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Poo that is dry and marble like is often an indicator of constipation. 1 Unfortunately hard poo can result in pain and bleeding for the child as it causes small tears around the anus as it is passed. 2 Constipation can result from diet, 2 dehydration, 5 lack of exercise 5 and from toilet avoidance 2 - most common in potty training toddlers and young children too busy to take time to use the toilet In that case, she's likely dealing with diarrhea. This toddler poop problem happens most often when your child has a virus, after she's eaten something irritating to her digestive system, or after she's binged on a lot of high-fiber foods (like fruit). An occasional bout of diarrhea is no need for concern The odor od poop can tell you about how long it stayed in the digestive tract. The frequency and odor related in this way which is why it is important to pass stool regularly. Sour smelling poop can indicate an allergy. Toddlers will have varying poop colors and odor depending on what feed they are The below toddler poop guide helps parents know what their toddler's poop may mean. Toddler's Poop Color. Look out for the following colors of your toddler's poop. Black Toddler Poop. The most frequent causes of black stool are blood in stool and ulcers. If you see black poop in your toddler, get it checked out. Red Toddler Poop In many cases, foul-smelling stools occur due to the foods people eat and the bacteria present in their colon. However, foul-smelling stools can also indicate a serious health problem. Diarrhea,..

Rotavirus - A strong smell and very frequent pooping can indicate Rotavirus, regardless of poop color. Rota virus has other symptoms too, like fever, nausea and belly cramps, and young babies often become very sick from this virus. Since you don't say that your baby is ill, this virus is most likely not the reason for her smelly poop. 5 Baby poop smells like vomit . Premium Questions. Suggest treatment for loose stool and vomiting in a child . MD. My baby is 3 weeks old and the last couple of days his poop has been runnier than usual and smelling a bit more like vomit than the normal sickly sweet odor of digested milk. Overall he..

Since your infant is on an all-liquid diet, soft, squishy poops will be the norm for a while. Baby poop can be as thick as peanut butter or mushier, like cottage cheese or yogurt. Breastfed baby. In toddlers and young children, a sudden bout of vomiting is most commonly caused by a tummy bug (gastroenteritis) (NHS 2018a) . If your little one has gastroenteritis, he'll probably also have diarrhoea. (NICE 2017a, Knott 2014) . A tummy bug is usually brought on by a virus, such as rotavirus or norovirus. (NICE 2017a, Knott 2014) 15 Causes Of Vomiting In Toddlers. Your baby can feel nauseated and eventually vomit, due to several reasons. Here are the most common reasons why toddlers may vomit: 1. Stomach infection. Stomach infection is the leading cause of vomiting in toddlers, and among a plethora of stomach infections, viral gastroenteritis is the most common If your smelly poop is a result of one of these conditions, chances are you'll have other digestive symptoms, such as diarrhea, abdominal pain or vomiting. If you suspect your digestive system is seriously out of whack, it's time to make a doctor's appointment, pronto. It's much better to be safe than sorry Digestive conditions that can contribute to foul-smelling stool include celiac disease, Crohn's disease, chronic pancreatitis and diseases that cause malabsorption, like cystic fibrosis and pancreatic infection, according to Mount Sinai

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Rotavirus causes greenish brown colored diarrhea that smells terrible and sometimes lasts up to eight days. Rotavirus initially begins with a fever and vomiting. Other symptoms include stomach ache and decreased appetite. If your child's diarrhea is from a bacterial infection, blood is often present in the stools Meth smells like vomit Download Here Free HealthCareMagic App to Ask a Doctor All the information, content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional or medical advice

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White poop in toddlers, should this be a cause for concern? Your baby's poop speaks a lot in terms of how healthy the baby is. For a parent, you need to pay attention to the content of the diaper. You will need to observe the color of the poop, the contents or composition of the poop and the texture of the stool. The color of your baby's stool may range anywhere from yellow, brown to white. For easily treatable or short-term conditions like poor oral hygiene, vomiting, sinus infection, or GERD, your long-term outlook is good. Treatment should cure or resolve bad breath within two weeks Fecal smelling vomit: See your doctor or go to the er asap to rule out the possibility of a partial or complete bowel obstruction. 90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions or offer you advice, prescriptions, and more. Get help now There are five types of baby poop — newborn, breastfed, formula, solid, and partially digested. Be aware that your baby's bowel movements will depend a lot on their diet. 1. Newborn Poop (Meconium) During your baby's first days outside the uterus, they pass a tar-like, greenish-black poop (1)

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Babies poop smells like vinegar: Why does this happen? Now coming to the crux of the discussion. If you are experiencing a peculiar smell from your baby's poop, then let me tell you, many new moms experience the same problem and are often scared. This is normal in babies TMI-Sorry!Why does her poop smell like vomit? HamHam 18 kids; India 3485 posts . Jan 14th '11. About a week ago, my 11 month-old seemed to have a stomach bug, and was vomiting alot and had diarrhea. The nurse said it would pass. LO has been very crabby this week, and has not been taking in much formula either

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  1. Poop smells like vomit. Help/Advice? Close. 4. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Poop smells like vomit. Help/Advice? Hello everyone! I have a 4 month old EBF baby and her poop is of course one of my new favorite things to worry about. So let me tell you my latest observation and see what you guys think cause I just need some help
  2. 10/04/2008 at 6:09 am. Hi Kirsty, I've had this a few times with my dd - although her diarhoea smells like vomit : (. The G.P (my dh is a hca at the local doctors surgery- so we know them well) just say's so long as she urinates 3 times a day, just continue with the calpol and fluid's. Apparently it's not a problem if they don't eat for a long.
  3. Gastroenteritis is an inflammation of the stomach and intestines that causes diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and other symptoms of digestive upset. In the industrialized world, the most common causes of gastroenteritis in children are viruses, bacteria (food poisoning), and intestinal parasites. Viral gastroenteritis - In otherwise healthy.
  4. So if you ever have a patient that says My poop smells like fish, you might consider ruling out C Diff. C Diff Smells like Baby Poop. Often nurses have likened it to the smell of baby poop. It smells like the sickly-sweet smell of babies diapersbut 100 times worse. Once again, the sweet smelling poop theme pops up again

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Vomiting and Sour Burps. The most visible symptom of acid reflux in toddlers is spitting up or vomiting, especially when their stomach is full. In a young toddler, spitting up is more common. In older toddlers, more typical vomiting -- with some force behind it -- is often present. Sometimes, the refluxed stomach contents reaches the child's. Toddler diarrhea is a common pediatric condition. In infants it is referred to as chronic diarrhea of infancy and in older children as irritable bowel syndrome. Common clinical characteristics include: Age between 6-30 months. Most are better by 4 years of age. 2-6 watery stools per day

Babies' Poop Smells Like Vinegar: Why it Happens. The smell and look of baby poop usually reflect what your baby has had to eat and drink. That is why breastfed baby poop either smell sweet-ish or don't smell at all. Meanwhile, bottle-fed babies normally have more solid poop that stinks a bit Regardless of your baby's food source, repeated instances of very loose, smelly bowel movements typically indicate diarrhea. Depending on the cause, other symptoms that often occur with diarrhea include irritability and fussiness, fever, abdominal cramps and vomiting. Diarrhea in infants could become quite serious and may lead to severe. Foul-smelling stool can have a variety of causes, from milk allergies to chronic pancreatitis. This article looks at eight reasons why a person's stool might smell particularly bad, as well as.

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  1. 8 Common Causes of Mucus in Stool of Toddler. There are many causes which makes the mucus visible in a child's stool. The inflammation of the mucus membrane of the large intestine can make mucus visible in the stool. Ulcer formation in the large intestine causes this. Then there can be cases of bacterial infection
  2. Toddler and Baby Diarrhea and Vomiting- Gastroenteritis. Toddler and baby diarrhea and vomiting is a common problem. The most common cause of diarrhea and/or vomiting in an infant or toddler is gastroenteritis.. This page gives information on gastroenteritis, including treatment and fluid requirements
  3. Other Baby Poop Facts You Should Know. Black poop in toddlers can make you worried, but you may notice a change in the color and consistency of stools from time to time. Here is a bit more about what a change in colors usually indicates. 1. Red Poop. It's usually blood, so it makes sense to talk to your doctor, especially if the change persists

Excessive vomiting. A feces odor may occur if you have been vomiting for more than 24 hours. This is caused by a mixture of dry mouth, acidic contents in the stomach, and the bacteria that is causing the vomiting. Although vomiting is a way to eliminate toxins, it is important to see your physician if you have been vomiting for more than 48 hours Green poop in kids is usually due to something that they ate, such as leafy greens or food coloring. Diarrhea can also cause green poop. Green poop is rarely a need for worry, and in infants, it. If you find blood in your stool either by itself on the toilet paper, in the water or streaked in the stools, this can indicate a bleeding source from the anal canal or a low rectal source. Things like internal hemorrhoids, anal fissures, rectal polyps or rectal cancers can all do this, said Nelson. All of these are reasons to see a doctor Cancer Alert! Strange Smell Of Stool Could Be A Warning Sign Of Cancer. If you notice a strange smell in your stool, consult a physician and get yourself tested for pancreas cancer. This could be. Wow great read! So my son is almost 5 months old. Up until 2 months he was spitting up a lot. I mentioned it to my Ped but he wasn't concerned. By his 4 month check up he had stopped spitting up and traded it for really bad gas. For the last two months he only goes poop once every 6-8 days. When he goes it is normal baby poop yellow and smooth

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To me, poop smells like poop, and that's the bottom line if you ask me! So, if your baby's poop smells like vinegar, it could be an indication that they are not digesting their food well enough! It could also mean that they are coming down with a cold or stomach bug, so keep this in mind What does it mean when your poop smells like acetone? The symptoms of ketoacidosis are variable depending on the underlying cause. The most common symptoms include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and weakness. Breath may also develop the smell of acetone as it is a volatile ketone that can be exhaled. Click to see full answer Gastroenteritis is inflammation of the stomach and intestine that causes diarrhea and vomiting. Constipation is having less than three bowel movements a week, causing hard stools, abdominal pain and more. Dehydration, or not getting enough fluid, causes dry and sticky mouth, tearless crying, and more in children

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If baby poop smells like vinegar, here are a few of the causes: 1. Food Allergies. Food allergies or formula intolerance can show up in baby's stools. You may notice changes like vinegar or sour smell, mucus in the stool, or even small traces of blood. Food allergies cause stools to smell funny because they irritate the delicate lining of baby. 5) Vomiting. Bad bouts of nausea and vomiting can cause a serious stench. Between the partially digested food and stomach bile that you're throwing up, it's likely to smell like rotten eggs and make your breath smell like poop. Stomach acids can also do a number to your tooth enamel, causing erosion and weaker teeth Hii. Hope your baby vl get better soon. As she is having acute gastroenteritis ,kindly tell me how many times she passed stools /day and is it foul smelling. And is it associated with fever or vomiting .if it's semi-solid only then you can giv her enterogermino x 3 days along with zinc .neopeptine vl help in digestion vl have very less role in age The same thing happened today right before she was pushing to poop, but I noticed chucks come out like strings from blocked ducts or bad milk... I smelled the bottle of milk I gave her and it smelled and tasted like vomit... I have no idea why as this was somewhat fresh. It was pumped at 1am today and put in the fridge

A newborn baby first passes its poop after 48 hours of its birth. The first poop of a newborn is usually greenish or blackish, and it's sticky in its consistency. It is also called the Meconium stool, which is generally a discharge, including some amniotic fluid, intestinal secretions like bile, protein, and fat Infant burps are caused by excessive air intake while feeding and do not normally smell bad. Sulfur burps may be caused by difficulty digesting certain nutrients in formula or breastmilk. This is easily corrected by adjusting mom's or baby's diet. However, burps that smell like sour milk, vomit, or poop may indicate more severe issues and. Vomiting is the forceful emptying (throwing up) of what is in the stomach. It's normal for nausea (upset stomach) to come before each bout of vomiting. Diarrhea means 3 or more watery or very loose stools. Reason: 1 or 2 loose stools can be normal with changes in diet. If vomiting is done, use the Diarrhea care guide When you think of babies one thing that comes to mind is smellsboth the good, like baby lotion or the magic scent of a newborn's hair, and, yes, even the bad, like the dreaded midnight Understanding Baby Breath Smells [Sweet, Sour, Vinegar, Vomit, Etc!

Green diarrhea in babies can be very annoying especially when it is foul smelling and leaks from the diaper. As a new parent, there is a wealth of information on your baby's health and general wellbeing you can decipher from the color and consistency of his or her poop baona/Getty Images. Generally, normal poop should be brown. When you eat food, it eventually turns that color by the time it exits the body in the form of stool, according to Baltimore colon and rectal surgeon Jeffery Nelson, MD, the surgical director at The Center for Inflammatory Bowel and Colorectal Diseases at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore Thank you for your A2A. Can smelling vomit make you sick? That depends on what you mean by sick. Smelling vomit will not give you a fever or the flu etc. However, if you are sensitive to some smells like spoiled meat, baby poop or vomit, the smell.. If vomiting occurs only once, your vet will most likely suggest limiting the diet to a more liquid diet and collect stool samples for a period of time. This will help the vet ascertain the underlying cause of the vomiting. If you smell foul odor from the vomit, it is usually a sign of a blockage in the intestinal area The same things that will make you notice baby breath smells sour can also lead to baby breath that smells like poop. These are: Poor oral hygiene. Sinus infection. Reflux. These are the ones that both smells have in common, so if you notice this one day and a sour smell the next, one of these three could be it

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Green stool would be more concerning in a baby that is feeding less, having a fever (rectal temp of 100.4 or higher), or a household contact with recent vomiting or diarrhea. Breastfeeding moms should be aware that getting more foremilk can sometimes cause babies stools to turn green According to Dr. Palmer, a leading cause of green baby poop is a food intolerance —either to something in the mother's diet or the baby's formula. The number one ingredient that babies. Why does my cat's poop smells like vomit? Male Cat is having loose stool coming out of his rectum. Male Cat is having loose stool coming out of his rectum (oozing and tiny droplets), vomiting sometimes with bile, and stools are usually read more. Terri. Feline Healthcare Expert Nasty smelling vomit, and even metallic smells in the puke, can be a sign that your dog has a health problem that needs swift veterinarian advice. Sick dogs can puke up vomit that smells like feces. Alternatively, it could be that your dog has been licking themselves where the anal glands have secreted, and that's what you can now smell in.

My son is 4 months old and for the past two weeks his poops have smelled very strongly of vinegar. I have been dairy and soy free for the past month due to my son's poor weight gain, crabbiness, and lots of spitting up. My son has also been taking Zantac for reflux. Since being on the elimination diet,.. My daughter (7 mos.) has had a cold for about a week now. Starting yesterday, she has had really bad diarrhea (blowouts) that look like grownup oatmeal and smell like rotten eggs. They are burning her skin and she screams when I wipe her. She has not been introduced to any new foods and, what's more, she really doesn't have an appetite

Some have even reported smelling chicken noodle soup. A strong urine odor is quite common and is often not a health problem. However, while it naturally shouldn't smell good even in infants, a foul-smelling odor wafting from your baby's nappies may be a sign of Urinary Tract Infection or UTI, especially when the odor is accompanied by a fever 7 Causes Of Green Poop In Infants. Occasional cases of green poop in your infant's diapers could have quite a few causes. 1. Meconium. During the first few days of their life, newborns are very likely to pass meconium or stool that is thick and black in color, with a hint of dark green to it Date created: Tue, May 25, 2021 7:05 PM. While in many cases, a dog's vomit may smell like poop because of the naturally unpleasant smell of vomit or something the dog ate, in some cases, it may be indicative of a serious problem. For instance, it is possible for dogs suffering from severe constipation or a blockage in the lower GI tract, to. Roundworm symptoms include stunted growth, pot-bellied appearance, diarrhea, and roundworms in the vomit. Treatment is a suitable anti-parasitic medication to kill the worms. What can I do about a kitten who smells like poop? Check his anal area and if it is dirty, gently wipe it with damp cotton buds Stools are foul smelling and greasy; Poor weight gain and abdominal distention. The child is often weak and displays decreased activity. Anemia, hypoproteinemia, vitamin deficiencies. Allergies to Food. Vomiting, diarrhea, and blood in stool + family history of atopy; Failure to gain and gro

My DSs poop sometimes smells of vomit. He used to have a milk protein intolerance but has since been successfully weaned onto milk. He has only ever had semi skimmed milk but I know when he goes to his nannas every other weekend she gives him whole milk, I'm unsure about what else she is giving him though Senior Registrar Dept of Urology. Pursuing Masters. 3,891 satisfied customers. Yellow tongue with stomache aches and sometimes fowl. yellow tongue with stomache aches and sometimes fowl smelling yellow chunks of what smells like bowel movement floating up in mouth and constipation read more. Dr.Brown Definitely keep her home from school if you suspect dehydration, or if diarrhea and vomiting are accompanied by pain or a fever of 38.5°C or higher. Send her back when the symptoms subside. If your child is feeling all better and doesn't experience vomiting or loose stool within a half-hour after breakfast, she may actually be good to go

Viral illnesses are often to blame, but toddlers and young children can vomit for a variety of reasons. Although vomiting usually isn't serious, you'll want to find out the cause, so you can help your child feel better and get the care she needs. (See the end of this article for advice on when to see a doctor or seek emergency help. 13 June, 2017. Teething causes a wide variety of symptoms, ranging from mouth and gum discomfort to irritating rashes and loose stools. While teething should not give your baby diarrhea, it may cause light-colored, loose stools. Understanding the teething process and the symptoms associated with teething can help you care for your baby without. Talk to me about toddler yellow poop. veloelle member. January 2012. in Parenting. DS (21 months) has had runny, yellow poop for about a week. It looks like the color of mustard and mayo if you mixed them, and pretty much the consistency of diarrhea. He's had a rash come and go around his mouth (like dry skin), so we figured he's cutting a molar Fecal vomiting is a kind of vomiting wherein the material vomited is of fecal origin. It is a common symptom of gastrojejunocolic fistula and intestinal obstruction in the ileum. Fecal vomiting is often accompanied by an odor of feces on the breath and other gastrointestinal symptoms, including abdominal pain, abdominal distension, dehydration, and diarrhea

Lots of things can cause watery poop, but obviously with rota you want to make sure that baby is not showing any signs of a bowel intersussion. It's rare, but not unheard of, as a side effect to the rotavirus vaccine. For what it's worth, We did two of the four rounds of rotavirus and after the second time of the projectile vomiting, the doctor. vomiting; weight loss; What causes constipation in children? Children most often get constipated from holding in their stool to avoid or delay having a bowel movement. When stool stays too long in the colon, the colon absorbs too much fluid from the stool. Then the stool becomes hard, dry, and difficult to pass Anyone caring for small children should know the symptoms of rotavirus, including: Frequent, watery diarrhea (often foul-smelling, green or brown) Frequent vomiting. Fever. Abdominal pain. The following are signs of dehydration: Lethargy (child won't focus on you, is less responsive to touch or words) Less frequent urination

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  1. Up until the other day it has only happened once a year for three years now. But this is the second time in less than a week that I am getting these nasty burps and it gets to the point i vomit. The vomit is halfway to not digested food or its brown liquid and smells like i have a colostomy bag on,. Which those dont smell to well
  2. Baby poop smells like acetone: My boy's poop has been smelling very strongly like acetone (nail polish remover) recently. TMI but.... this occasionally happens to me but never this strong smelling, and since I have IBS, crohn's and who knows what else I don't really pay attention because it's always a surprise. But I'm worried about baby boy!
  3. At the toddler stage, the baby is going through a change in his/her diet. The inclusion of solid food in the diet for the first time can put some pressure on the digestive system and it can take time to acclimatize to its new role. In such a case, mild diarrhea along with small quantities of mucus in the stool can be seen
  4. Toddler or infant diarrhea refers to loose, watery frequent bowel motions (stools, poop, poo) - you know what I'm talking about. Most diarrhea is acute and lasts a few days to 2 weeks. This is very common in infants and toddlers - read more. Diarrhea that lasts 4 weeks or more is considered chronic diarrhea
  5. The presence of unabsorbed fat, in particular, causes foul-smelling stool. The odor may vary, depending on the amount of fat in the daily diet. Some of the many possible causes of malabsorption leading to foul-smelling diarrhea include: Pancreatitis, or inflammation of the pancreas. Impaired bile production or secretion
  6. Breastfed Babies. When your breastfed baby has poop that smells like rotten eggs, it's normal to be concerned. Ultimately, breast milk comes from you, so something in your diet might be the culprit. Many foods can cause sulfur-smelling gas, such as: Eggs. Dairy

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  1. It causes very foul smelling, watery, green or brown diarrhea that can persist for weeks. Fever and vomiting are common at the onset of the illness. Other viruses - There are a variety of these, none of which are serious. Bacteria - These include E. Coli, Salmonella, and several others. Vomiting and fever may be present at the onset
  2. It's all about tummy size. At birth, your baby's tummy is about the size of a small marble. After 3 days, it is about the size of a ping-pong ball, but still can't hold much. 1 Until he's about 4 months old, your baby's tummy can hold only small amounts of milk at a time. Too much milk during feedings can cause your baby to spit up or be fussy
  3. ated. Some people have bowel movements 2-3 times a day, because they have faster metabolisms, more robust good bacteria, or eat more food. If you are eli
  4. Method 4of 4:Making Reusable Vomit with Glue. Squeeze out some glue into a mixing cup. You can use a decoupage glue, like Mod Podge, or white school glue. Plan on squeezing out about 1/4 to 1/2 cup (60 to 120 milliliters). Use a cup that you can throw away, like a paper one
  5. What does a healthy 9-month-old baby's poop look like? By the time your baby is 9 months old, you've probably started to wean them. Weaning is the process of stopping breastfeeding, and it involves giving your baby solid foods appropriate for their age.By 9 months old, your baby is probably eating a wide range of different foods
  6. The most common condition causing black stools is a bleeding ulcer. 1. Black stools caused by blood indicate a problem in the upper GI tract. Blood in the stool can be detected through a stool test. Black stool along with pain, vomiting, or diarrhea is cause to see a doctor right away. If blood in the stool is suspected, you should contact your.
  7. g a keto diet can alter your body's metabolism causing you to release high amounts of ammonia, resulting in a pungent smell known as keto breath

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  1. Stinky Poop. Contrary to popular opinion, poop should not smell horrible. If stool smells exceedingly awful, it may be because of an overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria, or because poop has been sitting and fermenting in the colon for far too long. Stool that moves through the intestines at the right pace should not smell unusually awful. Posturin
  2. 2. A food intolerance could be stirring up trouble. If you find that certain foods cause foul-smelling gas or loose, smelly poop, you might have an underlying intolerance. A common one is.
  3. When your Dyson vacuum smells like poop, the most likely culprit is a household pet or a small child. Fortunately, getting rid of this scent is relatively straightforward. Dismantle your vacuum cleaner and soak all removable plastic components in a solution of warm water and bleach. Be sure only to use one cup of bleach per gallon of water, or.
  4. UTIs are more common in females due to a shorter urethral length and post-menopausal changes inside the vagina. 3. UTIs can make urine foul-smelling, but it can also cause sweet-smelling urine. Other symptoms of UTIs include: Frequent and urgent need to urinate. Pain when urinating
  5. ent clinical sign of Hemagglutinating encephalomyelitis (HEV), Porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED), Transmissible gastroenteritis (TGE). It is also a clinical symptom of African swine fever (ASF), Classical swine fever (CSF), and Aujesky's disease. Younger piglets are more susceptible to viral infection, as are older piglets
  6. Until 2 months of age, they may pass a stool after each feeding. But, if stools suddenly increase in number and looseness, suspect diarrhea. If it lasts for 3 or more stools, the baby has diarrhea. If the stools contain mucus, blood or smell bad, this points to diarrhea. Other clues to diarrhea are poor eating, acting sick, or a fever
  7. Green vomit after having a few episodes of vomiting can be from bile in the stomach which is typically green/yellow in color. Bile is made from the liver and stored in the gallbladder until it is used by the stomach to break down food. Green vomit or bile is usually seen when the stomach is empty, either because you have been vomiting all night.

Stools smell like sulphur. My 5 year old daughter has been complaining of a sore stomach and has been sick at night,on and off,over the past week. Her vomit smells like sulphur/rotten eggs.She seems ok during the day,other than saying her stomach is sore. Asked for Female, 5 Years 6499 Views v. Dr. Hussain Kotawala Laparoscopic Surgeon | Mumbai The act of eating stool, coprophagia, is quite common in our furry friends. You can often tell if your dog is eating stool by not only the color of their vomit, but also the foul smell of their breath. Another possible cause of brown vomit in dogs is due to small traces of blood being present 7. Freshly Diapered Baby. This smell might be pleasant simply because it's related to bad smells smells going away. Either way, a baby that has been wiped down, lotioned and put in a new diaper is literally a breath of fresh air. 6. The First Poop. The first poop resides at the halfway point of the rankings because it sits perfectly between. Messages. 117. Purraise. 87. Vomit that smells like poop can indicate an obstruction, gastroenteritus, which is an infection or inflammation or GERD (acid reflux). Just smelling poop in the mouth can simply be meat stuck in a gum pocket that has partially digested. I'm sure there is other stuff too, but less likely