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Connect your phone and external hard drive to the computer. Use a USB cable to connect your Android device to the PC and insert the external hard drive into the computer's USB slot. Ensure that you have enabled the USB debugging on your phone. Then the program will start to detect your devices You can now enter the right file tab to preview more detailed file information that you want to transfer from Android to external hard drive. Then select the wanted files by ticking them out and hit the Export option to transfer Android files to external hard drive in one click

Transfer Photos from Android Phone to External Hard Drive on Windows PC. Step 1: Connect your Android smartphone to your Windows 10 PC and select the Transferring images/Transfer photo option on it. Step 2: On your Windows 10 PC, open a new Explorer window/Go to This PC. Your connected Android device should show up under Devices and Drives Transfer Android Data to External Hard Drive Connect your external hard drive to the computer with a USB cable and then the computer will detect your device. Then you will find a folder that indicates the external hard drive on the computer. Copy the files you just transferred and paste on the folder How to Transfer Files Video and Images from Android Phone to SSD Storage or Hard Disk Drive HDDHow to Transfer Files from a Smartphone to a Samsung Portable. Pick one that you want to move to the SD card and tap it. There should be an option called Move to External Storage, Move to USB Storage or Move to SD Card - they all do the exact same thing. However, if this option is not available, you will need an app mover. The application that I use is Link2SD

Connect USB drive to Android (Wired) If you want to access an external hard drive from an Android device using a wired connection, the first thing you should ensure is whether your device supports USB OTG (On The Go) or not. USB OTG is a special feature available on some Android devices that allows you to mount a USB storage drive on an Android device using a USB OTG cable Connect External Hard Drive to Android Smartphone: Nowadays a lot of Smartphones with Android OS supports OTG and it is possible to connect a lot of different hardware, but not all as easy, as it looks at the first glance.Sometimes, even USB Thumb Drive won't work with smartphone, rea When you connect an external hard drive to Android, you may face 2 problems. #1 Hard Drive is not detected. You will either hear a clicking noise or the lights on your hard drive will not blink, this means the disk inside your drive is not spinning properly. Reason: Unlike pen drives, External HDDs needs a lot more power. And if they are not. Send Photos from Android to Flash Drive - Once connected, please click the Super Toolkit tab and the Backup option. Then select the Photos category on the pop-up window, and choose your flash drive as the backup location. - Next, tap the Back Up icon to begin transfer all the photos

Scroll down and tap Apps. Depending on your version of Android, this option may be called Application Manager.. Tap the app you want to move to the SD card. Tap Storage. Tap Change. You'll only see this button (at the top of the screen) if the app can be moved to an SD card. If you don't see it, the app cannot be moved In this video, I explain how to connect any external hard drive to your android device. Root may be required depending on your device.Link to the powered USB..

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Learn how to easily transfer files to and from your phone using only the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD. No computer needed!How to reformat your SanDisk Extrem.. Sync the Exported Files to External Hard Drive When the syncing process ends, your Samsung files will be saved on the computer. Then you can connect the external hard drive to the same computer and then copy and paste the desired data from computer to the device

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in this video i will show you how to connect external hard drive to Android Phone. You just need to buy an OTG connector and an external drive (in this case. In this video I show you how to connect external hard drive or SSD to your android smartphone through USB otg interface. Learn more about exFAT:https://en.wi..

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  1. Now that you have exported all your Android data into the computer, you can now connect the USB drive to the PC and transfer the data to it for future use. Method 3. How to Manually Back up Android to USB Drive This section will show you how you can backup Android to USB drive on your own. You will need an OTG cable for this process
  2. An Android phone connected to a USB drive via a USB OTG cable. What You Need to Connect USB Storage to Older Android Phones. A USB OTG (On the Go) cable with a male microUSB connector on one end.
  3. Step 1: With the aid of a lightning cable, connect your iPhone to an external hard drive. To confirm if your device is connected to the hard drive, click on 'Files app' button, then 'Browse'. Step 2: Locate and open the Photo app, then select the photos you want to transfer. Click the 'Share' button to transfer the photos to the.
  4. g drive's large capacity provides enough room for all your favorite PS4 games, DLC and patches. An included USB 3.0 cable allows you to connect directly to a PlayStation 4/4 Pro console
  5. Connect your USB drive or accessory to your tablet Connecting a USB Drive or even a portable hard drive is a very easy thing to do. Connect the OTG cable to your smartphone and plug in the flash drive or hard drive to the other end. In the case of hard drives, most phones should have no problems recognizing them

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I don't know about a hard disk, but you can get a male to female usb cable. The male side goes in your device, and you can plug a flash drive into the female side. This only seems to work with a smart phone though, so this might not work if your p.. I wish to transfer content from this location to my own external hard drive either via android phone or windows laptop. Can this be done. (my drive is nearly full and I don't want to lose Gmail). I do not want to purchase extra storage Method 1. Export WhatsApp Media from Android to External Hard Drive with a USB Cable. It is a direct method to export WhatsApp media from Android. Even though there is no direct way to transfer the files, you can follow this simple procedure to extract the media files If you have your Android phone and My Passport connected to a computer, you can transfer the files manually from your phone to the drive itself using the computer. mark123 March 9, 2017, 9:01pm #3 I have seen several videos on YouTube where they use an OTG cable adapter and do it directly without a laptop. what are your thoughts on that method

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Step 1. Connect your USB flash drive to the full-size USB port (female end) with the OTG cable, and link the other end to your Android device. Step 2. Slide down from the top screen of your Android phone to see the notification shade. You can skip this step if the file manager turns up automatically. Step 3 4) Find the phone in the list of drives 5) Find the files you want to move 6) Open another window of My Computer (So you have 2 open) 7) Find the external hard drive in the list of drives 8) Find where you want to move the files to 9) Drag and drop the files from the phone to the hard drive

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Dump your photos on the main external drive as normal. Get a second external drive and regularly make a copy of the data from the first external drive to the second one. You can do this manually by dragging and dropping files, but you'll probably want to use an application that will sync the contents of one drive to an external drive. Get in the habit of embracing it, and it can change the way you think about and use your phone. 9. Plug 'n' play with external storage. Many Android devices support the use of external USB drives. Y-Disk Photo Stick for iPhone USB Flash Drive External Storage Memory Stick Thumb Drive fits iOS Devices /Android Smart Phone with typeC Interface/PC (128GB red) $40.99. $40. . 99. 65% off promotion available. Get it as soon as Thu, Jun 3 One little note, though - the drive gets quite hot even after 10 minutes plugged into my Pixel. It does not seem to do any harm, though. 2. level 1. Jogameister. 2 years ago. I'm always curious about question like this and why the OP doesn't just try it. You have the dongle, you have the external hard drive, just plug it up and see. 1

How to save iPhone backup to external hard drive: Connect your external hard drive to Mac and open it. Select the backup folder from the Finder window or iTunes. Usually, the name of the backup folder consists of random numbers and letters, or it's called Backup. Drag the entire folder — couldn't emphasize it more — to your external drive Part 2: Transfer the Converted Audiobooks to USB Drive. Step 1. Insert the USB drive into a USB port on your computer. Step 2. Open the output folder and select the converted audiobooks you want to transfer. Step 3. Right-click on your selection, select Send to and then click your USB drive. Step 4. Wait for the files to copy. Finished Double-click your external hard drive's name. You'll see it below the Devices and drives heading in the middle of the page. If you don't see anything below the Devices and drives heading, click once the heading to expand it. If you can't find your external hard drive here, try using a different USB slot for your hard drive Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (iOS) will detect all the media files in iTunes and show them by list on the pop-up window. Select and sync iTunes music to connected iOS devices. Step 2. Copy iTunes playlists to an external hard drive. Click the Music icon at the top of the interface to enter the Music window. Click the 'Playlist' to reveal all iTunes. If you are using this with Apple devices or a MacBook like I am, you will not be able to transfer files from your iPhone, iPad, etc to/from your external hard drive with this wireless adapter UNLESS you download a third-party app. Toshiba really dropped the ball regarding updating their app, so if you have iOS software newer than 8, you will.

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  1. If you are Android users, you can opt to save the multimedia files to external hard disk by the following way; • Go to the settings option. • Then go to Storage & USB. • Then opt for the internal storage option. • In the internal storage, scroll down to 'Explore. • Here you need to scroll down to the 'WhatsApp' folder
  2. Using a tablet and two external hard disk drives (HDDs). I found this is the best solution for me so far. You probably want to bring a tablet with you anyway so you can check emails (if you are.
  3. 6.) Mark the checked dot on the photos you wanted to transfer. 7.) Tab the COPY at the lower task bar menu. 8.) After that, tab the Backward key to go all the way back to Home menu and enter into the external storage device. . 9.) You will see a root folder UNTITLED, enter into the folder
  4. Solution 1: dr.fone - Phone Manager (iOS&Android): Transfer Photos from iPhone to An External Hard Drive Directly The first method to move photos from your iPhone to an external hard drive is by doing a direct transfer. To do this, you need reliable software that helps you connect your iPhone to a computer
  5. Copying Directly From the Old Drive to the New Drive . If you don't want to use an intermediate external hard drive or NAS to copy the data back and forth, you can just connect the new and old drives together using either a simple USB-to-SATA/IDE adapter or cable, a laptop hard drive enclosure (which holds the old hard drive and connects it to your laptop via USB), or a laptop hard drive.
  6. It can help you transfer files from iPhone/iPad to external hard drive easily, including music, photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes etc. It allows you to add files from external hard drive/computer to your device without erasing the existing data. It enables you to view the details of your iCloud backup and export the data from iCloud.

Eject the drive when you're done and you can connect it to a computer or another Android device, allowing you to transfer files back-and-forth. If you want to adjust more options, you can tap the menu button in the file manager while browsing the contents of the USB drive and tap Settings 4 Transfer Photos from iPhone to External Hard Drive on Mac. Step 1: Connect both the external hard drive and iPhone to Mac in the first place. Step 2: Then, use Spotlight search to look for Image Capture, launching it. Step 3: Verify the name of your device, and all of the photos that it has on there will appear Automatic Upload. To automatically upload content to the Wireless Device using an Android device, please follow this procedure: Launch the Seagate Media app. Tap the menu icon in the top right corner of the screen and tap Settings. Tap the Auto Upload option. The the Enable Auto Upload toggle slide bar from Off to On Using a cable to transfer phone files may not have the skill to use the app over Wi-Fi and it is hard to collate the files you have transferred on your PC, but it certainly works. Below are the detailed steps on how to use USB to copy files from Android to PC Method 1: Transfer Images from Huawei P30 to A USB Drive via USB Cable. Moving phone data via an USB cable is the most common way for Android users. Without any help of the third-party tool, Android users could copy file folders to computer easily. Unlike iOS devices, Android device could be more flexible

Step 1: Connect your hard drive to your iPad. To start with, just take the assistance of a USB-to-lightning cable adapter and connect your iPad to your computer. You will be notified once your external drive is detected by your iPad. You can also go to the Files app (or any other File Explorer) on your iPad and view the connected external storage Then tap the arrow (circled in the image below) to download the files. More than one image selected will automatically create a zip file. Once downloaded, you can unzip the file to your computer hard drive or an external drive, wherever you want to keep the photos phone will not be recognized, neither will sd mini card, cannot sync phone or transfer media files: Laptop acting strange after trying to transfer files from laptop HDD to main desktop PC: Solved! Need to transfer hard drive files to external hard drive: Bought a Macbook Pro -- how to transfer USB files

Using Image Capture to save your photos from your iPhone or IPad to an external hard drive. This method uses software on your Mac to do the transfer but the photos go directly from your iPhone or iPad to the external hard drive. 1. Use the lighting cable to connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. 2 Select your hard drive, external hard drive or SD card, and click Optimize. Also read: How to Optimize SSD. Fix 5. Run a Clean Boot to Fix File stops copying halfway If the hard drive stops transferring data because of software conflicts, you can run a clean boot WhatsApp stores all the photos in the internal memory of the phone itself. On Android, you could connect your phone to pc via USB and allow storage access to the pc from your phone. Then go to MyPC select your phone and a list of folders will show..

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  1. 4. Once the downloading process is completed, click the Save button to save Gmail emails to external hard drive or all downloaded data items on your local hard drive. Now, all items saved in ZIP folder at the desired location. However, this ZIP file will maintain all data in the original formatting
  2. 1. Stop all operations on your SD memory card, USB or external hard drive. 2. If you are a Windows user, press Ctrl + Z to undo the cut, and you may be able to see the lost cut files back on your USB or SD card. While if you are a Mac user, press Command + Z to undo the cut, and check if the lost files are back or not
  3. 3 Connect external drive. 4 Copy all the music folders & files onto the hard drive from the external one. C:\Users\YourUserName\My music is a common place to put them but it is not compulsory. 5 Then disconnect the external drive
  4. Verdict: Simple Transfer is a third-party application for transferring photos between iOS devices. Unlike iCloud, Simple Transfer doesn't sync your photos between devices automatically, you have to add the necessary images manually. However, due to this, you transfer the photo directly to your PC hard drive, and not to the cloud
  5. Choose the File Format as PDF and Browse the Location to your External Hard Drive. Make sure that your External Hard Drive is connected with the PC. You can have the backup of your Gmail Emails, Calendar, Contacts, Drive on your hard disk through this tool. Click on the Next button and the backup process will start

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As a result, you can transfer photos, videos, text history, call history and SIM contacts from Motorola to external hard drives with ease. Step 1. Run Motorola Migrate and set your Motorola as source phone. Download and install Motorola Migrate app in your Motorola phone and another smartphone you want to transfer files to You can use File Explorer to transfer photos from Computer to hard drive. Open File Explorer > Select the required photos > CTRL+C to copy photos > Look for your external drive in File Explorer > Click that to open > Open the required folder in this drive > CTRL+V to paste those pictures. Do let me know if you require any further help on this This software not only can transfer my media files from iPhone to iTunes, I can transfer iTunes media back to iPhone whenever I need it. That's awesome. And the most important thing is that it is easy to be used. A great iTunes alternative. I quite like it. - By Enoc

Transfer Photos from Photos App to External Hard Drive on Mac. Connect your hard drive with Mac and create a new folder in it. Open the Photos app on your Mac. Select the photos you want to transfer and choose Export from the File menu (also, here y ou can choose to only download original photos or edited photos included) You can effortlessly recover lost data from the memory card, hard drive, USB drive, camera, phone and other devices by going through the guide and resource center related to Data Recovery Topic. Coolmuster Data Recovery is what you need to recover all lost, deleted, formatted and corrupted files on both Mac and Windows computers Step 4: Transfer Converted Spotify Library to External Hard Drive. Connect your external hard drive to your computer through USB cable. Open the output folder and then drag all of the converted files to it. This process time will vary, depending on how much data you want to transfer If you regularly use an Android phone, you might also want to read our article about how to upgrade to Android 4.0. If your Android phone has an SD card, your computer views the whole thing as a. On the computer, open up Explorer and click Map Network Drive. Here, choose the drive letter. I choose the letter A for Android; the fact that no one uses a floppy drive these days means this.

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Connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable, and it will show up as an external hard drive. For Macs, you may need to first download a tool called Android File Transfer. Select the disk. The newer versions of Android use the Media Transfer Protocol but you can still go back to the disk drive mode if you prefer it. So if you are using a device having the android version 4.2 then this is how to go about it. Examples: Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus 4 etc. Go to Settings and then About Phone or About Tablet. Scroll down to Build Number A: Answer I believe they charge $99 to transfer data but, they would have to give you a quote on the hard drive and to install windows. The hard drive replacement will depend on the cost of the new hard drive, whether the data is recoverable from your bad hard drive and their service charge One little-known feature of Android is its ability to connect with external storage devices like USB memory sticks and even larger-capacity portable hard drives. A phone just has to support. Click Send data on the old phone. Tap Receive data on the new one. Next, select Cable on both the devices. Choose the data you want to send, and click on Transfer. This will start the transfer using the Smart Switch app. If the transfer takes more than an hour, use the wireless method instead

They should think about the side effects after they root Android phone to just bring world data, which placed in root directory and transfer to another places and directories eg. External Directory or Internal Directory, where are really really really really easily access by users or player If you drop the hard drive, get wet, or loose the cable connection, you risk damaging the hard drive or halting the process of writing from the camera buffer to the hard drive. At least on the 1D, if the external connection is interrupted, the process of writing to the CF card also stops Most phones' USB sockets won't deliver enough power to run a spinning disk hard drive. As for compatibility, it will depend on how what filesystem you use. That drive comes formatted as ExFAT, which many Android devices will read but I can't guarantee all will (depends on what the manufacturer did with the software build) The options are Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Your phone. Depending on the option you choose, the steps will also differ. Now let's proceed to save text messages from android to computer for each location. #1 Google Drive. How do I transfer text messages from my Android to my computer? One of the options is Google Drive Plug your phone into your computer with your USB cable. On Windows, go to 'My Computer' and open the phone's storage. On Mac, open Android File Transfer. Drag the files you want to back up.

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The app lets you copy direct from the SD card to the USB key or external hard drive without storing the photos on the phone or tablet as an intermediary. Cost is about $30 to $50 CDN. These devices don't contain storage, just let you connect and transfer files between storage Typically a computer's hard drive has a lot of space available, so an entire phone backup can be kept on the computer without running out of room or having to purchase additional storage. Backups are fast, as it's relying not on the internet connection but just USB transfer speeds Then I plugged it to my laptop. But all the old files and folders in the USB were lost, except for those folders that were moved from the phone. I have posted a screenshot (pic-2) of how the folder looks like when the USB pen drive is opened from the laptop (it's the same when opened from the phone as well)


An external hard drive can be used to transfer data to and from multiple computers. The drive can be plugged into any computer with the appropriate port, which will recognize the drive. The data on the drive can be seen and manipulated at will by the user. This allows multiple users to take advantage of the same external hard drive The Best Wireless Hard Drives. These specialized drives can protect the snapshots, videos, and other memories you create on your tablet or smartphone—as well as stream them to multiple mobile.

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How to move files to your external drive from your iPhone or iPad. You can also move files to your external drive from your iPhone or iPad in much the same way. In the Files app, tap the name of your storage service from the Browse menu or sidebar. Tap on the folder from which you want to move a file if you need to. Tap Select Send photos & videos directly from your Windows PC, Mac or Linux to iPhone, iPad and Android devices over the local Wi-Fi network. Received photos & videos are imported directly into the Camera Roll, Android Image Gallery or user-defined album. PhotoSync keeps track of your actions and notes which photos & videos have already been transferred 1. From the main iTunes menu, go to iTunes > Preferences then click Advanced. Check these boxes: 2. Also in the Advanced Preferences windows, click Change. 3. From the iTunes Media Folder Location windows, navigate to the new drive ( Backup Plus for example). Select where you want to move your iTunes data then click OK Seagate Enables Hard Drive With Wifi for Transfer to Android Phone. today announced GoFlex Satellite™ mobile wireless storage, the first battery-powered external hard drive to wirelessly.

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  1. External hard drives with wireless support: These are similar to the usual USB external hard drives, but in addition to USB, they also have support for creating WiFi hotspots. These devices can range between a number of storage sizes - from a few hundred gigabytes to terabytes of storage
  2. Portable drives are inevitably more expensive than standard external hard drives, but when you couple capacity with speed the X5 is very reasonable. If you're looking for an external hard drive to use as an expanded capacity working drive, then the Samsung X5 is an ideal choice
  3. How to transfer with an external hard drive Step 1: Connect and format your storage device Since an Xbox One is practically a Windows PC under the hood, it's no surprise that the console plays.

This way supports a mail up to 10GB. Step 1. Select the desired voice memo in iPhone Voice Memos app, tap the Share icon and select Google Drive if you have install it on your iPhone. Step 2. Open the iOS Mail app or Gmail app, tap on the Compose New Mail icon to open the new mail screen The Best External SSDs for 2021. Dump your poky portable hard drive! External solid-state drives are faster and more affordable than ever. Check out our top-rated SSDs, along with detailed advice. Something that many Android phones and tablets are able to do is connect to a computer as if they were an external disk drive. It's remarkably easy to set up, and all that is required is connecting the Android to a Mac through USB, and it'll then mount accessible through the desktop and Finder, from which you can treat it like any other storage device to copy files to and from, making it. Out of the box, external hard drives are regularly formatted for a specific operating system. For instance, an external drive formatted for Windows 10 may have problems working with MacOS, and. 3. You will hear strange sounds when using your hard drive. 4. Your external hard drive is unreadable. 5. A prompt shows up to ask you to format your hard drive. 6. The property of your hard drive displays 0 bytes. 7. Other symptoms. Part 2. Before Fixing, Recover Data from a Corrupted Hard Drive

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  1. Method 4. Export photos from iPhone to external hard drive with dr.fone - Phone Manager (iOS) Here is the most excellent program I want to recommend to you, which is called dr.fone - Phone Manager (iOS). With the help of the program, you can transfer pictures from iPhone to an external hard drive in Mac in just one click
  2. You can upload photos and videos to Amazon Cloud drive from Android mobile operating system software, iPhone, iPad as well as from the web. To learn how to backup Amazon Cloud Drive photos to OneDrive on your Android phone, check out the steps below. Here are the steps to Backup Amazon Cloud Drive Photos to OneDrive on Android Phone
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