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Kitchen is an important part of house that must be situated at its ideal place because wrong position of Fire can disturb family members in most critical way. While with the placement of Kitchen there is also significance of position of sink and gas stove while spacing between them is mandatory to sustain well-being of house Vastu for Kitchen Sink. According to vastu shastra, kitchen sink and taps (and all source of flowing water) should always be placed in the north-east direction. Also, as per vastu shastra, the sink should not be placed anywhere near the stove or any source of fire. It is so beacuse water and fire are opposite elements as per vastu and they. Feng Shui Kitchen Sink Next To Stove. Generally south and southwest are considered ideal feng shui spots for the kitchen according to the bagua as long as the stove is not within the narrow southern section indicated in 5 above. If you place like that then change the direction immediately as it can bring bad luck and disharmony to the family Vastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen | Fire. Vastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen, Hearth, Fire, Vantillu : A place of ladies personal world, experiments, tastes, happy to ladies, sometimes sorrow to gents.. Which location is best suitable for the Kitchen. Southeast is the best suitable for the Kitchen and the second-best place for the kitchen is Northwest portion of the home If the stove and sink are close to each other, place a bone china vase between them as a Vastu remedy. Ensure that the windows open out to the east or the north for natural light. The floor colours of the kitchen should be yellow, orange, rose, chocolate or red

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This list will help you steer clear of some of the most common mistakes we've seen in kitchen design. We're going to focus on the practical side for now, and talk about décor elements in a later post. 1. Placing the 3 points of the working triangle (sink, stove and refrigerator) too close together Placing the kitchen above or below a toilet or bed room is one of the most severe vaastu defects. Also, the prayer room should not be above the kitchen sink or stove as it brings bad luck and drains wealth. The kitchen and toilet should not share a common wall. Both these vastu defects have a direct bearing on the health of the occupants 33 Kitchen Feng Shui Rules and Tips - Location, Stove, and Basics. Kitchen has a VERY important role in residential Feng Shui. When we do a Feng Shui analysis of a home, the three most important living areas to look at are (1) the front door, (2) the bedroom, and (3) the kitchen. You may already know why the front door and the bedroom is.

Vastu for Kitchen: Source of Energy. The kitchen is an integral part of any Indian household—the source of our day-long energy. Every single appliance that finds pride of place in your kitchen is important, and if it is placed according to the principles of Vastu, can ensure that positivity prevails Placing kitchen ( In some areas Kitchen is called as hearth, Oven, cuisine, cooking room, culinary, canteen, Pantry, Kitchenette, cookery, Rasoee, dine, barbeque etc) is the most important factor in vastu.A kitchen should always be at Southeast corner of the house or some what to the Northwest corner of the house as a second-best placement

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  1. According to Vastu Shastra, all the objects inside the kitchen which represent fire, including gas stoves, gas cylinders, microwave, ovens, toasters, lighters should be placed in the South-East direction of the kitchen.Also, gas stove should be placed in such a manner that a person cooking must face the East. In nutshell, the right placement of the gas stove as per Vastu is in the southeast.
  2. Kitchen Vastu Tips #4: Sinks are Important According to Vastu Shastra Never place the sink near the stove. Sinks and taps in the kitchen indicate flowing water and they should always be placed in the north-east direction. Also, vastu shastra says that sinks should not be placed anywhere near the stove, since water and fire are opposite elements.
  3. Vastu For Kitchen, Vastu For Gas Stove, Vastu for Sink By Dr. Anand Bhardwaj-9811656700, भूखंड या भवन में किचन यानि कि रसोई या.
  4. In case there is Vastu violation as far as the placement of the stove is concerned, then simply paste a set of three zinc pyramids on the wall opposing the stove. Ideally, kitchen sink should be placed away from the kitchen's stove. But in case of violation, simply place a clear crystal rock cluster in between the stove and the sink
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Place the kitchen sink along the north or north east direction. Don't place it on the same or parallel direction as that of the cooking platform. As per Vastu Shastra, fire and water oppose each other and can have negative consequences if both elements are placed together. If the stove and sink are close to each other, place a bone china vase. Placement of Stove in the kitchen: Upon deciding the layout of the kitchen, the cooking gas comes next. The South-East direction is associated with fire. Thus, as per gas stove direction vastu tips, the stove should be placed in this direction only Arviend Sud revealing where to place Gas Stove, Sink and other electrical appliances in kitchen according to Vastu.Directed by: Ravindra Gautamwww.RavindraGa.. Put cooking gas burner or stove in South-East corner of kitchen, make sure that it is a few inches away from wall. Provide L shaped platform, next to the kitchen's main platform, near South wall and use this platform for keeping and operating microwave ovens, mixer/grinder etc. Use North-East to set up wash-basin or sink in the kitchen

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  1. A kitchen vastu has gained importance in house design. Fire and water are two prime elements in the kitchen and should be placed in a well-balanced manner to keep fighting energy away. 1. Do not clutter your sink area (water). Never pill up the sink. It should be sparkling and rather unblocked
  2. The Kitchen sink and cooking stove should not be close to each other: The Logic - being fire and water do not go together. Avoid water taps in the corners of 2 counters: There should be no leaking taps in the kitchen.The Logic - It is quite difficult to wash if the sink is in the corner of two counters, as you tend to lean uncomfortably forward
  3. According to Vastu Shastra, the lord of 'Agni' (Fire) prevails in south-east direction. So ideally the kitchen should be located in south-east of the home. The second best option is north-west part of the home. The stove should be placed in south-east direction of the kitchen so that the cook may face east direction while cooking
  4. According to Vastu, the southeast corner of the kitchen is ideal for placing the stove. Do note, however, that when cooking, you should be facing the east. The idea behind this is to soak up the beneficial rays while preparing a meal. Placement of the cooking hob. Position of the Sink. It is essential that the cooking stove and the sink aren.
  5. d is that the sink should not be installed within close proximity to the gas stove
  6. Kitchen Sink Vastu Defect. The kitchen sink Vastu defect arises due to the wrong placement of the kitchen sink, gas stove, and refrigerator. This defect in which fire and water come together is known to produce friction in the life of the inhabitants. It may lead to clashes amongst the family members, it may lead to major differences in opinions
  7. Vastu Tips for Kitchen #4: Vastu for Kitchen Sink and Stove Img : amazon. The kitchen stove and sink are the main elements in the kitchen that you'll accept. Therefore, choosing the proper direction of vastu for kitchen sink and stove is also an important part according to vastu for kitchen utility area. The most auspicious direction of these.

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Vastu For Kitchen - Simple Vastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen Vastu for kitchen tells us about the importance of the kitchen in any house; it is the source of our day-long energy. A proper Vastu enhances the positivity inside a kitchen. Each appliance inside our kitchen has some significance, and when we place it according to the Vastu, positive vibes are sure to prevail 2. Direction of the kitchen stove: For kitchen vastu to be good the placement of the kitchen stove is very important. While cooking your face should be in east direction. Gas stove should be in the south east corner but around 2 inches away from kitchen wall. If your kitchen is in north east it will bring lot of mental tension Vastu guidelines for kitchen. Kitchen is the place where housewives spend most of the time of the day chorus job. That is why we cannot under emphasize importance of proper vastu for the kitchen. If proper vastu rules are not followed in the kitchen owner might have difficulties in the life. We must attach importance to kitchen in house. But under Gopal ji, the direction of the kitchen is determined based on the date of birth of the person. 4 Highly successful Kitchen Vastu Tips. As per Gopal Ji's , Sudarshanvastu Principles: Kitchen sink and gas stove should not be put in the same line; Kitchen basin tap should not leak water; The kitchen should always be tidy and clea

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  1. Kitchen Stage: Stage for Kitchen/cooking to be set up at east facing Stoves: Stove/Oven has to be placed in the southeast facing east. Dish-washing-sink: It is good to set up a dish washing-sink in the kitchen to the northeast.Give some gap between cooking stove and the sink; Appliances like Microwave oven, Fridge, Oven, Cylinders are to be placed in the South-east portion
  2. There should always be a distance between the stove and the wash-basin or sink in the kitchen. According to Vastu, the two elements, Fire and Water, repel each other, and the result is never good. Storage units meant for grains, pulses, various spices, etc. should always be constructed on the South or West walls
  3. Kitchen According to Vastu Vastu for Kitchen Kitchen is the most affected area of house from where all kind of energies prevails while an expert Vastu consultant would surely identify about the adverse situation of house if kitchen is placed incor..

Spare the northeast corner for the sink/washbasin. Take every effort to keep the stove and sink far away from each other. This is because the fire element and the water element of nature are exact opposites and, their energies will clash if placed next to each other. Another prominent aspect of Vastu kitchen direction is the storage As per kitchen Vastu, a kitchen should never have a toilet or a bathroom below or above it. Avoid a prayer room above the stove or kitchen sink if you want to ward off bad luck and prevent depletion of wealth. There should not be a common toilet and kitchen wall as these kitchen defects harm the health

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  1. Vastu recommends that you place the mandir either left or right of the stove. Avoid having the stove opposite the pooja space, and never install the mandir above the stove or the kitchen sink as this brings bad luck. You can consult a Vastu architect for advice on the ideal location for your pooja space in the kitchen
  2. Vastu tips for kitchen-वास्तु शास्त्र के अनुसार रसोई घर आपने कभी-ना-कभी टी.वि ,रेडियो ,न्यूज़ पेपर आदि में वास्तु शास्त्र ( vastu Shastra )टिप्स प
  3. 1-Kitchen in the North-East direction leads to mental stress and losses. [Read This- North-East Kitchen Vastu Remedies] 2-Kitchen in the South-West direction can disturb the domestic harmony. 3-Kitchen in the North zone of the house is also harmful. 4-Do not store medicines in the kitchen
  4. Kitchen Sink. Sink and taps should be placed in the northeast or north direction. Try not to put it in the same direction as the cooking stove. According to Vastu Shastra, fire and water contradict one another and can have adverse outcomes if placed together
  5. Where to Plan the Sink in Kitchen as per Vastu. This is the place where water would be flowing and is considered the most important part of the Kitchen as per vastu. We recommend it to be placed in the north-east direction. We also recommend that the sink should never be placed anywhere near the stove since fire and water repel
  6. The stove/gas should be on the east wall, if the kitchen is in the south-east area. Remedy: Paste a Venus crystal pyramid above the stove. The kitchen sink should be at least three feet away from.
  7. Guidelines of Vastu for Kitchen Interiors. Your gas stove or the fire source in the kitchen should preferably be in the south-east corner. Also, you should preferably face towards the east, while cooking. Some Vastu experts believe that water source should never be at the right-hand side of the gas stove. Water sources like tap, sink or storage.

The stove is the main appliance that generates a flow of abundance because the fire energy enters the kitchen space through the burners, bringing with it the chi that draws in prosperity. The position of the stove is the 2nd most important thing in feng shui after the main door As per vastu, lemon yellow, green and orange are the most suitable vastu colours for kitchen cabinets. To enhance the positivity and grace of your kitchen, these are the bright and balanced shades that will make your kitchen vastu compliant. Choose any of these colours and enrich the positivity of your kitchen. Enquire Now for Kitchen Cabinets Indeed, according to vastu what actually is important, is to build your kitchen in the right direction, and to place the elements of the kitchen at proper places. Can dishwasher be next to stove? A dishwasher can be installed next to a free-standing, slide-in, or drop-in range as long as there is at least 2 of clearance between the two appliances Greetings East direction is 3rd preferred direction for placing kitchen , surely the best is South east followed by north west. If you are planning to have kitchen in east make sure to place your burner to South east of the kitchen. East direction.. Vastu for kitchen: Important principals to follow . The stove and the electrical items like mixer, grinder, the oven keep it along the South-East zone. The sink used to wash utensils to the North or the North-East zone. Face towards the EAST while cooking. Fridge facing or opening towards the North. Storage towards the South and West wall

Is Placing a Dishwasher Next to a Stove a Bad Idea?. When designing a new kitchen or redesigning an old one, many homeowners wonder if there is an ideal setup for their appliances. Refrigerators. Kitchen Sink: The ideal placement of kitchen sink is in North-East zone of the kitchen.The sinkmust not beplaced on the same or parallel direction as that of the cooking platform. As per Vastu Shastra, fire and water oppose and repel each other; consequences can be negative like fights and rifts between couples and family members if both the elements are placed together

As per Vastu for kitchen, northeast, southwest and the center of a house should never be used for constructing a kitchen. 2. Stove of gas burner in the kitchen must not be visible from outside Feb 28, 2021 - Sink Next To Stove Home Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor. Feb 28, 2021 - Sink Next To Stove Home Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor. Pinterest. Today. Prep Kitchen Kitchen Stove Kitchen Ideas Kitchen Sinks Kitchen Designs Kitchen Decor Island With Stove Pot Filler Faucet Prep Sink

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The stove position should allow a cook to have a full view of the entire kitchen. Modern kitchen design offers bad Feng Shui stove position near the kitchen wall. Because walls and stoves can not be moved, Feng Shui kitchen experts suggest to hang a mirror on the wall in front of the cook above the stove or use glassy tiles for wall decoration A dishwasher can be installed next to a free-standing, slide-in, or drop-in range as long as there is at least 2' of clearance between the two appliances. A dishwasher should not be installed directly next to a wall oven that it installed under the counter. There should be at least 24' of space between the two Allow at least 15 to 18 inches of counter space on one side of the oven. Allow counter space on both sides of the stove or stovetop - 12 to 18 inches on one side and 15 to 24 on the other. Allow 18 to 30 inches of counter top on one side of the sink and 24 to 36 on the other. Place the stove or cooktop along an exterior wall to allow for. South-West Kitchen:-Keep natural himalayan crystal behind the sink.; Fix 3 vastu zinc helix on the wall behind the stove.; Place 3 vastu copper pyramid arrow on kitchen wall facing south east for virtual shifting of kitchen Place petrified wood pebbles in basket in south west corner of the kitchen.; Female in the house to wear a carnelian pendant.; Use brown shade in the kitchen area When the northwest of the kitchen is determined, this area should be shaded and written off as an area to place the stove. 2) Kitchen sink facing stove. The sink is obviously a fixture that holds water energy. When positioned to face a stove directly opposite, water confronts fire. Causing an elemental clash of epic proportions

Learn about the Kitchen Vastu and certain tips in Vastu Shastra to get maximum positive vibes from the Kitchen. Know the significance of Kitchen Vastu Here, in this article, we will be discussing in detail Kitchen Vastu Shastra, and let us see how to design your kitchen as per Vastu shastra.. Kitchen Direction as per Vastu. If you are thinking about buying an apartment or thinking about constructing your own home then make sure your kitchen should be in the southeast direction of your home. As per Vastu Southeast direction belongs to the. But, it would be best to have some counter top next to or near the oven and consider your kitchen work triangle (path between sink, stove, refrigerator.) Finally, if this is quite a small kitchen you would gain some always useful counter space by having the oven below the counter Vastu Shastra suggests that a kitchen made using Vastu tips brings luck, contentment, abundance and wealth in the family. It is the source of happiness and joy which burns away all the harmful vibrations and evil from the house. Constructing a kitchen according to the rules given in Vastu Shastra has always been beneficial for the family from ages

The kitchen must not have black coloured walls. The main entrance of the house and the kitchen must not be parallel and facing each other. According to Kitchen Vastu, the stove in the kitchen must not visible from the outside of the house. There shouldn't be any leaking tap in the kitchen as it represents the loss of wealth The kitchen is the most important part of a house or flat. Food we prepare in the kitchen determines the healthy living of our body. And more efforts are needed so that the cook feels better with the atmosphere in the kitchen while cooking. Vaastu principles about the kitchen mainly focus on the ambient and ventilation of the kitchen The IRC doesn't regulate the placement of kitchen sinks. NKBA. If a kitchen has only one sink, locate it adjacent to or across from the cooking surface and refrigerator. 11. Cleanup/prep sink landing area. There are few things that ruin the ergonomics of a kitchen faster than insufficient counter space on each side of the sink The Spruce / Caitlin Rogers. Kitchen Countertop Landing Area Recommendations . A kitchen landing area is a countertop space that allows you to place, or land, items from the sink, refrigerator, cooking surface, and oven service areas. The countertop is adjacent to these areas. For example, if a stove has no nearby landing area, the cook may be tempted to place a hot pan that she has just. South West Kitchen Vastu Remedies The ideal location for a kitchen is the Southeast corner of the house, and the next best option is to place it in the Northwest corner of the house. It is better to avoid constructing the kitchen in the southwest corner since it brings great difficulties to the occupants such as depression, anxiety and mood.

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Kitchen being the important part of home is the primary contributing factor in the general health and well-being of occupants. Kitchens are never calm or silent. They are filled with fragrances, energy and textures. The proper application of Vastu boosts this energy and achieves an atmosphere that is relaxed, emotionally comforting and mentally vivacious When it comes to kitchen, Vastu takes into consideration various things that, when properly placed, ensure safety in the kitchen. Some of the essential determinants are proper location of the kitchen, direction and placement of doors and windows, placement of cooking gas, gas cylinder, sink, refrigerator and other electronic gadgets, and so on Vastu Tips. According to Vaastu Shastra, the prominence of a kitchen within the dimensions of a household is quite significant. It is very easy for us to see how much significance was associated with a kitchen, from the construction of ancient homes. The kitchen is an essential part of any Indian household—the source of our day-long energy

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What a Stove Located Beside Washing Basin Means in Feng Shui. In the perspective of Feng Shui, the stove is the representation of the female owner of the house. If negative vibes is created due to the stove position, it will have a greater impact on the female owner. The element of Fire (Stove) and water (Sink/Fridge) clashes with each. All the Kitchen vastu rules just make sure the light and ventilation in the kitchen are right, and thus the direction and placement of kitchen and the interior within work on the same principles. According to eight directions in Vastu, the god of fire is supposed to rule the south-east corner of the house or flat

Always keep the gas stove a few inches away from the wall. One vastu home tip for setting the kitchen is, do not keep the gas stove just in front of the kitchen entrance. Place the gas stove in such a direction that the cook faces on the east while cooking. According to vastu, set the refrigerator in Southeast, South, North or West direction Kitchen according to Vastu. 10 top tips for a harmonious space It is better to put the trash can next to the sink and water. Store clean drinking water in the northeast. This will help to purify the atmosphere of the apartment and to harmonize the interaction of the 5 elements (ether, air, water, fire and earth). Place fire objects (stove. 52 X28 Splendid 2bhk East Facing House Plan Layout As Per Vastu Shastra Autocad Dwg And Pdf File In 2020 House Plans How To Plan Vastu House . Larger windows in the kitchen should be in eastern side while small ventilators should be placed in south. Kitchen design as per vastu shastr

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Experts always suggest not to paint the kitchen walls black or brown. These colours are not considered Vastu compliant and invite negative energies. The Direction of the Cooking Stove While designing the kitchen as per Vastu, position the cooking stove in the South-East corner of the kitchen. This is the most suitable spot to place the cooking. Kitchen The Vastu of the place where you cook is very important for peace and happiness in the life and for the health of a family. Vastu is an ancient Indian art that harnesses the energy of natural elements like the heat and light of the Sun, gravitational force of earth, direction of the winds, the intensity of rainfall etc. and uses them to balance with the surroundings of mankind Avoid keeping kitchen sink and cooking stove closer to each other because fire and water are not compatible to each other. Also, cooking stove and refrigerator should not be placed next or opposite to each other, as the stove is a fire element and refrigerator is a water element. If they are in such position, separate them by a partition Apart from this, the most important part is the platform of the kitchen which should be in the east direction, the sink should be in the north direction and the stove should be in the southeast.

This leads to the digestion problems. For this you can keep the window upside in the wall so that no one can see your stove. Keep the sink at good distance from cooking side. As it is considered the flam and water apposes to each other, they must not be close to each other. Take care of placing the sink into your kitchen. The sink should be in. Kitchen doors in the East, the North and the West are best suited. 8. The gas burner should not be right in front of the main door of the kitchen. 9. There should be one or two windows or air.

You can have a sink in North or North-East of kitchen. Keep the gas stove/burner a few inches away from wall. Keep at least 1-2 feet distance between stove/burner and kitchen sink. If there's no option then place small plants (Available on Amazon US, IN, CA, UK, DE, ES, FR & IT), pot of herbs or something in green color between stove and sink. Place a cooking gas burner or stove in the southeast corner of the kitchen, making sure it is a few inches from the wall. Provide an L shaped platform, near the south wall, next to the main stage of the kitchen, and use this platform to place and operate microwave ovens, mixers / grinders, etc Vastu for Kitchen is an essential subject in the designing of House plans. While planning up for your ideal nest, it is evident that you take proper care of the constructional designs, interior decorations, and set up and the principles governing Vastu.It's advisable to take advice from Architects during the preparation of house plans based on Vastu factors If possible, relocate your stove to somewhere with a solid wall or build a wall behind the stove to create a good backing for your stove. 3) Stove vs Sink The relationship between the stove and the sink in your kitchen is something like Tom and Jerry's- constantly at each other's throats and more than happy leap at any opportunity to mess. The sink, main refrigerator, and stove should be in close proximity to each other. You require a minimum of 4 feet between each point to easily maneuver, and equally not more than 9 feet. This allows easy access to get food from the refrigerator to a preparation point, and then into the oven

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The flow of energy, colour, placement and direction of gadgets is the key to determine if your kitchen is Vastu-compliant. Vastu Shastra tips for the kitchen help attain lifelong prosperity and happiness for your home and family. Consider these Vastu tips for the kitchen for a blissful and trouble-free life. #1. Location of the Kitchen The kitchen at northwest neither generates positive energy nor negative. Precautions As Per Vastu Shastra. Some of the duplex houses have a bedroom above the kitchen. According to the Vastu, this is not a good arrangement. You should either reposition a bed or a stove. Avoid the toilet above the kitchen. This may pollute the living positive energy As per vastu for kitchen, mid-north, northeast, mid-west, mid-south, southwest, and the center of a house should never be used for constructing a kitchen. The Pooja room or temple must never be above the stove or kitchen sink as it brings bad luck. Stove in the kitchen must not be visible from outside The kitchen has a special place in feng shui. The stove, in particular, has an especially important place in the home and the kitchen. That's because this is the appliance that generates the meals that feed the residents of that home. On its own, though, the kitchen is thought to press down luck in feng shui. That means, even if you have good luck in this room, or bad, the kitchen by its very. Avoid keeping kitchen sink and cooking stove closer to each other because fire and water are not agreeable to each other. Also, cooking stove and refrigerator should not be placed next to or opposite to each other, as the stove is a fire element and refrigerator is a water element. If they are in such a situation, depart them by a wall

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Color the walls of the kitchen with light shades. White is the best color in Feng shui. You can use yellow as well. Yellow is color for good health and digestion. You can use light shades of yellow like vibrant yellow or butter yellow to decorate your kitchen. Always place fresh green plants in the kitchen Vastu Shastra for Kitchen Sink and Stove. One must always face the east while cooking. Therefore, cooking appliances like microwave ovens and gas stoves need to be aligned along this direction, adds Madhuri. Place the kitchen sink along the north or north east direction. Can the staircase be in North The kitchen design solution would depend on the size of the gap. Crown molding or a small panel can be added to the top of a wall cabinet to bridge that space. Otherwise, a full upgrade of new wall cabinets that extend to the ceiling creates new storage available to you. 3. Do not put the stove next to the sink As mentioned previously, it's best for the kitchen and stove to be deeper into the home. If you can see the stove and kitchen from the front door, you can hang a feng shui crystal ball halfway between the front door and the stove. You can also energetically pull the kitchen further into the home by hanging a mirror on a wall that is toward.

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Here are some Vastu tips for kitchen. 1. Kitchen in the North-East brings sickness, in the South-West brings health issues to the female members of the family and in the South-East brings unhappiness. If the kitchen is in the centre of the house, the problems are endless. 2. A stove or oven should never be placed next to the sink There should always be a distance between the stove and the wash-basin or sink in the kitchen. According to Vastu, the two elements, Fire and Water, repel each other, and the result is never good. Storage units meant for grains, pulses, various spices, etc. should always be constructed on the South or West walls

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The country French kitchen style lets you store the plates and bowls above the corner sink. This way, after washing veggies, fruits, or cooking ingredients needed to be washed, it's going to be easier to grab a plate or bowl. Since it is a country-style, it utilizes natural brown wood color for cabinets

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Dining: having meals in the kitchen is auspicious for the inmates of the house .one should face North while eating. Offer the first part of food to the stove, another part to a cow and then to a dog. This counters the effects of the bad karma. Toilets do's and don'ts. Ideally, locate the toilets in the in the northwest best vastu for kitchen Posted by Sai on 21st April 2020 Kitchen is the most effected area of house from where all kind of energies prevails while an expert Vastu consultant would surely identify about the adverse situation of house if kitchen is placed incorrectly Most feng shui masters will categorise items such as refrigerator, washing machine, washing basin, tap, sink as water-element. Fire element items are microwave, burner (stove) and grill oven etc. Given the limited space of today, you will observe that the kitchen sink is either located opposite or next or diagonal to the stove While Vastu Shastra includes advice and guidelines for all rooms design in a home—such as the bedroom, kitchen, living room, playroom, home office, prayer room and the outdoor spaces—its science has also been incorporated in the building of cities, townships, gardens, roads, waterworks, and other large public areas

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