even a spare wheel. No mods. Sold:64 Reg A4 Avant 3 litre Diesel S Tronic Quattro Black edition in Mythos Black with most of the toys inc Pano roof Wife: 2011 A1 1.4 TFSI S Line S tronic - some extras

Location: North. iTrader: ( 2) I'd personally do 19/20 as the 18s are hideous and look like a winter wheel. If you want to track the car pick up something lighter anyway that you don't mind beating on like an Apex Arc-8R. They make 19x9.5s and up to 18x11s if you need more grip. Square setup would be a hoot 18 vs 19 wheels on 330i xDrive. Hello all, This is my first post. I'm very close to inking a deal on a beautiful 2019 330i, M Sport with X Drive, Adaptive M suspension and M Differential. It comes in Portimao Blue. It comes with 19 inch Pirelli Cinturato P7 tires - All season run flat, 225/40 R19 on the front and back. The tires are run. A LOT of people opt for the Accord Sport with 19″ wheels, but you do hear tell that they get kind of harsh and thwack-y on rough roads. Still, it's hardly a fringe choice. They're everywhere. They even put them on their touring model, though that. About to order an A3 saloon 1.4 s-line s tronic in Daytona grey Can't decide whether to go for 18 10 spoke titanium or 19 wing arm wheels. I like the 19, but haven't been able to drive a car with them. On the 18 with sport suspension the ride was fine (currently have 3 series M sport &..

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(ie 235/50/18 vs 255/45/18, 235/45/19 vs 255/40/19 vs 255/35/20) I don't want ride quality to suffer too much and for tires, I will just put on the most reasonably priced set (don't care if they are all season or summer, its not a race car). I would like 19's, but the tires are so expensive compared to 20's or 18's I am buying a used 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with 255/75R 17 BF Goodrich tires. I want slightly more ground clearance so I plan to switch to 285/70R 17. The new tires are about the same height (32.1 vs 32.7″). The current width is 10″ while the new tire is 11.2″

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2. The Limited 19 wheels are steel with plastic chrome like hub caps. The XLE rims are alloy and 18. The XLE provides a noticeable smoother ride. 3. I would prefer the 6 speed smooth as silk transmission over the 8 speed transmission any day. Now that I know how the 8 speed feels, and I wanted a 2019 or 2020, I would have gotten the Hybrid XLE My Nissan Titan had 18 rims and tire cost was alot higher for 18. 17,19 and 20 tires cost less than 18. I was told by a tire shop that 18 wasn't as popular so special batches are made so the cost was higher. A 33x13.50x18mickey thompson baja mtz was $429. Boat any other size in my tires were about $100 cheaper The only advantage a 20 inch rim has over an 18 inch rim with the same tire diameter, would be a little less tire roll in the corners. The truck would probably corner a little better. Other than that the 18 inch rim wins all day. 15whtrd, Feb 21, 2019. #14

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I'm considering ordering a 2018 X1. Looks like they dropped the optional 18 inch wheels and have one standard wheel now - the style 569. I am not the biggest fan of those wheels and now I'm considering spending the 600 bucks for the optional 19 inch wheels. I don't want m sport. For those of.. Either 255/45-18's on 18x9 wheels or 255/40-19's on 19x9's or 9.5's will ride better than 255/35-20's and be less subject to pinch-flats as well. All three of those tire sizes are about the same OD and only a tiny bit shorter than your 235/50-18's. You could mount 255/40-19's on a set of PP1 wheels, which are 19x9 front and 19x9.5 rear. Nor

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The 235/55/19 tire/wheel combo (that Honda uses) on the CRV is virtually the same overall tire diameter (mathematically) as the 235/60/18 tire/wheel combo. Less than 8/100 difference in overall tire diameter. I notice Honda wants almost $2300 for the 19 wheel as an accessory but Cheaper Honda parts charges $246/wheel as a replacement price (19) Thread starter. #1. hey guys im in need of some help on looking for wheels and tires. I want to go for. 19x8.5 rims. I'm currently looking at two wheels with 45mm and 50mm offset and just wanted to know which one would fit better. Any advice and help is appreciated. I'm also looking to get Michelin pilot sport 4s 235/35zr19 to go along with. Originally Posted by wtwo3. To be fair, the M sport option is $3,800. True. But considering the $10k price difference between the 330i and M340i, charging $600 for wheels is a bit tacky. My 330i came with the $600 19's and I cant imagine why the M340i shouldn't have them stock

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Generally speaking, larger wheels allow for stiffer suspension setups, as they have less sidewall flex. Tire sidewalls can roll over during hard cornering, especially as they become tall. Larger wheels allow for lower profile tires, and low-pro. Re: 18 inch vs 19 inch wheels Hunt - I suspect that your 19s will do better with AWD than with FWD like my friend has. But I think the bigger thing for you is the looks. If you like the looks of the 19 rims better, then I think you made the right choice The dealer could not find one with 18 inch wheels anywhere in this metro area of 3.5 million people! I am considering telling my salesman I will swap these tires with anyone who buys an 18 inch Escape and wants the 19 inch wheels. I had read the old, multi-page message on this forum comparing these two wheel sizes and just didn't want 19's The last particular tire I was looking at was about $20 cheaper a tire for 16 vs the 17. It's probably due to more truck owners with 16s, therefore a larger demand and lower prices. EatSleepTacos , Nov 11, 201 Wheels I have the 18 Fan Blades on my '06 GT 'vert and I like them a lot. Ride is good, handling is great. When you order 18 wheels, they re-calibrate the suspension so you still have a good ride. By rights, the tires should last a bit longer because of slightly larger diameter. I think they look better in the wheel wells than the 17 too Garage List. 2020 X5 x40i [0.00] 19 or 20 wheels ? I'm considering getting the 19 inch wheels because ride comfort over pot-holed roads is more important to me than stylish wheel rims. But I really dislike the Style 734 wheels that BMW offers on the X5 at 19. Would it be possible to order the vehicle with 20 wheels, Style 738, then toss out.