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Gifting an optifine cape. I was wondering if you could give away an optifine cape, and how that would work. I know i have to enter a donation email address, and if I enter mine, will the person receiving the cape not be able to move/deactivate/change it? It says on the website that the email address will be the owner of the donation, but does. In this video, we show you exactly how to get an Optifine Cape in Minecraft. This is a real cape that only shows up for you and others who have Optifine inst.. How To Buy An Optifine Cape With Gift Cards(Update: PLEASE read my pinned comment below before buying anything! Also you can no longer use a SUBWAY gift.. Go to optifine.net. Click Cape at the top of the page, and then log into your Minecraft account. (The one that the cape is currently on). Scroll to the bottom of the page. You should see a sub-heading saying Move Cape. Enter the username which you want to transfer the cape to Thanks for Watching!! All the Links are Below!Get Optifine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=il8UYitw1h4http://www.optifine.net/donatehttp://www.needcoolshoes..

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  1. This tutorial will teach you how to get a free Optifine Cape that EVERYONE can see!LINK: https://sweatco.in/hi/borks (Sign up and make an account)Minecraft I..
  2. now i can finally put all of those gift cards to use :)winner of vip givaway: UsaneMessiBoltOptifine cape giveaway!!!To enter:1. Make sure that you are subsc..
  3. You can edit the side and back colours when you have a custom cape or a banner cape. 14. level 1. CoolyDudeyJr. 1 year ago
  4. Mar 24, 2019 #8 If you don't feel comfortable with getting a optifine cape with your credit card/PayPal, type in subway e-giftcard and buy a 10$ one, before you checkout use your email, because the information will be sent via email. Optifine supports SubWay giftcard
  5. Optifine is a mod used to boost your frames per second (FPS) and overall establishes supreme game quality. Optifine provides detailed capes that you may wear for $10. I would suggest downloading this mod as there's no loss and simply benefits
  6. ~~~~~Click For More~~~~~Click this link on your device - http://featu.re/26D6Q3Enjoy this special Christmas special I have for you guys! Wish you a Merry Chr..

Feb 2, 2018. #26. Dude. If you want to donate to optifine and retrieve a optifine cape go here. Enter your username. Select a payment method. That's it. If you would like to change the design go back here and BOOM. Upvote GhostRewards (best one) -- https://discord.gg/EZfg7yfGhostRewards -- F.A. MINECRAFT/OPTIFINE CAPES/MINECO CAPES/REGEDIT/VAPE CLIENTS/FREE ROBUX/DISCORD NITRO.. Most prepaid cards do not allow you to make international payments. Optifine is based in London. 3. level 1. zigafide. · 1y. I want to use a prepaid card as well, so if you find out why this is happening, let me know. 1. View Entire Discussion (2 Comments

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2. level 1. bank5ia. 9 months ago · edited 9 months ago. I had this same question and i figured it out. Black background>White Circle>Black flower (idk what it is called) Then when your applying the cape at Optifine.net, Pick the Scale option (not center, top, middle) EDIT: You can change the color of the circle to make the oval a different color Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Starte If you guys can talk to me over Skype and discuss it with me I would be able to understand more because I'm trying to buy a optifine cape with a Prepaid VISA Gift Card with 25$ balance and it won't work

some guy said he would gift me an optifine cape for 10mil. So i was thinking yep definitely a scam but he then said he would go first. So is there any way hes able to take the optifine cape back? Or give me one he has already bought I'm not a modded or anyone especially noteworthy, so I doubt that I will get a Minecraft cape, but that has not stopped me from wondering if I can possibly, one day, have a cape attached to my account. I know that there are ways of obtaining capes legitimately, such as: through donating to Optifine, catching the attention of the Minecraft. ️ Optifine Panel Access ️ Transfer to Different Account. ️ All Players can see your design. It includes accounts that feature otifine cape from the Minecraft premium packages. Advantages of the licensed premium account: • Inventory does not empty at the time of death. • There is no waiting while entering the server whenever i try to get in my optifine cape account it wouldnt work i tried all the solutions possible including reseting my email BTW i reset my email only cuz my old one wouldnt work. Even though i cant log in into my cape account my cap.. (Why you deserve a Cape) Ends on the 05/02/13 This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Cape Giveaway , Free , Free Optifine Cape , Free Optifine Cape Giveaway! , Giveaway , Minecraft , Minecraft Cape , Minecraft Gift Code , Optifine Cape , Optifine Cape Giveaway on April 2, 2013 by iswiftmc

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  1. Enter to win free online Minecraft Gift Card Code! or Optifine cape sweepstakes, giveaways, contest prizes. Myentertowin.com is a free directory of 2021 sweepstakes and giveaway
  2. e). Capes are meant to be highly special, given out to only the most loyal fans and members of the community
  3. OptiFine Capes Banner Capes Head Capes. Help; Login; Register; MinecraftCapes is made possible by showing ads. These ads help pay for our server hosting to keep your capes free! Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. MinecraftCapes is made possible by showing ads

Well optifine does use the banner customization thing, so if they used that and have the link to it, you can ask them for it. At that point, though, it might be better just to use the banner creation thing to recreate the cape Is there a way to check if a player has an optifine cape? Secret Santa has come to our 1.15 server, and I was thinking about giving an optifine cape. However I have never seen this player in a version that had optifine and I don't know if they already have a cape Optifine Capes. Stock: 0. All cape purchases come with a lifetime warranty! You may transfer the capes from these alt accounts to your own accounts via Optifine 1.14. Purchase - $ 2.5. VPNs. In Stock VyprVPN. Stock: 30. Used for cheating on Hypixel, bypassing IP bans, and general use..

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When I bought a cape for my older account PayPal was an option, and that worked fine. Guess I can't make any more donations (or get a cape for my 2nd account) because this new system won't take my money. Minecraft Premium [Full Access] + OPTIFINE CAPE According to the statement from the seller, this account is the property of the seller and was obtained/registered by legal means. The responsibility for the sale of the account rests solely with the seller

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An Optifine Cape can be used to give your minecraft character a nice looking cape! You can easily move the cape to your own account with the instructions given on optifine.net. Buy. Hypixel Unbanned NFA/SFA $0.25. These NFA/SFA accounts are 100% guaranteed Hypixel unbanned and getting checked before the delivery. We replace banned accounts How to install. Spoiler (click to show) 1. Download and install Forge. 2. Download my mod and place it in the .minecraft/mods folder. 3. Register an account and upload a cape to https://minecraftcapes.net. You have your cape Like BadLion, the Lunar Client is also is a cosmetic client. With wings, Capes, and many more. Here is an image of the Lunar Client Store . The Lunar Client Store. The Lunar Client is used by many YouTubers such as . RKY. SuchSpeed. And many more . Free Capes. Capes in Minecraft are always something you have to work hard for or buy Product description. To get Minecraft Optifine Cape before buying, just enter NICKNAME of your Minecraft Java Edition account. DON´T CHANGE NICKNAME after you got optifine cape! Cape can be disappear. You are NOT buying an ACCOUNT, YOU MUST HAVE AN ACCOUNT with MINECRAFT JAVA EDITION 6. Cape OptiFine - your account is guaranteed to have a cape. 7. We are not responsible for your actions. Maybe you changed your password, resold it, gave it to a friend, viruses on the computer, etc. 8. Refund only if the seller is not able to make a replacement within 72 hours from the date of purchase, otherwise there is no return. 9

How to Install Optifine Onto Minecraft Using OS X : This is a tutorial on how to install Optifine onto Minecraft using OS X (Mac This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Cape Giveaway, Free, Free Optifine Cape, Free Optifine Cape Giveaway!, Giveaway, Minecraft, Minecraft Cape, Minecraft Gift Code, Optifine Cape, Optifine Cape Giveaway on April 2, 2013 by iswiftmc. Post navigation ← Bukkit 1.5.1 Server - How to Create a Minecraft 1.5.1 Bukkit Server! 1.5. Posts: 19. Posted on 09 December 2014 - 04:33 PM. ☯ Hi, This thread is for anyone who doesn't keep up-to-date with Optifine capes. ☯ They have brought out a new way to customize you cape, Sadly you can't upload custom images yet but i think it's getting there.. ☯ The new way to customize your cape is by the banner designs, the easiest way.

Oct 16, 2019 - Explore Maria's board Minecraft Banners on Pinterest. See more ideas about minecraft banners, minecraft, minecraft banner designs Minecraft PREMIUM + CAPE on your account [Optifine] According to the statement from the seller, this account is the property of the seller and was obtained/registered by legal means. The responsibility for the sale of the account rests solely with the seller. The responsibility for potentially breaking the user agreement with the publisher. I agree but unfortunately as @SanSpookie pointed out, people can gift capes to each other in Optifine. And that, to me is enough reason to not ban inappropriate Optifine capes. Problem is, is there a way to tell if a cape is an Optifine cape? If not then honestly this rule cannot be implemented Completed OptiFine Cape. Selling OptiFine Cape for $2.67 PayPal. The cape will be transferred to your account. Add me on Discord: sleepy#6356. Thread by: pixeldrexms , Jun 26, 2020 , 3 replies, in forum: Other Products. Thread 575. Reaction score. 172. Jun 8, 2013. #2. You can go the official optifine website and then you took the thingy with paysafe card and then you need to type in the numbers on you paysafecard, and youll receive your cape thats the thing with the cape. do become donor in mcsg, you need to have a paypal account or a credit card, then follow this.

Lunar client capes overlap your OptiFine cape so just turn off your cape and it should be there. 60% off (2 days ago) lunar client coupon codes Overview.lunar client coupon codes can offer you many choices to save money thanks to 22 active results.You can get the best discount of up to BANDANNAS A Discounted Optifine Cape For Your Offer! -Highly HD Cape, shown to the users with the Mod Optifine in the game Minecraft. [Only Accept Valid Gift Cards!] $1 = 1 Gift Card. We Accept Any iTunes, Sony, Target, Walmart, or Any Gift Card If you have an Optifine cape, open Badlion Client and enable Optifine before launching a game. Make sure you have enabled capes in Minecraft video settings (options -> video settings -> details -> show capes) & skin customization settings (options -> skin customization -> cape). 0. PM Link


  1. Browse thousands of community created Minecraft Banners on Planet Minecraft! Wear a banner as a cape to make your Minecraft player more unique, or use a banner as a flag! All content is shared by the community and free to download. Woo, Minecraft creativity
  2. + Cape OptiFine About this game Minecraft is a game full of adventure, exploration and creativity. The world of the Minecraft game is completely mercantile, the laws of the game are built on the extraction of resources and the creation of new items
  3. These are five Lightning Optifine Capes that are Unique Simple and Cool. Wear a banner as a cape to make your Minecraft player more unique or use a banner as a flag. These are five unique Optifine Cape designs for you to use in Minecraft 19. This video shows you how to make Optifine capes with the Lightning design in a ste. Created by rchiso58
  4. Cape MineCon 2016. Quantity 1. Method of Acquisition I am a MineCon Attendee. Preceding Parties 0. Hello MCTrades, I'm Angel Hustler. I really don't use any forums online as I tend to play Minecraft with some of my friends on our private server. As a lot of us have moved on from playing Minecraft and into the workforce I don't really have any.
  5. Generate unlimited free Minecraft gift cards and play the game like a charm.Minecraft is an endless strategy game. OFF. Scrolls ★10. Generate Now! Minecraft Optifine Cape Minecraft Optifine Cape. Draw direct on skin preview. I can't crack accounts with EggCrack because he said 'failed , not working, migrated etc.' Translator (Chinese) ★3

egirl optifine cape. October 24, 2020; Exercise; Colt Dragoon Revolver Replica, Linda Kasabian Daughter Tanya, Amazon Prime Video, London To Australia, La Belle Gabrielle, Orange Price Per Kilo Philippines 2020, Pan Peninsula Concierge Contact Number, Return To Mount Kennedy Soundtrack, James Brand Elko Uk, 2019 Corvette Zr1 For Sale Craigslist Minecraft Premium + Optifine Cape. The cloak cannot be moved to another account. You can only play with a cloak on this account. If you wanted a raincoat for your account, look for our other product with the appropriate name i do not have a Optifine cape :(Please gift me one :v Bye :D. If I ever get an extra one that I don't need it's going to you, my man! 0. PM Link. MOONLIGHTMYKE Members Join Date: 25 October 2015. Posts: 11. MOONLIGHTMYKE Members Join Date: 25 October 2015. Posts: 11. Posted on 27 November 2016 - 03:53 P

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  1. ecraftaltshop.selly.store/ Buy your cheap optifine capes here Thread by: Andor Kramersen , Aug 27, 2020 , 0 replies, in forum: Minecraft Alt On Plati.market you can buy an MINECRAFT OPTIFINE CAPE | RANDOM FOR YOUR ACCOUNT and it will cost 5.28$ or 4.57 Make your own skins from scratch or.
  2. Expel Alt's View attachment 14004 Minecraft Alt's [NFA, SFA, MFA, Optifine - Minecon Capes, Hypixel Ranked & Leveled unBanned!] https://sellix.io/Expel Gifts Card [ Google Play, iTunes, Steam ] Netflix & Spotify & Fortnite Alts There !
  3. - Top Minecraft Capes Freetoplaymmorpgs.co · 20:34 13 Sep 2017 For More Great Free To Play MMORPGS Guides Visite: Free To Play MMORPG Guides 5 Optifine Cape Designs
  4. Hello Guest, if you intend to ask for a vouch copy of a product please ensure you do not make the request publically (on the thread). Privately message the thread owner
  5. I have a white optifine cape and as shown above the nike one. I use both for the fact that there are still people out there that don't use labymod ;( OP OP. OP OP Posted Sep 29, 2018. Jarif #4. I personally like OptiFine Cape designs better because the designs are more complex and harder to make

As a special Christmas gift, donators will be able to turn on the Santa hat cosmetic by going to the cape editor in game (options -> skin customization -> OptiFine cape -> open cape editor) and enabling the santa hat then clicking save, after you've done it, in the optifine cape settings in game, click on 'refresh cape' and wait 15 seconds. I will add that if you try to simply download a cape which is what it sounds like you might be saying you did then only you can see it.No one else will be able to see your cape unless you have one enabled on the Optifine server and you only get that by donating $10.00 or more Mantle Capes are compatible with Lunar, Badline, Optifine, Forge, and other Minecraft clients. If you're new to Mantle, see our guide to activating your cape once redeemed. Salad Technologie Open your .minecraft folder and open the mods folder. LabyMod and possibly Optifine should already be in there. Download ReplayMod for your Minecraft version. Move the ReplayMod file into the mods folder. Start Forge for your Minecraft version using the Minecraft launcher now. You should now be able to use LabyMod and ReplayMod together

So, I recently bought my friend an Optifine cape for my friend. It was fine untill yesterday, when It disapeared. I had a look at the website, and when I log in it says this: Capes No capes activated. Donations Received Provider Donation ID Amount Status Cape ID Username 26.08.2015 10:58 2CO 105677433714 10 Activated F12B0A44 Stuli Cape Gallery. Optifine tommyinnit cape. Please note that uploading a cape to the gallery marks it for moderation and it will not be visible, this process can take up to 24 hours. Followers 2 Optifine cape 1.8 9. How to download and install Optifine for Minecraft 1.8.9 1- Download and install in the following link: Minecraft Forge 1.8.9 2- Download Optifine 1.8.9 3- Go to the Windows Start button, then Run (if not, press 'Windows' + 'R') and type %appdata% 4- Open the .minecraft folder and then the mods folder 5- Add the downloaded Optifine file Mod Cape. This mod adds cape like banners in your world that spawn in random locations in the overworld. The Cape Banners Mod implements banners which can be worn like capes. They are essentially new entities which you can craft. As soon as you craft it, place it down and then you can walk up to the Cape Banner to wear it on your back Remix and deploy Optifine cape design. Edit and deploy with 1-click on Tynker's Minecraft servers. Invite friends to see your creations and custom mods

OptiFine Cape. €6.95 €8.45 + Add to Shopping Cart. Sale-10%. Lifetime Full Access + OptiFine Cape. €24.95 €27.90 + Add to Shopping Cart. Sale-17%. Minecraft: Dungeons Edition (Windows 10) €14.85 €18.10 + Add to Shopping Cart. Minecraft Non-Lifetime Accounts. Sale-16%. Non-Full Access Accounts Lunar Client is an all-in-one modpack available on all versions of Minecraft that enhances your gameplay experience by providing you with all of your favorite mods, settings, and cosmetics Minecon Shop. home acc minecraft crafting minecraft cape ramk hypixel đây là trang bán cape optifine 5zig minecon labymod. 5 Cool Optifine Cape Designs 2016 #3 - TOP 5 CAPES Back. Linkedin-in. Cari produk Voucher & Gift Card lainnya di Tokopedia จำหน่าย ID แท้ Minecraft และ OptiFine Cape. 764 likes. ทางร้าน จำหน่าย ID แท้ Minecraft และ OptiFine Cape ราคาถูกๆ จ้ LOOKING FOR OPTIFINE CAPE ASAP (3$) IF U SELL YOUR OPTIFINE CAPE FOR 3$ DM ON DISCORD @Discount#4524. Thread by: Meflenxx, Jan 20, 2019, 0 replies, in forum: Other Services. Thread Minecon 2011. I want to buy minecon 2011 for 120$! If you are interested in to sell, pm me

Beli Optifine Cape Minecraft dengan harga Rp 60.000 dari Qwerty_Yuhihop. Jual beli game online aman dan murah di itemku Change cape. To change the design of your OptiFine raincoat, deactivate it or transfer it to another user name: Download and install OptiFine E6 for version 1.13.2 or later. Start Minecraft with OptiFine. Go to Settings -> Skin Settings -> OptiFine Cape -> Open Cape Editor. You will be automatically redirected to the Cape editor page

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  1. Stock: 0. All cape purchases come with a lifetime warranty! You may transfer the capes from these alt accounts to your own accounts via Optifine 1.14. Purchase - $ 4. ecraft character a nice looking cape! You can easily move the cape to your own account with the instructions given on optifine.net. BGP#0419
  2. ecraft. by / No Comments / Posted in: Uncategorized. Step 2 â Enter your details and go to the redeem gift card page. United Arab Emirates Bulgaria Slovakia Guernsey Its really amazing to be the first! Guinea-bissau France Panama If you want to play the game and want to earn loads of Minecoins, then here you go. $25
  3. Moth and Butterfly Cape Cloaks. Date Published: 04/12/2016 7:23 AM. Buy Now. @etsy. $ 228.58. Find on Amazon. Tweet. Have you ever wanted to become a butterfly and just fly away? Me neither, but now you can with this butterfly cape that gives you a beautiful set of wings
  4. Badlion Client 3.2.2 - 1.17, Experimentation Table Solver, New Motion Blur, Uptime Mod & More! Hello everybody! Glad to finally showcase the features our devs have been working on since the BLC 3.2 release. In this update we are releasing a lot of new features and bug fixes. For one the anticipated 1.17 is now available on the Badlion Client

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Minecraft: Education Edition. Community; Merch; Support; FOLLOW MINECRAF Mickey Mouse - More options, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Disney, barber cape, Haircutting Cape, Premium Cotton, custom cape, kids hair, kids. SwankandMane. 5 out of 5 stars. (93) $30.00. Only 2 available and it's in 2 people's carts. Add to Favorites <br>Cape Codes Minecraft cape codes which may be redeemed on virtually any Minecraft account. Cape accounts are Minecraft accounts with a special cape from the yearly hosted Minecraft event Minecon, which makes it special. MinecraftCapes is made possible by showing ads Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. <br> <br>A rank account is an account with a rank or multiple. Badlion Insider gives you extra perks when using the Badlion Client such as an icon next to your name, changing the color of your name in BLC Chats, and more

Minecraft Java Edition-Minecraft Premium OptiFine CAPEsomeone out here really bought pewds an optifine cape and

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Minecraft Java Edition-Minecraft Premium + OptiFine CAPEMinecraft Optifine Capes Free - Tokoped cMinecraftMinecraft Cape Bedava - Terrius lHow to Move Your OptiFine Cape to a Different Minecraft